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Joined Twitter 11/15/16 Chief Justice Ayah Paul Abine accuses Cameroonian military of extrajudicial killings and arbitrary arrest… the papers say today review today July 22, 2019. the papers say this morning headlines today in Cameroon headlines this morning
National And International News Roundup: -3 bodies found in Babessi. -CPDM prepares a mega pro-Biya march in Bafo… Images are shocking! Fai and Yuwang shot dead in Rifem, Bui Division in the North West region of Cameroon… kills three in Bui, Biker who organized anti-ghost town march killed in Kumba kills three in Bui At least three civilians have been shot dead by Soldiers in Rifem, Bui Division in th… headlines this morning's newspaper headlines headlines today in Cameroon Bibixy Addresses Ambazonia Fighters In Fresh Audio Message, reinterates School Resumption Call
Kidnapped Barrister Sang George released! The communication and Media Committee Chairman of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and C… least one person dies after the collapse of a building around Ngangue, carrefour Roger Milla, in Douala on Thurs… DO of Bafoussam 1, West region, who banned a CRM meeting has authorized that of CPDM Delegate to the West, Sult… to ‘play’ Finals of 2019 African Cup of Nations: Three Cameroonian referees appointed to handle the f… Bali Video: CHRDA Condemns Torture And Calls For Restrain signatures against back-to-school Over one hundred and thirty prisoners in Newbell Douala, have distanced the… @wanmbel @formambuh Let's even assume it's a ghost town day. The women are saying they went to buy food (chicken),… @wanmbel @formambuh They are not talking about ghost town here. They are labelling these women as spies and traitor… the papers say today Headlines Today In Cameroon
Tanzanian journalist Grabs Press Freedom Award amid media crackdown of the lawyers defending Ambazonia leaders in Yaounde has been kidnapped. Barrister SANG GEORGE NDANG is the… South West & NorthWest Women's Taskforce - SNWOT condemns right abuse in Bali Nyonga They write👇👇👇👇 @formambuh Bali Nyonga is situated in Mezam Division, North West Region of Cameroon.Shocking video of 3 women and two babies being molested by Amba fighters in Bali goes viral on social media. In th… Balla Nkongho talks to DW today on the Swiss-led negotiation👇👇 Says It Can Mediate Anglophone Crisis, But Won’t Provide Military Aid headlines today in Cameroon headlines today in Cameroon the papers say today
Lion's coach, Clarence Seedorf and assistant have been dismissed. This follows the poor performance of the Camero…'s newspaper review the papers say this morning headlines today in Cameroon and International News Roundup: -NW/SW back to school campaigner denies allegations of state sponsorship.…
Paul Biya Extends mandates of municipal Councillors the papers say today in Cameroon. Please click link below for other newspaper headlines… the papers this morning headlines today in Cameroon
Anglophone Crisis: Cameroon’s talented actress, Syndy Emade weeps as IDPs present ordeal conflict in NW, SW: US senate issues a five point resolution Crisis: Agbor Gilbert Ebot visits refugees in Nigeria Cameroon's trailblazing Film Producer and Promot…
Prophet Paddy Agbor Says He Did Not Pay A Ransom To His Captors Accident On National Road Num. 3 5 people have been seriously injured following an accident on the Douala-… Accuses Separatists Of Kidnappings In Anglophone Regions
100 Supporters of CRM party released -leaders still under detention Pastor released! Pastor Agbor Paddy Mbah of the “Jesus Kingdom Embassy” has finally been released, famil… headlines today headlines this morning's newspaper review the papers say today
.@Mimimefo237 makes the important point that free press/free expression advocacy groups, like @PENamerican and our…
Retweeted by Mimi237WIN A PORTRAIT OF THYSELF simply by co-interpreting any two of Squamos favorite arts from my book page. There will…
Retweeted by Mimi237#Release Paul Chouta @philippesands @CPJAfrica @pen_int calls for the release of Paul Chouta who has been in detention for over 45days now. "The place of a journalist…'s newspaper review the papers say today headlines today in Cameroon
His last public appearance was on the 3rd of May 2019 during activities to mark World Press Freedom day in Yaounde.… of Cameroon's most respectable Journalist is no more. Jean Baptiste Sipa died today, local media have confirm… Agbor Paddy Mbah ‘missing’ between Buea and Douala. @aristidemabatto @foreignoffice 😊😊😍😍 @IndexCensorship @englishpen @pen_int @zehradoganjinha @Schism_Schasm @carobotero @angelaquintalI will be looking at the practical challenges that the press face in an increasingly hostile environment in Cameroo…'s meet at the @foreignoffice's Global Media Conference in London tomorrow In as much as there are existing pres… of Brigade Anti Sardinards (BAS) want the content of the Swiss-led negotiation modified. They say prof Maur… the papers say today's newspaper review the papers say this morning in Cameroon the papers say this morning Gendarmes have been killed following an Amba attack at Bamessing-Ndop in Ngohketunjia Division, Cameroon's res…
Trial of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and Co adjourned to July 23th Explosion In Marché Grand-Hangar Bonaberi brother @PatrickMua of #Cameroon's @guardian_post and @Mimimefo237 of @EquinoxeTv_cm dig into France-Cameroon r…
Retweeted by Mimi237« Why Schools Must Resume In North West, South West » CHRDA They regret that the main industry in the North West a…"This is the third time the matter of Paul Chouta is called up and she is not present...she picks up her calls but… are suspecting the absence of Calixthe Beyala is intentional "All attempts to serve her has been difficult… trial of Paul Chouta, a Cameroonian journalist has been adjourned to the 13th of August 2019. At the Court of… Revolution Leaders call for school resumption in North West, South West...But insecurity poses a threat headlines today in Cameroon. Please click link below for other newspaper headlines this morning 👇👇… Bibixy, leader of the coffin Revolution who is currently serving a fifteen-year jail term says classes must…'s newspaper headlines Primeur de l'infi plus in today's issue, says one of the oldest serving leaders in the world, Paul Biya, of Came… Chouta is being held under deplorable conditions at the Kondengui maximum prison in Yaounde. @pen_int Chouta is being held under deplorable conditions at the Kondengui maximum prison in Yaounde. #Release Paul C… Chouta is an independent journalist, working under difficult condition like every media worker in Cameroon. He… Paul Chouta, founder of le TGV de l'info will appear at the Yaounde Court of First Instance this July 9,…
Fire Guts 11 Shops At Bamenda Food Market Cameroonian MPs from the South Region condemn anti-Biya protest in the diaspora. 👇👇👇 least three prison warders have died in the course of an accident in Mbot village Donga Mantung Division in the… African Heads of State & Government To Engage Cameroon Government, Ambazonia Leaders In Inclusive Dialogue the papers say today. Please click link below for other newspaper headlines 👇👇👇 MMI the papers say this morning in Cameroon headlines today in Cameroon