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let’s chat - ESEA MDL for @DepthEsports TCT4LIFE

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a yt vid yay
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washed csgo nerd cannot wait for Cold War to come out so I can start killing it!
Retweeted by 絵とか @techdeckin music selection a1NEW VID ON MY CHANNEL WITH MY OWN CLIPS! :O @GENESIS_y0
Retweeted by 絵とか @techdeckin video so goodshall I get a mullet @miniatureVAL Overheating?Vacant, showdown, nightfire
Retweeted by 絵とか @pussyassmoron I miss when Twitter was good @ImnotReed Love the holidays @Z0JX After cod4 we got nothinggetting paid to fart right now.
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@KendYEEE You got that shit衣装交換…………??????? まって2人が描けなさすぎてつらい………
Retweeted by 絵とか @techdeckin The Kiddie Diddler Nerds @leaf_cs fuck you @perish69 this is good HISTORIC VID 6 OFF 200 LIKES
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mom truth summer smokeout chat dronuts long johns Black Ops: World At Cod Whatever Clown Lombardo rap n roll \m/ PU…
Retweeted by 絵とかPainting the porcelain canvas @mikezJe optic dxggo
Retweeted by 絵とか @AndyVgotdrip And film it? Yes. @AndyVgotdrip Psychosis leading @snowtrist I’m on demon time @nahjzr Yup @RawXII Nah how do I get this @Iugubriouss @marshsacred Be a hero stay home and game on @exitfrags were you in my game earlier I was going through my clips I didnt even notice lolDown bad
I’m a warzone nerd now worked so hard this week, I hope qewdi spends it well
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Retweeted by 絵とか @xawpaw Enjoy your Sunday brothaNEW VID UP ON YOUTUBE LIKE COMMENT SHARE 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Retweeted by 絵とか @HaleighRaeanna Play warzone with me
Retweeted by 絵とか @xawpaw I’m pretty sure only both will spin if it’s very hotstrummy is the best cod player of all time change my mind
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@mikkelguy Lol all of my hard point games being played like $1,OOO,OOO is on the line @mikkelguy Dude I was always against BRs but warzone is such a change of pace it’s really fun with some friends imo @POTlONSELLER fuckin bow downgarted @Lxkus Almost can flex the royalty tiger @chaigrima Always 1 loser2007 was a good year for records
@Z0JX good to see domination good again @nirot_ That is like the one argument that pisses me off @nirot_ Little do they know every game after world at war is a console port @ImnotReed Dude @TencetB L96 gamers rise up @j0nfish I’m at 6.25 @ 800 @nirot_ I feel like it tracks the routes you move around the map, first couple days were easy holding spawns in har… @amnesia_cs its the key to a girls heartAnyone wanna make a Cold War dual vidtundra shot feeling on baby lets go
@Lmax97 The only team that mattersWe love RawSnipin in this household
Retweeted by 絵とか @ImnotReed kmspicobring back the mcpussy
Retweeted by 絵とかThe energy at acacia strain shows is unmatched @wytchgoth Thinking about that @gusXbus Enjoy @windowlickeer Suffering hoursPain @JustinFilly The rewatch value on these videos is endless @Wisiu I can always come back to these and they are always so funny @Genesis_y0 @tonyhawkww looking goodI miss JQmy best sniper clip on cold war
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me and my beautiful girlfriend
Retweeted by 絵とか @amnesia_cs @ariessqc @ramuelcs @eptimaa @NotAdamJW buy me alcantar shift knob please @jameseatscrayo1 @lyssiu untag please @glads200 His phone hanging on for dear life while running tik tok @0wasco Yeah Bitcoin 2 about to come out @lyssiu exactly @lyssiu Who cares it’s literally twitter randoms cracking jokesJoined Optic Gaming thank you hector @ImnotReed I haven’t had a vacation in 4 years @glads200