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@staybalanced_ famm, I was meant to see him last week but corona said noall these calls draining my batteryused this opportunity to galavant @stillcutdeep same, didn’t kno what to expect but it’s harddd @CharlesYngboss brooo that film is peakkkkmiracle in cell no 7 made my hayfever flare up
We're proud to announce the launch of a new label, @DreamLifeRecs 💿
Retweeted by #1NEW RULES!! NEW GENERATION!! 🏆🍾 @DreamLifeRecs / @SonyMusicUK
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Retweeted by #1 @CharlesYngboss @GbengssKun @TY_CFL 100! @Whitb_xx @Lunickbourgess @DreamLifeRecs @SonyMusicUK trussssss, there’s no excuses what so ever I don’t want to hear it 🥳Dream Life Records, headed by Dan Owusu, Lunick Bourgess and Shane Derozario, launched by Jason Iley at Sony Music…
Retweeted by #1 @Lunickbourgess @DreamLifeRecs @SonyMusicUK brooo you in balmain now, sheedit 🍾 congrats again pagan 🤣❤️ @TY_CFL @CharlesYngboss I felt this in my chest
had an oreo milkshake and now my stomach is beatboxingevery chris I kno is like this 🤣🍾🙏🏾❤️ thought this journey would bring me here. Glad to be starting this chapter with the mandem. #TheTrio
Retweeted by #1🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 @Whitb_xx @RenzLifestyle tell him looool @LillzTrackLife proper, the combo doesn’t even fit @Whitb_xx hopefully because we may get rapping CB and he ain’t itim conflicted because I dunno what to expect stop shouting at me lmao @waverveli @LivingLegend_AB the box thing isn’t even that deep tbf it was just the interior used to be proper deadwasn’t really a fan of g wagons but that one sold me @staybalanced_ uno like that! @RenzLifestyle brooo it’s nuts lookin very lavisha year or two should be me and the gang by Gods grace, assuning this is his crib it’s looking like a hotel
Underdawg 🐺 Link In My Bio Run It Up 🌐
Retweeted by #1me rn during my walk @ajtracey 🔥🔥🔥 really showing himself up lmaoafter covid operation #MPP will be back in actionshopping in this climate is very longggPpl need to STOP measuring value by whether celebrities date dark skinned women and “celebrate” it Flipping ridiculous
Retweeted by #1Guyss we’ve moved up over 400+ spots to #27 in the US iTunes chart with Don’t Rush 🙏🏾🚀 right above songs like Roddy…
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clean business and clean millionsguysssss this is charles 2nd tweet about “shawty” we see you bros 🍾 @trinnacarter @N2theA lil tc pending👇🏾 @ClubTolu truss, it’s a shame tbh I used to run their riddims repeatedlycity high really came and went but damn they had a few slappers @CharlesYngboss 😂🤣 shawty 👀
iO vs Rem was a good 1neExcited to announce a new business venture with @SonyMusicUK !! At 27, i am now the youngest Managing Director at a…
Retweeted by #1my killlyyyyyy ❤️🤙🏾 way he said im out 3 of wfh nearly completeI suffered in this place, there was a lack of oxygen in that tent watched the super producers episode from hip hop evolution on netflix?lmaoooo I know this woman 🤣😂
This quarantine lifestyle can’t come and kill me! Quick freestyle and vibes 🌊🌊#Choplife #CoronaOut Check out my in…
Retweeted by #1LOL @isthatscully @slsgrey proves my point from the other day tbh’s techy for anyone who faces him tbf site from @HelpMusiciansUK contains all the latest advice and financial support schemes for musicians struggli…
Retweeted by #1👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾 man going quavos bday? @saquibthegoat truss, too easybut I do hear this argument tbf kno who wins this by a mile off imo
AJ x DBE - Blocklist AJ x Unknown T - Why Should I? AJ x MoStack - Dinner Guest AJ x Killy - ??? AJ x Kenny Beats -…
Retweeted by #1shidddddd, sounds like a bunch of bangers miss cussing my mate ace in person @Quartermilly15 you ain’t tryna join the mandem @Quartermilly15 ofc, mi deya shortlyI know certain man are already on gta
Retweeted by #1where it all started off my summer tune last year like nyge still GID, opportunities get cease with my EYEs, while you house party with PYTs and self Snitch to CIDs,…
Retweeted by #1One x @fredagain... mixtape coming Friday #GANG @FKAtwigs @The_xx @sampha
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looooooooooool🎶🎶 Many men, wish death upon me.” 🎶🎶
Retweeted by #1 @robuche_ ima charge you 2x the normal rate for laughing at me @frjoey_ lool you’re doin a me to me
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Retweeted by #1 @SBLEX_ 😂😂 I see your angle loooool @waverveli @isthatscully @slsgrey nail on the head @waverveli you ain’t lying it defo would be @slsgrey @isthatscully @RenzLifestyle bad boy had a good 90’s run but Dupri had it from the 90’s to mid 2000’s @isthatscully @slsgrey @RenzLifestyle let’s not forget Monica too @slsgrey @RenzLifestyle @isthatscully acc I dunno man because song for song it’s very interesting, man did kriss kross @ age 16 lol @slsgrey @RenzLifestyle @isthatscully yikessssssss, I never lie I think I give it to dupri uno but it’s very very tight @SBLEX_ lmao, until there’s proof of otherwise I believe him @isthatscully @slsgrey hit for hit he’s miles ahead but I don’t think he’s influenced things but then again you can… @SBLEX_ 🍅🍅🍅 booooooooD7 - Grab It
Retweeted by #1uno what drake is arguably one of the greatest artists we’ve had in this generation but one thing is that he isn’t really innovative @isthatscully I don’t think he did write it though, from what I remember was a guy called Vory but I might be wrongdipset don’t have a song better than I wanna get to know younot even a contest tbf, g unit win by a mile @Sebby_LO looooooooooooooooooool @waverveli definitely, a lot of elements in and outside of music which influenced the decision but all I know is he… cent >>> Drake