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less fighter than trapeze master. nebula- and hugo-nominated sff writer & editor; columnist @httweets. can’t see nonfollower replies. agent: @luciennediver

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@MaryBottomart otoh there *is* a toilet paper shortage going around, one needs to keep that in mind 👀 @excalibur61 do you have ideas?! @scottlynch78 @NancyHightower haha sigh we had a fridge replacement in january so cleaning isn’t really the problem… @NancyHightower @scottlynch78 idk i have a bottle of storebought cognac-based eggnog hanging around in the fridge s… @scribblesassin forgot to put it in the fridge after cooling (and then another four days), didn’t you? 😏show yerselves with your opinions, scallywags (applicable for any of the opinions, everyone’s a scallywag right now) 🏴‍☠️ @Magicknegro @NisiShawl @bryancamp @cateroot @megelison @Amballoons i’m... i’ve watched so little tv i have to real… thinks i can put protein powder in cocktails seeing that i’m DONE drinking smoothies and also with the world right now? 😒
@pookipedia @sumantaganguly ha turns out what i did not enjoy eating too frequently at home turns into nostalgic co…
@nkjemisin i’ll never tire of being excited for you EVERY time you get nominated! so excited. 💗💗💗WHO MADE THIS (found here:
Retweeted by mimi🇮🇳mondal opposes CAA and NRC @nameshiv @aaronsxl my roommate bought dried curry leaves from the indian store. not the same as fresh, but the tru… @architamittra we had chinese checkers too! also the ludo board with ludo and snakes-and-ladders. aaro duto ekta ki… day of social distancing in new york city and i have reverted to comfort-eating muri with chini and jol, good old medinipore style 🥰😭 @keyanbowes yesss! 🥰 do you have it? @architamittra it’s bagatelle, which is kind of a vintage pinball that used to be popular in britain as a pub game… @MarkSab @Skunkadelia ooh thank you, you actually identified it almost 3 years after i took the photo! now i must also notify @john_chu! 😊spotted in somerville, MA, on a snowy-day trek to visit the sff author john chu; december 2017 🤖 . #robot @DebPratiti @areyounemo @Qaummunist @michkellelley @DavidZegeye @__katrinarenee oh dear i’ve watched so little tv 😅😅😅
@Magicknegro yes i tried several ways of salvaging it, including eating the results with ice cream (got sick in a c… @rheaitis start taking photos on grocery runs like i am! but also, stanning the hair as usual. @Magicknegro put in too much oil. i don’t even know why, it’s the basic recipe i’ve made several times. what came o… succeeded in making the world’s worst “cake” 👀
@C_Morgs65 yum @SpinSpinSpin tai? i didn’t know anyone who played it besides me and my mom, sister, couple of cousins, but then yo… @Vylar_Kaftan it wasn’t *very* family appropriate, because the smaller kids kept trying to eat the metal balls. i m… @Vylar_Kaftan lol san jose is the only other worldcon i’ve been to, but the experience was VERY different! i didn’t… @Vylar_Kaftan (i know the game because we had a smaller, family-size board when i was a kid, which one of my uncles… @Vylar_Kaftan haha 2014 was in london! i was not trying to write sff yet, but i lived in london for a while and wor… @Vylar_Kaftan hint? this photo was taken at the 2014 worldcon! 😄the only game at which i can beat any opponent and no one else i know knows what it is 🤷🏽 @genderqueerwolf @sandykidd hiii 💗💗💗
@tehartley @BSFWriters use where you think it starts! what’s a very small frown for you? @miminality Important poll for writers/readers/anyone else! Do YOU think a frown is a(n) 😠😠😏
Retweeted by mimi🇮🇳mondal opposes CAA and NRC @BrtFlame @BSFWriters there’s this difference in cultural understanding in north america and elsewhere, which you c… just can't help but think if we had a better editor, this could have been a novella coronavirus, or even a short story coronavirus.
Retweeted by mimi🇮🇳mondal opposes CAA and NRCNOW YOU ALL HAVE TO FIGHT IT OUT ITS OFFICIAL DO ITTT
@FirstClassHack haha this one has a board. the big gate is on the other street. @FirstClassHack the building with the BATTLE banner behind me is a hospital, obviously. 😂 ⚔️🦠⚔️This photo is to prove to my American friends that frowning is an eyebrow activity, as opposed to a corner-of-mouth… @_rachelhartman @AlixEHarrow i just don’t want to be end up being the unappreciated weird person who wafts across t… @_rachelhartman @AlixEHarrow for real the MOST challenging part of social distancing so far for me has been that my… @AlixEHarrow what if we already did diy haircuts? 👀a masked trooper goes out to forage for groceries in the dread streets of new york city. (the last two shots are fr… @LA_Knight89 had to google for what “slacks” were because they just belong to the overall “corporate day job clothe… @LA_Knight89 hahaha it occurs to me that some of *my* “former friends” may think that way about me. mostly the thou… @AListRap i have a fire escape with a plastic mat in it, because otherwise it gives me vertigo to look below myself… @DrWorsTen haha done it already, forgot to take a screenshot @ellenbwright i’m a manhattan friend if you can reach out here somehow! (i already have a mask but my roommate doesn’t yet.) @matociquala That looks like an amazing birthday dinner in the best of times! Many happy returns of the day and a g…
@DebPratiti i use shea moisture everything, if i can. it’s a company which originally catered to black women, so th… @Annaleen i’m a super average cook in general but a miracle at putting together whatever’s around into the best pos… @Annaleen @Rachelhatesit i did too! whoa, had no idea anyone else did that.
@clarkesworld @lclarke522 A very happy anniversary, Neil and Lisa! And such an adorable photo. 💗calico guarding spirit of the magnificent desert city of doha 🇶🇦🏜 . #cat #catsofinstagram #calico #calicocat’s something beautiful and poignant about International Poetry Month and Dalit History Month occurring at the… @__eshani also, thank you for doing this and also bringing notice to it! 💗 @__eshani a five-page copyedit? i could do it! @PrairiePhlox and presumably some uniting and some losing of chains take place. (followed by, hopefully, a party-provided lunch.) @PrairiePhlox i... er... not remotely. this one’s the kind of may day we get in india. we’re supposed to be a socia… @PrairiePhlox that maybe not the same kind of may day? 👀 @PrairiePhlox we have a may day holiday in india but didn’t really celebrate anything, iirc? the communist parties probably gave speeches. @h_tejas i always work from home but i’m still going mad so i’ve got nuthin 😞 @CarrieCuinn (i’m a lawful neutral monk, therefore big on maintaining ritual amid chaos.) @cxorlando hi 👀 @CarrieCuinn this was my first ice cream of 2020! i have officially converted from hot chocolate season to ice crea… cream monk 🙏🏽
@DrWorsTen i’m doing well! how are you? sorry i missed you in berlin the last time. pictures of birds are always welcome. 😊 @PrairiePhlox i want to know if you’re staying well and safe, and also if there’s a possibility of more dog+roomba was rainy and i was drunk and wouldn’t possibly clear the test named after him but here’s alan turing in manches… @IlanaCT yespls! 🙏🏽 i looooove looking at old photos. @IlanaCT haha i am the third kind who’s instagramming old photos in nostalgia for a world that was still relatively normal @WriteTeachPlay sigh the latest worst joke i’ve heard (i.e. found on twitter) is as follows: “did t.s. eliot inven…
Retweeted by mimi🇮🇳mondal opposes CAA and NRC @WriteTeachPlay sigh the latest worst joke i’ve heard (i.e. found on twitter) is as follows: “did t.s. eliot inven… @kookykarthik my flatmate prefers yellow light in our apartment but i’m definitely the sadder one here. 😞 @ChuckWendig rice with a mash of boiled potatoes and egg soaked in butter.
@serialboxpub “california is funny” 🤷🏽 @alwayscoffee could’ve been worse but ice cream is treating me well now 🥺 @alwayscoffee have already texted three exes so far and it has been (not quite in that order, but otherwise accurat… nosepin broke this morning and i don’t have a spare at home (because i NEVER took it off; it wasn’t removable wi… @MARIADAHVANA @EllenDatlow eep! *worst fear confirmed* 🥺 @MARIADAHVANA @EllenDatlow apparently you can’t get it out if it’s improperly inserted? i just have a habit of read… @EllenDatlow @MARIADAHVANA i... still haven’t? i came to them as an adult, no one in my family uses them, just didn…
@BSFWriters @intelligentwat oops that was me sorry 🥺 @StinaLeicht Happy birthday!!! 💗💗💗And if you want to hear wonderfully narrated versions of both @usmantm & @miminality's stories check out @vikasadam
Retweeted by mimi🇮🇳mondal opposes CAA and NRChonoured to be part of this list of amazing stories by one of my favourite south asian sff writers! read up everyth… @pookipedia @rheaitis @thetsundokuc i personally enjoy doing headcanons more than dreamcasts for precisely issues l… @pookipedia @rheaitis @thetsundokuc but that’s the gap between a headcanon and a dreamcast, right? are you thinking… @pookipedia @BSFWriters @rheaitis @thetsundokuc headcanoning bengali actors is hard because most of them have the c… @BSFWriters @pookipedia @rheaitis @thetsundokuc ok sorry, the grey-eyed one is swastika, isn’t it? (i’m not even go… @BSFWriters @pookipedia @rheaitis @thetsundokuc which is with the caveat that everyone’s headcanon is different and… @rheaitis @Alyluv66 has just the illustration for this moment. #Rheadingstuff reading is now done, but if you want to hear me make the BEST (worst?) Shehzad Marid (Bengali aunty) voices wh… (kneeling before a Palantir): What is thy will, Sauron, lord of Middle-Earth? BURNING EYE: BUILD ME AN ARM…
Retweeted by mimi🇮🇳mondal opposes CAA and NRC
Light’s not the best in our apartment but we’re about to start my first ever live reading on the Instagram of… @cprwords @rheaitis really?! so the human population... keeps getting collectively hotter? 👀 (still #rheadingstuff 😏) @cprwords @rheaitis why does no one use the hashtag anymore 🙎🏽‍♀️Will also be answering any related/unrelated/completely absurd/BUT NOT NSFW SORRY OUR HOMES ARE W NOW questions you…’t actually picked an excerpt yet but if you’ve already read “His Footsteps, Through Darkness and Light” expec…