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@johnlevenstein @DesiJed @MarthaKelly3 Johnny Carson could be in the band if he wanted; so talented @johnlevenstein @DesiJed @MarthaKelly3 when they said “Kevin Eubanks and the Tonight Show Band” did you think he might not be a band member? @DesiJed @johnlevenstein @MarthaKelly3 And which series “canon” are we considering I mean I mean I mean details are important hereyou have all made mother angry @DesiJed @johnlevenstein @MarthaKelly3 We are all friends! @johnlevenstein @MarthaKelly3 This sounds like a bot created by feeding it 10,000 hours of John Levenstein tweets @CheapyD @patbaer I believe was so bad that it was finished and actually shelved for a couple years before they rel… @DarthLux It is genuinely fucked up“it is offensive to assume that everyone wearing a red hat is racist” also everyone wearing a red hat: @0xKruzr THE VERY SAMEAt a coffee shop getting breakfast and someone named Alvin ordered a sandwich and the person at the counter keeps s… @MatteoLane Pokémon Snap is such a relaxing game - WE NEED MORE CALMING JOYRIDES @joshuatopolsky Such a fun ideaThis is some wacky bullshit and I love it could you @DubsRewatcher @UnionHallNY I hope to! I’ll have another date soon! @MatteoLane Such a fun game @MatteoLane I wish they’d make everything for switch @MatteoLane They remade it for Xbox! That X-ray gun!This is an old CRT TV with a built-in Sega Dreamcast from 2000. Looks like something from @simonstalenhag’s…
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @kobunheat I remember that cover! @ThatEricAlper @kwyxz @patbaer I didn’t know that! Whoa!I can't even imagine how horrible Fyre Fest would have been if everything had gone right.
Retweeted by Mike DruckerI’m sorry but I stand by Buzzfeed’s statement that these 10 pictures will remind you of growing up in Los Angeles in the early 90s.
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @pareene @ashleyfeinberg I’ll have one like a stew @CheapyD @patbaer The Genesis version is roooouuggghhhhThanks to everyone who came out to Shit Arcade at @UnionHallNY! you @MikeDrucker for introducing me to Time Killers. That’s some kinda terrible game.
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @gamespite Oh shitok wtf is going on with these nytimes recipe comments lol
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @snellings_jeff @benshapiro You too! @snellings_jeff @benshapiro I respect that you like Ben and I understand his points aren’t all about this specific… @snellings_jeff @benshapiro This celebration of someone’s death (and ben’s cheerfulness around children getting sho… @sammynickalls @UnionHallNY @roywoodjr @xoxogossipgita @2tonbug @katiehannigan @TheDiLLon1 @patbaer Sweeeet! @snellings_jeff @benshapiro Ben actually has said he's very comfortable with civilians dying in a bombing @_celia_bedelia_ @Imagecaptured "He's saying he's so sympathetic that he'd even save baby Hitler. Just not, you kno… @_celia_bedelia_ @Imagecaptured Or pregnant civilians who die in bombings based on his previous statements. @snellings_jeff That's fair! For me, it's an autonomous body rights issue (e.g., I can't tell you what to do with y… @snellings_jeff Nobody can be right 100% of the time, and everyone is hypocritical at one point or another, but Ben… @snellings_jeff And while we disagree about abortion, I'm sure there people on the right who do agree with you! The… shapiro wouldn't kill baby hitler but he's totally fine with the killing of afghan and palestinian babies
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @snellings_jeff While I respect your view, I would be more convinced by the right’s stance on life if they support…! Shit Arcade is at @UnionHallNY with comedians playing bad video games and you getting the chance to take…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerThanks, Curt. Loved Kingdoms of Amalur!
Retweeted by Mike DruckerMy new favorite thing are these puppets on Amazon who look like they're arguing about politics
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @HR_Pundit It's also on Steam! @HR_Pundit Well, it's out now!game of the year like in exodus @jdcrowley @JordanUhl Fight of Gods @JordanUhl It's available on Switch TODAY @agentbizzle Did you mocap go fuck yourself?Anyway, come to Shit Arcade at @UnionHallNY tonight at 10 pm TICKETS: @AlexSchmidty Fight of Godsthis is a real video game is a real video game I now own and oh my god it is badwhoa mortal kombat 11 looks sick God closes a door, he opens a window. And gentlemen, (takes out blueprint) THAT'S how we're getting into Heaven
Retweeted by Mike DruckerNothing says you're gonna be on the right side of history like having more sympathy for Baby Hitler than you do for… sad to see a celebrity trending for doing something wrong yes I forgot that the core argument at the center of the reproductive rights movement is “was Hitler a good baby… @thejoshpatten who books that @Scott_Bromley @UnionHallNY I bought two!How could I sweeten the pot? How about giving away a mint, in-the-box copy of Little Nicky on Game Boy Color? An ov…! Shit Arcade is at @UnionHallNY with comedians playing bad video games and you getting the chance to take… @MikeDrucker You’re not wrong. But at the same time Solo: A Star Wars Story: Tales from Vandar canonized Dash Rend…
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @trintran Fine! But I won’t like it @trintran Wow dad @kumailn I’m sorry going by recent entertainment news, you can afford BOTH @Oliver_Vaquer You and me both! @joemag_games Right?Solo is the closest thing we’ll get to a Shadows of the Empire movie and that’s not a criticism, it’s just a fact @yrokaz_nworb @MaximumCortez It’s such a funny line. Also thanks for letting me know! @yrokaz_nworb @MaximumCortez Oh wow! I didn’t see that! I’ll totally delete mine. @yrokaz_nworb @MaximumCortez ahhhhhh geeeez @yrokaz_nworb @MaximumCortez Ah man. Did Andy do the same bit?Definitely something a very normal lawyer says and not a tragic character in the last act of a sad play @DesiJed I’ll have you know I’m drunk watching SoloIf BuzzFeed takes down Trump y'all gonna take those quizzes more seriously.
Retweeted by Mike Drucker @mileskahn That’s the closest. I did see weird al as my first concert tho @mileskahn I wanted to be dead as a kid, way before it was popular to say it onlineMystery Men is a good movie with a good cast and if it came out 10 years later, would’ve been considered a solid co… @kumailn Congrats! did you get smash Bros yet? @kristinelevine This is great
@adamconover Thank you, senpai @adamconover I want this to be what I hear before you snap my neck and whisper, “Actually, you don’t deserve to live” @adamconover @adamconover *turns around* @adamconover Because you won't join meI feel rude interrupting the automatic response voice on customer service calls when I press a button too early, so @adamconover I knew you were a fucking nerdI know we've all got our own problems to focus on, but this is a necessary issue that needs attention @morgan_murphy @UnionHallNY @roywoodjr @TonyAtamanuik @xoxogossipgita @2tonbug @katiehannigan @TheDiLLon1 @patbaer! Shit Arcade is at @UnionHallNY! Featuring: @roywoodjr (The Daily Show) @TonyAtamanuik (President Show)…
Retweeted by Mike DruckerBOOMERS: “We don’t understand why you’re always so antagonistic towards our financial system” ALSO BOOMERS: “We wi…, a real life metaphor for capitalism a lot like the home economics curriculum cut from budgets when boomers decided standardized test scores were…
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