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Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒apparently it’s wrong to publicly express discomfort towards how the smash community treats women WHILE being an ac…
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @tarikwastaken @lolitaguts thank you!! 😊😊 @Mystearicaa @lolitaguts aaaa thank you >.>> you’re so kind @lolitaguts Ahhhh I’m glad you like, thank you so much 😊
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒Finally decided to draw again! Coming back with a drawing of @lolitaguts ❤️
@HowLonesome xeno200 cowboy lonesome is a good contender tooI don’t think her tweet is used to bash anybody in particular but it’s to spread awareness on women’s issues in gam… are most people equating this to smash twitter online specifically? like cmon we all know this happens in irl t… @A_Dandy_Guy @AmaazinA Yeoooo??? That’s hype let’s go alfredo 🎉
Commentating Smash with @Daramgaria for @officialEGF! Come hop in and watch 🥳🥳 and THEM
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒Congratulations to the Top 8 winners of Fusion 62!🎖 1. @MyranSSB 2. @utopianray 3. @Rivers3k 4. @TurySSB 5.…
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒IN GRANDS VS MYRAN! LETS GO
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒Streaming my Fusion tourney run!
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sorry i had to
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @insomniacSXUL @a_moral_atheist ME TOO OMFG
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒421.
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And tbh guys mostly speak out about men’s issue on sexual harassment and sexualization as a response to women speak… you have a problem w the sexual jokes of seph and steve, then make your own post about it and not to women speak… tired of ppl not knowing what i mean when i say DIDIDIDIDING so heres my fav yugioh video ever
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒Every time we discuss issues involving how women feel in the scene it reminds me what people prioritize over the fe…
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒leave it to PRO GAMERZZZ to spin "maybe dont sexualize characters to your audience full of kids" into SMASH PLAYERS OFFENDED BY BOOBIES????
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triangle strategy sounds like a fictional game that a nerd character would play in a movie
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Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒ok now that xc2 is buzzing, can someone tell me how to play this game. I gave the game 3-4 chances and the battle s… would you make a character design this good to only use in a shitty trailer for a game nobody will remember in…
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒Definitely! I like writing my own recipes down and maybe compiling a little cookbook at the end 😅 sorry if my handw… @Papa_Lobster Thank you! I made korean fried chicken, stir fried bell peppers and onion, white rice with furikake s… @lolitaguts Thank you!!Today I made bento boxes for some of my closest friends and delivered it to them! Some pics of food 🥰 next time I’l…
9th at Xanadu getting a win on 8brettman. GG's to everyone I played! Gonna do Xeno tomorrow 🥳🥳
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @ZenGraphics_ STOP
@LyricOfWisdom Your voice is so nice 😭❤️ @PrimidFox @ZenGraphics_ Thank you but WTF IS THAT VIDEO LMAOO @PrimidFox 🥛
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @Love_Galore_ Yessss omg ❤️Got 5th at MSM beating Wadi and Kiyarash! GG's to Apollokage and Ven. This will be the last time I'm staying till 1:30 AM for bracket 😣😣
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒ok... maybe I’ll get back into drawing again. Maybe. Just maybe.Gonna start posting more clips from bracket
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @ZenGraphics_ You’re a sweetheart, you deserve every good thing that’s ever happened to you. You’re definitely making big moves !! @ZenGraphics_ @Mars39NY they have different animes in them. they used to be conjoined but they divorced :(((((((( @Mars39NY that is facts. wishing that they actually come back together because wonder egg in crunchyroll woulda popped off @Mars39NY Its on funi, which kinda may be why people havent seen it that often. but I highly highly recommend it!! @ZenGraphics_ the art and animation is super nice!!! I really love it. @momunchkins It’s kinda like madoka where it’s super cute but it’s lowkey really dark >.>> I think it def has a ch… anyone watched wonder egg priority?? I seriously can’t get over how lovely the animation is, how amazing the ch… @ZenGraphics_ thank you so much and im wishing the same for you! @ZenGraphics_ theyre just so cool and fun. I did the mew glitch in gen 1 and it gave me so much serotonin doing a g… @ZenGraphics_ I dont have the vc version ;'(( I have the original gold/silver so I cant get celebi at all without g… anyone actually tried the celebi egg glitch in gen 2? I lowkey wanna do it but I dont want my save file to be deleted ;'D
so just wanna say thank you to everyone who actually does interact with me because it makes me really happy 😊 I’m g… I interact with something, I get super anxious and think about my overall relationship with that person like… online is so hard for me. I’ve always had trouble socializing through social media and online messaging.…
@MaybsDoc As you should 😉❤️second vday with dave and we slept so that’s nice. Also we both cooked steaks for each other. Got flowers and a new…
Maki Itoh was fired as an idol for being "ugly", so she borrowed $8000 for plastic surgery that nobody noticed. Sh…
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @HowLonesome @utopianray It’s a visual novel but banjo is the villain
For Valentine's Day this year, we celebrated a little early and I decided to create a visual novel for @utopianray!… to XeNOwifi Top 8! 1.@UtopianRay 2.@MouseRatSsb 3.@DR_Amaryllis 4.@Tilde_Fox 5.@DarkFalcon423 /…
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Day 43 of drawing every #SmashBros character in a style inspired by #Cuphead/ #Rubberhose/ #1930sCartoons!! The oth…
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒Useless waste of life gamer bf and responsible, way out of his league gamer gf
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @utopianray Simping for Ray isn't just a moment, it’s a lifestyle 💫 a reason to breathe 🤲 an escape from this evil… @utopianray P 🛡 GWon Xeno with all Banjo! Thank you for the support in the chat :) Here's a clip from the tourney!
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒Playing Grands on Xeno wifi tourney!
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@MaybsDoc would u be interested @utopianray ??????? THANK YOUUU @RexSoto_ If your single you just gotta DQ 😭✋🏼 @MaybsDoc Huhhhhhh link? @LyricOfWisdom THE RIBBON IS SO CUTE @LyricOfWisdom WE STAN @LyricOfWisdom WE LOVE FEMALE BASSISTSYall if there was a doubles Valentine’s Day tournament 🤭✋🏼✋🏼in celebration of Aerith's birthday a few days ago 🌸 ((you cannot tell me they aren't in love)) [#FF7R #Clerith
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @LyricOfWisdom your energy is addicting I love it @SuperGlentendo I looove the mile crepe from lady m!! @Kyyd_Wykkyd thats so cute! @Mars39NY I would kill for sam's fried ice cream near xenoMSM run!
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @SolaSunflower omg ive never had this. they look lovely omg. im gonna try to find a place in nyc that sellswhatre yall favorite desserts?? Mine are cream puffs
@terencessb Literally one of my favorite webtoons 😭 is the Netflix show worth a watch「こっちだよ」
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Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒The Truth About All is Ultimate Read:
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒Congrats to the Top 8 Players of Galaxy Gambit x Collision #8 VODs: 🥇@Alandiss4 🥈…
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒 @DabuzSenpai @Alandiss4 @utopianray @Ravenking_SSB @8BrettMan @TheHeadshot20 @SuarezYoshi @EmJay10_ @Atomsk92 @utopianray RAY RAY ALL DAY RAY RAY AND HIS PLAY RAY RAY MAKE EM PAY RAY RAY HERE TO STAY proud of you!!Omg this stream was WILD! Thank you for all the subs and followers! You guys are all great and I appreciate every s…
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒ok but he was seeded 60 and is now in winners finals so please give him a watch!! @ZenGraphics_ @a_moral_atheist the manga is amazing, maybe not the ending, but everything leading up to it is amazi… @ZenGraphics_ @a_moral_atheist The promised neverland! @a_moral_atheist the author wanted to end the anime differently so im just HOPING that its good. im trying to see i… @a_moral_atheist FACTS I WANTED TO CRY WHY THEY SKIP GOLDY POND and a certain character who isn’t supposed to come… Promised Neverland really skipped an entire 60 chapters and one of the best arcs in the manga...
Retweeted by cheri #blm 🍒Winners Quarters of Galaxy Gambit! Having fun with Banjo! 🥚
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