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Mike Selinker @mikeselinker Seattle, Washington

Game designer, puzzlecrafter, author, and amateur firebrand at Lone Shark Games and Basket of Adorables.

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OH MAN I was so wallowing in the lactose explosion that I tagged the wrong place. It's @Lunchbox_Lab, of course. Du… @LunchBoxLab serves a burger between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, I ordered it.
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @jachilli @LunchBoxLab The mac and cheese and peach milkshake were nice additions. @coryscalhoun @LunchBoxLab I didn't attempt to experiment with the bread, but I'll bet I could have asked for four brioche halves.OMG @LunchBoxLab serves a burger between TWO grilled cheese sandwiches. Yes, I ordered it.
@ohshitcircuit I’m not sure what signs are in your neighborhood... @foggybrume It sure do! @boymonster AyupToday I saw a sign with a common two-word proper noun which had three C’s, all of which were pronounced differently… an American Jew, I am profoundly outraged by everything Stephen Miller. @SBNation These. @RyanHartmanWins @gavgreco Get to the Hopper!
When a new thing is added to our store, I ask you to go buy it. Not today. Puzzlepack #3 is The Gauntlet Hunt, a ch…'s hard to read the Mueller report, I know. But if you haven't, watch this video directed by @robreiner.…’s the Mueller Report summarized in only 5 minutes-RT! #MuellerIsComing
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @scottlearns How has @lemurtanis let you live this long?
@jonritter WE PUT A GOOGLE DOODLE ON THE MOON DAMMIT @Delafina777 @yoda8myhead Well, they should all want to be up on that, given the generally agreed upon consequences for not having one. @tedleo @tedlieu What seminal punk band was @tedlieu in? @MattJPuzzleGuy I prefer Mr. Hooper.If you can make it to the end of Mike Collins' narration of the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing #GoogleDoodle @Jamie1km SOON THERE WILL BE ONLY JELLICLESThis Cats movie might be the most effective horror movie ever made.
@LoneSharkGames ...much of which you've never seen. We will want to raise as much money as possible for the causes…'ve been super-puzzle-creative lately, and it's time to do something about it. On Monday at 11 am, @LoneSharkGames @muskrat_john @RedPenOfDoom Ignore Muskie. I got you this refreshing beverage called Dave’s Insanity Water.Donald Trump is the son of a Klansman. Rep. Ilhan Omar is the daughter of a Somalian refugee who fled genocide and… @NathanBrimmer Funny Girl. @Liz_Cheney Okay, racist.
Would you like to be the first people at a convention EVER to play my upcoming game Hyde Society? If so, come to th… @ermahgerdgerby @gameofkittens These plastic burritos are probably the only thing you can eat now.I have retired undefeated as the Lone Shark Games @gameofkittens' Throw Throw Burrito champion. None shall take my burrito crown. @boymonster I find “Thank you for your insight.” ends all such conversations.NBC found archived video of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein partying at Mar-a-Lago with a room full of women. Lord…
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@foxydonuts @LoneSharkGames @StrongBadActual @cheapassjames MANY HANDS. @mikeselinker @cheapassjames @LoneSharkGames @AvivaYalla @TheWorstSkylar @VoodooBunnyLiz @chadpbrown Thanks for all…
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @StrongBadActual @cheapassjames @LoneSharkGames @AvivaYalla @TheWorstSkylar @VoodooBunnyLiz @chadpbrown THE CRAP IN… this beautiful thing from @StrongBadActual & @cheapassjames. The @lonesharkgames team was delighted to devel… you'd like to be angry for an hour, watch @KellyannePolls fully embrace her role as the modern Goebbels by askin… @realDonaldTrump Okay, racist. @KenJennings Oh yeah, train? Paracelsus created the terms "chemistry," "alcohol," and most importantly "gas." What… @tedleo No one needs to see that.Hi everybody, today is the day for an exciting thing! Are you excited? here goes... I WROTE A BOOOOOK. It's called…
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @SpeakerPelosi @realDonaldTrump So stop being complicit and open an impeachment inquiry after Mueller testifies nex…
@puzzlereric We can multitask. Bring on the puzzles.
@realDonaldTrump Somebody please impeach this motherfucker.
@AvivaYalla @LoneSharkGames Thanks for being awesome for us, Aviva. We will miss you!
@ChrisPerkinsDnD What I learned from that film: Don’t stay at the Hotel Del Explodo. @jonritter When people say "These four walls," I say "Only four?"
@jonritter Of course. Don’t you?Time to go see the puzzle people.
@TheDoubleclicks @WaywardCoffee Let’s hang out! @mjandersen Oh, well that changes everything. @paulandstorm Whatever you say, Sweet Cheeks. @mjandersen That is stellar. I didn’t know short sleeve suit jackets were a thing.
.@KellyannePolls oh hi Distraction Becky. Remember that time your boss tore babies from their mothers’ arms and thr…
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @AyannaPressley @KellyannePolls "Distraction Becky" wins the internet for today.🏆
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @petersagal I mean, if I were a billionaire pervert, I would hate all stories starting with “billionaire pervert” too.RIP to Ross Perot, who 27 years ago proved once and for all that being good at making money does not necessarily me…
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @SecretaryAcosta Excellent. You can join him in prison. @AmyMcGrathKY Rooting for you way out here in Washington (the other one), Amy. #DitchMitch @JimBoggia @RangerRick All I remember is that it had an entire 5th grade band of percussion instruments. @jonathanhliu PAMGOLEEN! This calls for a flashbic! @kirbykrackle Every now and then, we just lose track of them. @KenJennings Sorry about your broken ankles, Ken. @Bruno_Faidutti @KevinWilson42 That is a fantastic expression which I will endeavor to popularize, Bruno. @pvponline Your dad is awesome and so are you.
Me: so if there are no animals that AREN’T Pokémon... do people EAT Pokémon? Game Freak: ... Me: ok Game Freak:…
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @AsmadiGames Sharks approved. @Rhoulette Watch it all, at night, with the lights turned low. @muskrat_john Never pick up a duck in a detention room. @songadaymann Either the women’s national team deserving equal pay or the new Trump commission to “redefine” human rights. @petersagal We’ve also got childhood obesity on lockdown.New step toward fascism: The ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ administration will redefine what human rights are in its own image… work, drunk French people. it’s important for your tv crew to know at least a little Spanish. @FOXSoccer @FOXSports #USMNT
Retweeted by Mike Selinker#USWNT: Wins World Cup. #USMNT: Doesn't win Gold Cup. Pay the women.The only thing more exciting than today would be if the US Men's Team finally wins a World Cup and gets invited to…
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @projectyl I’ve read a pyramid. It was a triangular based book with three layered foldy flaps, each of which told a…
@tshellstudio @Jeffurry312 @sawofthetable Okay, man. Sorry for offending you. I'll see you at Con.I just met @ruth_laperez, the council member who's running for mayor of Renton. She got my vote right away. If you'… @Jeffurry312 @tshellstudio @sawofthetable Tortoise, I'm not telling you to do anything. What I'm saying is that if… @Jeffurry312 @tshellstudio @sawofthetable Everyone in favor of the code of conduct has the same conflict, Tortoise.… @KenJennings Your hair is perfect. @tshellstudio @Jeffurry312 @sawofthetable There is no requirement that the people on the code of conduct committee…'know, I'm all in favor of Seattle's @mpinoe winning the #WomensWorldCup2019 Golden Boot. She tied for the most go… @realDonaldTrump Keeping up with that Jeffrey Epstein news, chief?Here's a crazy idea: What if—work with me here—we just put child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein in jail for life th…
@JimBoggia @Lin_Manuel HA. @Lin_Manuel Man freestyle-rhymed "sharia law" and "My Cherie Amour." Straight legend.When I grow up, I want to be Jerry West.
Owlbears getting into your crops? Blink dogs breaking your windows? Dire badgers chewing up your porch? Give us a c…
Retweeted by Mike SelinkerToday I proved I am psychic. Gaby and I were checking out a psychic therapist site and, without looking, I correctl… @Lin_Manuel dogfight of Yorktown. 1781. Pilot Hamilton. Co-Pilot Lafayette. In the cockpit where you belong. How you say, r… is giving Trump the credit he deserves for not saying that the Continental Army rammed the man parts.
Retweeted by Mike SelinkerWowsers. "Cornwallis of Yorktown" would be horrified at this, though he would ask what "airports" were first. should have thought of the hashtag #ParadeCharade earlier.
Looking at #TrumpParade footage of the Lincoln Memorial now, there were more people there when I did my rainy night… crowd estimate is 3.4 million people.
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