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Remember kids, “conservative christian” is an oxymoron... 1 John 2:9

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@booburella How about the other Kubrick directed film, ‘ a clockwork orange’ the bed in that film???Yes I’m 48 and yes I got excited when I seen these .... fuck off.
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Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @ImChaunce @MysterySolvent Barkley is right. The only people who want to defund the the police are the limousine latte white liberals.…
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelJose Altuve is different this year
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @AmberJElliott @AaronClayBlue Dang split that bad boy with someone!
@TerrellRansomJr Man what a performance in #achanceintheworld @Mi55K1tty My dream indeedNever forget when Allen Iverson did this to some people’s goat lmao
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @booburella Henry: Portrait of a serial killer was not easy to watch. Had to pause a few times. @jamesjurassic65 @hmns That is 1 motley crew there. 🦕Please pass the Promoting Alzheimer's Awareness to Prevent Elder Abuse Act (H.R.6813) @RepFletcher #ENDALZ
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Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelOn September 24, 1990, 30 years ago today, our 4th studio album RUST IN PEACE was released! What are your favorite…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @lhjw121315666 What?!?! There is a whole league in Japan. 😜 Do you like any sports? @ShuuVayu I like the new youtube video. You look so cool all in white. Almost like a superhero! 😉At this time, we would like to confirm the passing of Joseph Laurinaitis aka Road Warrior Animal at the age of 60.…
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@ohemgeeijizzed Will you be my Halloween date?😍 @lhjw121315666 You look great in baseball caps! Do u like baseball?
@ShittersFull93 @2ndHandBookery V8??? Did it haul ass? @ReturnofR ‘My name is Prince’ You gotta be a bad man to rock a song about yourself! 🤘🏽🎸I do not hate myself for loving her! She's still 🧨🔥🔥🤘
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @needchocolat Tease... 😜Do you want to get involved? We’re looking for some creative people that want to help us advocate. 💜
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael27 years ago today, Nirvana released their third and final album 'In Utero.' Revisit @DustyHenry_'s retrospective e…
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@KPRC2 Love it!!! I hope it stops @ATTStadium so I can go see the @dallascowboys more often!!! How bout dem Cowboys!!!FUCK THE VANILLA HALF FRAP GRANDE LATTE WITH THE 5 PUMPS @Starbucks
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelStill don’t really have any words....feeling so much love right now, thank you.
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @LilShishia threesomes...And the kid of the year goes too ....
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @JolinaOkazakiTV Get down Jolina 💃!!!What the actual fuck!
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelHappy birthday to me happy birthday to me I’m still a fucking LEGEND happy birthday to ME 48 and still getting up people noses LFUCKING x
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelIt’s impossible not to be overjoyed for @danjlevy and the cast of @SchittsCreek its so richly deserved x
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Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelSchitt's Creek has won the Outstanding Comedy Series #Emmy. Thank you, @TelevisionAcad And thank you to all of you 💛 🥺
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelTHE SCHITTS CREEK SUPLEX ALL JABRONIS #Emmys
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@Hazzatumbo Looks like a great show! @BlahBlah_Nobody I wear polos pretty much every day!!! @MyRockMixtapes One of my favorite songs of the last few years! 🤘🏽 @ShuuVayu Morning Shuu! I live waking up to your tweets! @ImChaunce @GasLiberty @JackLinks Haha, that stuff is expensive here in Texas too...Hey there #beer drinkkers, @SaintArnold #headliner Blonde Ale is delicious! Ah, 🍺!!!
@MyRockMixtapes Gimme sum of that ‘Bad Medicine’ 🤘🏽 @needchocolat Buenas Noches bella! @Hazzatumbo 😍 @Hazzatumbo Aver, enseñanos! @lhjw121315666 Hollywood Glamour!!! 😍 @snhs2 @UHCougarFB @UHouston I lost mine. @snhs2 @UHCougarFB The way this kid is slinging it for Coastal Carolina probably reminds Andre of his ‘Ware Force’… @marcmaron Happy New Year Mark!
@AlbiCabrera @kexp Good Luck! Buena Suerte! Queremos rock!!! 🤘🏽 @SangaYonini ¡Ten un excelente fin de semana! @ReturnofR basket case. 3 minutes of perfection. @GreenDay @tbaugh725 Just saw the documentary on @netflix called ‘the devil and father amorth’. They show those stairs in the… you've had it up to here with 2020.
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @needchocolat Those eyes... 😍😍😍 @HiliMiniVanilli Thanks! Hi from Texas 👋🏽 @swear_trek Having a crappy morning at work, thanks for the big laugh! @msbettiecrowley @TheRealElvira I think you channeled her just fine! @SmVanJoh Cum punish me in Texas! @MelanieBerress1 Enjoy! 🍺 @TimeOutTokyo Free at last. Getting a #tattoo in #Japan has been added to the bucket list. 🇯🇵In a landmark ruling, Japan’s Supreme Court has ruled that tattooing is not a medical procedure.
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @JohnnyG74664066 @worldly401 @HidalgoCounty @cher Run for office! Clean it up. 👍🏽 @JohnnyG74664066 @worldly401 @HidalgoCounty @cher Who said I believed they cared. I grew up in the valley. I know… @TomKochABC13 Yes! I love the @Vikings Go Vikings!!! @OuchYOMH @UnderJollyRoger @queensryche I have a couple of those! 🤘🏽
@worldly401 @HidalgoCounty @cher I believe Cher was talking about now and the currently affected people and what th… @UnderJollyRoger @acdc Damn, that’s beautiful man! 🤘🏽 @ThatEricAlper Kris Kristofferson, born in @BTxRGV Brownsville, Texas. @DivaNovaCologne @1st_cd both!FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM GO FUCK YOURSELF
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelI played center field for my HS baseball team @FordhamPrep. This was 1944. I wasn’t much of a hitter. More of a swi…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @HidalgoCounty @cher As a former resident of South Texas and knowing how neglected that part of the country is by t…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @PhendoraBDSM Yummy! @StephenKing Are there turkeys in Kentucky? Find one, nickname it Mitch and have it run???Kentucky, please don’t vote for Mitch. I can’t stand to look at those jowls and round eyeglasses for another six years.
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @LilShishia Idiots...RIP Marc Bolan. Unfortunate in the US that he’s only known for 1 song when there are so many other great ones in hi…
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelWatch the Trailers for ALL FOUR Brand New Blumhouse Horror Movies Coming to Amazon in October! @blumhouse
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @Mi55K1tty @EstherKuKu This reminds me of you for some reason... @booburella @HorrorQueenNeve Hopefully never remade, leave perfection alone!
You only look at masks as oppression if you’ve never experienced any
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelDon't forget, Dwight is going live with good friend @LyleLovett on Friday September 18th at 9pm ET / 6pm PT. Ticket…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @AKempAuthor Numbers in Houston. @Hazzatumbo Wow, ok. I am never eating cereal in front of you! 😜 @Hazzatumbo Carla, por favor translate: ‘me cajo la leche’. What does that mean?
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @AsaAkira @Pornhub @diegosansporn Finally finishing off this podcast, so entertaining with the questions you ask As… @Jaide_Alicia Good for you! Let the music be your medicine, your escape. 🤘🏽Trump isn’t president, he’s basically a trash fire.
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All the people that were telling me to “keep politics out of sports”, (which it wasn’t political at all), really in…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael40 years ago today, Fernando Valenzuela, made his @mlb debut. Debut: September 15, 1980 (Age 19-319d, 12,006th i…
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelThanks for this reminder @alannarizzo. What I recall vividly was the next season, Opening Day, when Valenzuela repl…
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelMay I please get 2 friends (or more) to copy and repost or Retweet this? I am trying to demonstrate that someone is…
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