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Writing Center Coordinator & Asst. Teaching Prof of English @PennState. (Tweets = mine.) Researches affect, trauma, and writing studies. Queer and nonbinary.

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Goodnight, all. But first a reminder: #maryoliver ‘s poems about wildness, freedom, beauty, & strength were als… @MatthewBlake @Hannahgadsby Matt, this tweet is perfect and was exactly what I tried explaining to my wife tonight."Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?" When @Hannahgadsby asked "Where do the quiet gays go?" I had my an…
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Love as a Verb/as a Tenderness: I told Chelsea that Mary Oliver died. She asked me my favorite MO poem; she asked… @breeannem White, but queer, and absolutely the best memoir on the powers of writing/literature to heal trauma/iden… for the poetry, #MaryOliver
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhD“When it is over, I don't want to wonder if I have made of my life something particular, and real. I don't want to…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDI'm gutted by #maryoliver 's passing. & tho I could share 100 poems by her, and give reasons why I've tenderly lov… me. @DrMangini I should quit higher ed and have a second career! @TakeABookAlong 😂 it is admittedly one of my better features! @techairos I do what I can, ma’am. *tips hat* @evans306 Why thank you for noticing! @melissatyndall That was, in fact, the plan. @CarlLPalmer Thanks!
I could’ve sat there quietly as the far right tore me to shreds (they were guaranteed to do so the moment a woman l…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDAlso, for fun, that ten year challenge. Me then (19), me now (29), and lastly me internally at all times. @rloudon My favorite compliment I’ve ever received. @manville71 Why thank you! The magic of contouring. @jkurr I TRY. TBH I am deeply aware that my hair is my best feature so I am always making sure it represents me/its… was time for a new Twitter profile pic. One with my glasses, where I look stoic and hardened by our current pres… @BridgetWhearty @fredakshar @MaraGay i hate him. always have.Pelosi’s letter effectively cancelling the State of the Union is a reminder: a) she has tons of leverage b) she kno…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDHoly fucking shirtballs. Pelosi asked him to submit the state of the Union address in writing. I’m dead and gone.…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDThe best part about #pelosi asking Trump for his SOU address in written form is that we all know he can’t do that a… @udontknowdani DID YOU KNOW you can actually easily change this in the Penn State directory?literally the only person i would actually be excited to see run. i’ve followed @SenGillibrand since she was electe…
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So hard going through the airport today. I looked into the eyes of our workers who deserve better. A TSA officer sa…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhD @cricketcrocker Thank you for pointing this out. I often in public remarks preceded this by saying “with the except…
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@StapesPhD Do it some other class instead! @MillennialProf_ Based on your recommendation, I did this today. I learned: Students are excited to talk about expe…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhD @DerandaTweets Amen!!!IT ME, but does YOUR partner have milkshakes delivered to half your office staff to help y’all celebrate the Writing C…“Sometimes a story ends before it’s over.” — #seriesofunfortunateevents spitting hard truths
TL:dr corrective rape is a crime and just because you don’t recognize your language as promoting it, doesn’t make i…
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@ParfittBeth I’ve heard this was awesome! @ojahnn Nope. I’m often teaching first or second year students — but not always. Answers are consistently strong.Every year on my wife’s birthday, I cuddle her up at bedtime and read her “On the Night You Were Born” as she falls…
@MonicaCMiller @ChimamandaReal This made my day!!!!I’m committed to gratitude this semester, including for my students. We have a course GroupMe, & after every class…
@pazureka @annfandrey I’m so glad you like it! @SJLeeman Yes! That’s exactly what I do. I tell them about 2 major family crises i experienced, including terminal… @TeachPotts I tell 2 stories: 1) prof gave me grace when my mom was sick/I was absent a lot and said “I refuse to l… @BenneHolwerda I’d make it in activity. Put them in groups. Ask them to talk with one another and then decide what… @BenneHolwerda You can put folks in small groups, maybe? I’ve done that in 55 person classes @karinamarie So far, no. Though I always allow for that — i say “And if you can’t remember an act of kindness, that…
@BlueArmyMan117 @Addiemantium TRUE @smhumphreys This makes me so happy!!! @udontknowdani tell u to step the f off, bc i like u. @DocMed_Knee_val Yessss. That makes me SO HAPPY! @KateLechler I'm so glad you like it! OMG, what I wouldn't have given for a longer break -- I started back in my of… @MonicaCMiller Me too! I remember the first time I did it, being FLOORED how well it went. Now it's my go-to whenev… @BlueArmyMan117 @Addiemantium Thanks for passing this on! @kolatubosun @brittlepaper Thanks for passing this on. <3 @AlexSVenet Yes, without fail. And their answers are vulnerable, lovely, and inspiring. I do this most often in sma… "icebreaker" Tip: Ask your students to share the kindest thing any teacher has ever said to them. It's m… are facts, America. We should care about getting things right. Yet standards of who gets fact-checked, how of…
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I got a sticker stuck to the banana I was gonna eat for lunch and now the banana won't peel right so that's how 201… @beedieterle Of course, it’s far from bulletproof as a strategy and every field is different. Are you interested in… @beedieterle I found mine by often checking job postings at a university I loved. I got lucky in that writing cente…
We are eating popcorn with chopsticks and life has changed for EVER. 🥢
Amen to this. My job is hybrid faculty/staff, & isn’t TT — but I have no fear of contract lapse, no pressure to pub… so a lot of (rich, white) folks are freaking out about what a 70% tax rate on the wealthy would look like and…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhD @udontknowdani I’m down. Let’s talk!JK Rowling doesn't actually have bathrooms, she just puts all her shit on Twitter
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhD @DuaneTheobald Looking good, Duane! @Bianca_JColeman I agree 1,000% @LibraryLivingJT Absolutely!
2 years ago today: My first day of work at @PennState. Jon gave me roses & cried, & welcomed me back to my favorite… Friday night before classes start might not be the best time to ask, but. If I were to start a blog (and welcome… parents' photo albums. real truth is black girlhood just don't exist black girls don't get no pigtailed-sandbox-lollipop ju…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDI can think of no other political figure in my adult life that has so quickly brought me from skeptical of to grate…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhD @trixiemattel’s Red Side of the Moon is a MOOD. @tgsmith12 Me either, girl. If someone can’t love and appreciate and celebrate me in all my splendor and joy, then… dropping the mic (and knowledge) already.
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDToday @hailthefargoats told me she could feel the love radiating from my syllabus. And I think that’s just about th…
I just want everyone to know I finally beat ⁦@priestleyal⁩ at chess. will die on this hill, but penalizing students for absences 1) is a waste of your time/resources, and 2) always h…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDYAS KWEEN. @a1ne @nytpolitics @nytimes THATS MY GIRL @a1ne @nytpolitics @nytimes APPARENTLY SO DO THEY since they've taken the tweet down already, thank God.#SpeakerPelosi -- on behalf of ALL America's children. History being made. @trixiemattel's Red Side of the Moon is amongst contemporary country music's penultimate achievements. It's a maste… sleepily fumbling in the dark to lower the volume of my sleep meditation sounds on my phone, I somehow manage…
@DrKaitQuigley girl YISSS.JSYK, I have the sort of marriage where my wife texts me at 4PM on a Wednesday and says "QUICK I NEED THE APPLE QUO… up in arms re: #MittRomney getting praise for slamming Trump (while simultaneously endorsing all his polic… the record reflect that I. Love. This. Woman. @a1ne @AnnaRoisman @hqwords Omg Malarkey was YOU?!Spent the 2.5 drive back from visiting family reading @AOC tweets to Chelsea, who is now as convinced as I am that…
Ok wow #NKOTB are legitimately terrible
@melissatyndall Yes!!!!!! I had that happen too!!!!! “This lot is for faculty. Students can’t park here.” I’ve also… @mikers86 Ain’t this the truth. I look (and am) quite young and folks are nearly always shitty to me until they find out where I work.You know what’s tired? Criticizing folks for listing professional accomplishments as personal accomplishments.… @JesKast Queer Unitarian couple here in SC. 1 Professor/admin & 1 therapist who specializes in LGBTQ patients. Happy to help you acclimate!
@fatherdog I love you so much, Dee. Thank you.