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Comedian, creator of @flexxmag , , , and co-founder of @dafcomedyfest

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@OttoFernandez Everybody eats @alutkin @YumYumRJ @heyKQ @ellesep @YoGlo_ @_lanabelle @ilanasaurrrus Equal to an italian tbh @YumYumRJ @heyKQ @ellesep @YoGlo_ @_lanabelle @alutkin @ilanasaurrrus You are fucking not!!What if its just bragging about a not so similar project I created
@ayoedebiri We gotta kick it into gear @jourdayen @ellesep @jestom @_irenemerrow @Rachel_Sennott @ayoedebiri @MsReeezy @silkyjumbo @aprettybigmouth @jestom 🙄🙄🙄🙄 @jestom What could they possibly say about cardi? @YoGlo_ @YumYumRJ @ellesep @_lanabelle @alutkin @ilanasaurrrus @heyKQ RJ!! MY GODDD @kadyrabbit 1 @jay__light I also cried so much!! @MuadDeezNuts Lexi i am so sorry @larryowenslive Good things happen in threes bb @mattwstein Now THIS is #content @ellesep @hidianachan @AliseNavidad @kadyrabbit Also @notsocynicalC and @TheKarenSep are amazing woc @ellesep Hi! I want to nominate @hidianachan @AliseNavidad @kadyrabbit !!! @RachelLeishman @ellesep @HeySasha @just_alamp @YoGlo_ Omfg RACHEL @emmylanepotter @_hellolizz I am very close to 30 and I JUST got to realizing that. I used to internalize so much of other people's… but for real i feel bad for this actress who just wanted to pay her smhWhen you Non-Union and you book your first national @_hellolizz @SippingDonJulio That doesnt mean i try to "fix" them or put up the behavior i just feel bad for them as I runaway lol @_hellolizz @SippingDonJulio Also i have been reading a book called "Attached" about adult attachment theory and i… @_hellolizz @SippingDonJulio I read this really great article about how masculinity isnt "toxic" but it is a thing… @eric_shorey I love the millionaires @RachelLeishman @jourdayen TripletssssHigh top fades rarely make history @iamcardib Hiiii @MrGehring @ilanasaurrrus It stinks
There is a TON of NYPD at cadman park plaza in DUMBO with zip ties. Be careful y'all @KathETao OH as a HOST! As one of the "young people" commentators they have but they never let speak. INTERESTING @KathETao which season was kentaro on? It's not ringing a bell @snmrrw This the only movie we need
@jamescross42069 @colbyjsmith James wtf @MeganLasher @TimBarnes451 Dam give me one smh @MeganLasher did u move to LA? @sassyblackdiva he is a corndog @j_bot Wow you know me and you know that i love this @itsgeminibitch @MuadDeezNuts @TwelveCanaries @chenyanqing @AlexRules9000 @gaybonez Why was this to pete weintzThe only fandom worse than n*kki m*naj is that of white owned homegood stores in Massachusetts @VirtuallyVegan @MamoudouNDiaye What is the purpose of your tweets? To make me feel bad? To take down negative revi… @VirtuallyVegan @gaybonez You were not there. Please leave me alone. @gaybonez A whole ass month later... like nothing new jas happened this person just wanted to rehash this shit @gaybonez Its supposedly not even the store owner. Its someone who used to work for them
"What have you learned?" @VirtuallyVegan How dare you? @VirtuallyVegan Are you really telling me what i experienced because you have a personal relationship with the store owners? @VirtuallyVegan Are you really doing this? @phippsdontlie @AndyRichter @AndyRichter Wtf are u eating ? @chenyanqing @yc Omg @MikeJungman @ChaseMontavon Unlock this you coward @TimBarnes451 I push them out my way... alwaysI'd smash @chenyanqing @hatguysupreme @bradyocallahan Whose heart is it Brady? @phippsdontlie @dominicknero Sleep master @phippsdontlie Not trying to kink shame but really didn't need to know your foreplay @TraceOddity Know what Trace? LolI'm tired
Spotted this #Influencer updating their instagram on my evening commute and I honestly respect the hustle so much.… @JayCatch 😓 @JayCatch Not mutally exclusive @YumYumRJ @TraceOddity Probs @YumYumRJ @TraceOddity Also @YumYumRJ @TraceOddity What happened to your toe?
@sassyblackdiva I dont like slasher films but support this cause @soul_souping When i went it was closed (before noon) after the one mercantile situation all we did was eat at bota… @soul_souping Do you manage the cookware store? @TraceOddity @YumYumRJ 6
Me and my friends skipped school and i convinced them to go to the library @ciuema @sheherzog @chenyanqing @gabalexa I loved this
Who? @nayomir I just dmed u reality @jacobstweets Fuck man now i am getting ads @jacobstweets Dude i watched this trailer because of u and now i am pissed @SupahGenius
@WanjikoIAm Dmed u @janellejcomic @Sharronica Girl i did not audition for this bs @stu_mc I kno @arayyay @arayyay girl you in the hospital stop asking for the smoke lol @ChrissySh concert will be more fun tho @notsocynicalC I know right. It was a homework show so my set was mostly about whitney houston but i also dragged R… night I did a show at The Stonewall and there was this cute black girl attending the show alone. After the sho… @larryowenslive Wait til he says "you can put me in your bit" 🙄🙄🙄🙄 @larryowenslive We fucking him up
@arayyay didn't they not believe you at first? SMH @thefrisbee @lyft @AskLyft Yea they just dont want it held against them so they try to wait for you to cancel it. T… @thefrisbee @lyft This happened to me ! I got charged 8 bucks and lyft didn't say anything @AmyLynneBerger @TomRaineyy Yall need to give it back to Mel, stop the fucking games smhThe simulation is getting predictable
@fantasfico honey you need to learn there are 3 williamsburgs