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Mike Mika @MikeJMika Oakland, CA

Game, TV & Film dev. Studio Head (DigitalEclipse OtherOcean), Ex-Journalist(NextGen), Hacker(DK Pauline), Atari:GameOver, Creator(#IDARB): Man(child)-of-Action.

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@starry_gulf @lars_bakken Just figured it out - It's Feast, but wow.. Space Invaders takes me back, too! @zmiller1902 @lars_bakken YES ITS FEAST! Thank you! @ajruth Thank you! I did, and it looks like it was fully funded within 5 minutes!!In fact, I wish I could go back and make a playlist from all the movies I watched with @lars_bakken and Bill Baffy.Trying to remember a horror movie about, maybe an alien or aliens, on earth, kinda campy and funny. Early scene has… @bmogilefsky 91Not being snarky, but why delist Forza Horizon 3 when one of the primary pillars of Xbox is backward compatibility… had this box full of high adventure. is Back with Nickel tracks, exclusively on Tidal. (Just kidding, NB fans) @PressTheButtons @frankcifaldi Whereabouts unknown. @frankcifaldi Had they only embraced pronouncing it correctly, we might all be playing on the ApeXtreme Series Ape right now.When they stop searching for the body, everyone loses hope and it becomes a cold case... and then you get this mess… @jerware I sent you some info in Slack. @jerware Of course, get the boot0 and boot1 roms, and put those and the VHDs in your GAMES/AO486 directory on the SD card. @jerware OH, nab the latest AO486 with cache upgrades - it's much faster. @jerware Not too much. You can download a VHD of MSDOS, then open it in Windows 10 and add games from… AO486 core on the #MiSTerFPGA has enabled me to play an old PC favorite of mine, Mindscape's 4D Boxing. In the… @HeadcaseGames An animated musical scene ala Little Meemaid plays out in my mind with flounders and clown fish play… @Nick_Mudry SooooonEarly access via burrito is something I wish I thought of first. @jxpx51 On my wall! @turfmasta IPhone + ScandyPro 3D scanner app3D point cloud of a giant pile of game controllers is the stuff of nightmares.
From my visit with @MikeJMika to the Library of Congress' film and audio archives, where they also keep the video g…
Retweeted by Mike Mika @scaryfish @ZXSpectrumNext I CAN'T WAIT!Bay Area home prices be like. @IanWAdams @kurtbraunohler Thank you! Easy follow! @TheDutchSlayer WUT!? Nice! @jerware I love this black and white noir take!Whoever made this, well done. dissonance in video games
Retweeted by Mike MikaWhen I'm starting the work day and someone says "At least school starts this week for the kids" while still under d… @mattconte @jeffreymathews Basic itself needed to share it. @DanAmrich I think I heard those! Oakland had a few loud fireworks last night. @bburbank This hits all the right notes. @fultonbot I find myself trying to break things around the house. @mikeyvids Happy Birthday!Mind blowing. This almost qualifies as real life steampunk
Retweeted by Mike Mika @fultonbot Tap-a-mole, a new Homebrew that’s super fun. @Boylamite Nice!A day at the beach in 1896 #FrèresLumière
Retweeted by Mike Mika @Bitchinville I sure was affected by that!Something about this era and genre of toy that just feels like a warm blanket of nostalgia. @louksd Yep bought it too! We should figure out the menus together. @AllKindsOfWong Excellent tweet(s) @SyamaMishra BRILLIANT! @graemeknows Yup! @BillConiglio Kind of that new Star Wars figure/plastic smell mixed with old box. @AJSwain It really was! @mattconte A few - but I'm looking forward to some new homebrew games on the rise. @DanMilano It's so majestic.I'd love to create a PC games downloader that focuses solely on "In progress" games in development, just so I can h… to crack open these NOS bad boys. Box is in perfect shape!
I took the bait and Googled "how do lobsters communicate?" Was not disappointed. @CworthDynamics Oh heck yeah!! Thanks, Sean! @sacaitlin Oh now this is my jam.Killing two stones with one bird. @therealcliffyb ... and Cascade co-endorsed it. @Sutehk1 Yes! @KyleOrl You can’t even use the “It was a different time.” @sacaitlin I try to imagine what the creative meeting was like but can’t.Presumably the portable dishwasher uses pool water. @8bitrocket Exactly! @Nahkapukki Lo-res leaked footage of PS5 remaster w/raytracing.'m in a place now where I have the kind of budget to go after #1 bands for my next game's soundtrack. is in session: The neighborhood kids are getting a history lesson in the backyard theater. (BT3 binge prep!)… @Gonzo_Ed Ugh @Hedfix Yeah, and our delivery person is awesome- it’s weird! @Hedfix This was a tear at the top of the envelopes, all across. I don’t think anything important was missing though. It was weird. @Hedfix I don’t think so. I think whoever did it was just looking for checks or money.Sorry, SEGA Genesis/SEGA CD/32X, but this is the _real_ Tower of Power.
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@gameism @iveytron @therealcliffyb Exactly. It was cut open from the top. Envelopes. Pretty cleanly.Yesterday’s mail arrived ... opened. We have a locked mailbox, so it was opened as it moved through the system. @oz1sej @HeadingtonBard @CommodoreBlog When I worked with Bob Stevenson I think he grew too tired of me fanboying over his title screens. @jajacobson55 It's like you're inside my head right now. @MikeJMika Gorf Super Game coming soon to ColecoVision. With 30 levels now is the time to give your neurons what th…
Retweeted by Mike Mika @DavidEllis In spaaaaaaace....Breakfast survey: Which one are you?I'm in that phase of a new 3D printer user where I'm printing marginally useful things for around the house like I…, heading into the weekend. say a Painter's brush captures the honest soul. @Carnivius @scaryfish @analogue @mikemika @JoolsWatsham @johanvinet If you can live with emulation, then the RG350M… guys, they FINALLY released an image of our updated Animaniacs!
Retweeted by Mike MikaAdventures n 3D photogrammetry. I look like a 1990s voxel PC demo. It captures my hideousness, though.
The Head Of Xbox Is Going To Be Interviewed In Animal Crossing
Retweeted by Mike Mika @ReverendSlim This is great! @EmergencyMexico I live for content like this!I know this has been making the rounds, but I would love all music reviews to be reaction videos like this, prefera… @Ishmae1 I love WoW (The true owner of the acronym) so much that I love the idea of them being in the same universe! @AJLoCascio :(Silicon Warrior delivered so hard on "Wizards in Space" that I don't think there was ever another entry in the genr… @dagershman @10MARC1 @Segamastertim @CommodoreBlog @48kRAM @8BitShowAndTell @garfieldpicture @gregnacu don't be Photoshop. Please don't be Photoshop. Please don't be Photoshop.
Retweeted by Mike Mika @Hauz20 @videogamedeals Hmm.. they’re all kind of neat, most notable for the co-op play. I lean toward the Joe and… @crankycraig @First4Figures Wow!!! That looks amazing!msdos_See_the_U
Retweeted by Mike Mika @curiousmunky It’s a beauty!Animal Crossing: New Horizons becomes the 3rd all time best selling game in Japan, only behind the first 2 Pokémon…
Retweeted by Mike Mika @ibogost On the way to becoming toast the bread’s body will go through a lot of changes...