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Mike Mika @MikeJMika Oakland, CA

Videogame, TV and Film developer. Game Journalist (NextGen), Studio Head (Digital Eclipse, Other Ocean), Hacker(DK Pauline), Atari: Game Over, Creator(#IDARB)

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I'm working on a cool little project, and I'm hand picking some of the finest artisanal pixels to handcraft it. Rea… @wizofvideogames What capture card? That's an odd thing to not support. Sometimes the NTSC signal is perturbed by some graphical effects.The Atari ST version of The Immortal looks really nice. @bogorad222 @UzDJLai @cfilipec @SkmaestroI @OndrejTrhon @Fra_Nel @TriasMuseum @SamShihou @anamazingpunk @Skilton @CworthDynamics Target. Oops!PSA: Emeryville, CA has 12 switch lites in stock right now, only 1 black one left.They did. The crazy bastard actually did it!
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@ChorizoFan420 I got TheC64 full size on Amazon, it's HDMI out, simple to use, and modern enough for the kids to fi… Tetris on the Vector06 Russian home computer via MiSTer FPGA core because it’s what I do. my new sneeze reaction on my daughter who’s visiting LV426. @crankycraig I am! @pinball22 Gulliver has an animal at every port.#StayHome Tank!!!, Tank?! It’s like you don’t even know what’s going on! the Nextdoot app to see what’s up in my ‘hood after reading tweets about others doing it. @JesusHotWheels I’m on the “Why didn’t I always do this?!” Phase. @happygamefamily @kobunheat Hahaha @iveytron Next door has become Bartertown. “These our witness, Aunty. Us suffer bad. Want justice. We want Thunderdome!” @BlitterObject ..aAHh.. what? What day is it? Is the stone bridge done? What are turnip prices? Did I miss Bunny Day?!The lockdown is breaking me- I’m thinking about writing Animal Crossing fan fiction. @garywhitta Got any inside info?See this book, this book tells the future- tells the results of every major sports event ‘til the end of the centur… check: True. @rpwbrowne I’ve gotta look. I have to answer a lot of questions right now from my son, like: “How?!” After hearing… has happened. The prophecy has been fulfilled. hour video loop of beach + Video Projector + cold drink + couch.
@Robotube That project I keep showing you... ;) @jeffs_comics @JoachimFroholt This might be my favorite C64 game - Mainly because of its pure style.Journey ‘tate mode as the Rock Lord intended. @JoachimFroholt @jeffs_comics YES @JoeBugBuster @LivingComputers @GDC @iocat I believe the original Hali was called Shooty Ring. @jeffs_comics So far he’s discovered Rob Hubbard and Jeroen Tel, looking up the history of the SID chip. He’s going down the rabbit hole. @cathrynmataga @kobunheat My daughter is an old soul- she finds games she really likes. She was hooked on Pitfall! last week. @chipnetics Hmm ... I’ll have to check. I have a few of these little monitors. @chipnetics It's a 12" Elecrow screen that takes VGA or HDMI. It's fantastic. @kobunheat It's really funny. Both my kids think the room is cool and all but really only want to play Fortnite, Mi… @Kranged @iocat True!My quarantine bored son finally ran out of things to do & managed to suffer the process of typing in a program from… profiteering of abundant health services during a national crisis should be treated as treason.The other grim angle is that Chewie ate them. I still think the bodies were forgotten, though. And even though Chew… @Jonnysbc Yes!Bothered me for years. Where did they stash the bodies? They were presumably flying around after that w/corpses sta… @iocat It still bothers me after all these years... What did they do with the bodies?Side story where Rey is tidying up the Falcon & finds a forgotten, hidden, compartment w/the human remains of TK-42… @PixelButts I've had some pretty funny/embarassing moments so far because of this! @PixelButts TRUTH.The states represent themselves better than the people elected to represent them at the federal level.*FIRED not TIREDIf someone joins your work video call but says they are having camera trouble, they are:To be fair, Hungry Horace is the only one with a fairly accurate depiction of the game character. you’ve ever wanted to learn how to write a simple BASIC program on an Apple II, now’s your chance. You can even…
Retweeted by Mike MikaHollywood couldn’t make this feel as genuine as this moment. Navy Captain Crozier leaving his shop after being tire… @gavinpurcell 9 is the hill I die on. @gavinpurcell I miss yelling at people driving poorly. Soooo baaaad....
@scaryfish @IamXERO I am not sure on this one! @WhimsicalPhil Take all my valuables and sell them on eBay to fund this. @HewsonJoystick @Andrewsccll There is a story on it in this month's Retro Gamer. @lakakalo Haha! @garywhitta Haha! @lakakalo Correct.Who is your favorite judge? Judge Judy, Judge Dredd, or Judge Reinhold? @remi_arnaud Oh man I gotta check it out!! @textfiles So sorry, Jason. My sincerest condolences to you and your family. @davidanaxagoras No!How many others are enjoying some recreational pandemic programming?
The new WFH office attire. @HeadcaseGames Wow that looks really nice.Anyone know if that Uridium Advance prototype ever got a release online for Game Boy Advance? I've got a serious Ur… someone asks me how WFH is going. two hours to a million. #STAYHOME second the Marvin Gaye moment. Happy whatever-day-it-is to you. @adam_orth That Marvin Gaye moment... I’m still laughing.WHy don't I have this... ? Why don't I have 20 of them?
@Jaku @BrittonRupp @SWIMMlN @DigitalEclipse Waving my wand! @JeffGrubb It might be the greatest peripheral of all time. And I have the REZ Trans-Vibrator! @Lord_Wompus haha! @ThatTomHall haha! @LocalAitch Yep, I had the Final Cartridge III that did that.I bought a small cup heater for my coffee that gets cold in my new cave/workplace super fast and it's changed everything. @korly Yes!!!This is hilarious! @SECTION_23 Hahahah! @LocalAitch For those too lazy to turn the power off and on, or those who want to save their switch. :) @ChrisDeLeon It looks so good! @ChrisDeLeon Haha!So Blanca could be anyone on my island in Animal Crossing? This is the best videogame version of The Thing I ever played. @StooCambridge It’s glorious!OK- I don’t buy videogame vinyls. I’ve like the idea, I just don’t have any more space. But dammit! This ... you do… @adamazing Not sure! To be honest, there is so many little things in the game- I’m sure we’re missing a few good ones.Yeah! I should have remembered you had found it! Thanks, Adam! Ahh... memories. How do I top this in #IDARB2?! egg?! Easter Egg. Ugh. Is that just Animal Crossing on my brain? @DinoGuy515 An early network test is happening internally. So far so good. About to move into proper place onboardi… @JosephJBroni Scientists calibrate their sensitive equipment on such perfect circles.I never heard if anyone found the water egg in the Amiga style loading screen on #IDARB? If you move the cursor to… @Macrike DARN KIDS! @Ishmae1 @DanMilano @LegitEricRobles @LADubbie @crayonmonsters @xXIbgrahamXx Hmm....They say you can never go home but this gets pretty darn close.