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pinoy noir @mikeyil Philadelphia versus the World

(he/him) A mix of dad jokes, dril and woke techbro. Born in Philadelphia; lives on the internet. #a11y Product Manager at Comcast. Co-organizer @a11yphl. 🇵🇭

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Real messed up that people can have careers in web development and not know about the WCAG.
Retweeted by pinoy noirHappy Lunar New YearGo to therapy. Figure out your depression. Figure out your ADHD(?) Don't date her. Or her. Be better. Learn how to… depression when the sun goes down @bettinamak Philly u know @knittykitty Only yes
@thewordunheard Christmas ForeverRegardless of what the fight might be about, if you get into a heated, cursing argument with someone who has a newb… @ShellELittle Try StackOverflow or any job on @comcastcareers @cstrowhouer SameMillennial parents name their kids names that sound like their great grandparents or their favorite farm-to-table restaurant.If y'all are gonna rip off Starfleet please realize it's class-less, currency-less FUTURE SPACE SOCIALISM. am fun at partiesIf you invite me to a Roaring Twenties-themed party I'm just leaving early and handing out papers that say my prope… @dianaluwho Modern problems require modern solutions. @lendamico @SlackHQ Great thanks for pointing that out. Please let me die.when someone sends me a screenshot of one of the ads i appear in or our corporate career site in which i appear in… @patwoodsdesign @CarlNeubert @SlackHQ @phldesignco That can easily be resolved by logging out of Philly Dev and nev…'s 2020 and we're gonna normalize sitting in the front of ride shares. Bear with me. Lean into the awkward. Try t… @thewordunheard internet, toilet paper, totino's @patwoodsdesign @CarlNeubert @SlackHQ @phldesignco lol, idk. I just picked a random preset since I have so many Sla… @labelle_19 Pioneer y’allI already did this meme that everyone is doing a year and a half ago with someone else’s photos. @perlhack have u heard of radio @hugethanks Comcast @TatianaTMac What the Caucasity whyWe worked with @thinkcompany to implement this on one of our @comcast sites and they did an amazing job. We agreed…, pad my ego and watch my CreativeMornings talk from last year: I don't think I've watc… rings on a tree, a developer or developer-adjacent's age is measured from the first source control software th…
Retweeted by pinoy noirStandards for Writing Accessibly #a11y @shibuyadreams Oh yeah! I just realized that this morning too...since the lunar year doesn't line up 1:1 with the Gregorian calendar.It seems @SlackHQ changed "All Unreads" on the sidebar to "All unreads" which was slowly ruining my life but it was… just realized it's the Year of the Rat again, my Chinese zodiac. Will I get super rat powers? @gautschcodes @phillylauren Dan no pls @bikemamadelphia Halal @TatianaTMac @MinaMarkham I think if you were a TNG fan it's a requirement.Well, Picard was amazing. Is it next week yet? @browntownsaurus Not yet @vavroom KingBout to pull one of them moves where I go to the pizza place and order delivery to my house and ask the delivery person for a ride home. @ericsmithrocks Did u sell a book @allieil Woooooooow @jongeeting The first time I ever saw St. Albans was in The Sixth Sense and the whole theater laughed (Riverview) b… rings on a tree, a developer or developer-adjacent's age is measured from the first source control software th… @crswll Dude wtf I'm also 35 and I'm the epitome of "slept wrong and now my back is fucked up."I met someone for the first time tonight and found out we both had therapy today and honestly this meme is my whole…'m not sure if I count as a younger generation but it's my debilitating depression not social media, to be fair. @crswll That's definitely a problem that we have because we host our own monster instance that's always versions behind.Lol no @smallghost_ CondolencesAgree*gestures wildly about accessibility* @hexomatt @unitedbyblue Need with Charlotte Hornets branding
@kathrynmrich Not anonymous but you can probably share with relative comfort in the We Evolve Slack.I have nothing to promote but I did want to elaborate on this tweet. The revenge I want is dismantling oppressive s… responsive design is an implicit part of what we do nowadays, then how come I still see so many apps that don't…'ve set my iPhone to the largest possible text size so I can get a better idea of who's supporting text resizing v… is no ethical consumption under capitalism, he repeated to himself.Oh no you have an iOS app but don’t support text resizing, what’s the reason?
Retweeted by pinoy noir @KaylaKasprak At least three people on my team have been contacted by recruiters to join our team. @pamasaur @allieil Lmao @marcysutton @lil_yenta @BernieSanders YesMy knee has been killing me. And even though health insurance and all that has reset for the year, we absolutely ca… @Jennirrific @alyssakeiko Absolutely is a breakfast food. @allieil I'll drink to that @MaxMMarin Cabot Street in North Philly as K'bot street like kaboom + second half of robot. Fernon Street in South… @rachelmeadows Oh yeah, his older sister pretty much hasn't let us sleep for her entire life (four years). @alyssakeiko People really be out here not holding down every single keyboard key to make sure there's nothing else hidden behind it.The most amazing part about the whole "Gritty allegedly punching a kid" thing is that regardless of whether or not… your calendars for Feb 27– we’ll be hosting our next talk, “Engaging People with Disabilities in Usability Stu…
Retweeted by pinoy noirOur large son slept well for two years but is now in his terrible twos. @oobleejay Don't Read the Comments by @ericsmithrocks
Big mood @radiocolin So that's somewhere between passive or didn't realize. Or both.If you have an iOS app but don’t support text resizing, what’s the reason?what costume maternal grandfather actually lived and went to high school in Stockton. He returned to the Philippines. Maybe i… were saved after a local sheriff whisked potential victims out of town. But the violence spread to other ci… to @NPRCodeSwitch I learned that last week was the 90th anniversary of the Watsonville Riots, large-scale, c… Toomey's spine bends more than a peanut chew. looking forward to Star Trek 7 of 9: Featuring Picard tomorrow.Lost the little pouch I keep my AC adapter and wireless mouse in. Posted to Slack in a few channels asking if anyon… @spazzaferro A+ Ponyo GIF @jongeeting Long overduein light of @Imani_Barbarin and @coffeespoonie’s recent run ins: you can’t have worker solidarity or class solidari…
Retweeted by pinoy noirAbleism is the left’s dirty secret. It should be our mission to tackle ableism. Because ableism is at the heart of…
Retweeted by pinoy noir @gumball_eyes Le Chateau du McMaison @lindsaytso Empathy isn’t something nurtured in men, Asian men especially so.This is something that’s taken me a really long time to learn. Many people (usually men) lack empathy and instead w… @thebillygregory @A11yPHL @MrA11yx I request #SUX one of my favorite a11y talks ever. @kirabug @A11yPHL @MrA11yx I already know what I’d want you to talk about ☺️ We should talk and get you scheduled for later in the to reformat memory partition of brain @adamerace I came in with the same context and genuinely don't remember the movie. What episode are you on? The mos… @JasonNark @adamerace @today_explained More in the broad sense that colonial powers literally plundered the globe f… @adamerace @JasonNark @today_explained Is the answer "still profiting from colonizing the globe"A day late on RT-ing this but it's evergreen. @jptoto @MereRunDith @christinecusick Jon Groff! He's awesome. You can really hear the the similarity on the new Kr… @cmliwagdixon Filipinos aren’t pressured to lighten their skin??? On what planet?