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Infantry FGO in USAR & volunteer for West Fargo Fire Dept; whisky snob, Dirty Centrist, & know-it-all for hire. Replies w/out likes will be treated as hostile

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@BreakParDDB @tomjonwilliams @AA_ATW @SNAFU_SGT Personally, I stay open because it keeps me from posting anything t… @BreakParDDB @scottjstephens @RPG_volley RPG is locked, so you have to ask him to see. But he's *occasionally* wort… @NCFranklin Sir. @HercNav130 I'm just *shocked* to see veteran entitlement all of a sudden rear its misguided head, that's all. like it's time for my annual reminder that Jamie Benn has skating bitch face. @terry_go_online @dawg4life99 @ski2point0 I don't think I can legally ♥️ this within my own standards, but...
@jakob_jarecki @HalpernAlex I absolutely adore how much Alex hates that I love his tweet.Biden just accurately conveyed the basic difference b/w strategy & tactics, and while shocked I'm legit happy when… @terrancesavery My anger, like every single thing they tweet, is merely for the social media show. IRL, they don'… @HalpernAlex This is good Twitter, Alex. @terrancesavery Fine. But we can continue to mock their performative stupidity, right? @6stringandsushi That's true, they work for that.Me, after I spend 30 mins talking new Doctrine and then the staff still uses Mission Command instead of C2: @packtray Ehhh, that depends. I'm alright with a single slide CONOP for basic things like qual ranges, etc. It brie… @S1Your If the CDR doesn't such, there are definite parts of the S1s running estimate that they should want to know…, admittedly niche twete, but it's my personal mission to kill quad slides to their death. And also make su… slides for MA mean that you have every staff section giving their running estimate information separately inst… you are giving your boss quad slides in any MDMP brief (most especially for MA), you are doing him/her a disserv… @cmcoglianese @dansukman It is, but it's the closest movie scene I can think of. I sure don't know of any clip wi… a tenth of a sec I thought I had the power. website, and I cannot emphasize this enough, is free.
Retweeted by Mike ObachHey @Twitter I think this belongs on Facebook. @JasonKirell @ski2point0 @Diminishablekit @ArmyJew No one said you had to cover everything, c'mon. I'm noting that… @JasonKirell @ski2point0 @Diminishablekit @ArmyJew There are literally Democratic members of Congress that hang wit… @JasonKirell @ski2point0 @Diminishablekit @ArmyJew That's deferring from the arguments everyone else has made, and… @ArmyJew @JasonKirell @ski2point0 Nope. That's giving them what they want, and doesn't play outside of social media. @Diminishablekit @ski2point0 @JasonKirell @ArmyJew Giving in to these assholes' subverting of symbols only empowers… @Samuel_D_Ryder @wesleysmorgan If you were able to finish that book, than you are stronger than I. It was so over t… @terminalyill3st hAHA, just popped up on my TL: @dansukman Asked the team, this is the immediate response from the guys: @terminalyill3st Oh shut up, you're doing fine - and we'd tell you if you weren't 😛 @dansukman Let me know what you come up with, Sir. I teach COA-A for my team and don't have any introductory video,… @TheIndyJagger @snelsonagain @adamwren @JoeBiden Karon, amirite? @merii3 @PlunkettPrime @LadyLovesTaft @CdtSalty I had a schoolhouse-trained intel O4 try to convince me that the "B… @wesleysmorgan @andriedeja @HalpernAlex Goddamit, you made me ♥️ a short joke. @NatSecElitist @goat_path @CJ_usawtfm It's like you summoned Goat with this.Pretty wild that we stayed up all night and yelled “Happy New Year!” for all this crap 🤡
Retweeted by Mike Obach @SgtRando @j_brownk9 Sorry, but from the first time I saw the video for "Walking on the Sun" I knew that I'd always…
Retweeted by Mike Obach @Unit025 @CombatCavScout That series is exceptional, just great reading.If that Harwell dude from Smashmouth gets the usual Covid karma, do ICP and "D, D-I, & Ds" also cease to exist? @valhallabckgirl @brockway_llc Trapt has gone full MAGA in a desperate attempt to hold fans, and Sturgis is absolut… @NataliaAntonova That's legit one helluva assessment.But seriously, Smashmouth turning into Twitter bad guys is the best thing to happen the last few months. All your c… being a Smashmouth fan. @NKFinney @DuplessisBrad @mikejason73 Okay, so I got competition, no biggie. /whispers "watch your backs, gents" @agingerssoul @JamesGField @RPG_volley James is def the huggable one in that duo. @DuplessisBrad @mikejason73 @MichaelStahlke @MENA_Conflict I'll remember this next time you reference any song that's not from Cardi or Post, s… @Papa_Parry God, did I love the Red Line. #91 was my fave player, out there flying with Kozlov, Larionov, Constanti… @JohnTOCradio It's in my queue, you'll prob beat me to it.As a good husband, I better let Kel know that she's got some tough competition here. @MENA_Conflict First line of the second verse to "Paranoid Android" comes to mind. @jonnyklemchuk @terrancesavery @S1Your That's actually pretty fair, I get that. @S1Your OMG, just realized I can mute the keyword OnlyFans. @Papa_Parry Have you ever seen the tankies on here? They're all completely delusional. @cgpoag The POLAD is always the untalented child of someone with connections. @goat_path You and Kelly now have something in common. @S1Your Speaking of sick, the entirety of your health coverage is Paula who used to work administration at a local… @HarlanKefalas @MiCBarin JFC, that's so shitty.Tankies look at Q's inane crap and say, "Hold my communally-sourced IPA and check this out." @ski2point0 Hartford, brah. @NataliaAntonova Seeing the Corbyn pic says it all. @IrishIceSP Well, Darwinism isn't exactly fair, yes. @Papa_Parry After you finish the leather, do you put it on and then strut menacingly around Whole Foods? If not, you're prob good. @MENA_Conflict ........... Goddamit. @GlennCraven @davidstanley01 They're usually much more tolerable, yes. The steakhouse I grew up in had them come th… Fun Fact: in the Midwest, buying a Harley & some leather automatically makes you both a patriot and a tu… @birdofirnony It's just a white chick screaming at a WOC cuz she doesn't wanna wear a mask.See what all those stupid 👏 posts have led to? @JasonKirell Are you letting her get contact stoned here, or what? @puckthepilot @DDLindeman I've seen the start of that circus recently, and no one of any taste or self-respect woul… @_Dan_Ryan @puckthepilot
I may or my not have ordered this.
Retweeted by Mike Obach @NatSecElitist Haven't found a whisky aged one that I like yet, but I'll keep trying. @man_ditch Very same @witticus10 I can't hear your response due to its immaturity. @ArmyJew NOBODY LIKES YOU, JAWSH!Checkmate, MoFos. @oneminutecall Me getting this reference: @BZenzen @flight_wtf @TheWTFNation Exactly, this is waaayyyy old school. @terminalyill3st Literally you two: if your IRL is shit, does being edgy on Twitter: A- actually make you feel better about things, or B- make othe… @Jordanlyndsey There are a few thousand aging Miltweeters here that are desperate to remain young & cool, and they… @XOofXOs @IchHeisseMikey There are no pants more comfortable for flights, esp long overseas trips. They're so worth… @IchHeisseMikey Why are you attacking me like this? @HalpernAlex @austingcommons @AEVanSaun I mean yes, you can't pay for a latte here with a happy jig and the smell o… @ski2point0 @pptsapper @austingcommons @AEVanSaun Hey Ohio, this is Wyoming talking shit here. I wouldn't take that… @witticus10 @austingcommons @AEVanSaun Doc, you better run like hell. They gonna come for you! @scottjstephens And they let you be in charge of things? @austingcommons @AEVanSaun It's gotta be 63% of Miltwitter by now, no? We'll ask Russ when he's in here threatening you both shortly. @ResIpsa17 Jesus no, we have enough MAGAts already. Don't need them fighting with the commie dipshits on top of everything else.
@massAndRepeat IOBC - in the height of GWOT - was nothing but a 4-month pre Ranger school. One tabbed/scrolled LT… Todd Fox was my boss in CJTF-HOA, and was the most inspiring leader I ever had the privilege of working for,… @mikenelson586 @waitmanb There's also a joke to be made here about a certain Governor, but I'm not gonna be the one that makes it.Max is hungry. Brutus is pissed off about some G-D thing. So status quo has been achieved in the Obach residence. @IchHeisseMikey Got lost AF here coming up from Benning to see a buddy at Walter Reed, so can confirm.