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Suicide is now the second-biggest killer among 10-18 years olds—a spike from pandemic. No doubt driven by the harm… right. TikTok is a threat to every American. ad hominem attacks, no grandstanding. Just arguments made from the head and the heart about what's best for our kids.This conversation would be a real service to the country, so why not?.@rweingarten - let's publicly present the facts to the American people in a debate - parents, students, teachers a…'s no excuse for President Biden to avoid the border. He should see for himself what his policies have done to our border security.
I don't think any American hired Biden to create a border crisis, record inflation, and weaken our national securit… example of the CCP taking advantage of wokeness. liberty is our first liberty. I'm hopeful that the Supreme Court rules for the @ADFLegal client that no… the media cartel power is bad enough. The JCPA's "China loophole" means this will benefit our adversaries.…
Kids lost years of education thanks to COVID fanaticism enabled by Randi Weingarten and the teachers unions. It wi…, Georgians have the chance to send a conservative champion to Senate. I'm all in to help @HerschelWalker… Chinese Communist Party is not a competitor. It's an adversary. And leaders must speak with clarity: we need t… condemned Georgia for passing a voter integrity law. But after the Chinese Communist Party imprisoned a mill…
In a few days, Georgia will decide whether we can put some check on Senate Democrats' power. Georgia—vote for @HerschelWalker!Union bosses don't just hurt students and parents. They harm teachers. Our teachers put in countless hours and wor…"They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty—and I will meditate on your wonderful works. They tell of the… isn't just a spying app. It's a propaganda tool for the Chinese Communist Party. There's no reason it should be allowed in the U.S.
Big tech censorship goes against American principles. And it's dangerous.The Biden Administration is now blaming Americans for inflation. Always passing the buck, never taking responsibil…
The Biden Administration attacks Twitter for failing to censor conservatives. But they're silent on the Chinese Co… the media cartel power to censor conservatives would be a mistake. Congress should vote down the Journalism… have a right - indeed, a duty - to educate their children as they see best. @rweingarten won’t debate me be… I will save a seat in the front row for you if @rweingarten will debate...(1/2)'s nothing the Chinese Communist Party fears more than the truth. That's why I'm so glad to host Evening Chat…
We can fix the mess that teachers unions have created. Public schools must be required to compete for students wit… is a direct result of the Biden Administration's policies. And it's a threat to our national security. adversaries are delighted by the propaganda that teachers' unions—and Randi Weingarten, in particular—are pushi… engagement with China is bad for America.
Parents must be empowered to make educational choices for our children — not the government or teachers’ unions.The Administration could end the border crisis tomorrow if they simply returned to our policies that worked.For the EU to consider banning Twitter while it allows TikTok inside the gates of Europe fundamentally misunderstan… to join @AmericaRpts on @FoxNews to talk about how the Administration should support the Chinese people over the CCP. Tune in!Neither the #CCP’s draconian conduct nor the ongoing protests are really about COVID. Hudson's China Center Directo…
Retweeted by Mike PompeoJames Madison said it well: “The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty.” Thi… to share the cover with Team USA. Huge victory and so well done. Congratulations. I wish the Iranian players… Iranian regime imprisoned and murdered women, for not dressing 'appropriately,' and thousands of protestors. It…
The Biden Administration should make clear: we support the brave Chinese protesters who are standing up against tyranny.The Chinese Communist Party doesn't represent the people of China.As Secretary, I worked to sanction Venezuela's communist dictatorship. Reversing our sanctions won't help Venezuel… stand with @SenMikeLee - the Senate must protect religious liberties for people of faith. Religious freedom is o…
From Chinese citizens who lived through the Tiananmen Square Massacre to those who escaped concentration camps in X…
Retweeted by Mike PompeoWe need to return to policies that punish our adversaries for their abuses and embrace policies that put the Americ… I was researching my forthcoming book, it was incredible to see how the Trump Administration fought to free th… and progressives continue to crush the American people with radical green energy policies that result in soar…'s decision to allow Chevron to resume its operations in Maduro's Venezuela - while draining America's strateg… will only embolden and enrich Venezuela’s communist dictator. (1/5)'ll be on @FoxNews with @marthamaccallum shortly—tune in!LIVE NOW🚨 @mikepompeo recalls sitting down w/ Chinese dissidents who experienced the #CCP's cruelty. Pompeo shares…
Retweeted by Mike PompeoTo the brave Chinese protesters fighting against totalitarianism—we stand with you. There's nothing that the Chine…
The Republican House must protect parents from DOJ's politicization and threats for attending school board meetings…"Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, And into His courts with praise. Be thankful to Him, and bless His name."…
A welcome move that will protect our security. Much more to do. is a cancer. As Secretary, I fought to ban funding for anti-Semitic groups that pushed BDS. We stand… is right. It’s in our interest to support Ukraine.
I’ve got a lot to be thankful for, but perhaps nothing more than family time over Thanksgiving. Hope that you and… have to become less dependent on China for critical technologies. Our economic security and our national securi…
Happy Thanksgiving! the Pompeo family to yours—Happy Thanksgiving! So much to be grateful for this year.
The Iranian World Cup team showed real courage. We stand with them and the Iranian people against the regime.This is the high cost of green energy. And if we don't reverse course, we'll have the same problems here. stands with Israel against these terror attacks. Praying for the victims and their loved ones—may their memories be a blessing.Grateful that @MarcoRubio and @ChipRoyTX are shining a light on this problem. Our national security depends on it. and I are praying for the victims and their families in Chesapeake, Va, and we’re grateful for the first resp…, Randi, since you decided to weigh in on foreign policy, let me educate you...🧵
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“Climate reparations" are a slush fund for the well-connected at the expense of American workers. We should have n… greatest long-term threat isn’t an external enemy. It’s teachers unions that push toxic wokeness on kids inste… liberal billionaire groveling to the Chinese Communist Party—embarrassing.
Accountability is long overdue. can be only one standard in our military: excellence. There's no room for toxic wokeness that puts our security at risk.Giving Iran a nuclear deal is bad for America. It's bad for our ally Israel. And it's bad for the Iranian people.…
These stations are a direct threat to our national security. The Biden Administration should shut them down—immedia… your kids and grandkids off Tik Tok. It really is a data-harvesting spy tool for the Chinese Communist Party."I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed th…
America desperately needs a strong, stable, and steady alternative to celebrity, and to weakness, waffling, and wokeness.Our way to victory is to embrace what works: free people, free markets, and fundamental trust in the power of the A… there are some in our party looking for solutions in the wrong place. Those who want to walk away from our Ukr… and celebrity didn’t get it done because they are not as powerful as character, competence, and commitment.But we also need to talk about some hard truths about the conservative movement, our party, and our country. We ha… was great to speak at @RJC. More than friends or allies, we’re family. And our bonds are stronger than ever.
Susan and I will pray that the MH17 trial brings closure to the families and friends of the 298 individuals who los… the House Majority is an important victory. It’s also a great responsibility. We must show the American p… of grinning with Xi, President Biden should have confronted him for supplying the precursor chemicals to th…, I’m going to speak at @RJC on how we can regain Americans’ trust and win again.We were told we’d get tired of winning. But I’m tired of losing. And so are most Republicans.This happens on a daily basis because of the Biden Administration's policies. Americans deserve so much better.
Want the inside scoop and “behind the scenes” stories from my time as Secretary of State and CIA Director? Good new…, D.C. just reduced the penalty for carjacking—in the middle of a crime wave. Soft-on-crime policies make us less safe.Unprecedented, unnecessary, and dangerous. This is an attack on Israel from the Biden Administration.
The United States could, can, and must do more to stand with the brave Iranian protesters.China is operating an espionage operation inside America. Our administration worked to protect the American people… has repeatedly changed his Taiwan policy. And just a few days ago, when he met with Xi, he did it again. Ch… need more seriousness, less noise, and leaders who are looking forward, not staring in the rearview mirror claiming victimhood.
Not a single tax dollar should go to fund Palestinian terrorism through its abhorrent "pay to slay" program. Jinping will trade empty promises on climate change for real security concessions. And the Biden Administration is falling for it.I'll be on @FoxNews with @HarrisFaulkner shortly—tune in!It doesn't matter if President Biden is looking for a confrontation with China. That confrontation is already here…, but not surprising. It's time that the Administration made clear that America stands with the Iranian pr…
President Biden’s refusal to be clear about the CCP in his meeting with Xi Jinping demonstrates weakness. And Chin…