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Infantry FGO in USAR & volunteer for West Fargo Fire Dept; whisky snob, Dirty Centrist(tm), and know-it-all for hire.

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Me feeling incredibly seen at the moment. @mynd_krym Ouch, what happened? @TomHeartsTanks That there is a good twete. @DDLindeman And I'm the greatest Red Teamer ever, as far as I know. @rarelyprofshnal @merii3 That's legit pretty good. @ASFleischman @NataliaAntonova And now I've had the nausea-inducing image of the world's pastiest sex put into my head... @MK_Milligan @wherermypants I could clearly see the post with those words in it, so he didn't exactly hide it. An…
If you're having a rough one, here's 23 seconds of Maximus snoring to brighten your day. @wherermypants Insecurity and dickishness? @wherermypants Dude is obsessed with punching down.Finally saw JoJo Rabbit, and the 11yr old boy that plays the protagonist is absolutely amazing. Outstanding film,…$20 says there's also a post on this person's TL about Trumpism being a cult... @AmyKFGO You.. want me to get old? Such a friend, Ames...Woke up this morning and for about 3 minutes both elbows ached something fierce. Wife says that some mornings she s… @Papa_Parry @jaketapper Been waiting a while to use that, or is this a greatest hit? @jonnyklemchuk "Hi, Colin, long time/first time." @bang_unit @wherermypants, Jorge Posada was better in the playoffs than Jeter, and still didn't have any Hollywood starlets throwing the… @The210Ellis @realslimsheyla Okay, did someone reimagine Pearl Jam as Vikings? That's pretty niche, no? @CJ_usawtfm The PC on the "LTC" behind him... @GrizzledBastard @earlyamhistory I switched to 11m after three years there, Sarge. @bettorstrategy @JohnMcRaeII I sure didn't say that it ended with DIV, but - again, IMHO - the line starts to blur there. @MichaelStahlke What if you removed yourself from that list, still the same? Kidding aside, an MI O that sees the… @JohnMcRaeII I've done a little bit of exercise planning (LSCO) at all three. IMHO, DIV is the where they meet, in… @leptopterygius Up until tonight I had successfully avoided everything post-Reload. I wish my streak was still intact.I finally heard "Some Kind of Monster" (which is supposedly by Metallica) for the first time and this is exactly why Cobain chose his path.
@jakob_jarecki @ski2point0 @JasonKirell @donachaidh It's the purest, most enjoyable spectator sport I've found. Why… @ski2point0 @JasonKirell @jakob_jarecki @donachaidh You don't deserve Jonathon Toews. @earlyamhistory My first MOS was 12b, I got ya fam. @AndrewBucholtz @LSUcaligrl @donachaidh Plus the plethora of gifs for @TJOshie77 , MN/ND legend and American Hero. @MK_Milligan @C130Matt I dunno man, I'm a planner that's been at higher HQs for the last six years. So I'm making s… @C130Matt @MK_Milligan Which one of you two was "Ted?" @9toed_Viking That's the only way to do it justice. And it needs to be HBO or FX. @valhallabckgirl That was a complex, nuanced novel that spanned cultures, venues, and long periods of time. And the… @valhallabckgirl I'm about to get my meme back out. I *love* me some Mr. Pitt, he's higher on my Free 15 than my… @valhallabckgirl That's legit it! If I have an encounter with a shark that isn't me looking through glass (e.g., aq… @valhallabckgirl Sharks are the only real phobia I have. Other than flying, but I just ignore that one a few times a month. @valhallabckgirl Also, I have to say that that's a lot of punctuation. Like, a whole lot. Scary, kinda. @valhallabckgirl It's the military parts, they're more unbelievable than the giant-assed animals! It ruined the vis… @MK_Milligan @C130Matt Usually just a few hours of pain and embarrassment, we're not Marines. @valhallabckgirl I put a lot of effort into finding this. @MK_Milligan @C130Matt Wait, is this how things work in the Air Force? "Hello my fine striped sergeant friend; do… @9coacheswaiting @jakob_jarecki @nolab123 IT'S MY FUCKING POST, I WANT TO ARGUE PRIMARY STUFF WITH PEOPLE! @ski2point0 @donachaidh @9coacheswaiting @jakob_jarecki @nolab123 Damn you all for what you do to my mentions. @jakob_jarecki @9coacheswaiting @nolab123 I'll give $20 to whomever ends it. @9coacheswaiting @jakob_jarecki @nolab123 Holy shit, you guys can turn any innocuous post into an insane canoe. @HercNav130 @jakob_jarecki I love how every election post-96 has been "The Most Important Election of Our Lives™️".… @jakob_jarecki Best thing you've ever said.Honestly, don't pigeonhole yourself when there hasn't even been a primary yet. Maybe see how the next 90 days shake… one time @9toed_Viking had to explain to me what a "soft block" is (cuz I'm an old) and I'm sorry to say but I'm… it. @Kyle_S_Field I think it ties to this unhealthy obsession w/ firearms. I mean, I enjoy my many guns, but they're no… @S1Your I'm fine with the "Medicare for those that want it" option, which according to most Lefty Twitter makes me… @Carter_PE @bvanreet Somewhere in north Hollywood, Peter Berg's eyes start twitching. @S1Your I'll throw $50 that if a Dem wins the G.E., they still won't have MFA by mid-2023. I hope to God that ins… @Kyle_S_Field I mean, the dudes rocking the Right Wing Death Squad patches seemed to have some ulterior motives, bu… @S1Your It's undermined when you lie to push a political platform espoused by your particular candidate. Esp when t… @KirkBater Sure, there are outliers. This was more directed at people not wanting to see others' jobs for fear of shame. @rsanderlin @rsanderlin Missy misspelled "Prince when he released anything."23yr old on the fire department is jamming to "Closer" by NIN, and this is equivalent to me listening to Queen or S… @Kyle_S_Field Putting people in danger for no reason other than ego? You're a PoS, and that's it. @Kyle_S_Field For no good reason, nothing tactical at all, he brought an area weapon into a large crowd. If engaged… @PlunkettPrime @DisneyCPT We all wish you had.When your political stance is so important that you just start making up any bullshit you can think of to sell it. @JohnBuc08179594 I gots no flair, other than the Cord of Cav Annoyance. @milphilosophy You def should be proud to be a loggie, because you're important AF (no supply train, no victory no… @Juliebuggs21 "Victim blaming" to someone not conscripted? @Kyle_S_Field He easily could needlessly hurt a whole bunch of people. you're not proud of your branch/MOS, then that's kind of on you, no? @JohnTOCradio I remember when you could walk into BN/BDE HQ and know exactly who was S2, S6, etc. It was honestly fairly handy. @Hurricane_Six He intended to intimidate people and boost his ego. But how do we know it wasn't loaded? The other d… @Hurricane_Six As to "what that is," it's the literal name Barrett gave to their firearm. I know that it can and is… @goon48 I'm way too old to waste my calories on domestic water. @Patrick67327817 Checked your TL; nice of you to take a break from your anti-Semitic bullshit to ascribe false beli… the real winner that called me a "gun snatcher" (whom I had to mute, because his arguments were a waste of anyon…
@AEVanSaun This is good Twitter. @Your_CWO Also, since I'm a reasonable gun owner that thinks that open carry is tactically unsound and almost alway… @Your_CWO I'm admittedly hypocritic in that I make fun of how many of them are overweight, but I'm selfishly allowi… @Patrick67327817 One time in an Infantry BN, one of our NCOs drank whiskey before going out to a qual range, and di… @moorerm And you don't get sarcasm. @moorerm By your logic, supporting DUI laws is akin to wanting prohibition. God do you suck at this. If you're no… @moorerm I already defined it, it's just not what you want to hear. Keep defending these out of shape, non-servin… @Patrick67327817 If that firearm was taken from him, or if he's untrained and messes up, 1x .50 BMG round could pen… @moorerm The problem is that right or not, it's still unnecessarily dangerous. But you'll still defend a ridiculous… @Samoan_Attorney @majormarginal I could pull up to my local firearms shop and walk out with one in thirty minutes.… @moorerm I'm not the one who brought an anti-materiel sniper rifle into a large crowd. While he's posing, someone c… the lowly duck hunters have decided that 1 pistol purchase a month is an infringement too far. @Patrick67327817 That absolutely occurred to me, Mr. Account that randomly has 8 letters at the End. But I don't ca… @TMillion82 Use your imagination, Tom. Don't give up on yourself! @CJ_usawtfm There ain't no strap that can overcome those chins.Carrying an anti-materiel sniper rifle in the middle of a large crowd of people... This fat stupid slob is the dum… @TCtheTerrible I can't tell which part you're referring to. @Empowlr @travis_view Ok, yes, they will be marching with Nazis but Becky worked hard on her papercraft Q that she brought f…
Retweeted by Mike ObachSweet Jaysus, world. @DDLindeman There was 3' of rock hard frozen snow across the entire deck, that might have been tough even for your three! @MK_Milligan @goat_path I can't see the OP anymore, so can't recall exactly what she posited. A commander wouldn'… @MK_Milligan @goat_path For our side of the house, we constantly beat aRmY vALueS into every Solders' heads, and In…