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Writer, host, producer, DM. Reformed composer and programmer. Make: @reasonablysnd, @funcityventures and more. Made: @thecrashcourse, @pbsideachannel 🏴 he/him

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@wayneducknewton The Supreme Court is the friends we made along the way... and also literally everyone else, too. @MarcieTheMe Definitely gonna run for office on the Big Court PlatformThey’re gonna say “you just wanna pack the courts!” NOT TRUE i would like simply to expand the area which comprises… your pals at the reunion - Whatcha been up to? - Got a seat on the supreme court! - Bro no way me too! E…*pats court confidently* This baby can seat so _so many _ justices.wouldn't want to "damage ... the power of the people to oversee their own government" by *squints* ... counting the… @mwhitrock This Gatorade? A Justice. The concept of "architecture"? A Justice.
Huge Court's got legs, folks. Canada. Hey buddy, you wanna be on The Massive Court?Big Court. Just make it The Big Court. 13 Justices? Try 300,000,000. We're all on the court now, the Extremely Large Court. Fuck it. @mcclure111 Whoa this rips. @CrashandCern I have done a little work for Bandcamp, and know a few employees, and feel as though I can say with s… FOIAed the US Navy for training materials related to its controversial @Twitch channel. According to this July ma…
Retweeted by october name"All from midnight to midnight Pacific time. For time zone demystification, check out:""Because the pandemic is far from over, we’ll continue to hold Bandcamp Fridays on the first Friday of every month… @funcityventures today!
Retweeted by october nameAmazing to be on this list with all these other rad podcasts!
Retweeted by october name @KathrynVie Wild. Just truly wild. Candidate statements! My stars.Also, e.g., online and telephone voting. read a lot about Australian voting norms since chatting w @nessyhill about it a few days ago. e.g. need 2021 off, tbph
@JohnJSalomone deep breaths - big exhale - you’re gonna do great @dansinker No hugging, no learning. @dansinker would appear to be Their Whole Thing, in fact
@ChynaGrove BC! Def had more than 1 new barber go “wait - hold on ...” and dart back and forth between both sides of my head.Also my masks always look crooked because one of my ears is further back. @srugnetta Naw. Not around here. Maybe in Williamsburg 😇 @srugnetta Brought my book - basically just hung out. Also all the volunteers (w that one exception) were very nice and clear!Waited in line for ~two hours. Witnessed only three minor spats borne of accusations of line cutting (then saw a vo… is one of the best ways for people to archive human rights documentation offline. This is a terrible mov…
Retweeted by october name @basicallydan 🏁 VOTED @basicallydan Before this - same! (still going, but I’m close) @basicallydan START 🏳️🚨NEW YORK🚨 Today is the first day of early voting! Make sure you vote! And vote for Biden/Harris on the Working F…
Retweeted by october name @basicallydan Can’t - have an appt at 12 but I’m going after. If its long still I’ll time it!First day early voting in NYC. Line to vote in my neighborhood goes LITERALLY around the block, ending slightly pas… @ScottNiswander @patrickhwillems huh.i want to live in what conservatives think is going to happen to america when biden becomes president
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@johnLarison Nailed itThis isn’t really a DMCA request. I don’t see an assertion that youtube-dl is an infringing work. Rather the clai…
Retweeted by october nameAs anyone who has used youtube-dl knows, it is an extremely powerful and useful tool for format-shifting. It's supe…
Retweeted by october nameDang. DANG. @CrashThompsonXO check the daaaEEEEaaaaEEEaaaatesurely someone has done this before*billy corgan voice* the world is a trashfire @reifgeist small collection of things I ~consumed~ recently. and @kateburning hi co-worker kate!IDK maybe pundits trafficking in horse race nonsense need to opine that Trump appears disciplined, has turned over…
Retweeted by october nameI was a beta tester for this service. It was... not great. But way ahead of its time. I wrote about it back then:…
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@Dow_Slain 🙌🙌🙌 Also A++++ shirt! Very cool! @Signs_of_Life idk sometimes the little bits get stuck in my teeth? @Dow_Slain Oh man, I bet. Hope he's doing ok with all this ridiculousness! @JessTheVagabond been on a real Pistachio tear lately, IDK what it is? @CallMeMrPig1 ugh its true :(The pre-pandemic thing I miss the most is going to a bar in a city I don't know, ordering dinner, reading my book,… @tracedominguez Miss you, pal! <3"We may not all express it in the same way but we all miss each other." long for this world. @errant_thoughts @patrickhwillems @mikeyface I would like to "know" the plot of this film through a series of exper… @patrickhwillems What if we think of it not as removing a layer of interaction, but ADDING a layer of non-involvement. 🤔 @taylordotbiz @ripcorpdotbiz is this how ripcorp gets its own episode of ripcorpThe first ep of @ripcorpdotbiz - a new show I’m working in - is out, and it’s about the seemingly unlikely partners… @xuhulk True Chaotic GoodDoes this look like an appropriate father/son interaction to you? you know Blockbuster had a partnership with Enron (yes, Enron)? To launch a streaming video service? In 2001?…
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@LilyMasonPhD @nealstephenson 😬And so I try to go see how much bandwidth I am allowed to use, and when it will "reset" and that's just UNKNOWABLE… favorite so far is when it just stops working, and doesn't tell you why, and so you google the symptoms of the i… @andrewducote it is truly maddening. it makes my blood boil.🚨 COMPLAINT ABOUT SOFTWARE INCOMING 🚨 how is dropbox *this* unreliable and irritating to use? like, honestly, i'm… fear that Uber Lyft and Doordash's "unprecedented" app-based propaganda campaign in Prop 22 will be used as…
Retweeted by october name @caloboyle @ripcorpdotbiz 🙌🙌🙌Did you know Blockbuster had a partnership with Enron (yes, Enron)? To launch a streaming video service? In 2001?… 1 of @ripcorpdotbiz is out in like... 5 hours? and it's really *very* good - I'm very excited for folks to hear it. @YonkoChris99 @KaiserNeko *in the pursuit of more signups @YonkoChris99 @KaiserNeko It is, but reasonable to assume this nonetheless restricts viewership. @GoStabby Just sad for everyone involved, really.Money was a mistake.
@geeoharee Out of curiosity, what “kind of person” is that?My wife and I walk into a restaurant in a small town. People are sitting inside at the bar. The hostess asks if we’… their photos on wheat pasted billboards, the local dealership and furniture store owners are wearing masks. The ads mention safety a lot.Put rice krispies on a peanut butter and honey sandwich (I’m an adult) and I’m wondering if they just mail me the Nobel, or ... ? @Psychomancer78 Maybe I'm wrong, but in situations like this one – where there is little if any explicitly Politica… @infoglut 🙌 @infoglut Oh man a big frustration of mine in that show is that we never got better at that. We just did not have t… I think about the Prager video on art history and reflexively imagine myself eating a tin can. Its just t… @improvyzer lol @TheBardsGambit In the R pursuit to shrink gov’t to the smallest, most ineffective size possible it is often promis… @TheBardsGambit This would have been right around when Romney, I think it was, said Big Bird would get a pay cut if… reminder, if an oblique and implied one, that for conservatives “political” is anything outside the realm o… when I made videos for PBS, I had a teacher tell me at a conference once that they wished they could show some… @unlimitedDada @nlmtys i see we’re in the same predicament @mito_chondria i , uhhh - mmmm wellhow it started and its a picture of Agent Dale Cooper in the red room and then how its going and its the same pictu… @frequentbeef Ah! Yes - very familiar with The Caretaker. I don't know this video though; very curious to check it out. Thank you!Simple problem? Complex solution.
@SpencerHH ... give them each a knife, a canteen, and $20 ... THEN release them