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damn....i was ready to go @ericlin oh thank god::realizes my age:: @chocobohomo 🐀 👑 🐀 👑 🐀 👑 @itstheannmarie September! 1 yr after initial release!
@josephlongo_ @WeAreMel comforting, proteiny sustenance (it feels like home) @WeAreMel @Jen_Face @josephlongo_ my heart swells with pride @elijahwood @kamilumin @sw_holocron rekt @danielaperdomo yes! ForgotI am one of the many women Mike Bloomberg’s company tried to silence through nondisclosure agreements. My story for…
Retweeted by rat king @mcclure111 @riajuunibyou i mean, athens in general is great the varsity! @mcclure111 @riajuunibyou OTC was great @breakfastbybill @DanielZarick yeah i havent passed full judgement yet. more just interesting to see tech go the wa… @soalexgoes real sad when someone is good irl but bad online @soalexgoes i just mute those people @thisismaz was it? i missed that part of their historyoh and i forgot about uber! the past six years, tech has figured out that the margins on loans and cash advances are...quite good tech pa… mexico S2 good @annamerlan the long arc of history curves towards justice for egg bites
@kylenw mother of god @thebigness that would be acceptable @kylenw none, should i @karengeier children regularly injure themselves with sandwiches @ebruenig this is our bat signal @laurenpeikoff this is an outrageall of you anti ketchup people can gtfohwhat kind of sociopath would cut a sandwich like the one on the right @pcperini i have been really shocked to see a number of folks with the stance of “since i spent years paying them i… @ericspiegelman 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🚗🚕🛫 @JennaQuindica this is true romancewhat will skincare look like in the apocalypse
my alt @squidita @Kvelertak they ruleeveryone brain melted @anshublog ty for reading! @gkozier lol gotta love copy editors (ty for reading!) @can @Kvelertak new verbs crack @Kvelertak plz come to San Francisco soon! this album rulesnew @Kvelertak album is out and it rips @Adriyoung i like to keep it obscure over heredying of secondhand embarrassment
@isosteph i like to think of it as an instructive map for the 99 percent to decide whom to eat first when the revolution comes🛀 🛁 bath day 🧼 🚿 (Bruna is the clean one) @ScottRogowsky RIP, quiz daddy @jprollert faulkner!!! killing me! @jprollert AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! coffee in Chicago is on ME @jprollert ugh every scene is a photograph @elisabethnicula AHHH SUTTREE is SO GOOD I can’t wait for you to read it @elisabethnicula omg suttree is tied for my fav with BMthere’s a signed first edition on eBay for like five g’s.... also hes like 86 now and im terrified he won’t finish his last book @elisabethnicula have read his whole *oeuvre*! @buttermilk1 🐎 🐎hardcover is here i have reread this every 18 months for the past 12 years morgen from the happiest place on earth @joeygllghr im callin da cops @joeygllghr u drunk mf? @themoko @oliviasolon i think there’s def enmity and journos not blameless. what i would hope is that on the whole… @webdevMason @selviano not what i meant but i deleted @44 i kind of want to write about it but need to figure out the best way to do it @kathbarbadoro pissed jeans rules @hunterwalk @isosteph twist of the century @isosteph im considering it but it might make me want to die too much @_danilo AAAAAAAAAAAAA @_danilo oh man. Was that the article where he clung to the quote tweak and used that to discredit the whole thing? that was psychotic @_danilo they seemed to like the press when they were on the cover of wired! @anniefryman i might stick with this, it’s v useful @robleathern nuh uh but sounds funny @carochoi @PottsJustin @yrechtman wow i look terrible thereone big trend ive seen over the past three years from a growing number of those in tech is utter contempt for the m… @jdawsey1 perfect
@DovedSimon Staying optimistic @mlroach lmaoseems bad
@ChanceKelch i was at that metallica S&M show in floor seats, was there a pit somewhere i missed?!BART staff presented on the current state of the Bay Area economy: Bay Area continues to see big job-housing imbal…
Retweeted by rat king @ajchavar @atmasphere Jesus Christ Floor seats at Oakland we’re like 500!!!! @Nattotodd @RATM im hearing all sorts of mixed stuff. the only seat i saw for oakland floor was $500 bucks for one… @Julesm_b @RATM my god what a show @BrandyLJensen @RATM wow guess whos not going to rage wit hme now @RMac18 @RATM dont bully me dadok i did it @jonahweiner as far as i could tell yes, i think it was like $500+ fees etc @goldman brutallmao floor tickets are fucken 700 bucks Telecommunications Conglomerate Huawei and Subsidiaries Charged in Racketeering Conspiracy and Conspiracy t…
Retweeted by rat king🚨 Wow. DOJ just posted its superseding indictment against Huawei.
Retweeted by rat kingI was the spox for @CCRB_NYC during the height of the Stop and Frisk crisis - this take is the clearest explanation…
Retweeted by rat king @trekonomics ty @rachel_pick canada is bad now @hunterwalk hell yeahAfter a Mexican American teen in Idaho criticized Trump supporters, she faced so much ridicule at school that she h…
Retweeted by rat king @atmasphere at MSG?! Are you sure that isn’t like stubhub pricesThis is heartbreaking and shameful.
Retweeted by rat king @SashaLakic how much is one ticket @stunwin lol @robhayes dont let me bully you