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when someone asks what it’s like to date in your 30s, I’m showing them this
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jrthis might be the wine talking but the State of Grace acoustic slaps on an intergalactic level @alexjjlarsen true. @OldTakesExposed keep me honest here @MichaelRyanRuiz hello, weighted blankets and sneaker storage over here checking in @minakimes this feels a lot like my "Mac Jones would have got more Heisman talk if he looked cooler in pads" takethis.....did not age well @ksbarnhill in their defense, we all dowhat Jared Porter did was deplorable. and as @jessmendoza points out, we need more people willing to help when vict… this keeps coming up I want to address it: this is not me. crocs are great, but if this was me those would be… Ogwumike is executive producing an ESPN Films documentary on the 2020 WNBA Season. Constantly changing the…
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jrqueen things 👑 @exavierpope I just think he'd be entertaining because I enjoy his commercials lol but those are good points too!
update: you cannot say butthole on radiowhat qualifies as "perfect" in this department? @MichaelRyanRuiz @katienolan @BaileyCarlin chafe glide is life @SarahSpain @S10Bird @mPinoe god grant us all this giftif not Baker, who is the athlete we most need to host SNL soon? Patrick Mahomes is dealing with a foot issue, per source. He still must go through certain steps to cl…
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jr🗣They let your girl have a podcast y’all!!! 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 Make sure to rate, review + subscribe to #FirstTakeHerTake so…
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jr @JenLada this will shock absolutely no one, but I'm obviously on your side hereHarden to Brooklyn giving me major Clare Crowley Bachelorette vibes. some may question their methods, but both got… @AlexMcDaniel feels like a lot of venn diagram crossover with "as a father of daughters" crowdjust call out the bad thing. say it's bad. try to make sure the world around you is safe for everyone to do their j…, there are much more productive ways to spend your day than trying to rationalize the behavior of a guy that… @adamamin such an underrated T-Pain feature."no one cares who the Mike is" @TubaBrandon god bless him for that @adamamin the correct answer Maino ft T Pain… @minakimes It’s destiny. a perfect fit. Baker : SNL :: your mom : Twitter @adamamin me, nailing the quiz questions after not listening to the videos put Baker Mayfield and Eli in a Dr. Rick commercial together so I can achieve advertisement nirvana’s going to be a walking Dr. Rick seminar biggest Dad energy not editing out the first half second of awkward silence after he likely struggled to hit re… @SamanthaSMarks 😂 I will be using the phrase “$1 swing” in the future so thank you!I didn’t log on today to be personally attacked like this 😟 be clear, 'designated to return' means Vita Vea will enter the 21-day window in which the Bucs can activate him…
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jr @SethWalder always felt like terms like predictive or decision science do a better job explaining what the goal is… get him all the way up outta here @RandyScottESPN @MDZ73 Underperform? Buddy what planet are you living on lol @binger1rules what about Deshaun who thought he had an organization that was committed to winning? his needs matter… @RGIII @PabloTorre respect ✊🏼 in Charlotte, pass it along! catching up with @TheTraeYoung after the Hawks win today
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jr @katienolan I only have anxious white in stock, but I’ve got a LOT of it. @mikegolicjr @toreydanae @BachelorABC
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jrbullying level: 100 HER ABIGAIL!!!!!it took me way to long to find charcuterie’s saving light in my life I’m sorry we only accept one Sarah comp in this house’s legit the nicest thing anyone has said on this season*fully dressed under the covers* “Omg my Matt you’re here” #TheBachelor“This is my worst fear!”- uh ma’am have you never once encountered death or spiders? #TheBachelorKatie doesn’t need the dildo to make her presence felt. No regerts. #TheBachelorSarah does *not* love this journey for them. #TheBachelordeadass, my mom is so battle tested from our family group chat she wouldn’t even blink. players have been building toward this for a while... I hope Deshaun kicks the door wide open. catching up with @TheTraeYoung after the Hawks win today don’t think that is for you to decide, paint
@dpgolfpro23 young in his timeline of being good. phrased poorly. I figured it out at the end and said it's youth i… @katebarstool only every day of my lifedon't you dare after a solid round of pearl clutching at the expense of Pruitt we have now arrived at so I'm not crazy, I was wondering this same thing has been stuck in my peanut brain all morning be interested to see how he looks vs what we saw from Waddle, Bama in the title game. Vea injured over 2 weeks… reminder of how we got here via @TreyScott247
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jr @HollyAnderson hello excited for another very normal day here on twitter dot com!feels relevant*pretends to be shocked* @mikegolicjr Official shoe of the Never Ready All-Stars
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jrwhy is this image not the trophy given out yearly to best S&C coach in CFB heart 🥺 to roll on a #VictoryMonday edition of @JenLada, @gneitzel16, and Chewy! - #Packers Number 1s and Number 2s -…
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jr @NoraPrinciotti listen I’m not proud of myself @Foxworth24 sorry @michaeleaves stay winning 😂I am happy for @TampaBayTre, @CarmieV and @The_SportsPaigethis is like when we finally got Mayweather v. Pacquiao @danarestia no the miami one was like a carbon copy field position wise of what we just saw. all insane, because it's calvin, but stilll lolthat Tyler Johnson catch makes me think of the Calvin Johnson catch from GT against Miami that lives rent free in my brain @minakimes Jensen literally tried to eat himwhich is dope! I root for everyone to get away with holding lolhe got beat and held Thomas.1st team all-bad intentions 😂 Jensen didn't hear your whistle
alright man these refs gotta chill
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jr#HenneThingIsPossible
Retweeted by Mike Golic Jr @FalconsKelsey I’m still catching my breathlike you even heard Henne make a clock reference when he brought Williams in motion. that whole play was freaking performance artthe most 4D wizards chess play I’ve seen all season long Reid with the biggest pair on planet earth.Romo is on fire right now 😂😂😂😂AIR HENNEhere we go toNYYYYYthe 200th incomplete Chubb screen of the game @ColeWaggoner my way?