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61 percent of those identified as ardent sports fans said they wouldn’t attend a sporting event until a vaccine was…, anybody, please offer a safe plan to get the country going again that doesn’t include massive testing. I would love to see it.Mike and the Madness: Francesa Rages Amid the Coronavirus - WSJ
Great to hear Art Cashin on CNBC.Sobering thoughts. can it be a “good” day when we lose over 1,000 people in NY and NJ combined to the virus? When someone texts me…
I don’t buy the market. I don’t understand all the smiles. What has changed? Nothing from my vantage point.Incredible need for food in New York and many other cities. Please be generous.
Please read. Essential. Kaline. 6 .RIP.Just take a minute to think of all the things about life you miss. There are so many. Then realize how much we take…
I agree with giving any drug to dying patients. Makes sense. But what about the rest of us? The administration nee… million tests this late in the fight isn’t nearly enough.The President can’t come out on Palm Sunday in a national crisis, where people are dying by the thousands, and atta… George W. Bush in 2005: "At this moment there is no pandemic influenza in the United States or the world,…
Retweeted by Mike FrancesaIt’s encouraging to see the first projects begin from our effort to accelerate safe and effective drugs for…
Retweeted by Mike FrancesaWhen I was asked Parcells or Bill B. I thought it was excellent question. But I need it refined: one game, one seas… think we all did. that was Darnold broadcast on #WFAN and #CBSRadioSports 9:00 am until 1:00pm Sunday. Join me.Zero more information’t hate anybody or WR/OL depending on who is available’t play. Took a walk on the course. Took a few clubs. remember that Sesame Street to golf course and walked course. Dry cleaners has been closed Bernie Williams hands down need serious help does an excellent job Joe Namath Negative: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar five favorites or five best? @MikeFrancesa Mike - rank your top 5 American presidents pre-Noineteen 80.
Retweeted by Mike FrancesaOzark. of them went 11-5. solid. Team played hard. store. People very professional and nice. Favorite product: those little vanilla ice cream cones. Killer. is welcome on my program. Have him call Monday. Coke went for a walk on the golf course. Brought a couple of clubs. old think the Mets will have a big next ten years. have no idea. easy. But I will try. No promises.
Time ( to open country) is of the essence. Testing is our salvation. Where is the sense of urgency!!!Testing is the only way out of this. The top doctor’s message: it isn’t about ventilators. It is imperative to shut… spoke to some doctors this morning who painted a very scary picture of Long Island hospitals. One top doctor gave… morning I gave my thoughts on how we as a country need to focus and rally together in order to beat this thing… your questions. I will answer them later.19 on a legitimate course. No distance. @MikeFrancesa Mike what’s your golf handicap??
Retweeted by Mike FrancesaNO will if you can tell me how Giambi thing started. already has enough problems. is still working and his program has always been Saturday morning. But please buy his books. Plus, I look f…’m going to take a walk on the golf course. I live within walking distance. We aren’t playing golf.Got a lot of these to play golf. Enjoyed it. If you leave me questions, real questions, I will answer them later. #StayHome.…’m going to watch this today. The back nine. Was at 6 of the 7 games. never know. need something like that now. year. 49 playoff games. know how the whole Giambi thing started? performance ever.’m trying. 2009 World Series.’m not qualified to answer. fences. Made us all look good. did nothing to funhouse. This was an Entercom decision. They own my content. were better days like this: if you could watch just one sporting event from the past, what would it be?Everybody has to stop worrying about politics and the November election, and start being concerned with our well-be… listen to this. do we still not have a “stay at home” order for the nation? What are we possibly waiting for?We all have a lot more important things to worry about. #StayHome. #StayTogether. I just can’t believe what we are… and have bright, young guys they want to handle my content exclusively. It is the…
Rex Ryan got himself some attention. I was wondering whose house he was using for the report? Where did he get SB trophies to display.?What we are experiencing in the NY City area, including the suburbs, is hard to fathom. We need a miracle!I just want to wake up to see the world healing one of these mornings. To see the numbers going down. To see our li… what is going on in the world, I apologize for even responding to such inconsequential nonsense. If the person… he can’t live without the audio and video.The unknown, obsessive nut who can no longer abuse my audio. Is asking people to unfollow me. It may be time to reveal his identity.The Minkman was with me every step of the way. He had a wonderful career. He will always be a big part of #WFANThere’s no question the United States missed the opportunity to get ahead of the novel #coronavirus. But the window…
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Dr. Fauci” We are in a war.” Too bad our leaders haven’t attacked the enemy that way.The network I was watching just went away from Cuomo. And rightly so. He has ceased being vital .The Governor has jumped the shark. His television success is going to his head.Why is our area so much worse than rest of the country? We need to find out.The numbers in the NYC area (including suburbs) are almost half the national total and still exploding. Why aren’t… think AB deserves another chance. Last chance. No guaranteed money.Yesterday we lost 1,000 people to the virus in our country. ONE DAY! ONE THOUSAND! How can this be acceptable to anybody?