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@kim_anh lmao.Important Musical UPDATE! After disappearing last week, Theo's 'We are All Beautiful Monsterss' is back up...and it…
Retweeted by Mike ServitoTuesday TEA: Real Life Rave Confessions w/ @FARCED @lustwerkmusic @lisablanning
Retweeted by Mike ServitoGalcher Lustwerk - Proof - out friday @lustwerkmusic
Retweeted by Mike Servito @partyshuffleliz @ghostly Boy Cat Bird Swerv 👀 @gunnarhaslam 🤬🤡 @JTCjacks 💥🔥🥵👀😭 @NYsocialbee @FARCED 👀😭😉 @djmarkfarina 🔥
Retweeted by Mike Servitoworkin’ on a thing. #foragoodday
Oh bitch @TheLotRadio just posted all the sets from NYC Pride! Stoked to listen to the ones I missed
Retweeted by Mike ServitoMonday tea: “No one talks about the mental strain from this gatekeeping behavior either. It’s embarrassing and pain… have to say @clarkdprice inspires me to keep striving. the feeling is mutual! seeing his growth over the years is… huh. do it @clarkdprice 🖤, it’s Monday isn’t it?! 👀💥It is crucial that Black folks in the industry (agencies specific) especially in EU stay in tact w their work durin… am no longer with Odd Fantastic. and i know the unsettling nature of being dropped. It is a sensitive topic. I am… fireworks x dogs losing it all at once. um, no.u betta @clarkdprice 💥🖤😘RA.735 Clark Price
Retweeted by Mike Servito
Hero to many, and one of the best to ever do it, Theo Parrish takes over our digital decks from start to finish tod…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @kim_anh 😭👀 @chaircrusher @Plaslaiko banglater lmao. Bangalter. @chaircrusher I remember someone having the recording and freaking out about it back then. probs dean or @Plaslaiko✊🏾
Retweeted by Mike Servito @chaircrusher pre Homework. we’re aware. Midwest as f over here. @disconihilist this my 2 cents. since eveyone wanna talk about em today. lol I saidt don’t @ meee! 😝 @disconihilist 1995. i was there. u already know. I bought the 12” too. I bought the Bangalter records too! who did… @TortugaMinor gonna sc that mix @TortugaMinor?! laaawdt 👀🖤OUT NOW @
Retweeted by Mike Servitosunday tea: I ain’t never really f w/ daft punk. like at all. that’s y’all. kanye too. don’t @ me nuthin. i ain’t listening.disinformation indeed. the f outta here. wild af @MATRiXXMAN @DJSTINGRAY313.real DJ Stingray said he not even asking for donations! but do it anyway! for the love of 313 🖤first of someone else gonna call themself dj stingray?! real @DJSTINGRAY313 right here. don’t fake the f… the moon doing the most right now or are the fireworks? not feeling any of this.
Nowadays residents Analog Soul are dream team sister duo Jacky Sommer and DatKat. They're taking over the stream al…
Retweeted by Mike Servitoan uncelebration of Amerikkka on The Bunker Stream with @TortugaMinor @PGSOUNDS (@shigeto & @bensaginaw) and live v…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @NYsocialbee ain’t that the mf truth!
=SUM(GetF*ckedUp,ElectronicWarfare) #ThePrivateLightningSix #UndergroundResistance #todaysblend
Retweeted by Mike ServitoOUT NOW!!
Retweeted by Mike ServitoWe demand social and economic justice NOW. I’m proud to announce my partnership with @undergroundres and…
Retweeted by Mike Servito“The less you have, the more creative you are naturally or forced to be, if creative.” - @FABNEWYORK people really snapped when they created house music huh
Retweeted by Mike Servitocycles.out of chaos and societal lows, New York spawned Hip Hop, Disco, Punk, No Wave etc. Detroit, Techno. Chicago, House… New York was going thru it in the late 70s/ early 80s when shit was bombed the f out, and they said “drop dead… @hueymnemonic vroooom.omfg @hueymnemonic I-94 mix. y’all it’s not even noon! 🥵💥🔥🖤 @LSDXOXO_ OOooOoOoo. I’ll wait!Bandcamp is the new “Happy Friday!” 😭 y’all.... @bookperms craaazy. 20:36 min go awf bp 💥🖤 okaaay 🔥💦 @djswisha_ paradise loop on @hausofaltr 11 gonna get pitched the f up. serving new dance show energy. make em… @chinchillaah @frankiefatgold 😭this a teaze cuz I wanna dance to this in tha club already! this betta be on bandcamp 👀🔥🥵 @FARCED @drmathys_ BITCH, I’M SYBIL. print the tee! 🖤💥Did you think we were done?...😈😈 BACK ONCE AGAIN!! This one's for us. HOA011. Run it up.
Retweeted by Mike Servito @mistamonotone I think the repress came in purple wax. I don’t recall it’s initial ‘95 release being purple though.… @mistamonotone wild! it’s def purple! 💜💥
@mistamonotone 2017 repress. @mistamonotone lol. it’s massive.The mix I made for #juanitasnyc is on this list. 1 hour of chill distraction for these insane times. xx
Retweeted by Mike Servitobeep mee nine one one in a million @MissyElliott 🖤 out today! The 3rd volume of Physically Sick w/ @DISCWOMANNYC - raising funds for @EqualFlatbush who fight…
Retweeted by Mike ServitoLots of good music on here! Definitely a pick for Bandcamp day tomorrow.
Retweeted by Mike ServitoNo shit cause we all wear masks and protest outside.
Retweeted by Mike Servito @thatjuana socials time outs for mental health boo 🖤we know you we love you @ChakaKhan 🖤 @TortugaMinor + @__SHIGETO + @PGSOUNDS this weekend
Retweeted by Mike Servito @NYsocialbee good morning good day bee @LSDXOXO_ ooof. on a scale of 1-100 🔥 though? 💯💥beep beep @MissyElliott 🎈
Doin stuff with @PGSOUNDS n @__SHIGETO this weekend
Retweeted by Mike Servitothot of the day: still a pandemic. still racism. still fucked amerika. still fuk tha police. press play on that J D… @kiernanlaveaux those older trance records did resonate. the influence was there. that respect of detroit chicago n… @kiernanlaveaux personally, i don't like a lot of trance post 95/96-present because it lack a certain groove for me… @kiernanlaveaux i think a point here is that "the world wide influence" runs across all of it. maybe implicit was t…
@NYsocialbee wee see u 😍 #10101010 playing heat rn until 7pm. real bonkers shit
Retweeted by Mike Servito @ghostly lol u so stooopid 😭 @NYsocialbee don’t even try it! plus the Telfar bag to boot! 💥 @jayjayivan 📢🤬did y’all catch Quest?onMarc or @gregorywawa or @deeediggity on The Sound Of New York Pride stream? I keep thinking…*complicit* gawd. still no edit buttons 🥴🤡 @TheWormShepherd 👀😭 @DecentSlice @duanedj @claudeyoung a detroit treasure!"can't fake the funk."not trying to be shady. just fierce and Detroit was fierce! thats all. like what you like, of course. but if music… trance tee shirts in cursive: only in detroit.we loved the acid trance records pre 95/96. 9.99 for those imports! Huckaby def turned us on to all that. beyond th… was gonna spill tea on this but i mean it says it all right there. cc: trance twitter stans. good day. @FARCED 👀 @FARCED 💙