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@saevid nowhere i stg internet is ass everywhere @cIeeoh subtweeting me again @mscharwie dms say otherwise @mscharwie nah @btwscarlet @elletaylxr @Swakbtw @TeamAssaultGG @itsfreddylol @YoWaybes wait who edited this @arfuh @hiinicolee yea i am LMAO @hiinicolee probably, but i would scream at every little jump scare @laylalols OMG THAT LITERALLY HAPPENEND TO ME TOO HAHAHA @ash_kaashh all your missing is me @CUDl_ your build is so perfect sheesh @mscharwie @ovrdoz2 LMAOAOAOAAO
@alexalols hello @alexalols smoking is and really heavy drinking is too @ZitoFN_ girl is temporary fortnite is for life @FleaYT me to the egirls rn @FleaYT are you a minecraft furnace, because I want to put my meat into you 💯 @mscharwie @qtAlexiaa milliam followed u? tell him to follow me back pls @Dvane @Dvane stripper @JFest @MLozada RED @FleaYT 53k likes.. wtf 🤯I've been learning AE for the last few months, and my next montage will be my first time using fully After Effects. Hope you all enjoy it <3 @itsfreddylol @jadeylols this was the driest respond ever @mscharwie u never wanna hp @mscharwie MF @FaZe_H1ghSky1 W @arfuh ONG I ROCK THE MIDDLE PART SO GOOD CUZ MY HAIR NATURALLY CURLED IT @arfuh arfuh i tried ur hairstyle the other day @fakeifys @cxltures @avarosebeaune let’s be honest nobody’s getting a win @FaZeMew ily mew your the best @ScrubzFC @avarosebeaune vouch @lailacwp @elletaylxr keep it up maybe he will follow u @elletaylxr why do u gotta stream so late this would acc be fun @EAHVIII girl bsf they won’t leave @Hantao SNIPER IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT BREED @itsfreddylol doing ok how r u @itsfreddylol hi freddy @CnnrFNBR NAH THERES NO WAY WHAT
@jojiFN happy birthday! @sensmp4 that's pretty long @7RIBE1 @team_parallel MAN DIDNT JOIN HE E N T E R E D @kateriinaav yes @FleaYT massive _______ @l2thhour upload soon @Mayday_Vevo looks sick @NorCal_Esports Mitch @mscharwie no @BH_Reez im 6'8Milliam is _____ @DanonDL i preform under pressure and thinking back i wish i was under the constant stress of faze5. the idea of dr… @tweaaks @PrucksS yes milLIAM @tweaaks ill just gift the discord nitro to any girl who breaths in my direction 🙏🙏🙏
@ClixHimself it solves problems which can = happiness @Alduck_YT i would throw hands too, me and alduck. basically an unstoppable force @FleaYT Mans acting like this aint him and Sommer Ray 👀 @Akshayfrr @l2thhour @DanonDL mf basically took my gucci montage and slapped a walmart sticker on it @l2thhour This is how many times flea copys milliam's montages⤵️ @DrakolTweets @tweaaks im a new man now i would shove u in a locker @DanonDL i would be the meanest bully with my muscles @jerrywyd i'd be the bullyImagine we all had IRL school with everyone in the Fortnite community... @khoshy hey lol @egirls @DanonDL @SpecttYT @mscharwie @khoshy sharing is caring @SpecttYT @mscharwie @khoshy @DanonDL ONG @khoshy NAH NAH NAH WHY AM I NOT IN HELLA BITCHES ATLEAST?? @khoshy YESSIRRRRR @DanonDL @CubicFNM @mscharwie facts he actually didnt steal my montage style he invented it himself 💯😩 @DanonDL @mscharwie bro stole my montage style now he's stealing my language @AyoQuills @DanonDL why is he on stretched res IRL @qtAlexiaa @Ringo1x he got the wrong guy @tweaaks LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @fakeifys i’m the same
@FleaYT @PhaseClan | Milliam Clone @aries_ix we all love you @FaZeMew 1 sub = 1 backflip @ZitoFN_ ur too hot it's intimidating @YourFellowArab NAHHHH @kateriinaav i could install it and within 10 mins be better then u @ZitoFN_ noti @ZitoFN_ the facts are overwhelming @DeliriumRod ur making it very obvious rodlin why are the underlines so short hm? @ParallelRegal @Kwakezy @FleaYT LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @DanonDL who's tryna be in it? @ScrubzFC say less @SoaRDylan Reacting to the worst fortnite montage (Flea) @katsalwayssad LMFAOOOOO @Dety0 🥲Just recreated my room in Fortnite, who wants to be in my next montage? 😳 @Alduck_YT do you and @lexyduckk edit videos together @spi6rit @IIyjadee @UnfollowMonkey #ad @spi6rit girls who can edit videos r automatically hot @tweaaks @danonpriv @DanonDL why are u ratioing me @DanonDL how is this tweet funny @DanonDL nobody?? @tweaaks you can have ginger role @arfuh turn dms on @FortniteGame @mrfreshasian ???? @DanonDL nvm they already have you @DanonDL can i join delirium as milliam clone