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Sen. Mike Gravel @MikeGravel San Francisco, CA

Former senator (D-AK). Read the Pentagon Papers. Candidate for president, qualified for the debates. Tweets by staff. Help us:

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@JordanUhl @MikeGravel yeah, i support the DNC... D - don't N - never C - trust them
Retweeted by Sen. Mike Gravel @MonicaLewinsky follow us back so we can DM you! @amazon No.
Mike Gravel donors manage to make FEC reports entertaining
Retweeted by Sen. Mike GravelUltimately, the one miscalculation we made was that we didn't expect Michael Bennet or Bill de Blasio to run; if on… are considering holding an alternate, unsanctioned round table of major candidates not included in the president… update on our strategy: now that we've qualified, we will likely be the only campaign that qualified but was cut… @LittleMissFlint @JulianCastro @marwilliamson @TimRyan @BetoORourke Add Mike to that list!This is the political question we are faced with in this primary: either we commit to ensuring that no one will die… @ZachMontellaro we may not have the wealthiest donors, but we definitely have the coolest onesSadie Roberts-Joseph was an unsung hero, a chronicler of forgotten stories and a wonderful activist for justice. He… @jamiekeiles @NYTmag Congratulations!! @SuccDem holy shit that's a bad take about Gravel. they put him as equally right-wing as Trump...that's atrocious @Studio2549 Ah our apologies, we've been swamped. They'll be shipping ASAP
@RepAbraham @realDonaldTrump Wow when did Steve King acquire cloning technology? @ebruenig yeah yeah we didWe are the 15th campaign to qualify via grassroots donors. What does that mean? That candidates like @Hickenlooper… @MikeGravelForMD team interviewed two activists recently about the revolution in Sudan. Watch a preview clip b… impeaching Trump won't remove him from office, but it's the right thing to do. Democratic leaders' consta… and their mother knows that Donald Trump is a racist, and repeating it over and over again won't do anythi…
@ebruenig noice @BenKissel yep! we'll follow you so you can DM us.Let him speak. An elder statesman injecting some rational perspective to a corporate sponsored debate...
Retweeted by Sen. Mike GravelThis is what America is. Don't lie to yourself - we are not great. @BlueRepublik @neogeoist Yeah, it would really suck for Georgism to be associated with a former senator who read th…
@cogniktive @BernieSanders Yep, we do weekends at Bernie’sIdeas that no other candidate will bring to the debate stage. We need our own legislature. And we need our own bu… a monster refuse to even look at the dozens of people he is working tirelessly to keep packed in without basi… @mayorseidel @drooliet tfw NUMTOT qualified a candidate for the presidential debatesMike has qualified for the debates, but (with a raft of idiot centrists polling at 1 percent, and with a DNC that w… @TimRyan where are you, we were looking for you in Iowa today @JoeSchiavoni follow us so we can DM you! @portugaltheman @TulsiGabbard @SenSanders check your DMs, let's make this happen. @MattBruenig clearly we're dealing with amateurs hereyep, we're qualified. next step, making sure Mike gets on stage @joshholton9 yeah I (David) wondered how people would take this, thought it was too risky @GerryAdamsSF follow us so we can DM you! @kamran_fareedi @adrielhampton that's Ben, he was a last-minute replacement for David (who was sick) @hilaryr @saikatc @AOC ha Hilary remember when you gave the president a week of bad headlines for needlessly attack… @RealappraiserSC @DouglasPatch @HouseDemocrats the person we're defending is a POC who's chief of staff for a POC,… off, @HouseDemocrats. @daveweigel Looks like we just got Weigeled™The next period of this campaign will be, if anything, even harder—we'll have to fight the DNC tooth and nail and d… example: the New York Times doesn't even list Mike as a candidate, even though it lists several (Sestak, Moulto… really is incredible to think of what the movement behind Sen. Gravel accomplished. A campaign managed by teenag…, we celebrate. Tomorrow, Phase 2 of Gravel 2020 begins. @PaulSorrentino3 @BybeeWinecloud @Ventuckyspaz @KFILE Soon the war on the DNC will begin
we're live now! on Periscope ( ), Twitch ( ), Instagram and Facebook Gravel - live via @muenzenberg_w @KFILE very soon, slight audio problems @KFILE we have a plan to address that and make sure Mike's voice is heard, but now is the moment to celebratewe made it @MeetThePress lol "surprisingly well put together" yeah you bet Chuck @adrielhampton THIS WORKED @dynamicecstatic @taniapdx @PaulSorrentino3 our bad...whoever steps up to become our 65,000th donor will be receiving a signed rock from Mike as well as a phone call fro… final thousand @CobraKeiser @pokeythepenguin You were here since the beginning POKEY*listen up*: we'll be doing a 65,000 donor victory live stream with Mike himself (teens on speakerphone) at 7PM EST… @storemancer ok @Samanthropod Rush the stage?We're so close. Tag a friend you think hasn't donated to us yet. @Ben_de_Jonge NOICEHe’s very close to qualifying for the Debates, if you donate even $1 it gets him closer to the goal! Come on, Help…
Retweeted by Sen. Mike Gravelone supporter is asking people on Tinder to donate to Mike Gravel what are you doing to get us to 65,000 tonight (… are hundreds of @Lights4Liberty vigils tonight. Find your local one and organize there to help your sisters… @Brad9799 Yep! @br1gid do it.Folks, we can get this done today - we are less than 3,000 donors away ( from upending assu… @enganch3 @BernieSanders powerful donation energy @OverUngerDunn @Jacylinda1 Yeah come on do it Gravel needs only 3,000 more unique donors to get on the July debate stage! He will bring a voice for peace ag…
Retweeted by Sen. Mike Gravel @Brad9799 It was tactical to get in more polls, not really running to win @bluestatedon @daveweigel Hey, don’t forget our Russian spambot supporters @PhDSchroder shills gonna shillAlex Acosta was a disgraceful Secretary of Labor who never cared about protecting workers, a disgraceful U.S. attor… @kamran_fareedi Moulton gives off strong Milton-to-Harvard pipeline vibes and I dislike it strongly @PagZic Thank you!! We're trying everything we can. Hopefully we make it. Fingers crossed! @SavionWright Thanks Savion!! @nicolesandler @TheBradBlog Thank you Nicole!!SIXTY THOUSAND DONORS! We never dreamed we'd get this far. We're humbled by the support. What this movement has do…
Integral to a Left movement and to repairing this broken system is preventing Joe Biden from groping his way to the… @Gundhraban @Jesesrox Donate! think @MikeGravel deserves a $1 donation for this, which is also $1 that’ll help get him to the debates. What do…
Retweeted by Sen. Mike GravelDonations have been fantastic, and we can qualify Mike for the debates soon. If we do, we'll make history and shock… @lawandorderPCP check your voicemail @DeborahDitkows1 End them. All of them. Now.The #Gravelanche is going faster and stronger than at any point so far in the campaign - watch our donors tick up a… @CarlosFMcKnight Mike's not running to win! He's just running to get his ideas into the discussion. You can read hi… @Gregory_Pecked oh no, that means there's someone out there getting like 20 robocalls. my apologies @cbail_lee get two more people to donate! just text them and let them know. @Forkmaster_ if you get two more people to donate then I'll pat you on the back @jon_ontheweb We've put out a donor counter (! Watch our progress update and share with fri… @vreeevrooo We've put out a donor counter (! Watch our progress update and share with frien… @NotTheChips We've put out a donor counter (! Watch our progress update and share with frie… @ainsleearch We've put out a donor counter (! Watch our progress update and share with frie… @seaparter We've put out a donor counter (! Watch our progress update and share with friend…