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Writing Center Coordinator & Asst. Teaching Prof of English @PennState. (tweets = me) Researches affect, trauma, & writing studies. Queer & nonbinary. [she/her]

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Guys, I’m having the best day.
Toni Morrison’s Home was a TRASH novel and a complete endorsement of shitty, toxic masculinity heralded as “healing… @wxjay @ProfessorsOld Public school teachers in my blue-collar hometown of Scranton, PA make 50K and up. Don’t know what they make near you. @wxjay @ProfessorsOld I 100% reject that those students don’t have one or all of the following: 1. A spouse with f… @lisachinn They did everything they could to prevent unionization last year; the intimidation worked. @lisachinn The university here coerced graduate students into being afraid to vote for unionization by threatening… @SDoanut Yup. Oh, girl, I didn't get summer funding! 14K a year (BEFORE TAXES), had to pay $1,800 in student fees… @ResistandReform @ProfessorsOld Horrible. Ugh. I got 14K a year and owed 1.8K in fees a year. Upstate NY. AND we we… @AnthroCPH Apparently in PA it is! @ProfessorsOld Even 30k is so tight, though — do they owe any of it back in student fees? Does it Include summers and conference travel?My current institution will not permit grad students to unionize. I think about this All. The. Time. How dare our… do not understand how you can look at other human beings — humans who LOOK UP TO YOU, no less — and feel indiffer… all my life, I’ll never understand how TT faculty can look at grad students — adults, scholars, parents, & human… @katelyn__ann What were the pics of?!? @katelyn__ann And for them to act like it’s some favor to you... what happened? @katelyn__ann Girl, i am so so so sorry and so shocked. Ugh. I’m sending you a hug. @grecia_brantley It’s complicated and not all roses and in that honest way, it’s so lovely. @AmandaGrode @Wegmans Breaded mushroom nuggets. They’re like chicken nuggets but vegetarian and my life will NEVER be the same.
Some of y’all never burnt shit down and built better things up in their place and it shows.
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDLet the record reflect that @Wegmans mushroom nuggets are the best things that have ever, ever happened to me.For today's rapturous, emotional Pride-themed content sample, I present you with the Portland Gay Men's Chorus perf… @DrSaad2511 I can help! I knew NOTHING last summer and had to learn it all.Every queer person who has been left unchosen or unloved because their existence is a risk knows the grief and isol… if not-queer folks can imagine the impact of this moment in a queer person’s life: The first time someone you… entering heaven when it turns out that heterosexuality was the real sin
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhD @swole____patrol I would never. She’s an adult and I trust her. @K810Mt @JamesHillTV 👏🏻Cole Porter: “There’s no love song finer —“ Me: IDK, have you heard how my cat happy-screams when I get out the la…
@SMacPherson747 I had to! Nothing else to lean her on unless I want oil on the patio!Today’s TAKE THAT DEPRESSION celebrations included walking over 16,000 steps and taking a 6 mile bike ride after wo… deserves the right to an education. E V E R Y O N E. But lord, I feel some type of way to see the gener… @KelseyUtne Another day has passed with late news. ugh. @DrKaitQuigley I'm fighting the urge to ship you one anonymously. By saying so here, I'm absolving myself from the… @KelseyUtne @Sidewalk_Driver Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! @vahlamorgulis @guiItyart MARY AND MAX!!!!!!!!!!!! @DrKaitQuigley what.... is it?Cross your fingers: I’m supposed to get some news today.Update: We’ve moved on to a ukulele cover of “How Will I Know”ITS AFTER MIDNIGHT AND YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS Insomnia and playing melancholy covers of “I Wanna Dance With Some… thinking anyone other than gillibrand won this one
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDMy hobby is using the term "femme" in a way that is hopelessly vague to my audience but comes off as so self-assure…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDY’all, I know Anne Lister wasn’t much of a good person. Qua Stacia, “Firsts are rarely good role models; they didn’… @KennyoftheSmith I might be more entertained if I just let him define it for me. :-p @Hallo_Mea I did not! If you see it make rounds again, tag me. I’m interested!
@aktrevi I didn’t feel prepared on any level except teaching — no publishing mentorship; no writing mentorship; no… less lofty thoughts: I got myself to my new apartment complex’s gym for the first time today. I ran a few miles.… @kbert I’d like to critically inquire what makes him believe he ISNT the problem those poor souls reorganizing the… just as I'm leaving my office for the day I see everyone's favorite troll is AT IT AGAIN over on #WPA list-serv.… Month Thoughts: It's still strange/painful to live in a world that doesn't have words for you, within a cultu… life is just one big sexy cry for help
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhD @KarenLUslin OMG THANK YOU. I've had to FIGHT to defend my Joyce hatred all these years. I finally feel less alone.… ever written by the insufferable James Joyce, and also Lord of the Flies. @MsKimFleming to make yourself feel better probably also get the fancy kind and wear it to the appointment @katelyn__ann @anidifranco Listen we need to talk sometime about how our good girl SJB ended up in a damn CHER MUSI… @katelyn__ann @anidifranco My shady reply is that for musicals, there wasn't much to chuff about this year. I perso… @katelyn__ann @anidifranco -- and it was just, like, this weird folk project concept album. And I fell in love with… @katelyn__ann It's got a fascinating history: AM rewrote the Orpheus myth & asked a cast of folk icons to "play" th… @katelyn__ann In this particular instance, my Hadestown loyalty spans a decade! I was a huge fan of the concept alb… favorite show winning big at the Tony Awards is, I imagine, how straight people must feel after their team wins the Super Bowl. @grahamstowe I’m on it! @PattiMurin @hadestown Girl SAMEThere should be a #TonyAwards2019 for “Most Generous Acceptance Speeches,” and it should go to the entirety of the @Hadestown winners. @ElisabethHBuck @hadestown Girl I cannot WAIT! I’ve been waiting like ten years since the original folk album!I just want to remind you all that Stacia and I have second row tickets to @hadestown in two weeks so, yanno, chew on THAT. #TonyAwards2019"I wish I wasn’t the only woman directing a musical on Broadway on season. There’s so many women and artists of col…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDIt is not a pipeline issue. It is a failure of imagination of how the world could be - Tony award winner Rachel Cha…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDImagine if being a woman got you the job you wanted #TonyAwards
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhD~@theebillyporter at the #TonyAwards. That’s it. That’s the tweet. @TheTonyAwards
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@grahamstowe @katefolk I don’t know the answers to these existential questions but i do know that your twitter pres… @grahamstowe @katefolk I like following G’s conversations on Twitter. @hooligantactix *bows* thank you, thank you. Just tryna make 30 look good. @KateLechler You’re the sheep whisperer! @katelyn__ann Graphic novels and fantasy ARE literature — graphic novels, especially, represent a whole psychosocia… @tgsmith12 I feel like every time I’m on a plane what I smell is the scent of 100 people who haven’t brushed their…
@JuliaFtacek You’re gorgeous always. But as a short-haired person myself I have to declare that the bangs of 2017 I’m seeing here are 💯 💯💯💯💯The back of this denim vest from @LEVIS says “SILENCE = DEATH” and I live for how uncomfortable it makes folks feel… @hooligantactix Oooh ok so Old Navy Men’s? I usually go Targwt or @dapper_boi for jeans but will have to check this out. Thanks boo!Happy Pride Month from my favorite gay-themed selfie to you. @hooligantactix WHERE DID YOU GET YOUR JEANS I LOVE THEMTwitter is fun because you get to be like, “Ducks are good” and someone in your mentions will go, “Um, I’m sorry bu…
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@melissatyndall It’s true. @DaseinPam Amen, sister! @DrSaad2511 Omg! Danielle! I learned All The Things about bikes last summer -- maybe I can help!!!Hello. As a Millennial Queer Person, I can tell you that my life's AbSenCe oF MeN has required me to learn to do,… is so petrifying and gross. This is why men making jokes fetishizing lesbians will never be ok. This is lesbop…
Retweeted by Karen Moroski, PhDYou call this a prison Karen ?
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@ProfBeau Oh no!!!! I’m so sorry. Sending love your way. @cjp_still Honestly I wouldn’t mind a gillibrand VP, to boot. @cjp_still Yesssss
@PattesSouris Honestly, yes. Most, if not all, writing that is not very discipline specific (not the stuff we teach… PSA -- NEVER forget that Academic English is: 1) a colonizing language 2) NOBODY'S first language 3) a…"We cannot pretend to engage in higher learning if our students write at an eighth-grade level." Hard disagree. If… @gavyJ I feel really lucky to call her and Jon my friends. It’s still wild to me to see how many lives they touch with their work. @gavyJ She's had one hell of a year. I admire her dignity, humor, and grace.This is just to say that waiting continues to be the worst. @brick_hausdorff They each, truly, are the best. @MehicParker Tbh its changed my life @hooligantactix @cricketsglow
@grahamstowe I smothered it in catnip!Stacia supported me getting Tag his own tiny throne so now this is my evening view.