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One day soon I'm gonna tell the moon About the crying game

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@LilShishia Sorry for your loss...😔 @ABC13Elita Pretty in Pink this morning. Thanks for the fog updates!
@LilShishia Here in the states they call it affluenza. Lawyers have used it as a defense for spoiled kids who do horrible things. @sharronmelton01 Happy Valentines Day to you Sharron!Will pray for your boy.
@KPRC2Syan Happy Valentines Day Syan! @reacthing Awesome you liked the #mazapan, that is my favorite! @JanelKHOU Cute! My sister has the same kind I think. Yorkie terrier?Roses are red So are fine wines You stole my heart Astros stole my signs
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @T1ffany0911 Happy Valentines Day Miss Tiffany, looking lovely. @KPRC2SofiaOjeda It’s amazing the amount of denial both by the Astros organization and the fans of the Astros. The… @JanelKHOU Happy Valentines Day Janel! @KPRC2RoseAnn Happy Valentines Day RoseAnn! @MichelleKHOU Happy Valentines Day Michelle! @NatashaFox26 😍
@mikemcguff Ehh, can we check his ID??? @Denlesks more like: Astros apologize for cheating, hire Ethics advisors
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @NatalieHee This is the best Mexican candy, #mazapan @MichelleKHOU @utmbhealth @CDCgov It’s down the road?!?!?!50 years on, still praying at the altar of #SABBATH! Listen on @AppleMusic:
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @mikemcguff On episode 3, it’s awesome!
The iceman is cooler than durant, no pun intended... @mikemcguff @MrMele07 @jamessmurray Nice legs! And that lady next to Murr looks lovey! Hope to be there next year! Enjoy. @mikemcguff @JimBreuer , can you play A.J. in the @lifetimetv movie?! #doppleganger @NatalieHee Looking rad in plaid Natalie!🤘🏽 @MichelleKHOU Me this morning: 1971 you say, makes sense now why I love black women... @mikemcguff Sucks how @SpaceX closes the road to the beach sometimes. It’s the locals’ beach instead of the touris…
@LilShishia Thanks, I feel better now too. 😉 @Channel51045319 👋🏼On this day in 1978, #VanHalen released the #gamechanger. #DavidLeeRoth #AlexVanHalen #EddieVanHalen
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@louisadawn @sueperkins So cute listening to Sue explain a podcast to Mary, classic! @MichelleKHOU Have you seen it? It’s on my must see list. ‘The Housemaid’ from a few years ago is still my favorite Korean movie. @NatalieHee Nah, a closet Marylin Manson fan or Slipknot
@LilShishia That’s world wide...
@Denlesks Preach brother! LMAO, that is hilarious!Pete Rose played Major League Baseball for 24 seasons, from 1963-1986, and had more hits, 4,256, than any other pla…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @KPRC2RoseAnn Me and you, lunch next week in Chinatown!That waist!!! @NatashaFox26 Which one did you wear? I missed the news...
25 years after Selena's death, iconic images shot by John Dyer are being shown for the first time, at the McNay Art…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @TiffanyFox26 What did you try???Happy #InternationalClashDay! #JoeStrummer said “The future is unwritten.” Tune in to toda…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @JanelKHOU @KHOU_MSandoval Let us know what you find on @netflix
@NatashaFox26 left @NatalieHee Buc-ee’s never looked better!!! @LilShishia I live in the greatest country in the world! @KPRC2SofiaOjeda I could see you shivering! 😬 @KPRC2SofiaOjeda @nrgenergy @KPRC2 Couldn’t @nrgenergy open up a door for you so you could stay warm! 😜Psychology Today asked me if I knew why this is and I said, "Simple: everyone needs to let out their darker emotion…
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelHappy Birthday Axl Rose !!!!!🎈🎉🎂 The boss The living legend #GnFnR @axlrose @gunsnroses
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@KPRC2Syan They aint kidding, Iowa is whiiiiite! #melanindeficient @v_wyche @JanelKHOU @NASA_Johnson @KHOU ‘Janel in Space’. Has a nice ring to it! @maggiemckethan I feel sorry for the street... #skidmark. @NatalieHee @AngelaWChen @maggiemckethan I can’t unsee that. @NatalieHee What’s your favorite??? @MizzouGym @hu_dat_gymnast Congrats on the 9.95, and I thought I would make it an even 150 followers!Prince would go great lengths to pull off a prank — like on October 21, 1998, when he presented a @GQMagazine Man o…
Retweeted by Mike, not MichaelA podcast that should be mandatory listening/watching by students. Rose is petitioning to be removed from MLB's ineligible list, arguing that his lifetime ban is "vastly disprop…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @LilShishia Gracias. Si, muy aburrido hoy en la oficina. Estoy escuchando podcasts y mirando twitter. @LilShishia En mi oficina en Houston...☹️ @LilShishia Donde estas?
@LilShishia People feel good when they help, human nature...Cancer!!! That was the least of the Babe’s troubles. Booze, broads and baseball, in that order. @christinalefou @RememberThisPod Great story, love listening to this new series, pausing and looking up bios and ph… recognizes Game. REPRESENT‼️ @russwest44 in the house today for the #USWNT match.
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@JanelKHOU Fuego!!! 🔥🔥🔥 @JanelKHOU OK, might watch it...Trailer seems so depressing. @TiffanyFox26 Purple is you! 🔥🔥🔥 @Denlesks Classic! @TexasMonthly @TexasObserver Tis #nationalpoopday @RememberThisPod @bornferal Great job ladies! So wicked to hear these ‘horror’ stories of early Hollywood. @Denlesks Funny!
@T1ffany0911 @BritishMilfUK u kids and your choking...If there’s an old band you never heard, the first time you listen it’s new music. It is all of our duties to spread…
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You could tell he was very happy with his performance. I was like, “You made history.” And he was like, “I always m…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @SofiaKenin Congrats from Houston, Texas on your Australian Open!!! 2020 Champ!!! Love the way you talk yourself up between points! @FTFonFS1 @getnickwright Did you learn touchy feely from @LopezOnSports here in Hiuston? #timetocallHR @croyus @FS1 @USWNT Thanks. @FS1 @USWNT Who is playing goalie for the US??? Haven’t seen her on camera at all the 1st half! 😜 @FS1 @USWNT I have never seen a goalie take a dive??? I hope she is ok and not just faking....@StellaArtois We don’t always respond to competitors’ ads, but when we do, it’s for a good cause. We’ll donate $2…
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @mindykaling @StellaArtois @Water Enjoying a cold @StellaArtois poured in a chalice I bought to support @Water .… @mikemcguff Thanks for this!!! Sometimes the HD antenna doesn’t work. @NatashaFox26 natural Natasha, beautiful!
@astros I want autographed Dusty Baker forearm bands! @Denlesks Immunize or inbreed??? @TomKochABC13 @KPRC2Bill @khouron 3 broadcasters walk into a bar... @sraichlen Mr. Raichlen, it will be a beautiful super bowl grilling weekend here in Clear Lake, Texas! Where are y… to 1994. Guitar Player Magazine's Rock Guitarist of the Year. 🤘🎸
Retweeted by Mike, not Michael @JanelKHOU And your dad replied... @ChelseyABC13 Hi from Clear Lake 😍😍😍 @LilShishia So when are you going to Poland? @T1ffany0911 It’s a castle in San Antonio! Seriously, I think its all corporate now.
@Only1kyana waterpark?!