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The Palestine focus, which is typical of al-Qaeda messaging, is reminiscent of the "new phase" targeting Israel tha…
2020 latest edition is presented as a "special issue" dedicated to the first anniversary of the "ongoing" al-Qaeda c… magazine claims the shooter, Saudi military trainee Mohammed Alshamrani, had a post on social media quoting fro… of the publication’s 50 pages, 15 are dedicated to the December #Pensacola naval base shooting in Florida, whic…'s releases the fourth issue of its magazine One Nation (One Ummah), with heavy focus on the end goal of “l…
@NihadJariri I love Ma3mool! I feel it’s trickier to make than klecha! كل عام وانتِ بخير
@Interna83188062 Actually چاي مخدّر بالهيلAfter 5 hours 😓 @JennBecks Thank you! @vT7tvQBMyzte1mf Thank you! :)You know that feeling when you start something with enthusiasm & it sounds like a good thing to do with your kids,…’s klecha time! #كليچة #EidOur report examines the claim and explains Thabat's previous odd media behaviour, by @alxwrght87 is not clear if Thabat is referring to al-Qaeda-linked activity or is vaguely, and uncharacteristically, referri… said the attack took place in early Ramadan, which started on 24 April, in the northern Cabo Delgado provinc… media group Thabat has reported a vague claim for a jihadist attack on the army in #Mozambique, where…
We’ve taken a look at how jihadist comms on # Covid19 have changed over time and between groups. Here are some find…
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THREAD: What we know about detention of key Islamic State (IS) commander in Iraq.
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2020 IS supporters dismissed the significance of Qardash's arrest, they didn't deny that he had held a senior posi… reference to Abdallah Qardash suggests he does not know for sure if he is the current IS leader, or maybe he do… an exclusive interview with Al-Arabiya, Abd al-Nasir Qardash says the purported IS leader Abdallah Qardash, "if… supporters have said the news is old and inaccurate. They claim Qardash had been arrested last year by Kurdish…, not to be confused with the purported incumbent IS leader Abdallah Qardash, was reportedly the head of IS'… 20 May, Iraq's state media said the country's intelligence agency has announced the arrest of "Abd al-Nasir Qard… supporters of #ISIS have sought to downplay the significance of the arrest in Iraq of a top IS figure Abd al…
2020 Iraqi troops today are lost given "the rollback" of US support. Also cites the protests in the capital and sou… the editorial of its weekly paper al-Naba, #ISIS tells its militants to exploit the "breakdown of morale" of Ira… Given the 'precedent', not 'precedence' the precedence, we had anticipated the start of such a campaign during Ramadan in our analysis: What to expec… to last year, IS did not make a dedicated announcement about the start of the latest campaign or its goals… had launched the same campaign this time last Ramadan (final third of the month). The second iteration of the ca… group announced the campaign late on 14 May, which marks the start of the final third of Ramadan - a period per… has launched the third iteration of its “Raid of Attrition” campaign, using it so far to claim attacks in Ira…
The MA that @amhitchens and I run together, “Terrorism, Security and Soceity,” is still accepting applications. It’…
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiAs expected #IS does not claim the Kâbul attack in its weekly magazine. It actually ignores the attack and attribut…
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Some IS supporters who shared mainstream news about the attack sufficed to say it targeted a Médecins sans Frontièr… @FollwrOfDeen How about the Nov 2017 attack on a mosque in Egypt's Sinai that left over 300 people dead, including… hospital also happens to be an Shia-dominated area and the Shia are key targets for IS in Afghanistan and elsewhere.The Taliban has rushed to distance itself. If IS does end up claiming it, it will typically spin it to downplay the… is likely behind the attack on a hospital maternity ward in the Afghan capital #Kabul, but so far there's bee… thread from @AbdirahimS 👇 team has been detailing these messages: New AQAP message confirms internal feud over espionage… in Yemen (#AQAP) has finally admitted dealing with internal strife over spies, confirming recent leaks att…
The bloody rivalry between IS and al-Qaeda is now playing out in Africa’s Sahel region. The latest from @minalami
Retweeted by Mina Al-Lami @stick631 Thank you!Africa's Sahel becomes latest al-Qaeda-IS battleground
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiAfrica's Sahel becomes latest al-Qaeda-IS battleground - my analysis on BBC website @MiaMBloom Congrats Mia! I look forward to your/the team's work!
Analysis: Africa’s Sahel becomes latest al-Qaeda-IS battleground by @Minalami interesting a…
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiThis week's roundup of jihadist reactions and measures regarding Covid-19 (list of reports in the red box). Hope to…
@MrMubinShaikh @CraigAWhiteside Means a lot. Thanks! @MrMubinShaikh I agree Mubin, and of course include myself in this. Always good to stop and reflect and look at imp…
In the same week it stepped up attacks on security forces in #Iraq, #Isis devotes 6 pages of weekly paper to round…
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiIn a separate report on Iraq, IS highlighted its sabotage attacks as part of its “economic war”, listing attacks ta… the latest issue of its weekly paper al-Naba, IS highlighted “local and international” media reports about the i… is trying to gain maximum publicity from mainstream media reports and warnings from security officials and obs… Sahel region is the latest jihadist front to witness IS-al-Qaeda clashes, as the two rivals have locked horns i… recent days unconfirmed communique shared by jihadists online suggested that JNIM had rejected an IS ceasefire r… made the revelation in its weekly paper al-Naba, published this evening. It described militants of al-Qaeda’s Sa… has for the first time revealed it was engaged in fierce clashes with al-Qaeda militants in the Sahel region…
ISIS in Iraq: From Abandoned Villages to the Cities
Retweeted by Mina Al-Lami analysis from our own @minalami
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiOur (@BBCMonitoring) weekly roundup of jihadist reactions to Covid-19 - summary of reports unlocked new newsletter covers key jihadist messaging, statements and reaction to the #Covid19 pandemic. Read it here:…
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In their recent “documentary”, Isis spends nearly an hour to undermine rivals al-Qaeda. Accuses them of supporting…
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While such "revelations" by IS supporters are not new and some were shared in Feb, they have resurfaced with seemin… purported dissidents accuse AQAP leadership of being paranoid about spies and imprisoning and killing jihadists… IS's recent "documentary-style video" trying to undermine its Yemen rival AQAP, IS supporters had been shari… rich of supporters of IS, whose leader Abu Ibarahim al-Qurashi hasn't personally delivered a message or made… referred to how in Feb AQAP released a vid msg from its leader al-Raymi days after he was reported to have die… also drew parallels with how the deaths of leaders in Yemen and Afghanistan had been handled in the past.They speculated that al-Qaeda had deliberately put out this "new" material (the English translation) "to win time"… supporters also speculated that senior al-Qaeda official Say al-Adel, last known to have been in Iran, was now… supporters highlight that al-Zawahiri has failed to personally comment on recent key events, such as the US-Tali… supporters online speculate that al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri is either ill and incapacitated or dead, fo… @Weissenberg7 @BokoWatch Yeah, high-profile pro-AQ media groups Thabat and al-Hijra had promoted the "AQIM" eulogy, now said to be fake.
Islamic State linked media groups repurpose old Al Bayan Radio youth series in new text format in honor of #Ramadan
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This year the group may exploit Ramadan to declare a new military campaign in areas where it operates, as it did la… consider Ramadan "a month of conquests" and an opportunity for heightened jihadist attacks. This is becau…, which sees the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to make jihadist gains, is likely to consider this Ramadan…'s late leader al-Baghdadi delivered 2 key messages in Ramadan 2014 soon after being declared "Caliph" on 29 June… remains to be seen if the mysterious IS leader, Abu Ibrahim al-Qurashi, will deliver a message this Ramadan. He… the editorial of its weekly paper al-Naba, #ISIS marks the anniversary of its "Caliphate" declaration, which fal…
THREAD: Has Covid-19 impacted jihadist activities?
Retweeted by Mina Al-LamiOur piece from last Friday. It draws on data we collect from jihadist groups about their activities around the worl…
@ShireenQudosi yes, here's the link: you can request a trial.What I found interesting, and worrying, is that in Tunisia authorities said they foiled a plot by an "extremist" wh… weekly round up on jihadist reaction to Covid-19 (list of reports on right-hand)"While the arson attack is relatively unremarkable, it nevertheless marks a significant development in IS's efforts…"While IS sometimes uses al-Naba to claim significant attacks, most of these are late claims of responsibility. IS…"Instead of relaying the news in a separate claim, the group chose to report it on the eighth page of its weekly ne… bit of context, media observation and specifics of the IS Maldives claim in our latest report. I selected some qu…