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@zagvda Chill... i am good for it @zagvda I said i didnt have money this month
@maxjeisenberg @AaronJergesDigi @Lydia_Beeyoobee @tombellino @dany_simancas From what i know carrol gardens @NotTheRealKris @ariellec @MikeDrucker @AaronJergesDigi @Lydia_Beeyoobee @tombellino @dany_simancas Westchester got… @Diet_Hellboy Those eyes. That bunny will kill u @AliseNavidad πŸ–¨πŸ–¨πŸ–¨πŸ–¨πŸ–¨ @AliseNavidad Also marching band πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @becca_oneal Dm-ing u my number @becca_oneal Hey we work really close to each other! Lets grab lunch one of these days! @Sharronica @becca_oneal a straight woman, i apologize. @AaronJergesDigi @Lydia_Beeyoobee @tombellino @dany_simancas But queens is also good too! @AaronJergesDigi @Lydia_Beeyoobee @tombellino @dany_simancas Find those two interconnected but u hear you. I usuall… @MikeDrucker @AaronJergesDigi @Lydia_Beeyoobee @tombellino @dany_simancas 100 percent @MikeDrucker @AaronJergesDigi @Lydia_Beeyoobee @tombellino @dany_simancas Staten island @James3rdComedy There is a theory that he is actually the sensitive artistic one @Diet_Hellboy We have to stan @j_bot @iSmashFizzle Dam @James3rdComedy ❀❀❀❀ @AaronJergesDigi @Lydia_Beeyoobee @tombellino @dany_simancas Doral is MAJOR jackson heights queens vibes tbh. And P… @AaronJergesDigi @Lydia_Beeyoobee @tombellino @dany_simancas As some one who grew up in hollywood and now live in b…
Who took this video and who the fuck screen recorded it ??? Smh
@VladimirBlue @ellomelissa @VladimirBlue @ellomelissa Yo i fucking SCREAMED @JayJurden @davemizzoni Omfg @hidianachan'all know y'all would smash πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
Featuring @EwdatsGROSS @lizzzzzielogan @AkilahObviously @ginnyhogan_ @notchillgirl @thesteinberglar @MillyTamarez…
Retweeted by Whacktose Intolerant @AshantiWaybriel Yo i love that slang @AshantiWaybriel What does this stand for ?Ugh why did we learn about the canterberry tales instead of how to go on a date when 3 of your acrylics fell off sm… @BEEow @samlymatters @Rachel_Sennott Live being high at the airport @silkyjumbo @misskatesbazaar @MarciaBelsky Which ever one "loses the check in the mail" 🀞🏽 @crissles @mattRAZ @THEkarliehustle Girl apparently Meghan was on ig saying she still talk to Michael because "it is was it is" @mattRAZ @THEkarliehustle @crissles I am DYING TO KNOW @YumYumRJ What did the note say?
@NahitsjustAlex Because alot of cult comedy is just shit that spoke to white men so hard they claimed the whole world loved it @zackeryastephen @EatinistBitch They be saying it with bass in they voice too biopics are funnier than half of the "cult" comedy classics @corihealey @DoctorJiggaWho LA is a fucking scam @casualafro They were from Europe. Can you imagine the ENTITLEMENT?! @casualafro Then they got off the train and they got their SUITCASES they were trying to regulate on me and they ain't even FROM HERE SMH @casualafro Girl I was on the subway and talking to my friends and a white guy asked me to "lower my voice" I said… @fantasfico @TooHodToTrot one: Absolutely no one: Still no one: White woman who makes eye contact with me: I LOVE Lizzo!!!!!!!!!!
@mij0andres @mij0andres @mij0andres @mij0andres @mij0andres @mij0andres @mij0andres SAME @mij0andres I can do this all day hunty @mij0andres @mij0andres @mij0andres @mij0andres @mij0andres @mij0andres @j_bot It's not your fault @erinhollyfenton He looked fun!Good morning
I love when all my okcupid matches form a community @nsilverberg @DewaynePerkins It's not @chenyanqing they are smiling @AliseNavidad She got her weed taken away at a Harry potter Broadway show @chescaleigh I am so sorry. ❀❀❀ @crissles Omg !!!! @raesanni NoI love Facebook @raesanni And no it is not by blood @raesanni One day I will tell you my family's connection to Jason derulo"But I would walk 500 miles And I would walk 500 more Just to be the man who walks barefoot on the Quad" @bethanyshondark @nypost are you going to write a piece in DEFENSE of the woman who coerced an illegal confession from black children an… is like 90% of non black Twitter.If you do not respect the humanity of black people DO NOT USE BLACK SLANG! @YumYumRJ Toxic @mikecabellon ME?! @mikecabellon Did you move?
@fatcarriebshaw @fatcarriebshaw You better hop on that G and come drop off my shirt @YumYumRJ @TimidWerewolf OMG RJ my dad did the sameSeason 7 of @dylanmarron's conversations with people who hate me podcast @TaDeoAsojano @TaDeoAsojano @TaDeoAsojano Yooo the vibe Meryl and her baby teeth was emitting was OFFFFFF-friend complains about a fuccboi- ME: @MattBarats Dam-Meryl Streep smiles in Big Little Lies- ME: @maracharese @becagrimm
@chenyanqing @djolder @eatpraylusk I did it for 2 years. I have ALOT of NUANCED thoughts @zagvda IPhones control the media