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Chris Taylor looks like Joe Flacco #WorldSeries @ziyatong @NASA OMG I want one
2020🤦🏼‍♀️ #PresidentialDebate2020
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@yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop It's fine. It's Twitter. I've been called far worse ;)I had never seen this clip before today, and now I’m sitting here wiping tears from my face. Joe Biden is a good ma…
Retweeted by Myke @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop I'd imagine there are handshakes going on behind the scenes when it's comp… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop I'm not saying this whole thing isn't in its infancy. "Being a streamer" a… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop The world runs on unspoken agreements, for better or worse. I have a feeli… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop You REALLY can't compare the pewdiepie situation to this whatsoever. This… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop And that's great, they don't want people to spoil the game. And then they… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop It's not controversial, it's just pointless at this point in time since li… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop I'm not seeing the point in any of this. I've not seen a single case of a… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop So what you're saying is publishers are already allowing people to stream… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop That's just putting more work in the hands of the publishers/devs. Do you… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop Otherwise they wouldn't be giving out keys and paying streamers to play their games. @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop And the REALITY of the situation is that the streamers are clearly providi… @yuusharo @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop No it's literally the opposite. He's arguing that streamers should pay the… might want to reel this guy in before the 14 people still paying for Stadia decide they don't want it anymor… @OneJaredNewman HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGoogle: Stadia's YouTube integration will be the ultimate promotional tool for games. Just one click to buy and jum…
Retweeted by Myke @drewmagary He's going to look great in a Dolphins jersey.Amazing to me that the creative director for @GoogleStadia doesn't understand why companies are okay with streamers… @SusanArendt He's a total moron. I'm not surprised I haven't heard a word about Stadia in literally months. @JeffGrubb This is SO me, i have a closet literally packed with boxes going back 20 years. I also have a displeased… @BangBangClick @ZerodsWorkshop Many streamers are LITERALLY PAID BY THE COMPANIES to stream their games. It's calle…, publishers and developers seem really upset about the whole thing. That must be why they send out countless k…
Kids today will never know the frustration of entering a multiplayer match with their friends only to discover that… 🚨: Track your ballot online to make sure it counts! My parents did in Mass and discovered my dad’s ba…
Retweeted by Myke.@realDonaldTrump is the best example of why mental health should be something that we are all open to talking about.There’s some serious spooning happening on the couch right now.
@ProgressiveFate would be a good indie game @JoeZi1no The pyramids or walking on a treadmill at 530am?I feel seen @MollyJongFast Oh fuck did Alexander Hamilton write that Hunter Biden piece? We might need to take another look at it after all! @CalamityGan treadmill. Woo.
I swear, it's like they know when I'm having a rough day and they do stuff like this on purpose.
Retweeted by Myke @emerald1910 I've been going through similar feelings all year long. Depression/anxiety and a host of med changes h…
@JoeZi1no You're a G4M3R @TrevorLess that white pasty, mishappen lump of dough looks a little too close to what i see in the mirror these da… finished Bly Manor and man, what a ride.
When you realize you're not dad's favorite.
@rileytestut Interesting! I didn't know that. That may explain it then. Thanks! @rileytestut @rileytestut Box art reappears in that case automatically. For some reason it looks like none of the NES games I ad… @rileytestut Hey man, is there a limit to the number of box arts that Delta will automatically download? All of a s… candidates, two town halls — the difference couldn’t have been more clear. We have 18 days to elect @JoeBiden,…
Retweeted by Mykeole Mitch is getting awfully close to revealing his true form had a dream that I went to @AaronRodgers12 house to interview him. He didn’t have any chairs, just a bunch of hug…
@KyleOrl @Vaktrus @spookyrahl We didn't have like national chains in my area back then. It was like mom & pop shops… @KyleOrl @Vaktrus @spookyrahl Yeah game console rentals were silly expensive in my area. Games were cheap enough to… @omralyahya @spookyrahl @KyleOrl @philscomputerlb In a convo where I said people will find a reason to look down on… @KyleOrl @spookyrahl As a kid, I never realized that I was a generation behind in gaming. I had a Nintendo when eve… @KyleOrl @spookyrahl That same attitude is even present WITHIN gaming as a hobby. People who play COD or Madden eve… @KyleOrl @spookyrahl True, but it most cases it's not about how expensive the hobby is at all. It's the fact that y… @spookyrahl @KyleOrl Or, god forbid I enter a discussion about books because I haven't read shit in like 20 years.… @spookyrahl @KyleOrl I'm not sure how much of this is classism and how much of it is just the same weird shaming th…
Mindy's reaction to the Apple event. @marklevinshow As though Mitt Romney is someone worth remembering. He randomly decides to release statements vaguel… is ready for the Apple event.
On the left, a recent image of a binary star captured by the European Southern Observatory. On the right, well...… day around these parts
"Hopefully it's just a cramp" is the only call Tony Romo hasn't gotten absolutely correct in his entire broadcast c…“Wait a second, I have a Game Gear?” I love digging through boxes of old game stuff I haven’t touched since the la… @BardicKnowledge Yeah I've played them. Fucking hilariously bad.Found this ancient PC game bundle I bought at a thrift store like 12 years ago. Street Fighter I, II, and Mega Man…
@owen_lystrup I’m waiting on her hand and busted foot!Wife broke her toe. Thanks 2020 you bastard. @fur_longs I'm not sure but I think part of it is that I don't use Twitter search to find people talking about Trum… if Trump is actually pulling a Snape and trying to get as many of the unhinged, right-wing nutjobs as sick wit… looks like an Amish death metal band.
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Do as I say, not as I do, right @realDonaldTrump? @explodedsoda I feel this. Been a rough year for me as well (med changes, yay!). Hope things start looking up for you. <3 @SweetDizz You fear commitment. 😆sup
lol Google, I feel you @isilgupsirhc Thanks for the heads up. It's 2020 man, I'm surprised I can even type full sentences at this point.Maybe Trump's plan is to contaminate the White House with so much coronavirus that Biden will drop out because he d… little @AaronRodgers12 flex cracked me up. Gotta love him.
I will be leaving the great Spencer Mansion today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of T-Virus. Don…
Retweeted by MykeToday is the last day to register to vote for the 2020 presidential election in: • Arizona • Arkansas • Florida •…
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This is going to be a lot of fun. #Restoration
Took a pic of the cat lookin out the window and accidentally turned him into some sort of god.
Retweeted by MykeVery confused about this “experimental treatment” Trump got. I feel like that’s something that you don’t give a pre…
Conservatives: the left truly are evil making memes that #TrumpHasCovid and hoping he dies after allowing 200k+ Ame…
Retweeted by Myke @Lenniesaurus Hope whatever you’re going through clears up! It’s been a rough week for me so I feel that.I don’t think it’s a lie. Calling something a hoax for 6 months and then getting it is not a good strategy.
Retweeted by MykeThat feel when your dog looks better in your clothes than you do... Happy early Halloween everyone.
@queenmaryresist @darth Adorable! @DunPlayin @RileyDevilDog Koopa, our Bull Terrier, should start doing house calls to burn off some energy. So maybe.Honestly some days I don’t know how I’d make it through without these two knuckleheads.
Mumbo and Jumbo are up for adoption in New Jersey They are, if you didn't notice, *extraordinarily* cute…
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