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Jihadism specialist; Editorial Lead/team manager @BBC Monitoring ( Views are mine.

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#ISIS gloats... @gordoncorera Looking forward to it!Our team @BBCMonitoring continues to closely watch and report, providing context and expert info about the sourcesMeanwhile, IS supporters continue their online hashtag campaign titled "Revenge for the Chaste [women]", in support… addition to yesterday's claim of allegedly freeing some women from Kurdish forces in Raqqa, IS also released a v…'s weekly paper Naba features an image of the IS Katyusha rockets that allegedly targeted a US base in Shaddad…
@surajlakhani @galwaygrrl I do too! 🙈 @MichaelSSmithII Of course! :) @MichaelSSmithII 🤣Two years after ISIS lost Raqqa, the city looks set to change hands again as Syrian forces approach. Special report…
Retweeted by Mina Al-Lami“at the fate” not “and the fate”! 🤦🏽‍♀️Meanwhile, al-Qaeda branches release coordinated messages threatening to escalate attacks against Western interests… 2 years ago today, the Islamic State group lost the city of Raqqa - the de facto capital of its so-called c…
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiIS gloats and the fate of Kurdish forces in the latest editorial of its weekly paper al-Naba. Talks about allies b… is the second anniversary of #ISIS's loss of #Raqqa. What has it been up since then? Here's a quick recap. @DD6320 Thanks for your comment. I put "PKK" in quotes specifically because I'm quoting the IS statement, and not a… the anniversary of losing Raqqa, #ISIS claims for the first time freeing imprisoned women whom it said were held… @Bizzles14 And you could be right and the pause is linked to the protests in some way. Let's wait and see if there… @Bizzles14 I wasn't suggesting they shifted resources from Iraq to Syria to exploit the Turkish operation, given as… @Bizzles14 Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and taking the time to condense them in a few characters. It… @Bizzles14 But of course I don’t claim to know for sure why IS attacks in Iraq dropped this month. Busy in Syria? (… @Bizzles14 IS wasn’t going to “galvanize popular support” nor would its attacks have linked the protests to ISIS be… @Bizzles14 IS normally operates in Sunni-majority provinces in Iraq (Diyala, Salah al-Din, Kirkuk, Anbar) & occasio… @Bizzles14 IS typically takes advantage of unrest, including protests, to hit the government and forces while they’… @Bizzles14 Sorry for late reply. It's been a busy week. I thought of your theory and as I said you make a good poin…
A shameless promotion of my Raqqa anniversary piece from last year. Hope I manage to write something today! day ahead of the second anniversary of #ISIS's loss of #Raqqa in Syria, some news reports suggest that Syrian gov…
@Bizzles14 Thanks! Good points. I’ll reply later today. @brodycmcdonald It was a brief claim of a relatively small attack. IS said it targeted with an IED a “PKK” vehicle…
#ISIS attacks in Iraq fall dramatically as militants focus on Syria amid ongoing Turkish operation against Kurdish…
Retweeted by Mina Al-Lami#ISIS steps up attacks against Kurdish forces in Syria in a bid to exploit the Turkish operation (unlocked piece)… @sommervilletv Thank you @sommervilletv and team for your incredibly important workWatch: Amira, Heba and Hamza's story, on an extraordinary day in NE Syria. We'll update you when we know more, ther…
Retweeted by Mina Al-Lamicorrection: IS only claimed three attacks in Iraq in Oct so far, not two. Apologies, one small claim on 4 Oct slipped my attention.Spelling correction: Deir al-Zour, not al-Zoyr (when will Twitter allow us to edit?!)So the significant drop in IS attacks in Iraq can be understood in the context of IS wanting to exploit the opportu… for rhetoric, the jihadist group is highlighting its alleged efforts to free and avenge IS-linked prisoners in E… In terms of choice of targets in Syria, IS is clearly trying to take advantage of the Turkish operation against… In Syria, IS has been striking in areas where it rarely attacks, such as Kurdish-controlled areas Qamishli and M… This month IS so far has focused most of its attacks in Syria, particularly against the Kurdish-led SDF in the e… is VERY unusual because Iraq mostly tops the list in terms of countries where IS claims most attacks, accordin… Some observations from IS activity in Oct. 1) the group hasn’t claimed an attack in Iraq since 4 Oct. In fa…
Fukku al-Asirat was launched in Jan and at the time was strongly endorsed by high-profile al-Qaeda supporters and c…, some IS supporters caution against trusting such unofficial support groups, recalling IS’s recent warnin… pro-al-Qaeda outfit Fukku al-Asirat (Free the female prisoners) is urging women who escaped Kurdish-run detenti…’s clear that the western strategy of using north eastern Syria as a holding pen for jihadists and their families…
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IS declares a new campaign of attacks across #Syria, capitalising on the Turkish incursion without explicitly sayin…
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiRecent IS activity in relation to Syria:
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiThe jihadist group is clearly trying to capitalise on events in northern Syria - taking advantage of Kurds being di… claiming to have killed an “investigator” in Raqqa & 2 SDF “agents” in Deir al-Zour, IS yesterday claimed the… has notably stepped up its actions & rhetoric in relation to IS-linked prisoners held at camps in NE Syria
.@Jihadology_Net Articles of the Week – 10/5-10/11 Featuring @citizen_LJ @alex_elwick
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiIS has claimed killing an “[SDF] investigator” in Raqqa & two men in Deir al-Zour who allegedly handed over IS-link…
Finally, worth noting that jihadists are not one big happy family and that their positions widely vary on key issue… may well comment on the development via its weekly newspaper al-Naba, which comes out Thursday evenings. It migh… and supporters of al-Qaeda in Syria don’t like Turkey as they suspect the government is pursuing a project… the other hand, I saw at least one “pragmatic” prominent jihadist figure argue it was better for Turkey to take…, IS has claimed responsibility for yesterday’s deadly attacks against the Kurdish-led SDF forces in Raqq… have been talking about “the opportunities” the new conflict presents to free IS-linked prisoners in detention campsAnother position, voiced esp by IS supporters, has been to gloat at what they say is the US’s “using and then disca… consider such conflict to benefit jihadists in two ways: it “weakens” the anti-jihadist forces and distracts t…, the position of #ISIS & #alQaeda supporters has been mostly this: they pray that the two forces (Turkey… far, jihadists haven’t offered a huge amount of comments simply because they consider both sides (Turkey and Kur… How are jihadists reacting to the Turkish operation in northern Syria and the US’s position on the matter? Read on. @YousifHashimi Sorry to hear about that Yousif. Hope you managed to access eventually
@azelin Thank you Aaron! :)This is a great opportunity to join the Jihadist Media Team led by Mina at @BBCMonitoring.
Retweeted by Mina Al-Lami @LunaSafwan Hi Luna. Job is based in London and applicants must have the right to work in the UK. Tasks cannot be p… in main BBC building in central London. Applicants must have the right to work in the UK're looking for a super qualified researcher to join our team. Must be fluent in Arabic & really into research &…
My analysis of the 15 videos #ISIS released between Jun and Sep as part of a coordinated media campaign to prove it… @nadim_farhad Finally, published. (in case of interest) the key messages within a major new video campaign from #ISIS - the latest from @Minalami
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How I miss our old office! in turn prompts acts of violence against protesters by security forces. We've seen some of that already happen… such protests are more credible than ones led by political parties/agendas (some with regional backers), thei… increases at times of unrest & internet/info restrictions. While the internet was down in most parts… current protests in Iraq differ from previous ones in that they are more organic, spontaneous and leaderless. Y…
Today we published two stories on the previously unknown jihadist group Humat al-Tawhid: one profiling it, examinin… team is publishing a profile about this group, or what we know about it so far from its own output since early… claim. So far no prominent jihadist group or supporters have been observed to share this claim or earli… @rcallimachi Absolutely beautiful!
@nadim_farhad Thanks a lot! Of course I am! Aiming to publish on Tue and will share it here.IS in Libya has typically not commented on news of two US air strikes on its militants on 19 & 24 Sept. Group has b…
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiHey, they beat me to it! I was due to publish my analysis of the 15 videos yesterday!
Both IS and it’s jihadist rival al-Qaeda have been trying to exploit communal tensions between farmers and herders… editorial features a still from an execution vid IS released earlier this week showing the killing of two “Chri… the editorial of its weekly paper al-Naba, IS turns up the volume of threat against Christians in Nigeria, playi…
@sommervilletv @BBCMonitoring 😊Was honoured to share a panel with @sommervilletv this morning talking Syria, jihad, ISIS, al-Qaeda and the fate of…
Judy King @BBCMonitoring on how AI has helped them overcome the challenges of monitoring traditional broadcasting c…
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5) IS is clearly reversing its past silence on the subject of its imprisoned members/families, esp women, and wants… When IS started inciting lone actor attacks in the West in 2014 (and later), it also stressed that attackers mus… But al-Naba goes a step further and incites followers who cannot reach prisons to instead target “infidels” they… The editorial also reiterates Baghdadi’s call on fighters to avenge prisoners even if they cannot directly free… The editorial of IS’s weekly newspaper al-Naba echoes al-Baghdadi’s recent message on IS-linked prisoners, sayin… @M_A_Golden @LorandBodo This is from our Jihadism page on the BBC Monitoring website. Unfor… report focused on the handwritten notes allegedly from female IS supporters in east Syria camps responding… latest report focused on the security warnings by pro-IS tech outfits Horizons & Bank al-Ansar of the dangers o…