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yes and thank you night the North Bergen High School in New Jersey put on 'Alien' as their school play and it looks absolutely i…
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @GusLanzetta Aww geez! @BrianStack153 It was a different timeHey I’m on a panel about writing for television tomorrow at @caveatnyc with far better people. brother was a more charismatic child than me @kumailn @PlayablePodcast The fuck @GriffLightning Right? That movie @MarcSnetiker SameMUELLER: “I have completed my years-long report, the thing millions of you have been awaiting.” AMERICANS: “We hav… @NYDailyNews WhatI can’t go to a fucking movie without emerging and finding out some *other* batshit story is going on @ronnychieng But also congrats!
@BrianStack153 That art style is so iconic, almost like that’s what you grew up thinking comedy looked likeI know everyone is busy or whatever but I still think about this tweet maybe once a week @jonlovett @zachheltzel Really different views on how much he enjoyed that gameSeeing “Us” in an hour and preparing by being afraid my whole lifeOh no. In his report, Mueller says “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is certainly a good game but not quite up to From Sof…*congress opens the mueller report with monastic reverence. they read* “Webster’s dictionary defines a report as a… American people deserve to know whether Robert Mueller put a plastic cover on his report @TimGettys The solution, I have found, is to have no friendsHere's Laura Ingraham displaying my face to 2.5 million viewers and calling me a "little journo-terrorist." I am…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerNEW YORK: My Obituary Show returns on April 4th at 7:30 at @QEDAstoria! See comedians read about how they died. F… @Sameermon Still works tbh @Sameermon This tweet speaks to me @BrianStack153 @jonwurster @ThatEricAlper Are you guys talking about the Whoopi Goldberg movie Jumpin’ Jack Flash?*trump hits self with golf club* TRUMP: What happened, sir? CADDY: I don’t know, you idiot! *they look at their… metaphor going on right here’t wait to be a loser toreador like when I was a teenager
holy shit they really tried going with “unions are cultural appropriation” Tale of Two Countries
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @karengeier @grantpa @AOC Oh noooooooo
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @YoMikeBrown I’m bad at the same shit. I just struggle with it. Not even that I’m above it. I just suck at it.I love that the two angles conservatives have on @AOC are 1) She’s a nobody with no power and no experience who s… @johnlevenstein @jenstatsky @ira That’s some bonkers math. Especially “per assignment”I’m sorry people don’t respect your work for Quillette, the blog that exists to make poor racists believe that rich…
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @YoMikeBrown I’m bad at networking and get stressed at parties so I know how you feel about fading away like Marty McFly in the photographStill thinking about what would’ve happened if John McCain *did* come back to thank Trump for the funeral @louisvirtel @SelenaCoppock WOWThis is such great news editorial aside in the @nytimes article about the upcoming @BillandTed3 film is in fact 100% accurate.…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerHahahah.
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @leighalexander This looks great
@GhostofTim @blurrygil @JCDotface I miss you folks too!People will die from this.
Retweeted by Mike DruckerGoogle: We will deliver AAA games that look better than ever before straight to your computer, phone, or television… is just so exciting for me'm a 35-year-old man who just quietly whispered "oh fuck" at the trailer for a Legend of Zelda rhythm game / seque… hope this is your whole feed today. Lets hook our boy up. Just saw him again this weekend and he’s back, guys. It…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerNot the point, but this image looks like an insane fighting game @ChaseMit Sports fans love me because of my podcast “I dunk think so” @ChaseMit Distancing myself from you“A democrat president would reveal the 11 herbs and spices to our enemies.”
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @meganamram @mattselman I’m so excited for this
so my brother turned 14 today, and I guess this is a gift his girlfriend gave him .............. I've never been mo…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerOh literally every fucking time love that if now I mute or block someone, Twitter is like *leans in close* “hey hey they wrote something bad about you, wanna see it?”Yes yes what I want in a gaming platform is definitely MORE integration with this site that shows you all of these b…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerRemains of the Day @LukasHeinzel @MaxScoville Because they've abandoned tons of other expensive projects that weren't immediately an overwhelming success @CBennett_12 @MaxScoville I agree. Google has just proudly announced and then almost immediately abandoned so many… @PlayablePodcast @MaxScoville I do too! I think there's always room for new ways to play. I just worry about Google… @MaxScoville It’ll work, but will Google stick with it if it’s not immediately an overwhelming success?Everybody should only enjoy the things I enjoy unless too many people enjoy it and then I’ll be mad about that tooFacebook announces plan to follow Civil Rights Act of 1964
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @heathercampbell I've 100% got the same concern. @IanKarmel "If I Could Turn Back Time"Guys, I just got this as a text message. I honestly don't know what to think.
Retweeted by Mike DruckerME: Stadia is actually good because it'll bring high-production games to audiences that can't always afford the new… @austin_walker super excited for both art and game design to become undervalued @pablohidalgo I insist that canon becomes the last two are twin brothers torn apart by war @videograndpa Me too, Chris. Me. Too. And it worked pretty well!GAMES MEDIA: "Oh my God, Google created a way to stream video games! This will change everything!" CREATORS OF ON… video is like "Since the beginning of time, Webster's dictionary has defined games as what I did on my summer… @pettycommajared @Google Congrats! @Tw33tsByDr3 @blanarph @_celia_bedelia_ I, too, jump into conversations to make a point nobody was talking about an… @MatteoLane @robertistheMan Can’t wait for him to also sing in Italian about it - WHY CAN’T WE ALL BE GOOD AT JUST ONE THING @onlxn “the will of the people is bad for democracy because of Ancient Greece” is a hell of a take @patrickklepek Oh my god yesME: I’m depressed. Life seems harsh and cruel. I feel like I’m alone in a threatening world. DOCTOR: I have a simp… like my union
Retweeted by Mike Drucker*elizabeth holmes fake voice* Yes, I’d like to buy one alcohol pleaseHey lady! You know how to get people to trust you? Throw away that vocal fry, girl! Lose the uptalk! Adopt a husky…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerThis is the whiniest man baby bullshit @annetdonahue @newmetricmedia Congrats! @ParkerMolloy The tough choice between someone who licks toilets and someone who licks bootsTom Nook sold me a house without a fucking bathroom this headline written by the mob??
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“Someone pretended to be my mommy and made fun of me and I demand 250 million dollars” - an actual adult man @MillyTamarez @LeisureSuitLinz Wait wait wait where can I get these video game candles @PFTompkins @Randazzoj @heathercampbell @JeffBryanDavis Or Paul. Whatever. @PFTompkins @Randazzoj @heathercampbell @JeffBryanDavis You’re sounding like a real Grover, TomI never do this type of thing, but if you are ever in Great Barrington Massachusetts, do not go to One Mercantile.…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerAn important lesson on your Comedy Journey: not all feedback will be positive, but every interaction is an opportun…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerDon't sleep on the Counselor to the President actively encouraging people to read white nationalist propaganda writ…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerHating myself know Twitter is bad and we tear each other apart over even the smallest of differences but sometimes, once in a b…