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Mike Selinker @mikeselinker Seattle, Washington

Game designer, puzzlecrafter, author, and amateur firebrand at Lone Shark Games and Basket of Adorables.

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@TrickMTG Ah, got it. @TrickMTG Is it from somewhere? @TrickMTG I love how aggressive this puzzle is. It's like both sides went on a wrecking spree, and now they're read… @TrickMTG Definitely Rh5. Come get me.Looking good for John Bel Edwards in the Louisiana governor's race. One more narrow victory for the Democrats in th… moment from the @spurs game. Go, Becky Hammon! @sergeyager So delightful hanging with you fine nerds. @RTalsorianGames @GailSimone Uh, yeah. That's it. @johnzinser Well, I obviously like the work of my teammates @chadpbrown @VoodooBunnyLiz @TheWorstSkylar @GailSimone @RTalsorianGames I would like that very much. I have not played CF in... um, two decades? Wait, I can't be that old. @GailSimone Swell. Castle Falkenstein is one of the most awesome RPGs ever. Certainly the most influential, other t…
@DanCrenshawTX So, Republicans are the party of rampant sexual harassment. Got it. @brettspiel @songadaymann "Don't Stop Believing" wins everywhere but San Francisco, where "Lights" wins. @songadaymann BOM BOM BOMMMM @gilhova @hexagram63 @puzzlereric @MerriamWebster I'm sorry, guys, I botched number 8. A replacement is here: @puzzlereric's off today, here's a fill-in @MerriamWebster Word of the Day puzzle. Each hint clues a 9-letter wo… in honor of @Kaepernick7's workout with NFL teams today, I will further note that we support him in our silly… @puzzlereric @MerriamWebster And as proof that I shouldn't do that at 5 in the morning, I made a big typo in #8. Posting a new version next. @robdaviau @HashtagMote @puzzlereric @MerriamWebster Ack. A dumb typo.In honor of @Kaepernick7's workout with various NFL teams today, here's the essay from Game Theory in the Age of Ch… @HashtagMote @robdaviau @puzzlereric @MerriamWebster Why isn't it right? @gilhova @hexagram63 @puzzlereric @MerriamWebster Oh, I'm definitely evil. But how many baseball teams do you have… @puzzlereric is off today, here's a fill-in @MerriamWebster Word of the Day puzzle. Each clue clues a 9-lette… @KenJennings Frank and Ernest have all the jobs. They are basically Barbie.Fantastic takedown of @SecPompeo by former DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg, who doesn't do this sort of thing. @KenJennings Sad news, Ken. @KenJennings I call it having a "night errant."TIL Die Hard with a Vengeance has a stellar alternate ending. state's @RepDennyHeck shows why we elected him. #ImpeachmentHearingُ
@TabakRules @ermahgerdgerby It is always 3.The Republicans got wrecked today. #ImpeachmentHearing with @BeBoldGames @VoodooBunnyLiz @TheWorstSkylar playing TanTrump now! Watch!, if you wanted to use @LenPeralta's #TanTrump art to tweet memes at Kellyanne Conway or Sean Spicer, I wouldn'… action-packed update on #TanTrump! @MarcusRoss @ShutUpAndrosky @robdaviau Oh, we are strongly considering that very thing. @realDonaldTrump No, they didn't. But you did!I wrote a thing about the publishing of TanTrump, the impeachment hearings, and why anger and entertainment are two… @realDonaldTrump You are such a child. @realDonaldTrump File this witness intimidation under "obstruction of justice." @DesertBus Any Bus, any time.Gotta thank @desertbus #DB2019 for having me & Skylar on To let us do a Harry Potter rap battle Slurp jello shooter… of the night from former @Seahawks player Golden Tate.
@AtomicOvermind number of people who've blamed us for Kickstarter going down today is not close to zero.Darkest Timeline indeed. #ImpeachingHearings
Retweeted by Mike SelinkerDid you know you can get @CAH's very rare pack Cards Against Humanity Saves America pack in @basketofadorbs' new… this is a thing, and it's marvelous Please tell all your friends
Retweeted by Mike SelinkerBecause respect wasn’t possible and ridicule is warranted. TanTrump: The Kickstarter Impeachment Edition
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @Mrbgames @kickstarter Thanks, Sean!Ever dreamed of being a White House staffer in this administration? No? You're smart. But if you like simulation…
Retweeted by Mike Selinker“A surprisingly strategic Don't Wake Daddy for the darkest timeline.”
Retweeted by Mike SelinkerSome friends have gameified protest. The quintessence of political satire for the 21st century. I tend to steer c…
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @ZombieOrpheus @basketofadorbs @dobynsbc @RennieAraucto @lgonda @mattvancil And that kickin' music in the #TanTrump team at @ZombieOrpheus made this video for @Basketofadorbs' new game #TanTrump, and it is funny! Thanks to… @projectyl I know what you mean. @NBCNews Stop letting Chuck Todd write your tweets.Back from Canada. Ready to head home, fire up Disney+, and watch “The Midichlorian.” @RennieAraucto You've already done so much! @JamesAugeri @MarcusRoss But let's be clear: Marcus _could_ have done this. @dave_judgment Thanks, Dave! @waOZschoonover Thanks, Oz! @brucecothinks @OnBoardGames Indeed so! @lucasjwjohnson It is fun! @MattShiversVO wooo @annelukeman wooooo
Announcing TanTrump: The Impeachment Edition, from our sister company @basketofadorbs. Become a White House staffer…
Retweeted by Mike SelinkerHere is a video you should "make viral." #tantrump #impeachmenthearings honor of the #ImpeachmentHearings public debut, we have also debuted a brand new game. Welcome to the world of T… minutes till I launch the scary thing. I really hope you like it and support it. If you do, please share it right away!Last night, I spit some dope Potterverse bars on #DB2019 @DesertBus for Hope. FOR THE CHILDREN. Will be on again w… @KenJennings <cue whistle tune and Ken Burns effect> "My dearest Margarethe, I write you this overcast evening from… @Dammit_Liz @DesertBus WHAT NO I SAW YOU NOT AT ALL
Coming tomorrow. and I are on our way to Victoria, BC to join in the Desert Bus! Be sure to check us out tonight and tomorrow m…
Retweeted by Mike Selinker @scottlearns We already bought a remote island, and we never *made* human beings fight for sport on it. We just let… monster is the name of the scientist that made the drink
Retweeted by Mike SelinkerThere is only one player in the NFL whose team has been undefeated every day he's been on it, and that's Josh Gordon. #SEAvsSF @gregpliska You're rooting for me?Getting real excited and terrified for the thing we're about to do. Easily the furthest our team has ever put ourse…
Dear @hockeynight: Replace Don Cherry with Cassie Campbell. @petersagal @clmazin @AmazonHelp Needs voiceover. @scalzi Wow, the only neck eggs I've ever had were green. @clmazin Based on my life experience alone, I do not believe you can rule this out.Happy Veterans Day to all American veterans out there, especially my dad. Happy Remembrance Day to my Canadian & C… @songadaymann Wowsers. I have worked creatively every day of my adult life and I cannot imagine how much work it wo… @desertbus Please ask @travismcelroy about his reaction at Gen Con when @maxtemkin Hitler-mustache-salut… you were wondering which crossword puzzle maker would get a recently popular phrase clueable into a puzzle as "W… @jachilli @shanedefreest I have this idea where Jonathan Cain & Ariel Pinera & whoever's in Journey now can hang wi… @flyingelevator Whoops. TETCBN there. "A person who dislikes evil clown movies?" is way better. @flyingelevator "A person who hates evil clown movies?"When is this super-massive lot of Apocrypha being given away on #DB2019 @DesertBus? Why, the answer is "Very soon!"…
Sounders co-owner Russell Wilson predicted the final score of #MLSCup: @SoundersFC 3, @TorontoFC 1. I would like hi… @oceanbound They WERE great. For the entire length of a football game. An AMERICAN football game.Go Sounders Go Fight Sounders Fight And the entire world will tremble at your might We sing for you We love you so… @WhyKaitlyn I could attempt to make worse jokes. @after8mints Thanks! @Pleaseletmebe12 You're welcome!Wait, what now? #MLSCup @UW_BL23 Well, sure. Stewie would have made a difference. So would Elena Della Donne. But Team USA should always be… the last 24 hours, Evon & I have been devastated by the loss of a great friend: Ken Ritchart. Ken was a beacon…