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@shelbysexauer LOLLLL. This is amazing. Thank you.I feel very out of the loop. Jamie Benn doesn't go down? @Mariia19 I don't understand how he seems to make ZERO adjustments to his strategy ever @VeIeno I haven't stopped thinking about thisWhen will hockey commentators learn that playing hurt or injured isn't admirable but actually stupid.Hintz totally fooled Rasmussen but that goal is all on HelmDarren Helm has the worst hands in the league, I swear.
Coming in late, is Vrana injured?TIL when I prank called pizza joints when I was seven that I was actually a hacker @NYRFan92360244 @ZTPetrizzo It was a prank call, TonyCrazy to think it only took 118 years to go from the first flight in Kittyhawk to a helicopter flying on another planet.Why isn't this kid blowing up? These videos are awesome. @droppedglove It'll be worth it! @droppedglove NOT BAD. NOT BAD AT ALLLLLThis man is my spirit animal @YzermanSZN YES, GET ITDOSE #2 IS COURSING THROUGH MY VEINS! PFIZER GANG LET'S GOOOOOOO @droppedglove YESSSSS. Needs some updating, but it's so incredibly lovely. I feel so lucky and grateful. It's the best.Back in Wisco for another week or so. Weird coming back after being in the new house for the weekend.Someone explain the soccer drama to me
@mattsaler This is the dumbest shit I've ever read. @AdrSins @VeIeno When will he unleash the murder?I turn on the Wings game because I have cable for the first time in years and it is not going well. I'm sorry, DRW Twitter
This feels ... right. Detroit city water just hits differently @YzermanSZN Don't you mean the great civil rights organization. 🤦‍♂️ @droppedglove Holy shit, it's your birthday! Happy birthday, internet friend!
Just bought margaritas to go BECAUSE WE'RE CELEBRATING!Is this your cake, @jlewis_xvx @dannypetrilli You are now 69% sexier16 hours until I'm in Red Wings Country.
@droppedglove My takeaway from this is that Hank squats high-bar and I also do. This means I have the skills of Henrik Zetterberg. @jlewis_xvx Haven't been! Must have opened relatively recently because it didn't exist when I was in LV last time. @Agrabs9w1 @Sony But .... Rickenbacker @jlewis_xvx You'd need to take a Lyft or Uber, it's about three or four miles off the strip. But worth it. @jlewis_xvx Seriously. Bourdain LOVED this place. Widely considered to be the best Thai food in the country. Was th… @jlewis_xvx You get reservations and Lotus of Siam? Best Thai food ever. @jlewis_xvx GO @jlewis_xvx We should get matching Live, Laugh, Limo Bizkit. @jlewis_xvx GOD DAMMIT, PHONE. CAT. MY CAT FUCKING LOVES OATMEALMy can fukkin' loves oatmeal
I didn't ask to be alive and it's very annoying in this exact momentThe Democrats suck so bad are copsnoted finn sebastian aho as cats, a thread:
Retweeted by mike is a comradeHSJ asks the worst questions, I swear. "Did you get a phone call?" Like, obviously, he did. He's Steve Yzerman.The sellers overpaid on their garbage bill by so much, we are getting free garbage collection for the next four yea… @Agrabs9w1 This includes Rogue Squadron. @cristal__pepsi WOKE UP A SMALL MAN97% of every The Sopranos is "Woke Up This Morning"
society if brendan fraser hadn’t been blacklisted from hollywood in 2003
Retweeted by mike is a comrade @jlewis_xvx I don't think it's accurate! Ohio is clearly in the 48-50 rangeCheck Nos. 33 & 38 @jlewis_xvx @jlewis_xvx Time to get me a rifle-wife @jlewis_xvx HOLY SHIT 🤣 @tentwentysixpm Horrible. Ink Master peaked in season 8 and rebounded with 13.We live in the strangest timeline. @EricAsmus @RyanHanaWWP Zadina wasn't an Yzerman's draft pick. GMs tend to like "their" guys with Larkin being the exception in this case.Rasmussen is a very large human @Agrabs9w1 IS THAT A SWITCHI'm 97% sure my dad has been making as Tony Soprano for 22 years.
@YzermanSZN I don't hate myself THAT much.2021 goal: Learn most of "YYZ". @3rdPeriodSuits Every KH presser everNot my boy Manthony @craignewman @atrupar And why was the officer's safety off on the handgun?Why was the safety off? @Marisa_Ingemi I can't stop thinking why Hall and Lazar have the same bear and Reilly does not @moritzcider Cancel all trades!Is that illegal? @TheYzerPlan I'm so sorry, dude. The market sucks right now. You'll nab something!
CBJ loves trading their captains. @andrewmdooley Thanks dude! We'll be in same state again before long. @droppedglove I want that mullet to stay in Detroit foreverWe close on a house in five days and that's just insane. @moritzcider Experience Red Wings hockeyRed Wings Twitter is confused and so am I.
Watching a cop tell a black man that he could "ride the lightning" is one of the most fucked things I've ever seen.… @NiceGuyGreatGuy What'd ya see?Shorter movie.
Retweeted by mike is a comradeJV to DRW? Dope as hell.
Retweeted by mike is a comradeCannot wait to see this kid in red and white. @xmetalheadmason I mean, no Amendment is absolute. They're amendments.I haven't stopped thinking about how Lin Manuel Miranda doesn't know who Rush was since I watched the "Wait For It"…, FBI. Yes, there's been a homicide.
@xmetalheadmason @Agrabs9w1 Yeah, everything about Waco is fucked. @xmetalheadmason @Agrabs9w1 OK but do you have an actual source outside of this tweet? I'm not denying it's true bu… someone explain what's going on with the Toronto Six? I've miss it somehow and am very confusedImagine having this person's brain @xmetalheadmason @Agrabs9w1 If we're not treating guns with the same level of safety regs as cars, then we're not e… @xmetalheadmason @Agrabs9w1 In Michigan, I can buy an AR-15 and get it within a few days, max, without any standardized education. @xmetalheadmason @Agrabs9w1 You literally have to take a multi-day class on how to operate a vehicle before you're… @xmetalheadmason @Agrabs9w1 OK, but what about Assault Rifles? Devices that were invented for one purpose: To kill… the Pentagon @YzermanSZN @AdrSins Mr. Brightside over here @xmetalheadmason @Agrabs9w1 A "well-regulated" militia, dude. The militia in the beginning of the country was the e… @Agrabs9w1 @xmetalheadmason In 1789, you were a good shot if it took you one whole minute to shoot twice. Now, anyo…