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@chima_machita23 You did great senpai! We had so much fun! I'll study Japanese very hard so we can communicate better next time 🥰🥰🥰💕💕Thank you so much for watching our collab with Chima! It was fun! ^ q ^)/ @oliverD_23 Goodluck on your work professor! We'll be cheering on you!! And see you later 😳😳😳OhaMillie 🥰 Chima collab today \o/ Wahoo ~🥳🥳🐹【配信告知】🐹 本日22:00から! NIJISANJI ENのReimuちゃん、Millieちゃん、Ennaちゃんとマリパするよ〜!! 会話…!頑張るぞ…! 🔻待機場所 【マリオパーティスーパースターズ】英語話せないのにNI…
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI EN【MARIO PARTY SUPERSTARS】 I'll be playing with @.chima_machita23 @.MillieParfait & @.ReimuEndou !! ♥️ 楽しみにしています !!…
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI ENThis is NIJISANJI told me she loved me I believed she LIED My heart sinks in despair We are LIVE
Thank you for watching my zatsudan/pokemon shiny hunting stream! It was fun to chill with everyone while talking ab… @IHalgrim Ohh they all look pretty!!!!! @IHalgrim Pls sleepElira Pendora from NIJISANJI EN**Not streaming my POV too! We'll be on Elira Pandera's stream later woo-hoo!!! for breakfast and asking you personal questions !! never had such a crazy pull in cookie run before.... guess this is possible?'s todays stream waiting room! I was wondering if I can do some Pokemon Shiny starter reset while talking doing… morning ☀️ Slept a lot today 🥰💖 I have a doctor's appointment at 08:00 so I'll be preparing 😊💖 just a genera…'m okay! Just the temperature changes really kills me qqI'm not feeling really well today + have an early doctor's appointment before my morning stream so I'll be retiring… @ReimuEndou IM GLAD MIKA DIDN'T MAKE THIS THUMBNAIL
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI ENThis is NIJISANJI and Cat 😳🐱🐈 @kanauru @Selen_Tatsuki @TeddyLoidSpace @chained_tan SO GOODHappy Birthday @Selen_Tatsuki !! Here's a short MV for best purple dragon! OBSYDIA - Black Out by @TeddyLoidSpace…
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI EN
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI ENMy first official birthday in NIJISANJI starts now🎉 Here is my first gift to all of you 🎁💜💜 Although I couldn't get…
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI ENPONYTAIL SELEN.................................. 😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳I'M CRYING, SELEN GAVE US A BIRTHDAY PRESENT INSTEAD OF US GIVING HER oiashd I'M CRYINggg it's so wholesome what the hellI open twitter only to regret it
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI EN @EliraPendora please don't I don't want to be homeless againI know you all do, don't lieI want elira pendora to hug me so I can feel her soft bossomYes totally not me on slack ehhehe @GallbladderMIA I lost count.. last night I made it to 700 and now I was doing it for 5 hours now? probably 1000?sorry friends, I said I'll be productive but I never left the bed today.......I was binge watching Vinland saga fro… @RiSun15 I want to be in a warm kangaroo pouch instead @erxie_22 NINI I LOVE YOU FOREVERRRRR I want this cat ears so muchhasodih#Ethyria #DrawMillie loli millie
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI EN @Papermoonx1 super cute!! thank you for clipping me a lot 😳❤️❤️Got my friend to draw Millie's Hat for my channel~ Go and support her if you guys like the art!…
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI ENIt's too cold 😭 I can't function with a duvet around me
Taking some small breaks on streaming to work on offline stuff~ I hope you look forward to the next following weeks…🪄 Weekly Schedule 11/28~12/04🪄 I'll be having 3 days off this week to celebrate Petra and Selen's birthday! Also… @mon_gekko This art is super well done! Thank you so much for drawing me moge 🥺💖 the wand and just the general composition is amazing#いつか超つよつよ絵師になるので今のうちに推しませんか 頑張りますので。
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI EN @hyunicat I love your art so much!!!! You're so precioussssssss!!!!🪄 #drawmillie
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI EN @DoJ237 Rest in prison wwThis week I mean LOLI'm making my schedule and have 3 off days today.... this feels like a crime ahhaha(´◕ω◕)⊃━☆ #DrawMillie
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI EN @DAIISHORI Kabedon 😳 sorry I retweeted this but forgot to thank you! /// I've been a huge fan of your work, thank y… moment I hit the bed last night I fell asleep right away and now my sleeping schedule is fixed 😳 good morning!… my favorite clip rn My Clippers are the best.. they're so creative 😭💖 I hope they don't burn outI’m home! 🥰 actually I’ve been home quite sometime now I just forgot to tweet lol Don’t forget to watch Enna’s res…
Thank you for watching today’s stream! I think I drank like 1/3 of vodka, some nigori sake and yuzu sake! 🥰🥰🥰 it wa…’re starting!!!!! @Zzz00166403Zzz I love your art so much thank you!☕️ #DrawMillie
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI EN @EnnaAlouette I just remembered when ur a baby chick now ur a chicken I’m proud of youSoju is out of stock so I Peer pressured Enna! we’re having vodka later!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI ENOh shit I gtg hahaHAHALike a strong peppermint flavor for the toothpaste! Her fridge has ice cream, fruits, Tupperwares, condiments.. E… she's sleeping it's time to check the fridge... I'll give you an update on what she has! Also more info the… beats comfy!! I guess jammies are comfy too but why buy cute jammies when you can reuse your old clothing 🤔Enna's so cute when she's sleeping!! She has super cute fuzzy pajamas!!!! You're welcome artists!! I'm just wearin…'s sleeping.. it's time to play pokemon heheh day 4 of shiny hunting #547 let's go🪄PINGPONG🪄 Enna and I will be playing GeoGuessr today at 2 PM EDT/ 11 AM PST / 4 AM JST! Stream link here ➡️… i'M mILLiE WEHWEHWEHWHEWHEHWEHWHEHWEH 💦Why are we watching this? I blame Selen @Selen_Tatsuki Wait KILL SOMEONE TO TASTE THAT BENTO NOT YOU WAIT I WAS BUSY CHATTING TO ENNA MY ENGLISH DIED @Selen_Tatsuki Why are you so perfect? I will kill you taste that bentoThank you guys watching our collab!! It was super scuffed but im glad you guys enjoyed it!
@ReimuEndou Love u too, u hardworking binch 🥺💖My oshi will never notice my love but it's okay I have enna anyway *Cries in despair* @ReimuEndou I hope you feel better Reimu! 🥺💖 last night was super fun!good morninggihid monrningggI want to study Japanese more so I can understand my senpais better 😭Hung out with NIJIFriends after stream, they're so fun to talk to 🥰🥰🥰 I'll sleep noww gn♡My waiting room is UP! I'll be playing Crab game with everyone....there's a lot of people!!....... meaning tons to… @MillieParfait Youtube wasn't happy with your ploy to get chat to make you your dinner
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI ENthe alignment chart based on my chat on my Adult stream! This was really fun to do! @itadaki_yasu cant wait to show off StudioLG next stream!Adult stream will be privated for a bit! I showed some sexy stuff on the stream YT is not pleased ;D Thank you for… nowwww
I'll be joining this crab game tonight at 2 AM EST / 4 PM JST / 11 PM PST !! Thank you Selen for inviting me 🙇‍♀️… is pushed by an hour! From 08:00 PM EST -> 9 PM EST instead D: my audio settings were messed up by my last A… @PomuRainpuff CONGRATULATIONS POMUUU LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO @HanChiho2434 Night senpai!Finally edited the nasty parts from my ASMR last night! It's still public so don't worry! <3OhaMillie ☀️ Watched Ousama Ranking last night before falling asleep 😊💖 I'm pretty refreshed! Jk I'm going back… @ReimuEndou Hope you feel better Reimu ;; get some good rest before the collab! Don't push yourself too much and dr… with mayuzumi-senpai, lauren-san, and elira!!!!! LET'S PARTYYYYYYY🥳🥳 パーティーの時間だー!!!✨ 黛先輩、ローレンさん、エリーラとマリパやります…
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI ENAnd, Chibi Ethyria...! #pixelart #ドット絵 #Nijisani_EN #Ethyria
Retweeted by Millie Parfait 🪄 NIJISANJI ENIf my characters from Pokemon are real they're probably begging me to stop because they have been in a time loop 300 times @IHalgrim Send me a pic if you ever get a signed quintessential triplets card!!!Damn I said dynamic twice LOLOLOL