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One of the craziest game I’ve ever played in 😳
Retweeted by 🥵Put Cam in Gallo spot and bring Gallo off the bench🔥 tbh this team Boutta be nice though ! ie ie ie ie ie ie ie ie ie ie ie ie ie ie that’s all I have to say
Retweeted by 🥵 @JustinB_Low He lying ! Don’t believe it !Nah, Buehler, Bauer, Kershaw will be Bunny cappin. He ain’t retiring
Retweeted by 🥵Eli beat Tom twice. Peyton eliminated him three times. No lies detected 🤣 — #CapitalOnesTheMatch is Friday at 3…
Retweeted by 🥵Alabama is the No. 1 team in this season's first #CFBPlayoff rankings 🐘
Retweeted by 🥵 @Marley3hunna So happy for them, jus wish Lakers could’ve done something wit them 🥲😭🥲🥲🥲 are gonna be fun to watch next season 🔥
Retweeted by 🥵Next week I start cutting 🤢🤢
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All the same ppl who used to get mad at others for not wearing masks or social distancing now not wearing masks...… hate seeing Matt Ryan up here every year putting up #s and around players on good teams while his team always 🍑 him in for Dudley!“Think in 3s at the top!” @CooperKupp
Retweeted by 🥵Hahahaha 🤦🏽‍♂️
@mikeeey_v Oooooooo weeeee the lakers are bout that 🏆 life
Retweeted by 🥵Keef knows better than to head to the Clips!! Lol😈😈😈
Retweeted by 🥵Oh man... Johnathan Abram.... dude.
Retweeted by 🥵The Goat’s just too easy for this man. Hahahahahah
Retweeted by 🥵 @cameronluna11 Forreal !! He needs to bulk up hahahLmao I’m sorry Ruggs but you too small to run someone over man 😂
Retweeted by 🥵Lower man wins Ruggs !! 🤦🏽‍♂️😂Any finger that retweets this will receive good news tomorrow 💚
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18 years ago, Chip Skylark gave us this anthem 😭🤣
Retweeted by 🥵 @thenamesderek48 They both fire !! I jus like the NY one a little more @aSavageJoker You a Saints fan now bc your niners are back being ass? HahahahHow Draco Malfoy gets ready to pronounce the “P” in “Potter”
Retweeted by 🥵Can we block anyone ?!?!TAKITAKI GO CRAZY THEN !! 🔥🔥🔥TAKITAKI WITH A PICK 6!!! That’s crazy hahah
Retweeted by 🥵 @T52159133 Chill out you a Spurs fan heheFreak Freak y’all, out ya seat y’all ...
Retweeted by 🥵i don’t know why niggas are critiquing the Meg album at all...
Retweeted by 🥵Chicago got the better pizza but NY got the dogs 🔥🎯 of the greatest rivalries in football ‼️ See you next week for the Iron Bowl! 👏
Retweeted by 🥵Keep it RollIn’ #BamaFactor #RollTide
Retweeted by 🥵Breaking: Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has agreed to a 3-year, $40M deal to return to the Lakers, his agent, Rich Paul…
Retweeted by 🥵KCP BACK ! 🔥🔥O line something mean 🤧
Retweeted by 🥵This was @AlabamaFTBL's 79th non-offensive TD under Saban (since 2007). No team has more over that time.
Retweeted by 🥵RECEIVING KING 👑 @AlabamaFTBL WR @DeVontaSmith_6 has more receiving TDs than any other player in @SEC history 🔥🐘
Retweeted by 🥵BAMA WINS!!! #BamaFactor #RollTide
Retweeted by 🥵 @bigbodykyle Hahaha yesssir ! Bc he was like oh we have Alec Martinez who used to play for you guys I’m like man le…
Can’t believe this was 6 years ago now
Retweeted by 🥵 @bigbodykyle Was jus putting on game one of the kids in my class bc all he kept talking bout was the knights hahaha @jayyyjong Staying home bc Covid is dangerous bro what you mean.... ???The defending champs pick up the 2020 Sixth Man of the Year AND runner-up for the award 👀
Retweeted by 🥵 @sandersunn Nothing at all lmaoHAHAHAH NO WAY THEY JUS GAVE HIM THIS MUCH’t let free agency you distract you from the fact yr 2 goin up
Retweeted by 🥵🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 @T52159133 Damn :( we got Harrell tho!! HeheEvery Lakers fan to the Clippers right now.
Retweeted by 🥵Gotta love being a lakers fan right about now 😎
Retweeted by 🥵 @LEE_THE_FATHER He’s dipping after this next year hahahaKAWHI SHOULDVE NEVER LEFT TORONTO 😭😂 @sandersunn Big pickup!!! Out of nowhere too!! @mikeeey_v now that’s a pick up!!!!
Retweeted by 🥵NO WAY HAHAHAHAHA man finally realized was on the wrong LA team replaced Rondo and Green with Schroder and Matthews. That’s how you position yourself to repeat
Retweeted by 🥵 @Breuhhh_ Bih I want respect, NOTHING LESS.. pointer sittin on my neeeeeeck 🎶
Retweeted by 🥵Detroit really having a 2016 Lakers Free Agency lolFeels great as a fan to have 100% faith in what your front office does
Retweeted by 🥵LMAOOO he shot himself in the foot with the Lakers 🤦🏽‍♂️ he wanted to get paid??? Lol 🤦🏽‍♂️ he was bullshiiinn this whole off szn! Good luck to him out there in Phi…
There’s one baby!!!! LFG @LEE_THE_FATHER No way they take it lol @T52159133 Tryna speak it into existence lol⚔️🍔
Retweeted by 🥵Jeremi Grant & Ibaka coming to the Lakers!! Get ready! 🤫! #LAKESHOW“HULU now has live sports! ass jersey
Retweeted by 🥵 @aSavageJoker Okay so if I bet you falcons win by 20 then pay what Vegas paying out and if they lose then you only… @aSavageJoker You’re an idiot hahah you don’t get how betting works huh?Don’t give kuz ideas. He’ll really do it 🤦🏽‍♂️ IT DOWN !!!! @aSavageJoker Why bet you when Vegas got falcons as underdog lol @aSavageJoker BOOK IT !!!HAHAH by 20.... Dodgers manage to land Arenado, jus shut the whole league down tbh @alexjaques5 @freemvn Brooooo!!!! I gotta watch it tomorrow now @mikeeey_v @freemvn “Let me put it to you this way, im putting this whole fucking town in my rear view”
Retweeted by 🥵 @mikeeey_v Top 3
Retweeted by 🥵 @freemvn Easily !!! Such a good movie!! It’s been a min too since I last seen itOmg The Town is on Netflix. I know what I’m rewatching soon. 🤩💀💀💀💀 🤦🏽‍♂️