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@mlacoach @golf_strange @Fehertwit Love Feherty. And Mr. Maltbie. Just saying nobody is better than Curtis.Wait and see, the Yankees are going to end up putting Clint Frazier into a trade for their latest pitching savior.… just didn’t do enough on Par-5s all week. Amazing. Not getting a birdie at No. 6 today seemed to stop so muc… might shoot 69 69 68 67 and not win an Open at Pebble BeachIt’s quite amazing how the skids have been greased over the past months for the Yankees to move Clint Frazier.There’s nobody better reporting from the course than @golf_strange
The Yankees were going to home-run their way to the World Series last year, no matter how many times their big guys… parting shots from #TheSportsReporters featuring @RobertWuhl @mikelupica and me on Ted Williams, the elephan…
Retweeted by Mike Lupica @BobSchneidy Your snark needs work. But you have a nice day @Rasmussen_Poll just declared that the Warriors beat the Raptors in NBA Finals.Happy Fathers Day to my dad, Bene Lupica, who was a member of the 465th Bombardment Group and 783rd Bombardment Squ… Encarnacion pitch?
@ryan_hassett Shouldn’t this guy’s name be Art Laugher?Oh wait. She’s serious!
@ALIWG Why can’t a great championship course be both? @burdett_loomis It happens that way a lotThe sport is way more interesting when he's playing well. @biglakeshow My oldest son referenced that with me this morningSeven birdies, six pars, five bogeys for Spieth. He shoots the same 69 Koepka does — with 10 fewer putts than Brooks.If they can keep their drivers in the bag like this at Pebble Beach, I’m sorry, it’s overrated as a great test. @BigVChicago So long, Vito. It's been fun. @gpdeppert It's still quite amazing. Love and Irving did get hurt. But not with injuries that cost them the next season.A torn Achilles and torn ACL in the same NBA Finals. Guys have gotten hurt before. LeBron had to go up against the… Huckabee Sanders will have to come out of retirement to retire, right?
@SendStephen Well played....They sure are hitting a lot of irons off the tee at what's supposed to be one of the great tests of golf. The scene… Koepka just chipped in on No. 5. Three-under already. So the guy going for three Opens in a row starts at Pe… #TheSportsReporters is UP with all the drama in just the few days since our last episode: How Kevin Durant’s in…
Retweeted by Mike LupicaJust posted the new Mike Lupica Podcast with Charles Barkley talking about -- what else? -- Kevin Durant's injury a… @harf59 It’s so awful! @froika It’s a joke!Why Max Scherzer could be the '19 version of JV via @MLB @JoeIdeTweets I frankly don't think we needed IQ to crack that particular case. @chaulpurch @MitchAlbom St. Louis?Boston never wins anything in sports.The only guy having a better game than Doc Emrick is Jordan Binnington.Oh man, what a Game 7 this is over first 10 minutes
Did the Red Sox see themselves winning the AL East with this bullpen, or the Big East? Asking for a friend. @PlantBaseball Could you please ask Coach Braun to follow me on Twitter? Got a question for him.84 batters in the game tonight at Fenway Park and 39 did not put the ball in play (walk or strikeout). Not sure ho…
Retweeted by Mike Lupica"You should be ashamed of yourselves": In an emotional testimony, former "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart blasted a mo…
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Every author hates this. Blatent copyright infringement. Fortunately for me, Little Brown goes after them. If yo…
Retweeted by Mike Lupica @Beathhigh It's only right.The Mike Lupica Podcast Episode 175 - Ian Rankin by Compass Media Networks on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds too much longer, the podcast I just did with the great @Beathhigh, one of the best and most popular writers… haters are lame. This man risked severe injury to come back and play when he has so much money to lose by be…
Retweeted by Mike LupicaThree from Klay. Three from Steph. Three from Klay. And the Warriors make it home @RickBlue51 @MLB I love that quote.Episode 185 - Can the Raptors close out the NBA Finals? And Game 7 in NHL Finals by Compass Media Networks on Sound…
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John Dean 1, Mouth Breather 0. Red Sox what their record says they are? via @MLBEpisode 185 - Can the Raptors close out the NBA Finals? And Game 7 in NHL Finals by Compass Media Networks on Sound… McConnell refuses to work on an infrastructure bill for the country, his own state gets special access to new…
Retweeted by Mike LupicaYour tax dollars once again in inaction. Memoriam just now at the Tony Awards for my old friend, the great Bill Goldman.
@RickBlue51 And got it into his head that he couldn't beat McEnroe, because Mac had just beaten him in two straight… @herschythecomic How funny was Muncy today, telling him to go get the ball out of the "ocean"?I know Madison Bumgarner is somehow only 29 years old, even if it seems as if he's pitched 20 years for the Giants.… “Bumgarner said ‘don’t watch the ball, run’, and I just told him if he doesn’t want me to watch the ball, go…
Retweeted by Mike Lupica @RedWhtBlue I think he wins more than 20 in all. @ScottMoore___ Oh man, was it ever. I saw him get into a courtesy car after the 1982 Open and never really come back @RickBlue51 Fitness. And majors became more important. Connors and Evert and Martina all talk about how they do often skipped Australia @northNJtrack Except at the top @spmcg123 Federer. He won at a time when 2 players came along good enough to win 33 majors. Tiger never had a rival… success proves the Rays are for real via @MLBFe, Rafa and Djokovic now have combined for 53 majors. Borg, Mac, Connors won 26. And if Rafa remains healthy over… up on the latest parting shots from #TheSportsReporters featuring @GlobeBobRyan @MikeLupica and me. Subscribe…
Retweeted by Mike Lupica“You’re going to the moon, Alice..or Mars....practically same place.”
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Let’s play two
@WMM_podcast Paging Prof. Hannity! Paging Prof. Hannity!There’s a Laura Ingraham interview course that will soon be made available in college: Will be called Pillow Fight 101."Congratulations, you played yourself." - @AriMelber
Retweeted by Mike Lupica @axios @mikebarnicle Wow, who could have seen THAT coming?We’ve come a very long way from “total exoneration.”
Retweeted by Mike LupicaWith headstones of the fallen in the background ...
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"There's an Eminem song about guts over fear, the time is near," -@MikeLupica
Retweeted by Mike LupicaAs always, looking forward to being on @TheBeatWithAri tonight at 6:15. Have hip hop references, will travel. @Nick6439 It is a high honor to be known as someone who gets young people to want to read.Eddie Glaude is one of the smartest and best people in Cable America. We had a blast today. 184 - NBA Finals Game 3 Observations. And a Hockey debate you don’t want to miss! by Compass Media Networks… Mike Lupica Podcast Episode 174 - Eddie Glaude Jr. by Compass Media Networks on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s s… @emzashorty Thank you so much.And him.Draymond is running out of time to show up for Game 3. @Nick6439 Thanks!‘The Sports Reporters ((Podcast) 6.3.19 HEADLINES: #NBAFinals A #Dodgers off to a historic start. And is #Serena do…
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It's time to lay off Clint Frazier via @MLBSo thrilled and honored that my new novel, “Batting Order,” made its debut just now at No. 8 on the New York Times…
@TheBeatWithAri Bobby Bland!The Mike Lupica Podcast Episode 173 - Adam Schefter by Compass Media Networks on SoundCloud - Hear the world’s soun…
NEW #TheSportsReporters Ep 183 - Golden State Warriors have an explosive 3rd quarter in game 2 of #NBAFinals to tie…
Retweeted by Mike LupicaNo Durant. Now no Klay. And Warriors still winning the game.
Apparently Eduardo Nunez left baserunning school at some point before graduation. @GeorgeLovell3 What a show 5 hours inTsitsipas and Wawrinka are playing an amazing 5-setter right now in Paris.the latest parting shots from the #TheSportsReporters featuring @globebobryan @mikelupica and me. Catch up before t…
Retweeted by Mike Lupica @LiccioneTom Just making an observation.Red Sox right now aren’t even the second Wild Card in the American League.
@joninlosangeles @RepLeeZeldin Ha!