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VP Content Strategy, O'Reilly Media, pianist, ham radio op

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Adversarial T-shirts to fool face recognition! Where can I get one? system classics: great books about OS design, starting with Leffler, McKusick et al: analysis of the attack against LTE voice calls: launches new API for 3rd party developers. Too bad they kicked their developers out a decade ago. Will they…
Don’t mail ballots in. Drop at board of elections or a polling site. This is an inside tip from a postal worker. "C…
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@courtneynash OK, I’m pretty sure that’s this: @courtneynash What are you looking for? Our videos are still up: problem with complexity bloat is not just aesthetic—it prevents cool stuff from being made, creates a pointless…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesMore CSS comics from @b0rk! Explained (
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This is hardly surprising… even without COVID, crowded stores are nasty. has been consistently right so many times during the past several months. This was in March
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesNice intro to big-O notation: interview with Chris Lattner about machine learning and compiler design:
@koehrsen_will I'd add _Ethics and Data Science_ by @mikeloukides, @hmason and @dpatil It's short but important.…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides“We Italians always saw America as a model,” said Massimo Franco, a columnist with daily Corriere della Sera. “But…
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@aallan What surprises me is that so few people seem to get this...Anyone surprised that wireless charging is hideously inefficient hasn't thought about the physics. Of course it's i…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesAgain police go around damaging property all the time, knocking down doors on the wrong houses, tearing people’s ho…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesAlgorithmic test proctoring and oppression: the problem with face recognition isn’t just the police. working towards strong foundation ;-) #unixpowertools @mikeloukides
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@MollyJongFast It's getting almost comically desperate... Tomorrow: "Biden is the Antichrist! He can hardly stay…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @khart @dpatil @hrw @KenRoth Former U.S. Chief Data Scientist @dpatil on what states need to battle the pandemic:…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @math_rachel @alphacolin I wondered how that could *possibly* be a standing desk, then I noticed that the side tabl…'s my advice for creating an ergonomic computer setup ON A BUDGET. It doesn't have to be as expensive as you th…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @kenkousen @Xfinity Yeah, I don’t know. Possible (likely) something was damage when crews were clearing downed tree… @kenkousen @Xfinity Good luck with it. We have power. (Guilford is about 60% down—being close to a relatively new s… systems patterns: Excellent series on @martinfowler’s Bliki: technology on a chip? Well past 5G.
@jamesbritt Man, that’s ominous. Definitely mob-speak.Fawkes: an algorithm to distort photos to make face recognition difficult
Yes, that’s what I expect. Just another part of a campaign strategy. Design: How socially centered design differs from individualistic design and the importance of loo…
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if anything we should be paying schools / teachers / families to stay closed / stay home (to reduce infection sprea…
Retweeted by Mike Loukidesno. GPT-3 fundamentally does not understand the world that it talks about. Increasing corpus further will allow it…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @scottdavis99 @neal4d Seriously, I have the same problem. There’s something weird going on (like 2x4s not being 2” x 4”)Trump is banking on mail delays to help rig the election. Here's something that could make this worse. Many state…
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Look what came in the post today! Thanks ⁦⁦@dabit3⁩ 🙏
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesJared Kushner is more than incompetent – he’s complicit. He was willing to let Americans die in Democratic-led stat…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesThe Trump Administration made a decision not to fight the pandemic because it was an "effective political strategy"…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @spacehurricanes Not surprisingly, all my friends were on their list of “missing persons.” (I knew where a few of… @spacehurricanes High school? No way. (Actually had the police chat with the Board of Ed because they were spamming…
@ritholtz @mathbabedotorg Don’t think this is a distraction. The plan all along has been to delegitimize the electi… toolkit for creating Model Cards: This is great news. Model cards ( are a great step forw… all knew it was coming to this. Make no mistake about it: Any announcement of a delay of the election will be a…
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This plan is predicated on the idea that the people who WORK at stores are not people who deserve to be protected
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesNothing to see here, just the US AG deploying secret police to urban centers in swing states to generate some viole…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesI will never apologize for expressing my outrage as this corrupt administration takes no issue with armed right-win…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @cjpberry Yes, and I agree that there are lots of applications for AI in the food chain. We think more about agricu… you need? AI app to grade sushi. BIG PUSH: #SheGotItRight is at #4 in the country. Can you help us get 3,000 retweets on this in the next two ho…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesOne reason the U.S. is suffering through a worse outbreak than any other rich country: The size and strength of rig…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesWorth experimenting with: LinkedIn open-sources DeText, a framework for natural language processing tasks
@hmason @mattbrandwein OK, thanks! @hmason @mattbrandwein Congratulations! This sounds like a lot of fun. (BTW, the mailing list app is broken…) @markmadsen @Robincha Though I do suspect that “unions” are why progressives have been so slow to focus on police u… proof that if you can't do it in awk, it don't need to be done.
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesThread: Today, NIST released a study on facial recognition of masked faces, finding face masks increased error rat…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesIndeed there is… an AI Product to Market: the more experiments you can do, the more likely you are to build a product that…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesAI, Protests, and Justice: new article on O’Reilly Radar. Putting AI on the side of justice:
I’d gladly go live in Europe. Except, as you point out, they’re not letting us in. installment of the Redmonk Programming Language Rankings from @sogrady CSS Comics: by @b0rk we need: an Avocado Ripeness Detector: the worst tool for the job: sometimes that’s the best choice: @JohnDCook is just to say that you have to eat the plums. For William Carlos Williams' sake. A video game
This is an interesting idea: Slowly, a social network based on sending long messages with a delay proportional to d…
Is anyone surprised? Researchers find evidence of bias in facial expression data sets
From @bunniestudios: The point of open source is not to ritualistically compile our stuff from source. It’s the awa… is starting the historical process of Hillary-ing her.
Retweeted by Mike Loukides @skdh Don’t think of it as neglect. You’re providing a natural playscape.The noise we didn’t make: Lockdown was the longest (relative) silence in recorded history: might encryption look like post-quantum computing?
WIsh there were more people who would appreciate the irony here. It’s amazing. Great article. use of face detection to thwart face recognition. Also a good chance to inform people about the differenc…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesThat is an interesting idea. Could RICO be used against police unions? Probably. Against the DHS? numbers can go back up in the northeast if we don't keep distancing and wearing masks. How the virus behaves de…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesAmazon becoming the world’s biggest provider of Boxes Kids Can Play With?
Holy shit. The first aid tent is covered in a red liquid I’m told is all pepper spray. You’ll remember, famously,…
Retweeted by Mike Loukides“The vast majority of censorship is self-censorship, but the vast majority of self-censorship is intentionally cult…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesI am so sick of hearing people suddenly so deeply concerned about the socialization of America’s schoolchildren. T…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesDuBois is doing something else here also. He is questioning a definition of heroism that remains an issue today.Phy…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesUnemployment, the pandemic, and race:
Shoutout to @Data4BlackLives, @PartnershipAI, @AINowInstitute and many others highlighting bias in predictive polic…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesThe Daily Beast on local police unions colluding with federal law enforcement: police unions enable and conceal abu…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesAI, Protests, and Justice: a new post on O’Reilly Radar. What can we do to turn the tables on face recognition? for the right to rally around "crime in the cities". It's Trump's pretext to assert armed Federal interventio…
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I’d really like to know why @amazon recommends items to me that I’ve already bought from them. Recommendation engines aren’t *that* hard.At some point, being a better engineer requires an investment into being a better person.
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesIt’s not a win if this time next yr we have Juneteenth off; politicians are saying “Black Lives Matter;”Lift Every…
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesHospitals should release COVID data directly to their web sites to comply with HHS requirements: weird, but makes sense; KFC wants to 3D print chicken nuggets is nasty: an attack against high speed chargers, potentially setting the device on fire
CDC says the coronavirus pandemic could be under control in four to eight weeks if everyone wore a mask starting now
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@dakami Like what I said back in the early 90s: “everyone’s in a big football stadium, and they’re all standing on the seats, preaching."Is this peak irony?
Retweeted by Mike Loukideseyes on the prize👀
Retweeted by Mike Loukides“Usually when we see people in unmarked cars forcibly grab someone off the street, we call it kidnapping,”
Retweeted by Mike LoukidesOpenAI’s GPT-2 has been trained to generate images: