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@GRHSiLab @TechCenterVB Career and Technical education is critical to our advancement! There is so much to offer!A good article to cause reflection. "Change won’t wait for us: business leaders, educators and governments all need…
@mr_hayes @CrazyPln Thank you. @tomhudock So very right! I love it when my boys teach me something new. It is not usually as cool as blacksmithing! @tomhudock We are all learners. I guarantee you there is plenty of which I am ignorant! @tomhudock @Kbahri5 'Nuf said! @tomhudock @Kbahri5 I feel like I am pretty much on autopilot on that front. Rare is the day I feel like I need to… @tomhudock @the_edu_table @BiscottiNicole @MelSideB @coachadam34 @JenVanderputten @MommyBlogExpert When i asked a s… @3P_EdTalks I understand your perspective. I do my best to live my life with an "equal to" AND an abundance mentali… @mcconnellaw Thanks for the follow. Looking forward to some wonderful moments on children and learning advocacy. FY… @CarlyGuyot Thanks for the follow. Am eager to learn from another Michigander. Much of my growing up was in Grosse… @henneld_edu @Evo_Hannan @MsHake418 @bbray27 @mraspinall @lportnoy @perfinker @saldanact @StaffPodcast @Kbahri5 @bbray27 @k_shelton @lportnoy @MindprintLearn @dellwein @sarahdateechur @thomascmurray @raspberryberet3 @JDavidJo1 I agree & disagree. Our #CrazyPLN knows not to promote. When we do, it is because we feel what we have c… @Kbahri5 @MsHake418 #CrazyPLN I feel alone at times when I feel as if the only sanctuary I have is my learning lab,… @Kbahri5 #CrazyPLN I only have so much time and energy; I'm not going to spend it on pleasing others, or looking go… @3P_EdTalks #CrazyPLN Christa, in complete agreement I am! I have found that success breeds contempt, especially fr… @CrazyPln A2 #CrazyPLN This is a tough one for me. I am real. I am transparent. I am genuine. How can I be more so?… @TanisLeads #CrazyPLN I regularly question tweets for clarification and grounding. Often things are spouted off wit… @ChrisQuinn64 #CrazyPLN I would expect nothing less from you @ChrisQuinn64. Agree 100%, who would have true fulfill… @timneedles #CrazyPLN And when we are not ourselves, they see right through it. Therefore, at the risk of being rep… @CrazyPln A4 #crazypln "Surround yourself with Exception people early in the game." For 30 years my wife has helped… @awfrench1 #crazypln Agreed! Real talk is where it is at. I'm impacted by the fake and superficial as well in such… @mr_hayes A3 #crazypln I think the greater question for me is how could anyone possibly be anyone other than themse… @CrazyPln A1 #crazypln It is not hard for me to do, and I see plenty of people out there for whom it comes easy. Re… @lportnoy @TIAscience @BiscottiNicole @MelSideB @thewrightleader @bbray27 @ifireup @TAYLOR_does_IT @raspberryberet3 @Kbahri5 @CrazyPln It does make a huge difference. We do daily quotes from a calendar, regular passages from uplift… @henneld_edu @Evo_Hannan @MsHake418 @bbray27 @mraspinall @lportnoy @perfinker @saldanact @StaffPodcast @Kbahri5 @Kbahri5 I am so happy for your daughter! We know that there are more out there, yet we do not hear of them. What c… @BiscottiNicole @MelSideB @thewrightleader @lportnoy @bbray27 @ifireup @TAYLOR_does_IT @raspberryberet3 @DrKorb @DrCaliGrit @BiscottiNicole @MelSideB @thewrightleader @lportnoy @bbray27 @ifireup @TAYLOR_does_IT @raspberryberet3 @lportnoy @TIAscience @BiscottiNicole @MelSideB @thewrightleader @bbray27 @ifireup @TAYLOR_does_IT @raspberryberet3
@lportnoy @teacherasleader @bbray27 @BiscottiNicole @CRCarter313 @ERobbPrincipal @DisruptedTv @bethhill2829 @teacherasleader @bbray27 @lportnoy @BiscottiNicole @CRCarter313 @ERobbPrincipal @DisruptedTv @bethhill2829 @GLavary That could be said about a lot of things in life. It is why they call us educators; we help them find trut… @ShiftParadigm @BartramTanya @GLavary @Mrswander @PrincipalBallin @ManteMolepo @MKocsb @JoanBarry2 @Ms_Milito @rchids I, from the great north state, is looking forward to my learning journey with you from the great white north. @MKocsb Oh, but December, the month with the most number of longest days! @GLavary Great point. @BartramTanya positive thinker, I love it! Looking forward to learning with you. @Jennmaich @lportnoy @HeatherJoy001 @Evo_Hannan @pdLouiseP @NaglersNotions @kateboyer_3 @henneld_edu Secondary Experiential Education Development team is planting the SEEDs of the 4 C's so critical to our our dev… @TIAscience @BiscottiNicole @MelSideB @thewrightleader @lportnoy @bbray27 @ifireup @TAYLOR_does_IT @raspberryberet3 partnership with @NCStateENT @HQRaleigh @KenanETS @NCStateEClinic has been a significant part of the growth and… @teacherasleader @bbray27 @lportnoy @BiscottiNicole @CRCarter313 @ERobbPrincipal @DisruptedTv @bethhill2829 @PrimalDhillon @DisruptedTv @inspirecitizen1 @awfrench1 @ChouinardJahant @CrazyPln @mr_Alsheimer @SJSaragusa @JimSpivey3 @DisruptedTv @inspirecitizen1 @awfrench1 @ChouinardJahant @CrazyPln @mr_Alsheimer @SJSaragusa @stephenkelley85 @dubioseducator @LeanoraBenton3 @SteinbrinkLaura @ChouinardJahant @RitaWirtz @MarcyLField @dubioseducator looking forward to improving my craft through your wisdom.How do we instill in our learners' hearts the power to pursue passionately their purpose? @DisruptedTv
@DrCaliGrit @teacherasleader @bbray27 @lportnoy @BiscottiNicole @CRCarter313 @ERobbPrincipal @DisruptedTv @teacherasleader @DrCaliGrit @bbray27 @lportnoy @BiscottiNicole @CRCarter313 @ERobbPrincipal @DisruptedTv @fablefy @MonicaMoveEd @DrCaliGrit @henneld_edu @BiscottiNicole @tracyscottkelly @LeanoraBenton3 @ChrisQuinn64 @inspirecitizen1 @pattersonaubrey @CrazyPln @justmikeyates @StevenERice @DisruptedTv From day 1 our Learners hear a… @teacherasleader @bbray27 @lportnoy @BiscottiNicole @CRCarter313 @ERobbPrincipal @DisruptedTv @bethhill2829 @MrWeimann @thomascmurray @SJSaragusa @MelSideB @fablefy @laurabeess @tracyscottkelly @JustTries_ @MsHake418 @dmvelliaris @fablefy @HOWareyousmart @ChrisQuinn64 @LeanoraBenton3 @ChristineBemis2 @DrP_Principal @ifireup @L_Farquhar_IB @schnekser @JustTries_ @TAYLOR_does_IT @LeanoraBenton3 @BiscottiNicole A very merry Christm… @HeatherJoy001 @pattersonaubrey @CrazyPln @justmikeyates @inspirecitizen1 @StevenERice @DisruptedTv They are, thank… @pattersonaubrey 2 of 2 @CrazyPln #crazypln @justmikeyates @inspirecitizen1 @StevenERice @DisruptedTv #crazyPLN @pattersonaubrey 1 of 2 @CrazyPln #crazypln @justmikeyates @inspirecitizen1 @StevenERice @DisruptedTv #crazyPLN
@Evo_Hannan @henneld_edu @ASMILEwithAnna @MsHake418 @StaffPodcast @saldanact @Hedreich @kc_surfer @bbray27 @Kbahri5 @awfrench1 @DaHinegardner @MsHake418 @dlguerin1 @JuliaFliss @inspirecitizen1 @StaffPodcast @TeachersOnFire @Evo_Hannan @NaglersNotions @pdLouiseP @Jennmaich @kateboyer_3 @henneld_edu @ASMILEwithAnna @MsHake418 @Evo_Hannan @bbray27 @Kbahri5 @support_a_teach @WorldProfessor @thewrightleader @fastcrayon @DustinPearson2 @HeatherJoy001 @Evo_Hannan @pdLouiseP @Jennmaich @NaglersNotions @kateboyer_3 @henneld_edu @ASMILEwithAnna @DustinPearson2 @Evo_Hannan @bbray27 @Kbahri5 @support_a_teach @WorldProfessor @thewrightleader @fastcrayon @Evo_Hannan @bbray27 @Kbahri5 @support_a_teach @WorldProfessor @thewrightleader @fastcrayon @DustinPearson2 @ChrisQuinn64 EDUTWITTER, nuf said. #AGENTIncognito @DustinPearson2 @Jennmaich @Evo_Hannan @bbray27 @Kbahri5 @support_a_teach @WorldProfessor @thewrightleader @saldanact Can you say, "nail on the head!?" #AGENTIncognito @saldanact I love the idea of surrounding yourself with exceptional people. I too hope it rubs off. #AGENTIncognito @StaffPodcast Yes to all of it, especially read endlessly. #AGENTIncognito @kateboyer_3 @Evo_Hannan @bbray27 @Kbahri5 @support_a_teach @WorldProfessor @thewrightleader @fastcrayon @Evo_Hannan @bbray27 @Kbahri5 @support_a_teach @WorldProfessor @thewrightleader @fastcrayon @DustinPearson2 Day 3 A- Active. Agents believe in seeking professional development opportunities, reaching out,…
Retweeted by Dan Jackson @mr_Alsheimer I agree with you! Modeling a "stretch" perspective is critical for all to see that it can be done. Ho… @DennisDill Well, that isn't too hard to figure out why. @ChouinardJahant No, thank you for the follow. I have enjoyed following you in our #crazypln. Let the collaboration CONTINUE! @the_edu_table @fablefy OMG, this is awesome; I want to go do it right now! Is dollar Tree open?
@kellywchris @mrsverorod @technolandy @ianhecht @HeculuckDave @pattersonaubrey @heidi_paterson @harvie_lori @fablefy @MelSideB @aweninspiration @JDavidJo1 @ifireup @henneld_edu @BiscottiNicole @tracyscottkelly @DrCaliGrit[CALLOUT] #AGENTIncognito - Day 3 starts 8pm EST. Please RT to get as many teachers involved as possible.…
Retweeted by Dan Jackson @KFelicello @GaryArmida @TeacherAndAdmin @ERobbPrincipal @DisruptedTv @LRobbTeacher @basil_marin @fablefy up my phone pics and came across this pic from Daily reflections on the The Secret. This is worth an encor… @JustTries_ @runandrant @HansNAppel @KevinLeichtman @thewrightleader @RavesiWeinstein @MrWeimann @BiscottiNicole @bbray27 @ChrisQuinn64 @laurabeess @Evo_Hannan @mrballhistory @Kbahri5 @support_a_teach @thewrightleader @mr_hayes Eric, you are a man after my own heart with the point of seeing students engaged and excited about their… @MrCoppola @Evo_Hannan @henneld_edu @ASMILEwithAnna @MsHake418 @StaffPodcast @saldanact @Hedreich @kc_surfer
@MrWeimann @EPSDWillowLane @Tara_Desiderio @dylanpetersedu @ASMILEwithAnna @tracyscottkelly @SJSaragusa @ifireup @henneld_edu @Kbahri5 @ChristineBemis2 @MsHake418 @MrPStrunk @bbray27 @Gameboydrew @fablefy @mraspinall @maggiefay_
@DustinPearson2 @Hedreich @ASMILEwithAnna @Kbahri5 I love your angle! For over a year, since joining this #crazyPLN @DustinPearson2 @Hedreich @ASMILEwithAnna @Kbahri5 #CrazyPLN sound idea here from Dustin. Imagine if we marry the D… @Evo_Hannan @kc_surfer @EugLeonard @pdLouiseP @mraspinall @gcouros @JayThompsonEdu @AdamHillEDU @mrkempnz @Evo_Hannan @kc_surfer @EugLeonard @pdLouiseP @mraspinall @gcouros @JayThompsonEdu @AdamHillEDU @mrkempnz @FSonnenberg I love your lists, Frank. I think there is one for nearly everyone on your website. It is worth a look… @bethhill2829 @thewrightleader @laurabeess @NicholasFerroni @MrsHankinsClass @MelissaRathmann @smgaillard read. This, and other pts concern me, "The journey from being a novice is a long one, and teachers shou… @Maire_from_NJ @DisruptedTv @entretalk @SJSaragusa @chattygaede @FbellomoB Understood. While the years may make us… should be seen as a good thing, esp when you consider all the wisdom that comes with the passing years. Today i…