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Artist and big ol' Star Wars fan! Looking for work! Contact me here or email me at✏️

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A very productive stream tonight! Thanks to everyone that came and hung out!
Retweeted by ✨ɦəʞιɯ✨ Artist looking for work!A very productive stream tonight! Thanks to everyone that came and hung out! father, like son'm still here! @MrCollect_It I don't see him walking!Marowak has been caught! Next up is Marill!, Why not jump into the chat and vote on the next one I draw? :3… first Pokemon tonight will be Marowak!Gonna be streaming again in about 30 minutes, more Pokemon! Here are all the good boys from last night's stream… @SadMeganGirls @RonDanChan 👀
@SadMeganGirls @RonDanChan Just jumping in here to say that is one perfect looking eye @irarugii welcome to the other side @Jeff_Delgado i offer myself as tribute @MrCollect_It no... it's another one of those tweets that reveals how much younger than me everyone is was all dogs and swords on the latest Pokemon art stream
Retweeted by ✨ɦəʞιɯ✨ Artist looking for work! @ZodiacEclipse Sorry!I want to get into Monster Hunter! but time... is not on my side... @tehfogo time to become the next ninjaI'm only 14 followers away from becoming a Twitch Affiliate! Whatever that means! I don't know!Sorry for all the twitch stream spam the last couple of nights, but it's really been helping me focus on just drawi… was all dogs and swords on the latest Pokemon art stream @tuyoki the classicTook a break from drawing pokemon and just drew some swords instead @Sonic9jct runt the mons art stream has begun! Starting off with some Arcanine! @freckledOctopus ah yes my natural stateDon't forget!
@Dexter345 Gonna be starting with Arcanine to get you fired up.It's gonna be another Pokemon art stream tonight at 7pm PST... your attendance is mandatory. i don't make the rules @Thdark101 dat metal slug @Sonic9jct Yeah, it's kinda weird.90% of my time tonight was spent drawing Rayquaza
Retweeted by ✨ɦəʞιɯ✨ Artist looking for work! @eyecager Man, I really gotta practice some non-sketch doodles! @banannerbread Carpeted... bathrooms? of my time tonight was spent drawing Rayquaza big boy to tiny boy loves Rayquaza at it on twitch -____- was correct in my assessment is done... Rayquaza is next, it might take a while off with Lotad. Come hang out and vote on which one I should draw next if you like in a couple minutes!Gonna be doing another Pokemon art stream tonight! Starting at 7pm PST. Be there, or be... somewhere else I guess…
Seems like Trump's plan to stop illegal immigration is to turn the US into a country that nobody in their right mind would want to move to.Brain still broken, but was able to make myself draw something today.
Retweeted by ✨ɦəʞιɯ✨ Artist looking for work!The current progress report for my pokemon drawings. Not including Gen 8 yet, gonna wait until 1 through 7 is compl… @jwla boys and girls from the stream out for this trickster're getting bigger! bitty boy night was all big boys... could tonight be all small boys? here again, drawing pretty flowers #AnimalCrossing #ACNH #NintendoSwitch who's working Saturday? *tears fill my eyes as I weakly raise my arm and point a shaking finger to myself* haha this guy
We need a new name for Landlords. It sounds far too regal. @DreamKazoo Princess Peach! @SheepEva11 But what if... she had a twin sister...?not sleepy enough to sleep, but too sleepy to do anything else @Jeff_Delgado @Patreon those kissable lipsAll the pokemon from tonight's stream! Thanks to everyone that came and hung out! is a LOT bigger than I thought big boi HE COMES a big boi <3 has begun!Stream is live now, gonna be starting the arting in a couple minutes be drawing some pokemon on twitch again in 30 minutes if you would care to join me!
Black Death and Bubonic Plague are trending what a yearHere's all the pokemon I arted today @Sonic9jct I don't have many moments where my anxiety is overridden by intense confidence, but when it is... hoo boy @Sonic9jct I can't remember exactly what I said... but I do remember that after I told them to sit their ass back down, I felt POWERFUL @Sonic9jct When I worked in a restaurant and was getting hassled by a customer because I was taking too long to get… @overomega Don't worry, I don't drink energy drinks that often!Had a really productive art stream tonight. Been a while since I've been able to hyper focus on just drawing. I sh… a bitesize pocket monster one added to the pokedex going! drawing alone on twitch drawing some pocket monsters on my lonesome NOW! is live now, gonna start in like 5 minutesGonna draw some Pokemon live on Twitch at around 5.30pm PST today, come join me if you like?
@MrCollect_It let me know if you need any other OBS tips and tricks :D @MrCollect_It Glad I could help with the music issues!going back and making it better @SheepEva11 I have this superpower! like some kinda shitty X-Men character @EiffelArt I'm sorry sir, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to revoke your twitter licence.Finally finished some artwork! Now to punish myself and think of all the things I could have done better. going! again! Still drawing some character art for @Britarnya! Come say hi! yes i hate this
@Sonic9jct Aw hell yeah! time to spam you with stickers!