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@residentadvisor @ConcreteParis noooooooooo! @RonLikeHell ooof @edelacrz is THEE bessst. and this lineup. tallk about curations. i am gutted to miss this fam affair. xolets b real. Cybotron did CLEAR first. lolzzzzz. twitter fun again? cuz yesterday was a ki... @DavisGalvin lolzzzz. cdj novice. send halp! @alan_oldham @Twitter hbd dj t-1000! 🎈 @copsarecomin @ghostly listen to my strawberry hill teenage drunk mix! 🍓
"are you in it for instant monetary and social media likes and getting your genitals touched ... or because you lov…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @aerielist @ghostly a lifestyle plus. duh! 💜🤪We're stepping up on @redbull_radio live from Detroit in just 15 minutes to find out what our friend @TortugaMinor
Retweeted by Mike Servito @aerielist @ghostly beep me 304 in Detroit actually. beeeeep @ghostly @TurntableLabNYC listen to my sour mix 🍋 @aerielist @ghostly I’ll beep you 304... @ghostly @TurntableLabNYC i called yoooou...but you were in Ibiza @dddiaperrr @faso if it’s the best we’ll take your word though🍗 @ghostly @Nautiluss @ghostly ⚡️ @Nautiluss @ghostly I actually owned this Swatch in ‘87 as I discovered acid house. and it ruled. but anyways... @dddiaperrr @faso no one said it was the best. just that it was enjoyed. jesus fucking christ. @TortugaMinor ⚡️
Retweeted by Mike Servito @askjenhowe @thebearjew21 liiiisten... @faso Roses Fine Food. @ssseannn bet @faso Corndog @MovementDetroit @faso that fried chicken spot on 3rd 🍗 @faso Selden Standard. @faso @Mudgies!!! @faso Lafayette Coney. @faso Buddy’s. @perlin__noise @_savile spritz ki imminent...Past Chicago House Record labels...
Retweeted by Mike Servitook, like why isnt fly skinnies or like professor x playing? ya lost me on that last one.JESSE THE BODY. TOOSHAY. LEON PURSE. 4 EVER.if you know, you KNOW!"When you heard Basstronic, you knew you had to get it. You knew you had to work!" - Lawandathe new dance show wasn't afraid to pitch up! @xdannyxbrownx Influence!"You either cut to the beat or dissolve to the beat." – RJ Watkins
Retweeted by Mike ServitoRJ Watkins, the host and creator of the late 80's WGPR-TV 62 TV show The New Dance Show plus dancer LaWanda Gray ar…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @redbull_radio @vivianhost @Jon___Dixon "dont stop now. dont stop nowwww!"We're #LiveFromDetroit! RJ Watkins, Lawanda and more join @vivianhost for a flashback into Motor City's techno-rap…
Retweeted by Mike ServitoThis week on IT Radio, daily live shows from Detroit from 8–9pm.
Retweeted by Mike Servito @_savile lolz. @thebearjew21 what do u think lol?! ima burn y’all then flussssh y’all⚡️🔥 💦 @thebearjew21 tell your wifey to check her damn texts and reply. please. this goes for you too. we not playin' here... @_savile disko naps and a shower are essential. lets not be silly.ain't nwb @ITHQDetroit to the @MovementDetroit weekend w/ @SmartBar, @ITHQDetroit & @TheBunkerNY! #Movement2019 #Detroit #MikeServito soon... @JDTwitch @nowadaysnyc i meant to say 303 at 8:08pm. cuz u was getting acidic. lovely to see you guys! that was fun… @JDTwitch @nowadaysnyc the time lol 💗8:08pm @JDTwitch @nowadaysnyc 😱
@UMFANG I always imagined UR Punisher in a highly climactic horror chase/scene. 🔪😱 @JDTwitch @nowadaysnyc 😭🙃
Brooklyn Flea Record Fair WHYLIN’ the f out 😬😭🙃allergy season. christ. cc: @fysicaltherapy @askjenhowe @NightOpening 🤣🤣🤣 @bleepbloopblip @TheBunkerNY shaaade
@kristinmalossi 🤣 @TortugaMinor @C_t_r_l @fysicaltherapy wut! @askjenhowe facts. @JesseHeartthrob @darkentriesrecs @jasonkendig 🤪 @TheBunkerNY sorta?! lol.i've turned in clubbing for staying home and cooking. finally. @HE_VALENCIA @FARCED @AnthonyParasole 😍 @HE_VALENCIA @FARCED @AnthonyParasole that psk influence. crisssspy. @JesseHeartthrob @MovementDetroit some y’all need halp. not my problem 😘 @FARCED 4 ever
My definition of funky experimental house. Can you? Can you dance to my beat???
Retweeted by Mike ServitoWe're on @redbull_radio today at 4pm EST with sets from Regis of Downwards Records and @bryankasenic. Tune in:…
Retweeted by Mike ServitoReally important thread regarding stuff surrounding the abortion legislation in GA right now!
Retweeted by Mike ServitoBabe’s new record is out now on his label FWM! If your going to be in Detroit next week make sure to grab yours at…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @associatedj 🤣😭😩 @FrankieFatGold wuuuut?!!!!!!!! nooooooooo 😫😩😪9:09am beep! I’ve never missed a year @MovementDetroit /DEMF/ Fuse In, and I’ve never prepared a set, ever! And, th… @gregorywawa @gregorywawa the erotica remixes were the best she ever did. Mike Huckaby turned me on to thaaaat! M.A.W. jeep beat… @sevagranik 💗🖤Banning abortion isn’t about life. If it was the people who were for it would also be working even harder to ban gu…
Retweeted by Mike Servitohow do u prep for Detroit?😩 @residentadvisor in shorts 😎🤪🤣Patrick Cowley recorded his remix of Donna Summer "I Feel Love" in the summer of 1977 according to his journals 🤓
Retweeted by Mike Servito @FrankieFatGold and then Detroit...🤣😭😫 @UMFANG @posthuman 😱👽👽👽
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Men should not be in control of women's bodies. They can barely control their own. Shame on you Alabama.
Retweeted by Mike Servito3:03pm home @aerielist it’s inevitable. brace yourself. (pace yourself!) wee in troubz 🤣😩🙃🚽 #clurbtoilet @justin_cudmore @NTSlive @DJMoxie “Curdmore” 😭in case you missed the news, we are releasing the 3rd album by Bill Converse on June 7th featuring vocals from Carl…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @HONEYDIJON CDG HNY 🖤Chicago label Still Music will reissue two albums originally released on Hot Mix 5 Records
Retweeted by Mike Servito @djheather appalling. 🤬What in the back alley coat hanger bullshit is this?!
Retweeted by Mike Servito @akkimusicworld precisely.When activism and 90s rave culture were caught on film:
Retweeted by Mike ServitoI’m not going to miss Alabama as I’ve never been anyway, but damn...Atlanta had some bops and my lil’ bro is there.…
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