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MIK 💛 @mikkitbh Wisconsin, USA

Mikaela // snap: omgitzmikki // insta: mikkigrace concert count ‘20: 3 ✨ next: fuck corona

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🥺❤️ Long As You Love Me
Retweeted by MIK 💛Yo honestly Mik would’ve never quit her job and moved to Appleton and stuff like honestly?? @ohmyitsjulianna GIVING UP ON US 😭😭😭tell me is it really so hard, really so hard to be a good person? tell me is it really so hard, really so hard to s… @_Jillian_love Give me like a day and a half bb of the dopest things u can do is be on time.
Retweeted by MIK 💛 @soarinsoren_ Ok ok ok - not ALL selena stans
Y’all flex with $300, I feel broke with $300
Retweeted by MIK 💛To keep our community safe, please wear a mask when in public #WeAreAllIn @Brewers
Retweeted by MIK 💛New blackbear, Kyle, Quinn, G, etc. dude I can’t WAITI miss Miller Park
Retweeted by MIK 💛Daily reminder Selena stans are possibly the worst group of people I’ve encountered on here ✨ Man vs Giant Enemies! Live now on
Retweeted by MIK 💛 @itbIikethat @soulyhad Souly really has my ❤️ man 😫 @LookatCurryMan_ The rest.. you’re welcome
Retweeted by MIK 💛I can’t stop watching these omg KELLS BABY @LookatCurryMan_ Imma post this here since you clearly haven’t heard it
Retweeted by MIK 💛4 years ago we were witnessed to the greatest cypher ever
Retweeted by MIK 💛🤤🤤🤤 @tks_tx03 @katelynlipson @AlexGaskarth @AllTimeLow @JackBarakat IM STILL PISSED I DIDNT GO 😭WDYM alone is a beautiful video ... 😩 @kayyIeen ^^^^^ !!!!!!!!!!Fuck off dude. A 10 year old killed herself. your name + favourite colour + aesthetic and pick the pictures that make your aesthetic board 💙 i learned that new zealand let health experts make the decisions about how to deal w the pandemic rather than…
Retweeted by MIK 💛 @sophorlettax Adulting sucks 😂😭thinking about the feeling of driving home from a concert eating fries and drinking a mcdonald’s sprite while my ea…
Retweeted by MIK 💛 @AIanCrosby We’re getting there Alan - there’s always you hooking me up with one of your military friends 😂😂😂
FUCKING BASEBALLLLLLLL @_Jillian_love CHOCCY MILK 😍 @soarinsoren_ @golddustfella @ohdidyounow Don’t worry about it! Milo’s health is worth more than a dollar amount! ❤️ @soarinsoren_ @golddustfella @ohdidyounow I love you bunches!!! ❤️❤️❤️PLEASE @AlexMarkHoward tell them I love them please, thank you. @_Jillian_love I love you 🥺❤️ @robynski411 Right 😂Tinder’s got some variety tonight man took Christian Yelich looking in the mirror to realize he should shave his mustache lol
Retweeted by MIK 💛Holy shit next month I’m getting another sibling.Minneapolis hasn’t stopped, cameras just left.
Retweeted by MIK 💛girlie stans are getting brave for being top 3 on a STAN twitter ranking but stay mute when it comes to the real wo…
Retweeted by MIK 💛... I want to give this man the biggest hug right now 💔 we love you. @katyhall29 KATY YOU DID NOTTTT @soarinsoren_ Thank goodness ❤️❤️
UH THEYRE BOTH YELLOW TAGGED MINORS??????!!!!!!! BLESSING @nervoushoods Wait really!?! Fondy??The two types of people posting on the 4th of July:
Retweeted by MIK 💛MY FRIEND IS TRYING TO HOOK ME UP WITH HER HUSBANDS BROTHER AND IM LIVING FOR IT 😂😅😩I barely have any friends anymore lol...
Retweeted by MIK 💛 @AIanCrosby ALAN NOTIL Plato’s Closet has some locations where you’re able to shop online and.... This is dangerous man I couldn’t lay on my stomach and I just like flopped on this bed and now I am in PAIN.FUCK THE 4TH!!!!!!! FOR EVERYONE WHO DOESNT KNOW, TRUMP IS PLANNING TO HAVE A RALLY AND LET OFF FIREWORKS AT MT RUS…
Retweeted by MIK 💛When I perfom this live, ima need everyone to scream the last line .
Retweeted by MIK 💛YAH KNOW JULY HAS SOME PROMISE HERE @southdakclique BET @kayyIeen I LOVE YOUHelp my girl out! ❤️, through no fault of their own, will misconstrue this as a dance, when it’s anything but. He’s shaming…
Retweeted by MIK 💛There is absolutely nothing holding me back from driving to South Dakota and raising absolute hell at this point.THE OFFICIAL LINK FOR THE LEGAL FUND FOR THE MOUNT RUSHMORE PROTESTERS, THEY ARRESTED SO MANY. SPEAD IT:
Retweeted by MIK 💛If I were Dolly Parton I simply would have had sex with Jolene
Retweeted by MIK 💛
celebrate and support an indigenous woman getting her education >> $kayyleenn
Retweeted by MIK 💛 @_Nikki_0024 Lol love yah Nikki bb ❤️ @robynski411 @tpwkrose_ Thank you bb and a shot for some extra ✨🧚🏼‍♀️ pizazz 🧚🏼‍♀️✨ @robynski411 @tpwkrose_ KSKSKSKSK DRINK ONE FOR ME before you post videos like this make sure you first ask and accurately state what is going on. He didn…
Retweeted by MIK 💛Woody pitches make my heart go 🥰 to Summer Camp, Ryan Braun. #ThisIsMyCrew
Retweeted by MIK 💛This is an absolute cinematic masterpiece: the visuals, the sound, the push, the throw, the hit, the celebration ev…
Retweeted by MIK 💛Days without baseball: 1️⃣0️⃣1️⃣ Happy 4th of July everyone! Stay safe!
Retweeted by MIK 💛I’m gonna say it - ive never had boba???? tea is the first official workout of Summer Camp. Here’s what the head Counsellor had to say ahead of today’s s…
Retweeted by MIK 💛When you see it... This clever use of the logo came from the mind of @MatthewGStein.
Retweeted by MIK 💛Now we just need a schedule
Retweeted by MIK 💛 @ColtSym I can wholeheartedly agree with youWe’re losing the fight to COVID. Everybody is jobless. Our President is a fascist. Nazis are in our streets. Police…
Retweeted by MIK 💛😍😍😍 FUCKING GOOOOOO @Silas301 @_Nikki_0024 I should wake up and tweet, manthe NATIONAL GUARD just shot RUBBER BULLETS at Indigenous people (US citizens exercising their first amendment) for…
Retweeted by MIK 💛 @madsrath I can neither confirm nor deny ☠️😂 @makennarusso_ Orange looks thicccc 🥵 @madsrath I KEPT MINE IN THE BAG BUT DAMN YOURE ON TO SOMETHING WITH THIS ONE ☠️😂😭So I’ve been like laid up watching Spongebon for the last few days and I’m starting to think I got my work ethic from him @ColtSym HEY NOW THERE ISNT A LOT TO CHOOSE FROM AROUND HERE OKCan we just admit that we all lost a bond with someone this year that we wanted to last forever
Retweeted by MIK 💛 @RadioTodd13 You sir are an angel 😭no idea how happy I am to type this shit but I HAVE ENOUGH FOR RENT ... 😭 y’all I don’t deserve ANY of you... I owe… @Uhhhh_NVM @daniii1x Dani is an angel in disguise man 😭🥺❤️ @violetwennberg AHHHHH makes sense 😂YELI BABYYY’m the laziest hardest worker, you’ll ever meet.
Retweeted by MIK 💛ONE WEEK AWAY! @QuinnXCII #ALetterToMyYoungerSelf
Retweeted by MIK 💛