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min. @minbin_07 any pronouns, 17. Ryan, Grey

吾輩は猫である @notryo_ @lessthan___3 @urfavradiant @r66roku @S1SS1L @miinieie

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@railmeplls ISNT IT SO FUNNY 😭😭These are so funny LIKE ITS ACTUALLY A MORAL SUPPORT FOR A BOOST OF LAUGHTER😭😭🫶 I LOVE U CRINGY ROLEPLAY GUYS LMAKX… @theyenvyyjess LVOEUJESS @croissantmeows ILOVEYOUADIA @beemerishot What if I started tik tok acting 🥺🥺 @DXMONIAS it’s kind of addicting to watch these 😭😭 @5itto Oh… speechless @jacksonaliu Yeah I REALLY AM @Fixitfe11xx How do u survive,,IDKSKDLKSOAOAOAOSKALLAOA WHAT IS THIS WHAT IS THSISISI @urfavradiant @Fixitfe11xx you guys would like this my fellow cat loversLOOK WHAT I GOT AND THE PACKAGING SO CUTE?!?’m so tired bro just let me grab some fucking boba I’ve been like boba free for 5 days I can’t do this anymore @805l6 THANKYOULIZZ @pastaonflights My hair so poofymen are so shit 😹😹😹 @pastaonflights I WANT TO SEE THE VID @Fixitfe11xx makes me wanna strangle them alive @yqnso I’m posting the most random shit idk what ur talking about ✌️Stop assuming someone’s life from just their Twitter account. @kevsarcade @bunnbunn_15 Yeah do it, I’m waiting @kevsarcade @bunnbunn_15 Say sorry to bunn wtf @kevsarcade That one isn’t u @kevsarcade oh my god shut up @HAEMATOPHILE @DXMONIAS I already know from ur whole aeshtetic and shit that it’s u without even checking 💀💀💀 @HAEMATOPHILE @DXMONIAS CEM?!? BIOTCHDBHE CEM IS THAT U? @DXMONIAS @HAEMATOPHILE zinny iloveyoythis probably tastes like shit @luv4vix The opposite of my type it’s funny @kiminx DID I STUTTER @kiminx Eat me 🥺 @_2mo2mo_ その “suck my ass” が尻を舐めてってなるんだけど英語ではそうゆう意味じゃなくてその ”ざまみろ“見たいな言葉 @_2mo2mo_ ごめんね 英語で “私の友達世界一可愛いでしょ?リア出会ったんだよ、しっとしてる?可愛いでしょ“ @OTW_BLAZE @suhniiee I want her thoノーマル(՞ . .՞)"
Retweeted by min.My friends is the cutest I know her irl u all can suck my ass 🤣🤣🫶🫶 @_2mo2mo_ わたしの友達だよ😡😡みんな 可愛いでしょ @_2mo2mo_ え 可愛いすぎるyes I am boasting but. my grandma just told me these two male university students, one of them told the other in a… @soizanami When is this going to happen, I would literally fly to you @gamiIith GOTOSLEEP @shehawty HI OOMF @luv4vix VIX 😡😡😡😡😡 @LVNEDOVE strong and proud @suhniiee @zoubuo We made u from my womb 🥺🥺 I’m an omega @LVNEDOVE I just want to know what they have against me @LVNEDOVE I refresh the tl every time after that😭 @sidsity Ur so cute @bronzelow It’s just the mood @yurah It’s like you want to parent a cat together? Wanna kiss? @Cazzyqc Always right @666lKO WHERE WERE U☹️☹️ @kyoobiii u get megOOggGAGAGAG @endrynaphobia Ur a failed examplethe easiest way to have bitches is to have a cat tbh @jastaj @khxmeron @cocoimao @blxstra @Fixitfe11xx NOT ME BEING CHLOES PARENT AND FELIXS GrandPARENT LAMAOAO @K1RBYLUVER My bestfriendsw @Fixitfe11xx I was just trying to ask for advice 😭GUYS LOOK?!? ALL CATS?!? IFBSKJDJD @suhniiee SAME SVDJENEN SAMEBIRBER @luvm1ku THAS U? @luvm1ku Ur so body goals @endrynaphobia Wasn’t talking about that but okay @endrynaphobia @rwqy__ Good job rukia ily @urfavradiant @endrynaphobia IWILLIEILL I ALSO GOT A CAT THING @endrynaphobia @urfavradiant Fuck off little bitch I hate you @urfavradiant @endrynaphobia ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️it’s fine I’m cookingGoing to kms thanks @endrynaphobia @urfavradiant 😞 @endrynaphobia THAT HURTS. @sIulitz SLATER WHERE WERE U @zoubuo ELVA LETSGOi@miss adora 😞 @pastaonflights HIAZIA @nawtthemoon hi @endrynaphobia @urfavradiant What. I was just worried for her bro 😭wtf @urfavradiant Okay?* SOREY TYPO @urfavradiant ADORA I’m here if you ever need play :(((I want to interact with more of my friends WHEREAREHTHEYEYEYECar content is so boring it’s either cats, simping for 2D men and women, people on TikTok simping, talking about ado… literally watch boxing for him. 😸😸 IS SO FINE. HES IS SOSOSOSOS FINE BARKING ON THE GROUND DOING EVERYTHING I CANTNFBFJBSSB HES SOFIENBS @cocoimao @urfavradiant My favorite radiant @cocoimao @urfavradiant She’s so good @urfavradiant Can we watch it togetherWent to my favorite ramen store 🫶🫶 person on my tl and your style is amazing!! — Thank you what the hell 😭😭🫶🫶 is shopping for them taking so long family tree everyone’s so hot @urfavradiant @inucinn @azelyuh @chrissyvcsc @suhniiee WE ARE FINALLY A COUPELDBEJNEKWJENENW OH MY HOD @xshiae SHIAE?!?? OH MY GOD SHIAE?!? JFKWNFNF OH MY GOD WHAT WHAT. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I THINK UR SOPRETTY :”) @azelyuh CUTIEISI @azelyuh CUTae cuTAE @azelyuh KFKDKDNDNE WN CUTIEyour hand looks kinda lonely, mind if i hold it for you? ♡
Retweeted by min. @chrissyvcsc @urfavradiant @cal3bval @miinieie @lolmochiiii @riv6rs I’ll be ur mommy any time babe @nympoh_ THIS IS A JOKE @m1zuree HAVAHAVSHSVAVSVSVAVS SORRY I am not being mean to ur people 🙏🙏🫶