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@AndrewDessler @JustinHGillis @jgkoomey @cody_a_hill @DoctorVive I offset my frequent flying (also for a climate book!) with @cool_effect.
In my big Mulvaney profile he bragged about boxing in the president. (And Ivanka!) I guess he did it again... @Ryangrim seriously I think Biden was helpful on DFA but not vital like he was on stimulus. But someone on the left shoulda got to Feingold!Sen. Brown, who asked for favors for two Mass banks for his DFA vote - and had to ask an aide the banks’ names mid-… would call this pathetic but I guess it doesn’t literally inspire pathos.
This could be as big a deal as the Impossible Whopper. @KennethBaer @sbg1 @Gary__Bass Wait I actually am an economic stimulus expert: This is extremely bad economic stimulus.Yes.
Retweeted by Michael GrunwaldI’m not a foreign policy expert but maybe pals like @sbg1 or @Gary__Bass can help: Is it bad when you have to bomb… @ConserveChange I hear you but TomKat's version of profit is profit: They have a study modeling the economics of en… @ConserveChange oh man it’s not going to be any fun arguing with you if you’re going to be this gracious @ConserveChange oh thanks, nice of you to say. @ConserveChange the experiment isn’t over and I wish Tom and Kat luck saving the planet from the bottom of my neoliberal heart. 7 @ConserveChange as the ranch manager says, increasing stocking rates and efficiency will be vital for $ and the environmental side. 6 @ConserveChange Steyer’s investment in science is altruism, but he wants the beef operation to prove going regenerative can boost profits. 5 @ConserveChange if it’s not profitable, non-billionaires aren’t going to adopt it no matter how good it is for the earth. 4 @ConserveChange the idea that an alternative ranching model should make money is not an “industrial mentality.” It’s common sense. 3 @ConserveChange’s claim that TomKat isn’t aiming for profit is wrong. The goal is to prove economic and environmental sustainability. 2This uber-woke thread defending the Steyer ranch (which I didn’t attack!) is worth reading, but it makes one big mi… can’t decide if it’s inspiring or enraging that @billmckibben writes brilliant books like Falter while doing a side job saving the world.“Not exactly but fear not! We hath gerrymandered the districts, and the Electoral College doth lead us to glory.” In A Box. The people who control the process still think climate is for “you climate people.” Not “people.”
@jeffhauser @drvox My sense is Trump genuinely wants to do what the farmers want and EPA genuinely wants to do what…'s a hilarious technical war in TrumpWorld over renewable fuels: Trump wants to suck up to Big Ag, but his EPA… @suellentrop that is not a real hashtag Chris @DUANEALLEN thanks for reading!This was.....unexpected. @JigarShahDC @MLiebreich I think the truth is a good default message (and it feels authentic!) until someone proves another way works better @MLiebreich my feeing is, it’s really bad, the world should act, I have no idea what message will help, might as well go with the truth. @MLiebreich Maybe. But some climate hawks are desperate to stay positive and avoid panic. I think the link is the obsession with message. @judlew thanks - I think they’re trying their best and I wish them the best. @anoyes @POLITICOMag thanks Andrew!It’s odd, since we really are in an extreme crisis and we really do need to act now, how some activists still need… MAGA take on my story, via HotAir and the singer for the Oak Ridge Boys.
I didn’t think of this story as an expose, but the reactions on every side of the beef issue have been interesting. long read on #TomSteyer and his #California ranch: Long-shot presidential candidate wants to prove you…
Retweeted by Michael GrunwaldThe president also had a free campaign chairman named Paul Manafort and we know that was totally above board so wha… the way the second paragraph is just wonderfully droll writing. You can really feel @alpert's barely controlled rage.I've been thinking a lot about the way #MAGA fears of change seem hard-wired into humans, including liberals, and t… @writerfarmer thanks!Agriculture and climate are the peanut butter and chocolate of policy debate, except they taste spicy together and…’s an odd new post from @TomSteyer’s eco-ranch responding to (but not mentioning!) my @POLITICOMag story. is the hottest take yet but it’s been fun watching the debate over Tom Steyer’s twee ranching experiment in fo…
Don't miss this outstanding @mikegrunwald @politico story about @TomSteyer's grass-fed cattle ranch. Doing everythi…
Retweeted by Michael Grunwald @FarmGirlJen @waiterich @agronomistag @SavorTooth sure but TomKat is doing peer reviewed science to help others who can’t afford that @FarmGirlJen @waiterich @agronomistag @SavorTooth but most of their $ losses are on science - they want to show regenerative beef can make $ @FarmGirlJen @waiterich @agronomistag @SavorTooth TomKat did have tillage before it was TomKat, another reason the carbon #s were a bummer. @NuDecoEnsemble @wyclef also rapped about Trump calling Haiti a shithole. And about smoking weed w/ @BernieSanders. I just report the news.Wow @wyclef just did an amazing set with Miami’s @NuDecoEnsemble - and then promised to record an album together!
I know the great @PeteDominick had loyal fans: He & @chrislhayes put my obscure stimulus book on the NYT list with…
@SavorTooth thanks manExcellent article by @MikeGrunwald on Tom Steyer's regenerative grazing operation. This stuff is *way* more nuanced…
Retweeted by Michael GrunwaldThis is a good occasion to revive one of my less popular takes: No institution should be tax-exempt.… Steyer wants to prove you can farm without destroying the environment. But like his campaign, it’s an expensive…
Retweeted by Michael Grunwald @KevinCate for me it felt more like being back on the campaign trail @KevinCate I hope you enjoyed my description of the 🐄 💩 Kevin.So @TomSteyer's wife told me she doesn't believe in fool's errands, and because I'm awful I asked if she had told T…’s a meat/climate story, but the fun stuff is @TomSteyer’s quirky banker/rancher/activist wife with six tattoos. wrote about a ranch that’s trying to reinvent beef to save the planet. It’s @TomSteyer’s ranch! via @POLITICOMag
It's totally legitimate for the executive branch to refuse to cooperate with congressional investigations if it doe… @Next10 One takeaway: Clean electricity is awesome but it's really hard to hit your climate goals when giant wildfi…’m a rare #ClimateTwitter optimist but ugh this @Next10 report. California’s amazing progress isn’t nearly enough., if you don’t want to obey a subpoena you don’t have to, especially if your testimony would be totally exo…
I think a good rule is if you don’t like the official sending you a subpoena you don’t have to comply with the subp… cheaper and safer South Florida butt enlargement procedure is called “eating pie.” he was just joking about asking China to investigate Biden, & asking Ukraine, & asking DOJ, & also about… gaslighting of Big Bird via Snuffleupagus prepared me for life way better than any of their counting bullshit e…
Retweeted by Michael Grunwald @craigtimes Mazel tov! The legend continues....
This doesn’t seem like something human beings can do. If she isn’t the world’s greatest athlete, who is?
For the last decade, the Republican position on vigorous congressional oversight has been it’s only legitimate when there’s no wrongdoing.“The counting fetish that replaced the simple act of reading something and deciding on its quality.” RIP SI. another farm bailout. Fortunately it’s cool when presidents when use taxpayer dollars to help their campaigns.
Abraham Lincoln, Malcolm X, Ben Sasse.'s visit to The Villages today a great time to read/re-read @MikeGrunwald on this Trump-loving place. "It feel…
Retweeted by Michael Grunwald @Daniel_Sweeney @AustenErblat aw thanks manI guess the good news is now we know how China can get Trump to drop his crazy trade war.
On Thursday Trump'll travel to The Villages. Good opportunity to re-read @MikeGrunwald on pickleball.
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RIP. George was a WashPost character in a way this obit doesn’t quite capture. And a mensch in a way it did.
We all know ultimately his defense is always that it’s OK to do X to his political opponent because his political opponent is bad.Planetwise, the biggest news of the day: thing we know for sure is that if Trump chose politics over the law and the national interest this one time, it was only this one time.OMG @Carl_Hiaasen you made my son’s day. (Everyone should read Scat and of course everything else Carl writes.) was just in the Corn Belt reporting on non-politics and I kept hearing how much people hate spending so much time…
Meanwhile, uh, remember that Joe Biden guy? He's kinda tanking. via lovely and talented @MarcACaputo @GregorMacdonald right. My mistake was thinking hey, this stuff will get cheap and then everything will change. It’s stickier than that. @GregorMacdonald yes, you’ve done a great job. I just thought there would be more $ to save and corporations would be more eager to do it. @GregorMacdonald yes, exactly. My book was about the kick start, which went just as I expected. But I expected more post-kick acceleration. @RonaldKlain yes, some, but I thought by now we’d pass a tipping point to mass adoption regardless of policy.I was mocked for predicting a clean energy boom in my Obama book but honestly this isn’t as fast as I expected or a… you #NotATranscript scolds realize that pretty soon Trump is going to be denying all the damning stuff because… @anniekarni thanks Annie but anticipating this stuff with this guy does not exactly require ESPGetting AG Barr to gin up investigations of his political enemies does seem bad and impeachable but I also remember…
Sure enough, he changed his story! @tomphilpott @TamarHaspel @TSearchinger Those are legitimate policy arguments but I'm not sure they're accounting a… @TamarHaspel @tomphilpott Right, I mean in the accounting, not in your reporting. I think WRI is doing that for oth… @TamarHaspel @tomphilpott that's a fair point, but can you just ignore the costs because they're hard to calculate?… @tomphilpott @TamarHaspel yes and then the corn/soy would have to be replaced somewhere else. @TSearchinger's point… @TamarHaspel Honest question: Why? It seems like any current or additional acre of land that's used for beef could… is an alert to their favorite viewer that he needs to change his story. @jeffcieslak that is true. Unlike many Democrats, they have been consistent in their amoral political calculations.