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@BacklineNurse little vito has a tiktok?? @zkproofs @octal @matthew_d_green @zooko seriously, good lord @zooko yeah dude tell me all about how this is actually good successful thxgvng leftovers plate is a minimum 95 percent brown black friday brought to you by @1234gorecords — (supporte local shoppes)
NEW: Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has long styled himself as a Silicon Valley thought leader on management and cult…
Retweeted by rat kingHere's the @nytimes story that @coinbase would like to be excluded from. 23 current & former Coinbase employees t…
Retweeted by rat king @kevintothemax @dsonoiki he’s seriously delusional, not worth arguing with that guyIt is much harder to challenge or dismiss negative press as a "takedown" when the coverage/narrative is grounded in…
Retweeted by rat king @annawiener agreed and it is way easier to say “fuck the nyt/etc” than say “these employees are full of shit” — especially in this case! @polotek @dcffk @HyperText they quickly made it clear they exist on a different plane of realityA lot of the articles that have so riled certain venture capitalists, startup founders, etc., this year have been a…
Retweeted by rat king @RohdeAli @EricNewcomer @giordanobc im not indignant, i thought it was a bad move tactically before reading the pie… @seanrose too bad. i think it’s worth the time to read about the experiences of these people. more valuable than the Twitter bickering @aquariusacquah looking at all the cheerleading of the past 48 hours and seeing how it holds up. (also who decides to delete tweets...)the article is out. cites 23 current and former employees. for it
Retweeted by rat kingjust want someone to love me as much as jair bolsonaro loves getting the coronavirus is still my all time favorite failson literally every time I have tried to buy a PS5
Retweeted by rat kingThis is the first time the sentence "My family watched Fred Claus tonight" has ever been written with an exclamatio…
Retweeted by rat king @snoble @felixsalmon how is this at all a controversial statement for me to make? if i can’t trust a company to hol… feeling is stuffing should be a thing more of the time
Retweeted by rat king @zeynep @felixsalmon @pt (Also! Absolutely destroying media credibility in the year before a planned IPO is what I would call “a choice”) @zeynep @felixsalmon @pt short term thinking imo. May (and this is a big May) help in this instance. But it’s a dec… @mtaibbi not at all what i said but i know this is you trolling. and if not, surprised you’re this naive. @ErinJHolmes @micsolana don’t listen to me then, since I’m from the “hitpiece” place — look at many of the tech PR… @sftechworker @mattnworb Yeah alcohol burns off, water turns to steam and makes the pastry more flaky
@pt @terronk absolutely agree that we screw up, humans as well. introspection would/ will serve us all @pt @terronk a lot of the “you’re just mad bc your industry is dying” comments im getting really elide the original… @nbashaw @anildash different definition of “cryptofascist” @pt @gojomo Funny enough — you know who wrote a book about this exact thing? The death of idealism and centralizati… ups to @revengepies (on IG) @pt @gojomo yeah fair that dissonance has been funny to watch — which side they hate more, journos or coinbase @pt @gojomo it might actually go over well With internal folks too, since the last round of buyouts was self-select… @pt @gojomo they absolutely knew what they were doing. My suspicion now is that this was meant to rally the cryptoc… @andrenit @TraderDefi why do you think they deleted the sentence? probably not because they agreed with your insight... @huntersayshi @tandersoo @pt they don’t! Neither side owes either anything! this is certainly a strategy, I just th… @Appyg99 @micsolana @brian_armstrong i feel like a better approach, if they’re going to burn the outlet, would have… @Appyg99 @micsolana @brian_armstrong just to be clear, i think a company has every right to defend itself if they b… @thombax lol @AriDavidPaul @micsolana The times publishes hundreds of stories a day. not every story gets insane traffic. this j… @tandersoo @pt amount of time you give someone to return that comment is based on the level of trust in the relatio… @Appyg99 @micsolana this doesn’t make sense. “the media” in this case is the outlet that isnt going to publish befo…🤮 @Appyg99 @micsolana why does it need to be public then? Can’t you do that through internal comms? @gojomo @pt can you use fewer, clearer words to explain what you are trying to say here manall of my demon souls character builds look like german cybergoths gearing up for New Year’s Eve @themoko @pt right yes. most of the folks in my mentions hate the media but it isn’t about that at all. you can sti… @anildash @argyriou15 @EricaJoy I find that cryptocurrency stories tend to bring this type of personality out more… @felixsalmon @pt I think even beyond the media trust point — the basic bet they are making is “this will be less ba… @felixsalmon @pt i agree there’s a power differential. (though I would argue that has changed drastically in the… @podcastrespectr @felixsalmon @pt well again, the bet you’re making is that you A) are defusing something instead o… @valentinew_99 right agree. If they’re gonna do it do it right! @pt well that’s the gamble they make. Maybe before nyt would give CB days to figure things out or get their respons… @shanand or comms is on board! @pt *start doing other comms* (voice text) @pt It’s certainly a way to go! And there are a lot of industries that do this, I probably look at the White House… @pt Usually when the story is out if the company doesn’t agree with direction or the outcome, they’ll do a blog pos… @pt A lot of this is just basic comms strategy questions. An outlet comes to a company ahead of the story in good… @micsolana right. Latter is a conversation worth having, even if I have a stance on it that probably a lot of folks… knew this would kick up some dust but man the replies to this are just wild. happy thanksgiving! @andrenit you’re making my point for me, man. advertising your run rate on a post trying to do damage control on a… @micsolana let’s take out the second part, since I know there is a large contingent of tech folks who “don’t care a… dog does this thing now where if i am awake and on the couch past HER bedtime she cries until i make myself get… @nbashaw @antoniogm yes and yes, that’s what I was saying (which I thought was obvious...) @quirkyhandle like I said before, I have nothing to do with the story, don’t know what it’s about — I learned about… @antoniogm @nbashaw Nathan, this guy/guys is the audiencetonally*i guess someone thought better — look like they trimmed out the revenue and user growth boasts in the latest versio… other thing that stuck out to me is that they felt this paragraph was the most necessary to bold the font @BronzeHammer i rescind everything @nbashaw given the company and associated people, the second one might not be far offI have nothing to do with this story and didn’t know we were even doing one that said, this attempt at a front-run…🦃 🍌 🥜 @benadamx Agree @johannacox 😈 🎮 @bliztacular i don’t think I played it, should i @Furturtle I’ve been playing it for weeks don’t get me wrong. It’s just not like, great @misoverstanding Xbox @jasonschreier i assume you mean bad as in good @BookofJonah — the most aggressively ‘okay’ game ever
@talkingsopranos @StevenSchirripa love that Michael is a galaxie 500 fan. great pod, listening alongside my most recent rewatch! @ArlanWasHere forever stan the power gloveclifford the big red murder sccene @nathanheller lol @RGA i think i saw it in the theater. i guess i was really into charles grodin??? @RGA i used to love this movie as a kid, weirdly @jimkerstetter absolutelyi, for one, welcome our new blood-drenched overlord @hedlike_a_hole did they name it as such because that's what your poop looks like after eating itMorale was riding high inside of Facebook when the company banded together for its Covid response. Then Trump's "… @colazioneAroma @__apf__ literally every single time ive tweeted about a neighbor or my neighborhood over the past four years, they… @silviakillings imminentupdate: the first neighbor found this tweet and i am a horrible person (thank god they were cool about it, it was a bonding moment) @mvzelenks i got a friend who knows a guy