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@gemmamilne @jennykleeman 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼goddamn we Stan a retired ronin RIP @sethshaw it was and everything sucks now @Hilldawgg amasiaa favorite family owned tiny sushi place near my old apartment just shuttered and i hate this pandemic so gd much
@JesseStavis goddamnive reached the stage of monopoly where going to jail is more desirable than continuing to circle the board and ris…’t realize how many people hate monopolypoll: what is the mechanism through which one wins the taxes in the middle of the board in monopoly land on free p… @d1sc0urse please tell me this isnt real @brianfagioli simpler — just toast n eggssunday vibes @kimmaicutler @TaylorLorenz @TechmemeChatter there’s no proof it’s any more valid than him making it up at the podi… @hannahgais it’s the freakin weekendparty monster @laurenpeikoff assume deer deadexcited to see so many people discovering Chuck Grassley’s twitter account for the first time like watching aladdi… @Biyombonesaw @Cam_Oflage to your original point: i think if there were a legal mechanism that forced mega mergers… @Biyombonesaw @Cam_Oflage id recommend looking up what his specific education project looks likethe most amazing possible outcome of this entire insane process — extorting a Chinese tech company for billions to…
bought a bunch of board games like a huge nerd @kenklippenstein no contest @dellcam not yet, need to keep people coming backthis is so embarrassing @winterjessica @silviakillings is it badger @thedavidcrosby go off, king @shearleg loljust read the worst tweet ive ever seen in my lifefukk
@brendengallager hell yeah manfriday is classics appreciation day fischerspooner covering wire after weeks of silence, chair guy reappeared and said to meet him in Livermore in two hours sketch? maybe.… @MahdiKarabiben 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Our latest on the TikTok saga: Instagram founder Kevin Systrom has had talks about becoming TikTok's new CEO. + o…
Retweeted by rat kingwon ten bucks at a gas station in sacramento people i know thought that the phrase "horny on main" was shorthand for "Horny on Main Street" — as in "that gu…
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?🍸 💀
helo friends after a brief hiatus, we back signing books again signed new paperbacks of SUPER PUMPED at… @brendengallager hell yeah buddy!
Trader Joe’s blasting me with pumpkin spice
@thebigdogbus she’s SO mad when bedtime doesn’t come by 10!!! @subtleBreaker lolmfw i ride da worm @brianfagioli f u (it’s an old timey looking one, this is a bad photo)fear is the mind killer
@powertriptx @andy_oconnor fuck, this is awful. saw them play at bottom of the hill years ago and they rocked + wer…
found this on the sidewalk gonna make a million bucks on ebay me and @MikeIsaac collab on TikTok's interm C.E.O.
Retweeted by rat king @the__dude98 @TaylorLorenz my understanding is she’s pretty well regarded across the industry as well as has power internallyhere is a story on the last leader standing at tiktok w/ @TaylorLorenz @adada @lachter what a nice thread! 1. ty for the book compliment and 2. you gotta watch it now that youve got time and distance!We'll never be as funny as the time you liked a porn tweet on 9/11
Retweeted by rat kingalso donovan @mikiebarb 😍My wife and I made custom skaters on Tony Hawk and we look like a couple who got arrested because our baby died.
Retweeted by rat king @jcsalterego lolgoddamn what a show @pt @mgsiegler @johnnie @rabois @ksimm @gregbettinelli @jmj i just moved! (to a cheaper place inside the city)it’s hell outside and unbreathable indoors but at least we have the kinks @amyfiscus every one of my twetes = news!!!!!listening to a dr*g deal in call of duty group chat and i need an adult
@Choire 📰 😍 @micsolana not saying my tweets aren’t news, more that the item does not rise to what i would consider a news story… @micsolana which is why this was a tweet and not a story! @3_r1c i get your point no worries @3_r1c that said i don’t believe it was a new grad bouncing in and out @3_r1c i mean, it wasnt mark or sheryl— anyone else is stretching the boundaries of “famous” @Kieran_Lin it’s not publicanother Facebook employee quitting their job out of frustration, per an internal company post that is circulating r… @tysonbrody im laffin @robleathern @rabois @ksimm @pt @gregbettinelli @jmj surge pricing! @rabois @ksimm @pt @gregbettinelli @jmj i hate to say this but keith is rightoh hell yea @caseyjohnston ta, friendfacebook grew so big it has reinvented its former self“glad it aint orange out today” previous landlord forgot to disconnect my phone from my last apartment’s intercom so i am now forced to buzz the…
@rachelmillman @oliviasolon tell that guy to eat shit @DannyGroner life hack @thomas_violence @AstroKatie @pmorelli @SFGate @IllyBocean @AynRandy get your body to san francisco ben @samfbiddle this is why i became a journalistalso, a free trend story: low-to-mid-range priced appliances like fridges and ovens are apparently on backorder b… at 10am PT I’ll be discussing TikTok with @MikeIsaac for Berkeley Boosts (register at…
Retweeted by rat kingstuck in a kafkaesque cycle of refrigerator repair nightmares with the retailer, manufacturer and mechanic all poin… @chrisfralic cool how our country is being run by QVC execs::does mescaline once::imagine all the shit we dont know aboutThere is an epic amount of finger-pointing going on at the White House right now about who's to blame for a group o…
Retweeted by rat king @pattymo slay qveen!!!!!!! @AstroKatie @pmorelli @SFGate @IllyBocean @thomas_violence @AynRandy @kept_simple i do think theres a good piece to be written on trump books and sitting on info for months. fascinatin… @vjeranpavic fuk u @leibelmichael is that the carquinas bridge @vjeranpavic are these drone shots? @_Nataliea @NWSBayArea @SFBART sweet jesus @NWSBayArea On @SFBART headed East, just passed N. Concord.
Retweeted by rat king @DexBarton im still a russian spy with a k9 unit @isosteph are you fucken kidding me