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VP Content Strategy, O'Reilly Media, pianist, ham radio op

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@therealfitz Damn right!
A 5-year ban on face recognition in public for the EU? Soyuz spacecraft used a digital clock on the control panel. Surprisingly complex, the clock had over 100 ICs an…
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A good Cardinal!’s something very American about not believing in single payer health care because you don’t think you’ll get…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesAugmented reality contact lenses? More of a heads up display. But AR will need something like this to take hold
Yes. Doesn’t seem like a hard problem to solve. last. A good summary of 5G security. The problem isn’t China. moment we let people with money convince us that they are smarter than us was potentially the moment we let ve…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesI know we’re all looking to Collins to stand up for fairness and process here, but let’s not forget how she head-fa…
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This looks great: nbdev, integrating Jupyter and GitHub. Bringing notebooks into the mainstream of development posing insights on multiple dimensions of software quality: change means the US must start building big infrastructure again: Yes. And economically, that’s huge. @skamille That may be the best statement I see on Twitter all year…Future of programming: beyond coding: Google acquires no-code app development platform AppSheet
Super proud of the new #Practical #AI with #Swift book that @TheMartianLife, @The_McJones, @desplesda, and I wrote!…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesAhead of the debate, here’s some climate questions moderators can ask, from an open letter to the candidates that…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @stubbornella I still want my pizza dough to be thrown in the air, spinning, by a real human, and caught on his or… @SwiftOnSecurity @gabsmashh My latest Android update has been doing this too, notifying me when an app gets locatio…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesXenobots: living robots made from frog heart muscle and skin cells: is key to understand b/c, by wisely focusing their efforts on manipulation of the court system, conservatives…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesVery useful: Eleven tips for working with large data sets
@LefterisJP @ndw Since Medium introduced the paywall the quality of BOTH free and paywalled content has gone down s…, folks, stop posting on It’s annoying/difficult/impossible to access depending on c…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @bradfitz Works for me, too! Didn’t know anyone else did that.AI. Big Data. Cloud. This is where it all comes together. Best Price for the #StrataDataAI in San Jose has been ex…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesA reminder that Conway’s Law applies to the Internet. Autocratic regimes (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran) are ti…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @rbhar90 This is where the contrast between Waymo and Uber/Tesla on AVs is revealing. Uber & Tesla moved fast, brok… time with a link that’s really useful. Is Moving Past the iPhone: watches and wearables. High tech fashion accessories TinyML is a game changer. Why TinyML is a giant opportunity
I am so proud and excited to see my contribution to @97_Things titled "Learn to love your legacy code" published on…
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@Pinboard I don’t have anything, but I suspect you should have a conversation with @SarahTaber_bww
Excellent article Price for #OReillySACon NY ends in 1 week—Jan 17. Don't miss your chance to learn from and network with some…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesGood article, @adriandaub
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesDisinformation for hire. As a service?
To stay competitive, you need to understand AI. And you can't have AI without data. Get both at #StrataDataAI in Sa…
Retweeted by Mike Loukideshow long do you think this italian restaurant in my neighborhood was waiting for illinois to legalize weed so that…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesA centralized blockchain? From China: Xuperchain. for industrial applications: Arduino goes PRO at CES 2020 you heard? We’re hiring for 7 roles at DataKind! We’re looking for enthusiastic do-gooders to join us in tackl…
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@aallan And also because its cars were clean, didn’t smell like stale smoke, had polite drivers, and didn’t play ad… demanded human diversity and instead we got synthetic diversity. /cc @Borthwick @MattHartman #AI
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesExcellent: @jeremyphoward ’s Data Project Checklist. Are you ready for data? a must-read. (As is everything Garry Wills has written.) to the constant debate on here re AI ethics, @hare_brain claims "What’s missing at the moment is a rigoro…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesNot just health care. "Screw the consumer" billing is the default in almost everything involving service to a mass…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesNormally I’m on the side of infosec paranoia, but this is just dumb: a USB kill switch for your laptop. Pull it out… AI won’t save healthcare: fundamental misalignment of goals. Good article:
A delivery robot-possibly to go to your front door, more likely to replace warehouse workers:’s got the best reverse image search? Yandex. Not Google. only convincing application of 5G I've seen: replacing the last mile. You Could Replace All Your Home's Wifi Ha… end of cable? The end of streaming? is this thing for? Samsung unveils Ballie, a cute companion robot for managing your smart home vehicles done right-without running into people: Waymo’s autonomous cars have driven 20 million miles on… The Beginning of the End of the Open Internet Era. Unfortunate but probably accurate.
Meanwhile, inside the box, Schrödinger's cat plans its revenge.
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesIt's CFP season again and if you're planning to submit a talk to @oscon, and want a review before the 01/14/2020 de…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesLooking at the deals they walked from, seems like they’re “If you raise enough money, you don’t need to worry about… article doesn’t say this, of course, but I’d bet it has at least a bit to do with writing off some very huge an… Programming: my latest article on O’Reilly Radar: on mediating consent: a must-read, sorry I missed it when it came out: @ssnstudy @WillOremus This is why turning personal data into a property right will only entrench the worst aspects…
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5 of 5 stars to The Dragonfly Sea by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor accelerator on a chip (with some cool applications for medicine):
The real butterfly effect: it’s about accuracy of long-range predictions, not tornados or hurricanes
1 of 5 stars to The Dust That Falls from Dreams by Louis de Bernières, I thought we had new laws about robocalls! Getting more than ever in this new year!
2020 is a perfect time to learn a new skill at #StrataDataAI San Jose! Small class sizes let you maintain a high le…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesI’d really like to see “bird vision”: their eyes have 4 kinds of cones (rather than our 3), which enables them to s…
@jeffvandermeer @Nnedi Where is @JasonWardNY when you need him? SRSLY, I poked around at Cornell, and I’m guessing F pine warbler. @jeffvandermeer @Nnedi What is the one that’s not a titmouse or a mourning dove? Some kind of vireo?How do we avoid the Internet of Trash? Thinking about what happens to things, from @petewarden
Well intentioned idea to create property rights in data, but profoundly misguided. This idea will backfire. To get…
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Humans are not web-scale: tips for users of python and the shell: minimize context switching:
@timnitGebru @math_rachel @rajiinio @fatconference This makes a lot of sense. Ethics imposed externally just become… time the NYT starts to convince me that they’ve become serious about journalism again, they pull some stunt l…
Honored to have a contribution published in @skamille’s 97 Things Every Engineering Manager Should Know. Looking f…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @skamille You want a consultant on buying a piano? I’d be down for that… Seriously, I’ve played lots of digital pia…
Building trusted hardware: it’s hard. Very hard:
@LefterisJP Yeah, angels are traditional, too. Though this one doesn’t have wings.
this could very easily be a pogues song ...
Retweeted by Mike Loukides Kay on programming languages:"A Christmas Carol" but all the ghosts are Hegel and they are trying to teach Ebenezer Scrooge about the dialectic.
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesWhere Christmas trees come from. (Though this map ignores Canada, which is a big source) @raganwald @denverpost That was too easy.
How tracking pixels work: @b0rk:
@mikeloukides You would also expect search to work reasonably well. But no.
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesYou would think that a bunch of Unixy-geeks, like at Google, could make folders work reasonably in Google Drive. But no...
4 of 5 stars to Lanny by Max Porter mine! Oh yeah! So happy to have contributed multiple essays to this book, curated by the incomparable @skamille
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4 of 5 stars to A Particular Kind of Black Man by Tope Folarin
This is amazing . Facebook has a neural network that can do symbolic integration and differentiation at least as we… am so surprised: AT&T figured out a sneaky way to hide its slower home internet speeds from test results
We’re decades into this pathetic “can’t say Christmas” propaganda. Pretty much my entire adult life. I’m here to…
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Apple is still in the minor leagues as far as cheese grating tech. If you want serious cheese grater, go for the wh…