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Mike Majlak @mikemajlak Los Angeles, CA

author of “the fifth vital”. 1/3 of Impaulsive. lead janitor on the night shift. also good at internet business stuff. insta: heybigmike

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@ChantelJeffries science
arctic monkeys puts me in the best mood. @rk_20456 @LoganPaul it’s not ending @YtEthans @LoganPaul amazing right? addicts are usually incredibly capable when aimed in the right direction :)so i guess i’m opening more of those really expensive pokémon packs with @LoganPaul tonight live on his youtube. pr…
@VSCCB_SOLS growing as a person is not the same as the socially accepted view of “growing up”. you can grow TREMEND… @defnoodles AMEN*********as long as what makes you happy doesn’t subtract from someone else’s don’t NEED to grow up. you don’t NEED to settle down. you don’t NEED to conform. you do NEED to do whatever the… me like one of ur french girls @MrBeast absolute beauty
celibate 2021 off to a great start no nuts whatsoever not even eating peanuts for the rest of this year. @SantaDecides are you even actually santasad boy hours. @m0E_tv you can’t lose if you keep playing
@m0E_tv this one is scaryyyyyy broHODL THE FUCKING LINE!! @T3rryCS hopefully soon i want an advance this time @slumpedkeen eat a dick you weird fucking babyas the great ferris bueller once famously said: life moves pretty fast. if you don't stop and look around once in a… why i’m even saying this today. or even at all. perhaps it just becomes more numbing noise now just released in… or so years ago i got clean and put my foot on the gas and never let off. never took a break. never looked back…
@TheFifthVital no but they did prepare them better because i was @_brokenchris really? well you can order on delivery apps and shit too @adinross people are calling umami burgers eligibility as “moderate speed” into question. i ordered at a counter and the… HIT 100K ON THE SECOND CHANNEL. new vid there too (raiding an up-and-coming streamer with 6k). go watch and su… @Stamer89 @purzh BRO i had ones for corinna’s house and they all sucked i had to do itTHE NIGHT SHIFT: i’m in a sticky situation. go watch: shift episode tomorrow is just stupid stacked. could have easily been two eps but that’s not how we roll.…
@SizzleVisuals @SEAVEYSLOGAN I TOLD U!! @SEAVEYSLOGAN debatable you ever met a penguin? i heard they got phonesthis kinda random but how dope is it dogs don’t have cell phones so they just spend their whole day living actual l… @adinross u gonna learn real quick that you can’t please everybody baby boy so just stop trying rn. do you and the… @garyvee cryptopunksW STREAMthis is the only tweet that matters 😂
@Trainwreckstv can you drive out? come to la we’ll take care of you give you a place to stream etc
weekend warriors don’t last long in h-land. best of luck to you buddy. @SantaDecides yeah but santa clause when those fights become an every, single day thing at what point do you start… seems like nowadays everybody breakin’ up 😩
2021 @mashable what is this, a plane for ANTS??😂😂😂 soon 👀 @Banks @RiceGum @mikemajlak ... “The internet’s been boring, let’s go fuck it up” - Banks 😈
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TAKE SOME TIME TO GET ORGANIZED. @ChiefFights @Complex dog trust me i sometimes hit a couple wipe me down lines but who he to have an opinion on the… @Complex who he?
more shit cooking than a kitchen 🤯 @mattahertz @GoldinAuctions @KenGoldin @darrenrovell @APompliano @mcuban @garyvee @LoganPaul @babatundeispro @jeffwittek @whoisaddison @BryceHall pretty awesome sight huh? 😉 @jeffwittek @whoisaddison @BryceHall wow hope you guys all have fun 🥺bright days ahead for the young grasshopper 💙 @adinross you’re a walking dub kid @CorinnaKopf THERE IT IS!
this dude @nolan_koop sent over this channel trailer with his editor application without being briefed. this is the… went to war with my male masseuse today at the korean spa. instead of just telling him to ease up (as a man i’ll…
woke up and called ALL the beautiful women in my life to wish them a happy valentine’s day. single moms, sisters, a… @TTfue huge dubrandom scenes from this week’s overtime crew content. only available at shit my bad there’s no genuine concerns he’s probably still sleeping or handcuffed to Tana mongoose or both
has anyone seen @Banks? @RyanWdwd hahahahah is that what you got in the free box??THE NIGHT SHIFT: we’re moving to miami. starring @LanaRhoades @LoganPaul @jakepaul @andrewschulz @foodgod go watch:…
@jswizzy__ hahahahahahahahwhwhw @Trainwreckstv ready to hit FIVE GUYS Hardddd @Trainwreckstv shouted from a shipping container in Texas @cosmoswrld usually like 1am to 8am which is kinda my sweet spot. i wake up feeling rested and ready to go. @AdrielNgannou i believe the cost of losing those other two hours hurts your day more than not being awake for them. your brain NEEDS rest. @paulswittek hahahaha barely. but when i do get 8 hours ima whole different animalthis is coming from someone who didn’t get one last night. thanks @Trainwreckstvdon’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s sleep. @LudwigAhgren @slime_machine I’m fine with this. Except shake shack would be one tier higher than the top two. In n…
@apnxeic BRO THATS WHAT IM SAYING. I’m literally floored right now. it’s like an episode of black mirror hahahaadog. what a clusterfuck. def more rp cumming soon. thx @adinross and congrats on the marriage @RiceGum @JuddWarshaw I need the longer one too
legend @jamescharles i should add we both have videographers. not sure how feasible this setup is for first person but it’… @jamescharles Sony A7III body, Sony 16-35 GM, Rode Videomic Pro+. me and lp have the exact same setup. total cost is like $5200 or so. @LongSammichael @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente I’d honestly say modern @ttceltics_ @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente yeah that’s not always the funnest @barstoolsports @stoolpresidente this is like asking people’s opinion on what 2+2 equals. the answer is new haven.… @HughMancivility @jmsteiner8 @JayFarley16 @stoolpresidente @ZuppardisApizza ironically zupp’s might just take your… @kelly_matt @stoolpresidente this is a SHIT take
@shrimp_le don’t be a dummyi don’t understand how people are still debating this. it’s a scientific fact. @NJGov Hahahahahhahahahajahahahahahahauqhqu imagine @Africa22_ my stuff is all pretty current. i always add some stuff right before the ep goes out too @CyleDeleon yep that’s next on the listas a creator, there’s no better feeling than knowing you have content bagged up. two weeks of night shifts, podcast…
ima get this on my face time is the @RiceGum commercial coming on?
well it looks like @LoganPaul v @JoseCanseco ain’t happening @KFCBarstool dude wtf just happenedMOMENTOUS MOMENT. next week’s night shift.ladies and gentlemen, as of 1:22pm on 2/5/21, we have a new #1 on the moderate speed burger battle. @ATWilder15 BRING THE BAG HOME
Gen Z founders like @sachaker and @marcbaghadjian are tired of Tinder. Here's how they're changing the way we date:
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