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Entrepreneur, philanthropist, mayor of NYC, father, grandfather, and data nerd.

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I applaud the House and Senate for working across the aisle to pass the historic $2 trillion relief bill that will… coronavirus is the greatest public health threat of our generation. That's why @BloombergDotOrg is working wi… want to thank President @BillClinton for joining the @BloombergDotOrg #COVID19 Local Response Initiative’s second… @NYTimes has been tracking county-level data for coronavirus cases in the U.S., and now they’re making it open… for your partnership, @SadiqKhan. Together, we’ll ensure that London’s nonprofits can withstand the #COVID19“I’m referring to it as World War C – world war against the coronavirus.” - @DrTomFrieden He discusses our global… our doctors, nurses, and health care workers around the world: You are heroes. You are saving lives. You are sh…
American cities are at the center of the fight against the coronavirus. That’s why @BloombergDotOrg is working wi…
The fight against the spread of the coronavirus is a global issue. That's why @Bloomberg will be giving £1 millio… we’re just getting started.
We need to trust experts, science, and facts if we’re going to stop or slow the #COVID19 pandemic. We have to get t… no mistake: the world is at war. And we have a common enemy. The people who are going to help us win are hea…
Mayors are on the frontlines of the #COVID19 pandemic, taking extraordinary steps to lead their communities through…
#COVID19 is a common enemy, and, working together with a common strategy, we can build a new normal that minimizes…
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I've said I'll do whatever it takes to defeat Trump. That's why I'm supporting the group that matters most in this… services and arts organizations provide critical services to communities. For New York, they are the lifeblo…
Today, I'm hosting the first virtual meeting of the Coronavirus Local Response Initiative. We'll be convening over… is helping stabilize the economy. But more can be done to help American families. The largest infrastruct…
Seattle and the entire state of Washington are reeling amidst the coronavirus pandemic. But Seattle is lucky to h…'re all trying to figure out how best to deal with this crisis. And in times like this, it's best to listen to th…
We are going to keep the House blue. We are going to flip the Senate blue. And we are going to defeat Donald Tru… efforts to flatten the curve should be steeped in facts and science. Today, @JohnsHopkinsSPH is hosting a web… public health experts the right support will save lives and prevent even more economic and social damage.… week, we launched an effort to help US mayors manage COVID-19. Today, @BloombergDotOrg is committing $40M to p…
Trump has spent the last four years attacking the Latino community. This November, he will hear their voices loud…
Trump is an existential threat to our country, our values, and our national security. My team created these video…
I'm grateful for every endorsement I received during my presidential campaign - and I'm glad to see that 55 mayors… it comes to managing the coronavirus, there's an enormous gap between what the federal government is providing… is the moment mayors need to be their best. So we’re joining forces with @JohnsHopkinsSPH & @BHCityLeaders to…'ll be making an announcement at @leagueofcities at 10:00 a.m. ET today. Watch LIVE here: you live in: Idaho Michigan Mississippi Missouri North Dakota Washington Today is your day to get out and vote…
Voter suppression efforts across the country have been a barely-disguised effort to keep Black Americans and other… November, the stakes are too high. My presidential campaign is over, but I’m not about to sit on the sidelines…
We’re not done with you yet, Donald.
See you soon, Donald. full statement:'m immensely proud of the campaign we ran. I'm deeply grateful to all the Americans who voted for me, and to our d… months ago, I entered the race to defeat Donald Trump. Today, I'm leaving for the same reason. Defeating Trum… to our supporters who went to the polls, knocked on doors, made phone calls, and sent texts to friends. We c… don't just have plans - I offer the leadership to turn plans into reality. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves, to… for your support, American Samoa! Together, we'll defeat Donald Trump and rebuild America. are still open in many states. To find your polling location, go to’s always great to be back in Florida. Together, with your support, we will beat Trump and rebuild America. Join… you, American Samoa! 💪🎉
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Everyone thinks I have a massive data operation fueling my campaign. But really it’s just @OzTheMentalist predicti…, I visited the Pulse memorial with Maria & Fred Wright, whose son Jerry was killed in the 2016 Pulse nightclu… have a choice today: Between empty promises and solid solutions. Between talking and doing. Between losing an… incredible team in American Samoa, who calls themselves "Protectors of the Earth," not only got out the vote bu… stakes this November couldn't be higher. Join me in the fight to protect the liberties that define our nation. Island is lucky to have @GinaRaimondo as Governor. She’s delivered for voters and brought good paying jobs to… quieres luchar contra el cambio climático. Si quieres terminar la violencia con armas de fuego. Si quieres servi…, you’ve been the heart of this campaign. You're why I’m running. And your strength is why we’ll win. T… love the campaign trail. In each of my elections, it's not the victory party I remember most, it's the people I'v… voted for @Mike2020 !!! Make sure to vote to the bottom of the ballot! @TXforMike @harrisdemocrats
Retweeted by Mike BloombergIf you want to combat climate change. If you want to end gun violence. If you want affordable universal health care… we are in our darkest moments, I want someone who will bring us some sunshine and hope. I want someone who wi…
Retweeted by Mike BloombergIn Austin, Texas, Ventura Aguilar, 64, retired, said he’d be voting for @MikeBloomberg. He voted in 2016 for…
Retweeted by Mike BloombergThank you, Bette Now let's get Trump out of the White House! mom and dad taught me about hard work. My mom and dad taught me how to treat people right. Everything I’ve wo… vote for me is a vote to defeat Donald Trump. #SuperTuesday, I was surprised when you put Pence in charge of the coronavirus response. Seems like an awfully obvious adm…, Virginia.... it is time to vote for @MikeBloomberg because we know he will defeat @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Mike BloombergWe have been watching the news coming out of Tennessee with heavy hearts and are praying for the communities that h… is our first step to making Donald Trump a one-term president. I'm running to bring integrity and competenc…’s work to rebuild America together. Let’s make tomorrow morning better than today. Thank you to Michael Dougl…, gun violence will claim the lives of 100 Americans. And tomorrow. And the day after that. Our students se…“A horrible, vicious cycle that needs to be addressed.” That’s how Alani Billups, a student at Spelman College, de… you live in: Alabama, American Samoa, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Ca… everyone loves what I have to say on guns. But here’s the truth: I won’t touch the 2nd Amendment, but I will pa… believe we have an obligation to help others. We have a moral obligation to make sure that if you get sick, you w… have led on the issues that Democrats care most about—from gun violence to climate change to immigration. In 20…’ve worked my entire life for what I have. I can look you in the eye and say that nobody can buy me. #MikeTownHall
When I was mayor, I raised taxes on the rich and enacted a local Earned Income Tax Credit to help low-income New Yo… should pay their taxes like everyone else. #MikeTownHallI was mayor of NYC during hurricanes, terrorist plots and disease outbreaks. I know what it takes to make it throug… presidency is a management job. You’re responsible for 4 million employees and 330 million citizens. If you’r… presidency is not an entry-level job. We are seeing what happens when we elect a talker, not a doer. We need… Presidential candidate and former Mayor of New York, @MikeBloomberg signs on to NLC's #LeadingTogether 20…
Retweeted by Mike BloombergWe launched our campaign in Virginia because we can’t win in November without winning Virginia. Thank you to all o…'s my story. @AVillaraigosa Conozco a @AVillaraigosa desde hace años. Siendo alcaldes de las dos ciudades más grandes de EEUU co…’ve known @AVillaraigosa for years. As the mayors of the two largest cities in America, we partnered together to t…, I’m delivering my message directly to American voters on how I plan to defeat Donald Trump and rebuild Ame… is Super Tuesday. We’ll be on the ballot for the first time. But the work won’t stop there. This week, I’… commitment to reducing gun violence is not about guns. It’s about the lives that gun violence destroys and cuts… can work for the people if the right leaders are in place. When I was mayor, we improved health care,… coronavirus spreading, there are a few things we can all do to stay safe: -Wash your hands frequently -If you… is better off because Senator @AmyKlobuchar ran for president. She inspired voters by simply being true to… sat down with @CecileRichards to talk about how we must do more to protect the rights of women in this country.… Trump has halted American progress. We need a leader with real solutions to issues like health care, climate… me, @BenMcAdams knows that we'll need to work together to fix Washington. We've learned the hard way that no p… country owes a debt to those who protect our freedom. For too long, that debt has gone unpaid. Our veterans s… I am elected president, Americans will never have to choose between supporting Israel and supporting our values… years ago today, Texas declared its independence from Mexico and became a sovereign country. The spirit and str… @AVillaraigosa y Cruz Bustamante por su apoyo. Ustedes conocen las necesidades de su comunidad y concuerdo… believe that ALL Americans deserve to feel safe at home and at work. I believe that ALL Americans deserve afford… other Democrat has created more than 450,000 jobs. No other Democrat has my record of standing up to the gun lo…