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five-time emmy losing writer for television, video games, and comic books. stand-up comedian. no funeral. mikedruckerisdead @ gmail dot com

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we are watching the cake show @FoodNetwork
Retweeted by Mike DruckerThe @Dorkly team commemorates the CollegeHumor layoffs and signs off in the best possible way: with a pixellated 8-…
Retweeted by Mike Druckerwell that’s disappointing
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @phadfoot I’m trying! @kim It’s so dumb @tragictactics Okay, okay, making points on your birthdayPress F to have mom pick you up @gamespite Is that a good holy shit or a bad holy shitThe only thing the people at the gun rally have in common with Call of Duty soldiers is both get tired after running for 7 seconds @ManMadeMoon Get off my back, old man @DrewBMcMahon1 @_celia_bedelia_ Two for two today, Drew. You’re really helping people today. @MasterMofeto Great minds!This shit is more embarrassing than when me and my high school friends dressed up as knights and wizards in the woo… @DrewBMcMahon1 @_celia_bedelia_ Hey, Drew. Just wanted to let you know I just donated $100 to an abortion fund toda… explaining her powers to other mutants
Retweeted by Mike DruckerPHILADELPHIA: We're bringing Shit Arcade to @goodgoodcomedy on Friday, January 24th at 8:00 pm! Watch comedians su…
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@infrarae @goodgoodcomedy @heykyleharris @Alexgrubard @MollyShmamulec @MichaelSWatkins Thank you! @stevens_dan @heykyleharris @Alexgrubard @MollyShmamulec @MichaelSWatkins I’d love to! @GraceSpelman @iluvthispart This is actually really useful. I’m bad at getting into bandsLev Parnas and Finn Wolfhard are the same age!
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I saw Kenobi was trending. But then I remembered if they struck him down he'd be even more powerful than I could po…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerDershowitz is joining the President's legal team? Just one more time that @TonyAtamanuik and @PresidentShow were ah…
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@MikeJMika Being able to play Sega CD games that easily is so good. Some of these games I haven’t seen in 25 years @newtgingrich Thank you, sir. This is very smart. Nobody is more honorable than Jeffrey Epstein’s close friend Alan Dershowitz. @MikeJMika Got the same Mega SG setupThe best person has a show coming Gold
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @nytdavidbrooks Hate to have my masculinity robbed by everyone getting healthcare
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HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS! @CillizzaCNN Thank you, sir. I, too, think the most important thing we can do is focus on the least important things possible @kwyxz Don't test the Nook @ebrodzki @agentbizzle @goodgoodcomedy @heykyleharris @Alexgrubard @MollyShmamulec @MichaelSWatkins Can they find t… Nook paying bells to break kneecaps and get Animal Crossing the entire Spring to itself We're bringing Shit Arcade to @goodgoodcomedy on Friday, January 24th at 8:00 pm! Watch comedians su… @jasonschreier Nobody fucks with Animal Crossing’s Spring awakening. Nobody.Me asking my friends to order appetizers before I get to the restaurant @OhNoSheTwitnt Oh he changed his avatar @cristela9 These are threats against America!!! @OhNoSheTwitnt Oh it’s wonderful @cristela9 You’ve just been suspended from Twitter @NellSco Dad bod is out. Dead bod is in! @MasterMofeto well then I’ve got some good news for you it. I hope Sakurai makes all of them Fire Emblem characters. Burn it to the ground, my man. LITTLE WOMEN WE COULD HEAR TROS IN THE THEATER NEXT TO US AND WHEN BETH DIED AND IT WAS REALLY QUIET ALL…
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @9_volt_ Honestly, though I wouldn’t kick old Rusty out of my smash bros bed (an air mattress) @john_feez As long as we get Mr. Mime his place in the sun @eboyvic69 @PlayablePodcast My favorite character is the dramatic one with the sword“There’s nothing more fun than seeing what new and exciting game franchises are added to Smash Bros. Now to just ta… they added another Fire Emblem character to Smash Bros. All of you had hoped. All of you had dreamed. But… @imsmart14 @scott_calhoun23 @FreshEggsDaily @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness Laces out. @Decks4V @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness The worst part is that picture is over 10 years old. I’m way worse now. @imsmart14 @scott_calhoun23 @FreshEggsDaily @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness You know what? I’m gonna give this one to you. @LDMay or were there more and you forgot @imsmart14 @scott_calhoun23 @FreshEggsDaily @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness Oh my god, he threw pens?please help, every time I read this my brain resets like the poor young man in Memento @imsmart14 @scott_calhoun23 @FreshEggsDaily @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness @scott_calhoun23 @FreshEggsDaily @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness Creating a charity to buy pens for adu… @MariaBartiromo @MorningsMaria @FoxBusiness Thank you, ma’am. I also get outraged by how normal pens look.Oh hey, it looks like Trump got Ukraine to announce an investigation just like he wanted @NewPlayerPod @Coreyyy Feb or March! @Coreyyy @NewPlayerPod Sure!Oh my god, Incredible Crisis remains one of the few games with a ska theme song @MasterMofeto A “massage” @mandybtweeting SOON @ParallaxStella Hope you’re okay!Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon we need to talk about the true beauty that is Incredible Crisis @patbaer YessssAlso fun to see a game beat in 5 minutes especially one I saw a bunch of comics struggle wi…
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I keep picturing literally any immigrant parents watching Marriage Story and just having a good laugh at such weak people.
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @emilyvgordon Thank you! @washingtonpost Is the book called “No Shit”?Holy shit they cracked the case, everyone @KyleOrl @kshipwhitecat @PessimistsArc I love VR, but I also know it's an expensive, hard sell that likely won't fu… is mainstream media really not going to make the story about a Trump lackey (certainly sounding as though he was…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerSWITCH ANNOUNCEMENT: Not Tonight: Take Back Control Edition comes to Nintendo Switch on January 31, just in time f…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerFirst they came for the lightbulbs, and I did not speak out, because I am not a lightbulb have become dissatisfied with the algorithm
Retweeted by Mike DruckerSo I was about to hit send on an email to our apartment’s coop board (about the rooftop fans) when I got into a lit…
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @katewillett But we were told war was good? And we had never had war before, so we did not know it was bad, actuallyTrue as ever.
@kevinomccarthy Good job, king. Buttigieg looks like a young version of the Smoking Man from The X-Files
Retweeted by Mike DruckerI just want someone to whisper this in my ear before they slash my throat @videogamedeals @AshleyEsqueda Only correct answer @christichiello “Sit comfortably. Now don’t picture the things stressing you out. Don’t think about your ex who jus… @rachelsamevans NeverWriters, do not date or invest any significant amount of energy into a person who does not read your work and then… nothing more terrifying to me than someone I know personally asking to read something I’ve written try to stare down Animal Crossing, you better be prepared to fucking blink @MckKirk @benmekler Wow
What the heck, Academy????
Retweeted by Mike DruckerWell, then what are you waiting for?! Catch them, you fools! @chick_in_kiev moby dick podcast where every episode is a chapter of moby dick that you discuss with guests
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