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mike ✨ @mikkitbh Wisconsin, USA

it’s 2019 and i’m trying to bang - @hoodieallen concert count ‘19: 12 || next: .... nothing until 2020 👻 omgitzmikki || 📸 mikkigrace

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Retweeted by mike ✨To the man who smacked my butt on live TV this morning: You violated, objectified, and embarrassed me. No woman sho…
Retweeted by mike ✨Doomed to die young
Retweeted by mike ✨What the hell RIP @JuiceWorlddd 💔💔OF Keon Broxton has been signed to a minor-league contract with an invitation to Major League camp.
Retweeted by mike ✨If you don’t listen to 5 shots while taking 5 shots did you really take 5 shots? How else will you keep count?My boss’s son freaking out @ me leaving the work party was lowkey a highlight of tonight hahaI love him ugh how I feel about being 15 minutes late to my first professional work party but ight then lolalso it’s an amazing show the soundtrack is wonderful and it’s super creative y’all just wanna victimize yourselves
Retweeted by mike ✨ @hypemanda @ryeyamarie KEEP SPEAKING IT TO THE UNIVERSE BC ITS GONNA HAPPENOne of us moved on, one of us got stuck, one of us is drinking just for fun, one of us is drinking to get drunk. -Michael Ray
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@stefano_ukleba @mcheacrv I’m raving over it too wow I’m inspired @stefano_ukleba @mcheacrv beautiful wow @stefano_ukleba UPDATE @Bfk4everr I WAS WAITING AND IT NEVER CAME LIKE ITS COLD BY THE WINDOW AND IM STANDING THERE LIKE 🥶 @HoodieAllen so worth it so fun 💛 can’t wear it to the Christmas party but I love it and I love you both ❤️ March can’t come fast enough!! @gianniandkyle I’ll be sure to rely the message 😽😺 ps. they need black cats emojis wtf I feel excluded HERE @healyhoodie BAHAHAHA22 is actually just the weirdest age. I don't know what's going on, what I should be doing, should I have a full ti…
Retweeted by mike ✨The stage is set. Badgers. Buckeyes. Lucas Oil Stadium. B1G Championship. #OnWisconsin 🔴⚪️🦡
Retweeted by mike ✨ @hypemanda @violetwennberg Me too 🤡🤡I hope it’s not the alcohol that makes me think I want it all 💚 @hypemanda @violetwennberg @jakemiller @corbynbesson JSKSKSJSLAKA TAGS CORBYN IM GEEKING LMAOErin was gone 99.9% of the time to even attempt this lmao @katelynlipson I have no tickets for anything yet. But for sure I want to go to Russ, NF and Jake. No doubt I’m tra… @katelynlipson My first concert next year is between Posty and YBN Cordae haha @katelynlipson I wasn’t suppose to go to anymore this year but at this point we might have to finish strong lmaoooo @violetwennberg @hypemanda @jakemiller Jake Miller Stans unite ft the OG @CarusoKaylee26 @katelynlipson @HoodieAllen BAHAHAH @katelynlipson I’m trying to see what I can do! If anything the only show I can for sure make is the Sunday one ☹️When Hoodie denied us THROUGH SIRI that he wasn’t gonna he play Make it Home lmao 😂 @violetwennberg @hypemanda WITH THE FUCKING PRICELINE FLIGHTS @katelynlipson Wouldn’t want to sing Last Text w/ anyone else 😌 @hypemanda ❤️🥺 Nashville isn’t readyyyyMy videos for my vans interview are like all over the place and it’s sooo funny Hire me pls @VANS_66 I’m sorry I’… it surprise me @hypemanda What Pete Wentz says is the truth so now I need to watch the game 🥺❤️ @katyhall29 We support our friends from across the country in this fandom 😤 @katyhall29 I have zero clue what my grade is but considering I haven’t done homework for the last two months it ain’t pretty lmao @katyhall29 Yay!!! Congrats Katy! 🥺❤️ @mcheacrv This reminds me - I need to set up a d*ck appt when Austin gets back from Milwaukee 🥴😭😂🧐Idk but if I manage to pass Chemistry yet I’m getting a tattoo next week and going to all three All Time Low shows damn it @hypemanda song slaps HARDWasting all of this time? I don’t mind ❤️Do I even look at my chemistry grade right now lmao @RangersFan0717 🥺❤️ better have my engagement ring ready OHIO at the beginning of semester: yes I will get up at 6 to be to GB and in class by 7:30 Me now: if I can even mak… tip: it’s okay to be hated by twats.
Retweeted by mike ✨Can’t please everyone
Retweeted by mike ✨Damn I was really looking forward to this one @RangersFan0717 I knew he was in good hands, thanks hubs 🥰Oinyx has entered the battle 🥴Better yet I’m part of the trade - I’m moving there too I’m done with this weather lol @RangersFan0717 treat my mans well please 🥺❤️ @_beee23 I just for the love of god I cannot get into that whole app 😂😂 I was the same way with Vine! @hypemanda CUTIE 🥺❤️ @_beee23 Violet sent me a TikTok with that information and now I must download that cursed app because apparently y… @_beee23 THATS WHAT I SAID @OMGitsNickH mommy mikki ****I’m informed Priceline lets you pay monthly for your flights and now I’m really fucked lmao Gonna be catching fli… @OMGitsNickH Nick go to bedWrigley!!!!! I don’t even remember what shirt I ordered so it’s gonna be like a whole ass Christmas morning when I get this packagetryna find the one that can fix me
Retweeted by mike ✨UPS: your G&K merch will be here at 8pm Me at 8:15: @Bfk4everr You always cute @hypemanda Shelbs 🥺❤️ give her a hug for me!!!!ITS A SIGN @hypemanda THANK GOD @hypemanda Text me if you need anything.. omg im so sorry this is happening Amanda... 💔 @nervoushoods Florida 🥺❤️okay people give crap to people who post their spotify wrapped on their stories & say no one cares but i’ve been an…
Retweeted by mike ✨Me and Richard have our actual “first date” tomorrow and he’s literally panicking about what to wear so we’re drivi… @AbbyKorb I should tweet Biebs for one 😭 @AbbyKorb I love that actually!!!Trying to convince @gianniandkyle to fly me out to San Diego - not to help write music but just to get out of this cold ass weather 😂Unless I... take her with me..... for a trip...
@hypemanda 8 LETTERS WILL DO THAT TO ME LMAO @hypemanda FUCKIF I SEE KANE IN KC I MISS MOTHERS DAY STEPHANIE IS GONNA KILL ME LOL @sterntzke Love u alwaysI’m going to make a lot of money next year, I’m going to make the most money I’ve ever made.
Retweeted by mike ✨ @sterntzke 🧐🧐🧐Realizing I had an extra week to catch up and I did NOTHING lmao fuck me im gonna fail Chem again lol @sterntzke SWISS?!!!!! @sterntzke Yes I am 99.9% a ball of cheese @sterntzke Is Minnesotan even the correct term for you weirdos to the west???Chicago Mob 🥺❤️ @sterntzke My fav Minnesotan ?????? @sterntzke can’t stop laughing @ work help @sterntzke Thank u Jacob I knew you’d have good taste @HoodieAlanC BYE ALAN 😘😘 luv u @HoodieAlanC Sry Alan 🥺 but I need to stand my ground with this one @lauvsongs Lauv u... see what I did there? Lmaooo I hate myself pls hit me with a car @mcheacrv I think I’ve spent $40 total on amazon orders my whole ass life lmao