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round 3 sunday funday H😵NCHO. I need halp. @mbootyspoon only interested in freaking the funk! @mbootyspoon lol @mbootyspoon is that a yay or nay 4 u 👀😂 @askjenhowe @ststerling sequins huh! 🤣3:03pm @Azzdeluxx 🤣👀Silent Servant playing Blow Your House Down at Detroit’s new after hours spot. So hott.
Retweeted by Mike Servito @313TechnoBot 🌭🤣 @jeffreysfire @313TechnoBot 🐆 @violetakaviolet @Rroxymore 🤣 wow the sleepless mind is really @marco_shuttle master class 😱best for last beep beep @marco_shuttle 👀 @netfuel @jasonkendig she goin’ aaaawf atm 😱🥰gwrrrrrl @jasonkendig ima need some track id’s from you too! 👀👀 @TortugaMinor @C_t_r_l I’m gonna need some track id’s...Brooklyn party hoppin’you get older and you gotta pee every 5 minutes. ruuude. @violetakaviolet @Rroxymore how did I even miss that. wow. ny is crazy. so many good things happening last night, t… 1 last nite. so much fun. round 2 tonight. round 3 tomorrow. halp! #Brooklyn @RussellELButler Carlos got stories... @RussellELButler lol. Carlos Souffront was of that era when the 3 aforementioned were really just evolving into som… being fostered by a scene that included growing up with kenny dixon, chopping it up with carl craig and dre…
Retweeted by Mike Servito9:09pm clurb couch
set times tonight: 10 - Amourette, 12:30 - tdel live, 1:30 - Acronym live, 2:30 - Marco Shuttle. Tickets will be av…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @Fear_E_DABJ same goals 🤣 @heatheredpearls @TortugaMinor 🥳🙃😴 @mrsmithnyc Lawdt. she pitched down 4 mee but I pitched back up 👀🤣🔪 @HE_VALENCIA omfg 🍞🤣 @RussellELButler @aerielist S and the P 😻😻138 bpm. I’ll roll wit it. I meeean.... @laurenflax but you’re a great one let’s be real 💗See you kids tonight at Holy Mountain! XoMom #motheroftheyear #holymountainparty
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@djtheyra @ErisDrew @octo_octa @GNTPWR @aerielist i think i snagged all the force inc. u.s ed. ones. even the @blucu remix one. mhmm. @ErisDrew @aerielist !!!when you try to disengage. i ii iiiss there any escape? @Waughtemala @huerco_s LOLZ. @motiv_a LOL! @garageclassics "you can say that again!" - Luis XtravaganzaFonda Rae - Over Like A Fat Rat
Retweeted by Mike Servitothat goofy ass flat beat is 20 too? dang i feel old as fuck. M Seq is the real Oizo banger though lets be real. hbd… AAAWWF. @2downloadable4u oh y'all tight like that? i see. @pinkcourtesy cannot w you two @JesseHeartthrob @pinkcourtesy eeeew xo @JesseHeartthrob eeew. you couldn't post a version or mr. kim doing this. it's national puppy day. reeeewd. @JesseHeartthrob U BLOCKED HEAUX.BANGERS ONLY TONIGHT.TRACK HEAD. @darkentriesrecs that face at .05 lol. my mighty real feel, always.listening to boo thang masters. shits real cauuute. @MATRiXXMAN blessed be. @MATRiXXMAN forgive me father for i have sinned realness. @HE_VALENCIA i unblocked you. lets start over. lolzzz.Library of Congress has added"You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)" by Sylvester to the National Recording Registry - it…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @FrankieFatGold @UMFANG when its not "chicken or pasta" cc: @MARTYN3024 lolz.boop! @Ladyfag presents Holy Mountain tonight at Avant Gardner. in the jade room after @WRECKEDnewyork beep beep!… @Tiga @blackmadonnachi omg laminates + whistles good laaaawdt... @blackmadonnachi never 5... @RussellELButler lol true. @blakeirvin @RussellELButler @AphexTwin $$$ + everyone went minimal lol..@marco_shuttle mind bending radio show from last night is now archived on our soundcloud:
Retweeted by Mike ServitoMarking the 20th anniversary of the release of Windowlicker with @laurasnapes' essay on Aphex Twin and Cornish iden…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @djvolvox oh god. always! hahahaha. @ghostly omfg. forgot about this one. so real, it make da onion cry. lol.more twitter kiki about loving Chick-fil-A than actual disgust towards them, cuz thats who you really are. gross. y… @residentadvisor @ITHQDetroit ok gwrl @schnitzelmeow xoGive your brain a chemical bath with this masterful techno mix from Erika for @ITHQDetroit
Retweeted by Mike Servitohappy birthday @AphexTwin Windowlicker! @SteveMizek @stareyezzz you’re in California. take advantage! 🌮I passed out looking at an archive of Prince images last night. I legit thought it was his death anniv. 3 years com…
@supermarke @eatstreetfood ooof Adonis ❤️Super-rare interview with Chicago house god Adonis by Tamara Palmer @eatstreetfood who is going through her 20-year…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @aerielist oh damn. I was just having a tbt cuz u said tonka! that’s the first dj tonka record I ever bought. 94/95 maybe?! @RussellELButler @Taylor_Hugs @abergermd bet 💗 @Taylor_Hugs @abergermd @RussellELButler all 3 of y’all mad talented ++. it’s a crazy chess game they playin’ out t… @OliveTonic also tbt 👀 @OliveTonic I had a dream I was falling through a hole in it. cc: @ladykier 💗Announcing the next stop in Ghostly's 20th-anniversary celebration: Berlin. B2B DJ sets from @matthewdear, Fort R…
Retweeted by Mike ServitoI knew this lyft was right when the basslines hit... @OliveTonic because it’s labeled Techno 🤣 @aerielist the force inc. ki line up for IT presents The Bunker just announced.
Retweeted by Mike Servitoout of sequence (sequins) is ok sometimes.Full info for No Way Back just announced.
Retweeted by Mike ServitoFull line up for Tresor Detroit announced.
Retweeted by Mike ServitoFull info for Lot Mass just announced.
Retweeted by Mike ServitoThrilled to finally announce the full lineup for Interdimensional Transmissions presents The Bunker on Memorial Day…
Retweeted by Mike Servitoin my limbo mind, it was April 21 & I was ready on some Prince all day business. but that’s every day I guess. u ca… interview incoming. This was done back in Oct 2018, but is just now finally coming out. I truly didn't expec…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @d_hansen @RussellELButler I’ll take the full verse. @d_hansen @RussellELButler 🤣🤣🤣 @Bsanch might light ya wrists 🤣i need to return to the source...nwb. @JesseHeartthrob techno house vibes of twitter 👀🤣🙄 @JesseHeartthrob express yourself. gotta be you and only you babe...Ahead of his set this Saturday night in Brooklyn at The Bunker (info and tix:,…
Retweeted by Mike Servito.@ErisDrew, @minimal_wave, @wataigarashi, @mikeservito, @echiverri, @ptrckrssll and many more announced for Return…
Retweeted by Mike Servito @Taylor_Hugs me: does it have bubbles.