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@itsJerian youtube is giving their papa a gift @NorCal_Esports LETSGO WHO TF IS HYPED??? @khoshy your fine af @SerpentAU nah twitter is great
@NorCal_Esports IM LATE BUT WHO SHOULD I BE VOUCHING FOR THIS? @OnePercentHQ NOBODY IS UP THIS LATE @vexlmao @fakeifys you're probably rushed @fakeifys upgrading my town hall to 10 probably @SerpentAU around 7k i think @tweaaks tweaks is literally the funniest person in the comm it dosent compare @KSI happy birthday king @crayolawtf @PoggersDuck @tweaaks @ch1nyt @SerpentAU @HunterrTweetss @Joshtifiedsquad @7remino LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO @FortniteGame ratio + alive game + clix @EmadGG so stupid how some of the biggest twitch streamers can get banned for playing just music @exsu_ whats the song this is fire
@Xnetfn @033Joell @cxltures ratio @Xnetfn @033Joell @cxltures noti + thanks @033Joell @Xnetfn @cxltures i've been grinding for the xnet follow @cxltures hey cxltures @Alduck_YT @ParallelEJ @ParallelEJ @Alduck_YT THIS WAS LITERALLY SO GOOD @Anqular @alphawyd @itsfreddylol yeah but not on my height @Anqular @alphawyd @itsfreddylol i'm 16 now @Anqular @alphawyd @itsfreddylol proof? @spi6rit @DanonDL @Anqular @Clo6tvfx @NorCalMitch i swear if i EVER reply to anq in a thread somehow danon and spir… @itsfreddylol it doesn't matter cuz google never lies @Clo6tvfx @Anqular @NorCalMitch only thing bigger then that is my love for anq montages @itsfreddylol thats why you just say your 6'3 @medbobslime how are you meddyman @NorCalMitch yes and no, i haven't had the opportunity to make someone blow up or make a massive impact for someone @medbobslime hi MEDDY @FaZeSway 2nd one goes hard af @StableRonaldo YESI have 73.6k followers but how many of them will say hi? @Justixn the tick looks so clean @FRPsycho i’ve got the smallest @razinnnit @Mohnishspheres @royalshadow_ @NorcalTaffyy @FangYT_ @zedoyxz @l2thhour @FleaYT milliams cord has it in the bag @alphawyd post on toktik @ShiinaBR can we buy the skin aswell? @FaZeMew ight gimme ur phone mew
@ApollosMission @RESPAWNProducts yes @alphawyd @NotLucFN we can do a duotage @NotLucFN if you get verified i'll edit you a montage 🤝 @sadcharwie gme is down if you have money you can afford to loose you should open an account and put some into either while it's dipping @sadcharwie not financial advice but i put money in and I've tripled it since last week @KhypzYT work on fixing the frame drops and black bars on the first cine so you don't see the reflection @DanonDL if he posted videos they would @txbyyy1 it's very hard to show the visuals timeline because it was done over 5-6 different after effects project f… @sadcharwie put it into amc and that 800 will be 20k @danzeyss vouch @fakeifoo im so happy for you, u deserve that shit @Jamlex_ @LeeJ____ you have triggered the bots @DanonDL @egirls @FemaleS @Women vouchif you can reply your hot af @Justixn @cxltures @GhostGaming @OnePercentHQ what about me @cxltures @Justixn hasn't he placed in comp events tho @Justixn that's crazy i swear your like the first strictly content creator fn account to be verified unless u applied with something else @alphawyd @DanonDL yeah i played 10, the kicker @SerpentAU AYEEE @DanonDL leader of Norcal, I got my own website on norcal that fits twitters criteria : @Anqular Norcal leader @Justixn WTF HOWWW @sadcharwie YOUR PRIVATE TWEETS ARE SO FUNNY LATELY LMFAOOO @overtimeroan it needs to say your owner on the overtime official website i think
@ClarixEsports @itsJerian @tweaaks he just called your team trash and now your gonna recruit him @SerpentAU i'm pretty sure pros that also do content are the only ones who have been verified, anyone who does stri… nationality are you? I'll go first : 🇮🇪 @SerpentAU pretty sure they have verified 0 content creators so far @033Joell @twyxwtf @74Exotic i'm trying to get to 100k mentions in a month you get a way better chance of being verified @sadcharwie NAH WTF IS THIS............. @twyxwtf @74Exotic nah @74Exotic WAIT WHAT CONGRATS EXOTIC @ParallelEJ they limited one of my videos with 0 curse words in it and ever since then it cut my views
@SaamoFN @alphawyd @ShivEdits bro shut up i’m about to become an alpha clone he’s that good @OhSketchYT @crimaxyt @spi6rit @DanonDL @KhypzYT @AxisOnYouTube @cygnusytx @confusedvfx LMAOOO @MarvelStudios @disneyplus W @AliCripp you say thanks???????????????????? @khoshy this made me laugh my humour is broken
@verdo369 @Neontycom for the ladies @arfuh @Neontycom the company who did mine actually can do real life people i think @norcalmachi rocket ride gone wrong @ZitoFN_ @Neontycom we need a neon logo of you smiling @cinnetics @Neontycom BROOOO 💀💀💀 @cinnetics @Neontycom HOW MY DOG LOOK LIKE ME NAHHHHHHHBRO I GOT MY OWN CUSTOM NEON MILLIAM LOGO 🔥 🤯 @c6rby @BuzzyWtf @amityace @Anqular 1. never saw that cod montage until carter’s posted it under my trailer tweet,… @BuzzyWtf @alphawyd @c6rby @amityace @Anqular i don’t give af if he ever did clone me/if he still does, because he… @alphawyd @c6rby @BuzzyWtf @amityace @Anqular if i was to clone anyone it’d be you. most creative montages out there fr @c6rby @BuzzyWtf @amityace @Anqular wtf do i clone ?? @GamesForNoobs1 @NotRyft @Quackity i’m referring to the editing style on his videos @tweaaks i’m just mad scared itll completely kill my channel trying to transistion @NotRyft i want to transfer to making hilarious content videos on random games with really cool content editing, so… @Anqular @BuzzyWtf if my channel didn’t exist he would have 0 videos @DanonDL this actually was the first danon tweet i LOL’d at in real life
@74Exotic LMFAOOOOO @liljarviss FOUGHT LIKE A CHAMP KING 👑 @yoseph is deji next?
@iFlashDesigns how long till it starts? @FaZeClan @liljarviss @justmaiko @fousey LETSGO JARVIS @ezrxs i didn’t even know that comment went viral