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Senior writer @POLITICOMag. Author, The New New Deal: The Hidden Story of Change in the Obama Era; The Swamp: The Everglades, Florida & the Politics of Paradise

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This is a really smart ⁦@drvox⁩ look at the new Democratic consensus on climate action. I think a lot of this would… I started as a reporter conservatives were always lecturing about personal responsibility and moral virtue and…
NJ finally got some $ to rebuild the Portal Bridge, Amtrak's worst bottleneck. It's part of a $30B project I wrote… this her dog? U.S. hitting 100,000 confirmed #COVIDー19 deaths today, I set out to rank 30 leading countries on their pandemi…
Retweeted by Michael GrunwaldI guess everyone has decided that these are duplicitous voter fraud warnings about his opponents but they sound a b…
@AGA_Jake But some occasionally do!Today I am doing reporting outside my house for the first time in two months, so I am wearing long pants for the fi…“Isn’t it kind of convenient that as soon as impeachment failed, we’ve suddenly got this virus?” she asked, alterna…
This will definitely influence the coverage the next time Trump invents an election conspiracy. gaslighting and memory-holing and alternative-realitying this fall will make everyone's heads explode. developing countries commonly known as BRIUS.’s made it quite clear who he thinks is deserving of this particular honor. If Democrats don’t make the next stim…
One thing the virus has exposed is our lack of concern for the workers who make our meat.
Apropos of nothing, I was just recently reading in @MikeGrunwald’s The Swamp about how Florida officials initially…
Retweeted by Michael Grunwald“Hurricanes only come once in a lifetime,” a Florida booster declared after a hurricane wiped out Miami in 1926, bu…
Since nobody asked, here’s Max at 12. He looks like an emo balladeer who just quit his band to spend a year in Tibe… other Fed news, the not-yet-famous person in this iconic-among-my-friends 2014 photo is now twelve and awesome.… Fed seems to agree with me that Main Street lending is way outside its comfort zone, and seems to have a soluti… eggs in my ⁦@eatjust⁩ scrambled eggs. Tastes great and saves the 🐓 a lot of work. I didn’t follow politics closely I might assume that Obama was corrupt because Rs held a million hearings saying…
🚨🚨🚨 seems bad that on Friday nights the president fires independent watchdogs and replaces them with lapdogs 🚨🚨🚨
Good thing nobody has dared to exploit the crisis by promoting jobs in non-polluting energy industries. much winning, tired of the winning, so much winning, tired of the winning. #winning is very important to bail out bankrupt coal companies, so that they can hide the cash from their creditors. said there would be zero deaths. If only 100,000 deaths becomes something to brag about then we are truly living the upside down.Everything is awful except for this Biden bot, which almost makes up for everything else. @jeffhauser So far that seems right about the “professional left.” Less so the online left, but hard to know if they matter.
@cpappalardo80 Thank you!I spent a day with Donald Trump and his people in 2000 for a story I never ended up writing. He was insanely bombas… yourself an editor who cuts like this. @FishmanEliot It occurs to me that stimulus is also a singular noun.Read to the end, where ⁦@petridishes⁩ reveals the true meaning of Obamagate. Everglades is a singular noun.
@jackshafer @jimcramer I am definitely old but the thinking person’s Greta Thunberg is Greta Thunberg. @jackshafer @jimcramer When I have a CNBC show and a million followers I’ll get everyone to save the rain forest.Has anyone done more for the climate movement this year than @jimcramer? First he told everyone to dump oil stocks… just lost 600,000 clean energy jobs - that's twelve times as many jobs as there are in coal mining - but Wa… just lost 600,000 clean energy jobs - that's twelve times as many jobs as there are in coal mining - but Wa…"Obama didn't leave us a pandemic playbook" is one of the funniest lies of this lie-strewn era, because the notion… @russellbrandom Well at least the Republicans will stop accusing them of trying to slip in a Green New Deal for zero seconds.I'm slogging through the $3 trillion House Democratic wish list. I see $15 billion for transit agencies - has anyon… are many ways lefties could react: - Biden sucks, AOC sucks for giving him cover. - Biden sucks, he's going t… Fed is good at propping up credit markets and I'm sure it will be good at buying corporate bonds. But Main Stre… am very curious to see how the left reacts to Biden putting @AOC and @VarshPrakash (whose Sunrise Movement gave B…
I wrote about change for @politico’s new sustainability thing. As an economic staffer in Congress, I’m worried we’re about to watch a slow-motion train wreck. More than…
Retweeted by Michael GrunwaldReclaiming streets from cars is a great thing to do during a pandemic, and after. Ocean Drive is an obvious one,… While Michael Flynn was Trump's top national security adviser, he was a SECRET FOREIGN AGENT. That should…
Trump won by portraying a recovery as a depression so it's not crazy for him to think he can win again by portrayin… are still in “problematic” phase where it’s OK to spend like drunken sailors as long as they feel bad about it… interesting thread suggesting America can’t test-trace-isolate our way out of this mess because 15% of Americans…
Thermometers are bullshit, too. One day they’ll say you don’t have a fever and the next day they’ll say you do have…
I'm trying to remember what were the problems that he alone could fix.I just remembered the GOP going ballistic over President Zero after Obama had one jobs report (later revised up) wi…
I remember watching General Flynn give this awful jingoistic campaign speech, mostly about Colin Kaepernick’s lack… have said publicly that they will not approve one dollar of additional relief to Americans unless they…
The coolest implication from this data: America is sleeping in! This is an awful time but it’s nice not to commute. do make an exception for playing doubles. No matter how badly your partner screws up you should never never never… am pro-blame-game in almost every facet of life. I can think of very few situations where it makes sense to ignor…'re going to want to buy the latest awesomeness from my pal @bradmeltzer, a lovable dude with hatable productivi… all you idiots hadn't been born you wouldn't be so panicky about this stupid virus.
Are you better off than you were four years ago? @tmeixner @rbonne1 Right. Also, people are allowed to go outside anyway; parks are much more spacious/less crowded than sidewalks.I never really understood why parks were closed in the first place. But this seems like a very strange time to ope… record number of deaths is not a result of reopening, but doesn’t reopening seem like a risky idea if the situa… definitely want to read @michaelkruse about the virtual campaign trail. Sure, 70,000 avoidable deaths, yeah, 30… bet @Mollyesque's Pelosi book will be great, and this review from the also-great @michelleinbklyn captures why yo…
Today we were talking about trying to find things to admire in everyone and under pressure I came up with: Donald T… @JoshuaGreen You can take my floating germ jail vacation out of my cold dead hands.I have an idea for something all the open-up-the-economy-now rebels can do.
Outrageous! The Fed propped up private credit markets so blatantly that Boeing didn’t even need a bailout wait this… @MattZeitlin @conorsen I totally agree and also I wonder why this worthy stimulus debate didn’t happen during the b…’s true that @GovRonDeSantis didn’t fix this mess but @SenRickScott made this mess. Scott’s philosophy, which he…
Death seems surprisingly mild-mannered. @AmericanAir Thanks for your response, but are you saying @AmericanAir deserves credit for not prohibiting us from…, @AmericanAir just announced it will require all passengers to wear masks...starting May 11. If masks are impor… is good news, and now Congress should make sure the $17B in the CARES Act for "national security" bailouts (wh…
Hey, that’s my music!🕺🕺🕺🚨🚨🚨 (Remembers, like, everything.) Never mind., I know airline emissions won’t stay as low as they are now. But ⁦@AmericanAir⁩ just looked into the future and… @JesseJenkins @J_Lovering @gilbeaq Yes, a bunch of them. The quick summary is that the stimulus was a game-changer… @BresPolitico @morningmoneyben It was just as crazy when House Republican crazies almost made it happen (and did ge… who said my Earth Day essay was dumb because even in this disaster emissions were only going to fall 3%, a… it when Trump shakes up the stale old politics as usual. @J_Lovering @gilbeaq That was a damn long article. (And thanks!)The US is culling 1 million hogs a week because there's a glut. China culled 100 million hogs last year because of…
Yeah I have a few questions about “bridge loans” to oil firms. Will government recoup the $ when they declare bankr… my wife said I was fat so I threatened to sue her but today she said I’m not fat at all and I love her so… @NedStaebler I didn’t say it should have a balanced budget. I just said Congress makes it do things that blow up it…, though the budget problems are made worse by the need to maintain Saturday delivery and inefficient rural pos… could have predicted Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to change habits in ways the climate change movement never could. But can o…
Retweeted by Michael GrunwaldI like to think of myself as an independent thinker but I played tennis today for the first time during COVID-19 be… we have less success please McConnell is right that regular people are eager to protect bosses who force them to go to work sick, but i…
They won't move heaven and earth to make sure all of us can have tests or masks or health care but they will move h… wants to accelerate its green transition with stimulus investments in solar, wind, electric vehicles, energy… politicians are doing a lot of self-congratulation about our flattening curve, and I desperately hope they'…“New Report Finds Climate Change Caused By 7 Billion Key Individuals”
Retweeted by Michael GrunwaldOne possible answer to the baffling question of why global emissions will only shrink 5% this year despite the viru…