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Terrific visual idea to convey how 'into' the music you are listening to! By the agency PKP BBDO, Vienna, for clien…
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Good to note that this is the official remake of Oriol Paulo's 2012 Spanish film, El Cuerpo. And that his name is m… right! 'Original song credits', it seems, when it was appropriated from Ilayaraja's Tamil song. single from Vaanam Kottattum - Easy Come Easy Go Music by Sid Sriram. Sounds very ni… @narendra_m_a Yup. The first link in my tweet. That's from the film that released 2 weeks ago. @narendra_m_a You may have heard this: Marjaavaan: Haiya Ho First copied in the official H…
Avatar - December 18, 2009! Avatar 2 - December 17, 2021!! Avatar 3 - December 22, 2023!!! @sps_aa @SachetParampara Oh!! Looking forward to it! @taparam Of course! :)8/8 used alongside the trailer and only to serve the purpose of garnering views on YouTube. Shah Rukh Khan is quote… Anu Malik is quoted saying, "Rahman is creating ripples but he doesn't excite me enough to copy him". It was a… And the cocky statements from and about composers! "(Anu) Malik has breathless teenage girls calling him" sound… the world". And consider what has happened now - the 'film music' that's played in parties now is almost entire… Mehmood Curmally, director of Bombay's Rhythm House (which doesn't exist anymore, ironically!) is quoted saying… satisfactory and I don't want my customers to lose faith in T-Series", has made non-film music a massive part o… of satellite TV and a lot of radio! Many of the leading players mentioned in this 1994 article are no more in b… a nostalgic read! - Bollywood hinges on Hindi film music industry, fans soak up wacky new sounds (India Today… yes, whenever I see the film's name, my mind goes, "Tanhaji Tanhaji Tanhaji Dono ko paas le aaji..." :)Found this to be a lot more engaging than the Panipat trailer, considering both are based on the same theme (Marath… strike then... surgical strike now. Surgical strike in Bollywood lexicon. Sriram's first song for Ilayaraja is a stunner! "Unna Nenechu" from Psycho (Tamil) Took…
Retweeted by Karthik SOne full line for the list of song composers (background music, alag se). And Tanishk Bagchi listed twice at that -… is a topic that deserves a full-fledged write-up by multiple people, covering many Indian cities :) My favorit…
Sid Sriram's first song for Ilayaraja is a stunner! "Unna Nenechu" from Psycho (Tamil) Took… The article also lists the first ever song uploaded by T-Series on YouTube. This - - co… the Most Watched YouTube Channel in the World —Good read. "T-Series’ presence on You… read: "the superhero (and, more generally, the IP-driven blockbuster) subgenre’s complete and utter dominance…
Milliblog Weeklies, Week 95 A new record for Tanishk Bagchi (and T-series), new songs from…
Retweeted by Karthik SMilliblog Weeklies, Week 95 A new record for Tanishk Bagchi (and T-series), new songs from…
I'm exiting Bengaluru airport and hear wonderful strains of "Kaadhal oviyum paadum kaaviyam" on the way out! Is the…
Back after 2 weekends: Milliblog Weeklies, Week 94 23 handpicked songs across Hindi, Tamil,…
Retweeted by Karthik SAjay Devgn's #HalfCoatStep from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (1999), long before Allu Arjun did it infinitely better in A…
Naseeb, in Hindi. Thoongathey Thambi Thoongathey, in Tamil. @iddharthas In many films, I have noticed that the lead actor reads out the initial warning in his own voice. @DabblerV Those warnings would fill the entire screen all through the film.2/2 no warnings for things that can cause others harm. If they start that, the screen will be filled only with warnings, of course.In Indian films, the on-screen warnings that appear during the film... they all seem to be only about things that c…
#ICYMI a truly inventive thread! :)! The scene could easily fit into a Lijo Jose Pellissery film :) after 2 weekends: Milliblog Weeklies, Week 94 23 handpicked songs across Hindi, Tamil,… question is, does Khaled know that his song has been 'revisited' by Gopi Sundar?
Incidentally, Life of Partha is a recreation of Srinidhi's own debut single from 2015, Lonely Sound… Nildana - Life of Partha Composed & sung by Srinidhi Venkatesh, who was earlier A R… credits! Wut? Kinna Sona - Marjaavaan Is it that easy to get away with plagiarism? visualization! It was amazing fun to see the amount of time artists like Michael Jackson or Beatles dom…
Whoa... this is outstanding!! Saraswati at Montreux: Abhijith P S Nair: Violin, Electric v… @VishalDadlani As a huge fan of George Michael, I was just glad to hear anything new from him. But yes, you have a point. @VishalDadlani :(George Michael's new single (his first single released posthumously) in 7 years - This Is How (We Want You To Get H…
@cobbaltt @iddharthas Couldn't help pointing out the irony - my reference was to an English word, Mass, that has be… @cobbaltt @iddharthas Ok, Gopalakrishnan. Please forget the word purity and continue to read my tweet if it so both… @iddharthas No no, not at all :) It's a good debate to have. @iddharthas The purity I implied is relative, as a way to signify what was vs what is. @iddharthas ...which means purer, I presume, since it is still holding on to the earlier, better/cleaner version. @menongautham Some clarity on when this is gonna see the light of the day will be really helpful sir. And yes, this…
Retweeted by Karthik SThis was the song, btw: Motta Shiva Ketta Shiva - Local Song being in Sri Lanka and seeing pure(r) Tamil being used, came back to Chennai yesterday. The cab was playing F…! Looking forward to this!
@johnroshan Araliya Green Hills, Nuwara Eliya.
I'm on vacation in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka. The place is unbelievably beautiful, green and clean. The place suppose…
On a vacation. So, no Milliblog Weeklies this weekend and the next. Weeklies will be back on November 10th. @salmaanhussain3 Indeed :)"AaNiya pudunga vendaam".'m in Chennai now. Went to Mylapore Kabaleeswarar Temple yesterday and noticed, for the first time, the name of th… @crhemanth @Karthi_Offl But jokes apart, I'll definitely catch up with this movie (hopefully on Prime Video, soon)… @crhemanth @Karthi_Offl Con Air with a lorry :)
@sujit2777 @baradwajrangan Arrey no - these lists are entirely subjective, and that's what makes them interesting :… @nirmalramp @baradwajrangan I decided to watch both Kirumi and Kaatru Veliyidai after reading his reviews only :) @doublerogue @baradwajrangan Who said otherwise, "Rogue"? That it is #EKSI is my opinion and I don't expect anyone to agree with me either.25 Greatest Tamil Films Of The Decade | Film Companion By @baradwajrangan #EKSI at the mention of Kaatru Veliyidai! @KarthikKumar_80 I know. He has also added it in his list of '25 Greatest Tamil Films Of The Decade'!
Managed to complete Mani's Kaatru Veliyidai, finally, thanks to Prime Video. It was a difficult, often excruciating…
Retweeted by Karthik S11 contemporary Tamil films you need to watch if you’re exploring South Indian cinema Excel… VaLayosai - Sathya (Tamil, 1988 - Ilayaraja) --> Epudepudani - Nirnayam (Telugu, 1991 - Ilayaraja)… is hilarious :) Watch the clip fully and then watch the clip in the reply tweet. @skc89 @TheDeverakonda Yes, I intend to. Thankfully, it's on Prime as well.8/8 Arjun Reddy for the way his exploits are amped up, with a 'No way, What the heck!!!' feeding our inner voyeur.… Arjun Reddy was unabashed exhibitionism, while Kaatru Veliyidai is mired in superficial sophistication that nei… is uncanny and bizarre. But, where Sandeep Vanga tuned his narrative by amping up everything to the maximum deg… miseries and his own self-destruction; Kaatru Veliyidai - escape from Pakistan, where Pakistan is perhaps his m… Both films have a hugely self-centered, toxic 'hero' who treats his woman badly, she puts up with him for some… aesthetically pleasing, but one that is completely out of touch with day-to-day spoken Tamil. Ironically, by th… unnatural; this is something Rangan often points out for Hindi films - that those directors think in English an… to complete Mani's Kaatru Veliyidai, finally, thanks to Prime Video. It was a difficult, often excruciating…
@SoundTrackIndia Haha :)Anand Krishnamoorthi and Bejoy Nambiar? (towards the end of Kaatru Veliyidai) @ThePuccaCritic Music: Debasis Shome Lyrics: Veneet Raj Bagga, Deepika Chauhan Singer: Madhupurna Ganguly @SoundTrackIndia @naveengmc @MusicAloud @Karaboondi @ChiniZyaada Oh the Raja sound was very pronounced in Ayyanar's… this one more than her first composition from 2016, Ini Varumo to this long list of women music composers in Malayalam: Jyotsna Radhakrishnan and her new song, Paranne… @SoundTrackIndia @naveengmc @MusicAloud @Karaboondi @ChiniZyaada Thaman did it earlier with Ravi Teja in Balupu's Y…
If you liked that, here are 10 songs across languages that are Raja'ish, in my view:
Retweeted by Karthik SIf visuals of Kamal Haasan and Amala spring to your mind while listening to Nuvvu Naatho Emannavo, from Disco Raja…
Retweeted by Karthik SMilliblog Weeklies, Week 93: 16 handpicked new songs, across languages. A very good week, b…
Retweeted by Karthik S @nmPraveen Not yet. In my list, but limited time :) Will do, at some point. @halfwindan @shyaamnagarajan Yes... sorry :)
@vikasgreddy43 There was one, but it wasn't available in the full version on YouTube: Chudara, from Raja Cheyyi Ves…