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journalist/filmmaker. wrote a book. 'one to look out for' - Vanessa Feltz, 2014; 'doing this interview with you was a terrible mistake' - Vanessa Feltz, 2020

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"We'd been treated so badly for so long, been made to feel inferior, like second-class citizens. Suddenly we could… @StevieDawson can confirm i am currently in the waterhello from me and the dog 🐶
Donald Trump thinks the left is organised 🙃
@phil_mccann ok! well I am not commenting on Starmer... not everything is critique of his leadership! i really just… @phil_mccann not sure what you're getting at, I'm really only asking a simple question! which I can't work out the… @phil_mccann i mean, neither of those things say whether or not Labour. backs easing of measures that is planned? i… @phil_mccann ok well I just read it four times and couldn't work it out, so I don't think it's that clear? I honestly can't tell!does this say Labour's position is to support easing of the lockdown as is planned for next week? or not? anyone? @Narcomania mate, this isn't the one. why are you creating a hierarchy of black men deserving to die at the hands…👇🏾
Retweeted by sources close to michael segalov
"I lost touch with what I found exciting about drag in the first place and went into a depression" ahead of tonigh…
senior Tory MP (and former minister) Karen Bradley today calls for Dominic Cummings to go "I can reach no other co… honoured to write a chapter in @ruth_hunt's Book of Queer Prophets on sexuality and my Jewish faith, and feel e…
@simonblackwell happy birthday Simon! xobsessedd with tonight's pub quiz picture round from @_hhirschler. can you guess these Cummings castles? prize for… scathing attack on Boris Johnson's handling of Dominic Cummings saga from SNP MP @PeteWishart at the lia…
emily @maitlis sums up Cummings perfectly on #Newsnight cut this mask out tomorrow's Star front page, make no eye holes, and then drive a 4x4 down the M25 to check i… the thing is you can just tell he'd throw a really shit party bent down to pickup my dropped bike lock on the pavement outside tesco after shopping and two cucumbers fell o… @MayaGoodfellow or both! @MayaOppenheim i always thought your name was maya hoppenheim tbhBoil yer head Katie
Retweeted by sources close to michael segalovhi @michaelgove why do you think the British public are gullible morons? thanks xthis is the kicker line in MP Douglas Ross's ministerial resignation: "I have constituents who didn't get to say… resignation #1
@RishiSunak no u don't xoops had a few beers, might drive to windsor castle to see if i’m over the limit 🙃"let's whizz down the road and see how I feel" is honestly a wild explanation for driving a car for 40 minutes mid-… is Barnard? Who is he dating? Where is his castle? What is his net worth?real disappointed teacher vibes from Jason Groves and I'm v into it"what is the point of having people like me around?" asks Dominic Cummings. well, quite.i cannot even is this dominic cummings speaking or a source close to him? @zoesqwilliams i would quite like to see a picture of a puppy tbh that might win me over at this point 🐶might rob a bank later, just following my instincts x
@JolyonMaugham @alasdair_clark why not just delete it then?roses are red violets are blue dominic cummings has total disdain for you x"realising the people who bring us food, take care of us and heal us are the most neglected in society was a revela…
@gilesduley otter! @hansmollman “sorry mate,” he mumbles, sniffing. “which way did you say north was again?”i know he wants to look like a good dad here, but it just has real 7am leaving the sesh after party carrying crap y… now on please only refer to me as "a source close to michael segalov" @Jacob_Rees_Mogg sources tell me jacob rees-mogg is chatting shitknock knock who's there? dominic dominic who? dominic cummings dominic mate we're in a lockdown you shouldn't be c… @MattHancock sources tell me matt hancock is chatting shit @RishiSunak sources tell me rishi sunak is chatting shit @DominicRaab sources tell me Dominic Raab is chatting shit @DPJHodges thanks for the support as always, comrade x @DPJHodges sources tell me Dan Hodges is chatting shit xbreaking the law is not a crime !!! @michaelgove sources tell me michael gove is chatting shitDominic Cummings thinks you're a total fucking mug
sources tell me michael segalov is a really cool guy and is very handsome and funny xdominic cummings??? more like dominic goings!!!! @Jo_Coburn 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @_hhirschler @naomi_pallas welcome to the club xxo @archiebland mazal tov x
@ScotteeIsFat imagine how pissed off Priti Patel is right now
@huwlemmey 🧒🏼 < 🍅🍇🍈🍉🍊🍋🍌🍍🍎🍏🍐🍑🍒🍓🥝🥥🥭 @alimkheraj NAME and ShAME @alimkheraj who else alim who elsethey should join a union x
honestly can’t get over that politicians and journalists are pushing the line that they know more about medicine th… @emmaggarland @thedalstonyears what sort of coin??
@zoesqwilliams yes plz thanks @zoesqwilliams yes plz!what’s the best book you’ve read in lockdown (or just recently) please? i need some new novels 📚 📚 📚I chatted being locked-down in Goa, children ruining weekends and life in a Russian penal colony with Pussy Riot's…
“Trans women are women, trans men are men and non-binary people are valid... I receive more hateful abuse from peop… @pjmendez_ i already want to read it again xdon't often gush about books on here, but this week I read @pjmendez_'s Rainbow Milk and it is glorious and grippin…
my dad has been telling a story about going shopping in Aldi this week (spoiler, nothing happens) for maybe 12 minutes now? shabbat shalom xthe team at VICE are some of the most talented, creative & hardworking in the industry. it's a total privilege to w… @DrFlaw @LDNRentersUnion there's currently a payment holiday for mortgage holders, so many aren't making payments.… the government won't step in to protect renters, renters need to protect themselves. the @LDNRentersUnion has c… Elisa Ramírez climbed aboard Mexico's El tren de la muerte (the death train) in search of safety, to give her… glad the truth is finally out about teachers hating children, education and schools!!!!!
am making baba ghanoush for lunch and have been singing "baba ghanoush" to the tune of blankety blank to myself for… @D_Tribal hey, could you follow me so I can DM you?gutted to hear about @BuzzFeedNewsUK - lots of incredibly talented journalists who’ve made a huge mark. hopefully t… @DIVAmagazine @MillyAbraham send her back to the vaults IMO @Debi_Ann @56deanstreet @guardian hey! so that depends... you can take PrEP daily, but also do event-based dosing w…
@Greg0wen so sorry greg. thinking of you and your loved ones x x xclinicians @56deanstreet believe social distancing creates a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to halt HIV tra… of the day = CERF: Cleaner Exclusionary Radical Feminist 🙃
@hannahlouisef did he shove some mini eggs up there?robbie williams keeps doing batshit instagram lives and now i can’t stop watching him singing about shoving mini eg… a union! I was in @unitetheunion x
Retweeted by sources close to michael segalov"Stay alert means “stay at home but only if you can afford it”. This is “save middle-class lives” in deed if not wo…
@daveyjenkins lanyard aside.... this is basically my daily routine now? 🙃 @zoesqwilliams im a big fan of socialist loungewear xhave started watching the press conferences through this instagram filter on my phone and honestly it becomes a lot… Q&A format really does only work when the person at the podium knows how to do the A bit, eh?🙄 @alimkheraj GET SOME GLUE AND STICK THAT MULLET BACK ON @Reallisariley 😘😘😘would like to clarify that when playing her imaginary flute for me, @Reallisariley was in fact sat on a *pouf*, not… @poetbroker hi Ed, could you please follow me so I can DM you? thanks! m