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hinata @mimsy dm 4 promo ♡

irl anime girl | ♡ @princess_onyx ♡

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@tkfeelsok YES YES YES YES YEScan I be ur lil gf? ➳❥
Retweeted by hinatai’m ur mom now
Retweeted by hinata @eddy_of_doom @princess_onyx i don’t think this is how the game works brositting pretty
Retweeted by hinatachillin like a
Retweeted by hinata2 pretty best friends @lyssiu
Retweeted by hinatabday girl 🥳🥳
Retweeted by hinatai made an attempt
Retweeted by hinatajust chillen (*^‿^*)
Retweeted by hinataI love collars
Retweeted by hinatahello i’m back retweet for my mutuals plsss <3
Retweeted by hinata @lyssiu SO PRETTY LYSSme again
Retweeted by hinata @princess_onyx I LOVE Uher <3
Retweeted by hinata @BombChelleCos @mind_psy yes babyMay I take a seat on your lap? 😉
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@princess_onyx hiiii @princess_onyx OK @jorn_miedema i guess i am a little but the excessive bullying of my friend is kinda annoying and honestly ppl who… @RODSPLANN same @Jacobladdy :((( @Jacobladdy I GET IT NOW!!! @Jacobladdy YES I WAS CONFUSED WHY I KEEP GETTING CALLED MOMMY BY RANDOM PPL ONLINE!!moo
Retweeted by hinata @princess_onyx projecting sis they want friends so badincluding me ily bby @princess_onyxok if you guys actually think she eats all the food in her pics like lol... she has friends dude @kiwioncoke say sorry to ur mummy for being rude @nahthasjusryan @ripktr LMFAOOOO??? this vouch i’m dead @princess_onyx i will see u soon bby @yisunilol @SpadesofJay OMG LMFAOOO I SEE IT @SilenceOfTheDan mine does @SpadesofJay mrs incredible lookin ass @Arimelldansen that’s me LMFAOOO @princess_onyx bump pls @Vergil14245334 sorry idk why i said that @lilpogchamp_ sorry i wanted to be an anime girl so badi deadass look like a mom @bighiss idk man and the fact it’s still up 4 years later @bighiss WHY IS THIS ON MY FEED HELLO @princess_onyx @Fikuwu can i post mine under it too @princess_onyx ok finemilk me
Retweeted by hinata @pixlgirlfrnd i love you sm bby @yenrinie OMG NANCY 😡😡😡!!! @lyssiu HAPPY BIRTHDAY LYSS UR SO BEAUTIFUL I HOPE U HAVE THE BEST DAY EVER @luluspuppy BYE UR SO CUTEYour favorite pet girl is here~ 🤤💕
Retweeted by hinata @xMugenYoruichix it 1000% is i can wear tons of things i wasn’t able to before and my back barely bothers me like i… @xMugenYoruichix I KNOW LMFAOOOOOO it’s so comical and i have the SAME EXACT BREAST SIZE???? as i did before surgery @Mizzimie YA U
@yagalvenus awe THANK U BAE @pockysize THANK UUUU 🥺🥺🥺 @Milkyrone thank u so much ur so sweet ilysm @princess_onyx ok hinata v2 @JaviTheDragon i’ve had a breast lift and like internal bra but my size is the same before and after surgery and pp… @Milkyrone like i finally don’t feel ugly anymore and u gonna just say it’s all fake like ok sorry 🥺 @gwinchie HEWWO THANK U 🥺❤️ @jackiereyz THANK UUUU i did it different for once @EveryDamnDay__ AWE UR SO SWEET I CARE ABOUT U TOO FWEND 🥺❤️ @yenrinie SO HAPPY FOR U BBY @yoursaba GOOD. PUPPY. @ItsErikaSong awe THANK U @yoursaba ill put them in ur face @pixlgirlfrnd yes my wifey forever @BasiilLeaf I LOVE U MOMMY @princess_onyx thanks sis people r so weird i’m mad @princess_onyx come in then @princess_onyx showering @thechocotiger like why hate on ppl who do get surgery like that just screams jealousy @toxukiki SUCh WEIRD BEHAVIORRR @mikrokxsmos FR!!! @BasiilLeaf fr @moonsuedo it’s rly just annoying when people pretend to know me like idk who u even are like keep my name out of ur mouth @Thatsillyb99 i will @princess_onyx hi @KittenElise YES!! @esexIover YES @audyhoe ILY BABYYYY HI @oxmadeline thank u baby 💓💓🥺🥺 @notdiin today @moonsuedo i didn’t tho ppl r so annoying and mad for no reason @notdiin yes @PreacherofUrgod fucking people who act like they know me and clearly don’t i’ve had a breast lift and that’s fucki… @maynotfrm63rd thank u bby ily @Flamboyantbo1 ofci have not had “tons” of plastic surgery lol what??? leave me alone lmfaough, fine, i guess you are my little pogchamp
Retweeted by hinata @KhaleesiBB awe thank u bby @KittenElise @cozykittens MORE MORE MORE @Jacobladdy sorry @waifuouo U HAVE ME ANY DAY OF YHE WEEK @mikrokxsmos yes🤮🤮🤮jealousy is so ugly like stop worrying about me lol @KittenElise @cozykittens i’m blocked @KittenElise @cozykittens BYE ELISE BYE