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milk @milkinhisbag Cleveland, OH

i stream and play in bands and tell christ she’s pretty and that’s really it. he/him

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IM CRACKED BRO GET IN HEREall this to go 4-17 in val @Percmeb4idoit i love u bro hope you are wellMY FIRST TIME PLAYING BRO IM THE GOAT this link please it’s urgent @ryantheleader_ dm lol @SkinnyKingSahil 20 @FlimfloomVEVO wanna play games on stream together lol @FlimfloomVEVO wwyd if i was there @ChinatownMarket i stay in my bagyou know they're about the bag when they blur the feet
Retweeted by milk @FINALLEVEL ice t do u like milkthese instagram ads killing me because they know i’ll take out a loan and buy every cute novelty item for my gf @soupinhercan ? @emmalangevinxo @ThyArtIsMemes responding to text hard responding to tweet still hard but more swag @soupinhercan on top of laundry that’s on your bed for 2 weeks straight is totally normal and healthy behavior
Retweeted by milk @Fleshlight guardians of the fleshlight @kaylaasana lets gooooooGot my new desk set up and ready for my PC when she's done🥰 And yes I have @milkinhisbag twitch going while I work…
Retweeted by milkAYE JOE GOING CRAZYplaying rocket league with @JoeBiden tap in❤️ @pissboymcgee it’s bills year @brandnewferrari what the @milkinhisbag ?
Retweeted by milkyo shoutout onion and garlic powder, they really be working overtime for us <3 @Ahhshley216 P.T remakewhen this happened i was itching my balls and i almost ripped my dick off just wanna be the most famous person with a forest tattoodestroying @bootythrower in rocket league tap in @racheldenav you know what @mxstybleu @_Veilure_ you did not offend me @uncookednoodle @xslithroatx vouch
@BobEgan10 what the hell @mxstybleu this is not photoshoppedhey pussy @jakepaulwork hard in silence, let your success be the noise @McGregorRousey @ufc @TheNotoriousMMA connor been real quit since this tweet @soupinhercan i have never loved anything as much as i love you
Retweeted by milkaye we ripping at apex loli’m live come thru @joglo___ @soupinhercan @malllory blocked all of youcan u watch me so i don’t cry
the beatles probably would’ve been way sicker if they sounded less shitty and more like skrillexyea she gonna leave me @soupinhercan yes :) im buying ! @soupinhercan i want youIn this world you either crank that soulja boy or it cranks you
Retweeted by milk @lilsasquatch66 gmthe dude next to me is giving a zoom therapy session so i just learned how to deal with my anxiety for $free.99thanks for the free shit @Walmart @abigstupidbaby i love you @soupinhercan @Fleshlight fleshlight stock on the rise after this tweetwhen he said this i was like hoooooly fuck
i don’t need you anymore @tacobell @soupinhercan ratio @soupinhercan ratio @soupinhercan i will never love anything as much as i love you lol @soupinhercan @soupinhercan @sagitrasher WOOOOOOO
Retweeted by milk @soupinhercan @uglyripetomato wowvegan pizza and hockey :-)
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@jt63585134 $500 no one has seen them @jt63585134 $200 @CrypticNotAlone u taught me everything i know @bootythrower bb want me to carry u :) @milkinhisbag plat in rocket league and a gf??
Retweeted by milk @scobesx stay in my bag:) @abigstupidbaby ur hotter than me lol @JoyBastard @soupinhercan we were busy 🤤 @soupinhercan wwyd if u were in here lol @majestikgiraffe some of my favs @gee_vargas_ sending you love
@chibleee so sick ! @ahduhj not a want but a mustgetting photos with my gf and i needed inspiration, google delivered @bootythrower best rocket league streamer @BIGBABYSCUMBAG next year gonna be even bigger ☄️thanks for watching i love you :) @vulsxx @jadedtaylor @dippedinpoison @GrychBrandon love you vuls 💖I love this site
Retweeted by milk @Didi_Cadena goat 💖 @soupinhercan we would’ve been high school sweethearts @CashApp $spacepapi69swag @BIGBABYSCUMBAG w @soupinhercan gf watches me stream rocket league and hasn’t left me i gotta marry her @soupinhercan my ass is outsinging along to sea shanties loud as hell in my girlfriends house until she returns from her long voyage (work) @abigstupidbaby huh
@soupinhercan would you do that for mebro i need mumford & sons to make shanties that would go insane @BASEMENTGHOST goat moves