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@JillDuBois22 @Rdene915 @mjjohnson1216 Could not agree with you more! Part of my first day talk for years has been,… @TeachersOnFire @SethGodinBlog Requires us to trust ourselves! Amen! @TheWalkingEds @ChristineBemis2 @donna_mccance @ifireup @inc_yv @msjingold @ArielAdrian @jlo731 @dgoble2001 @oceanteacherD @santiagoAM115 @NowakRo @Evo_Hannan @TAYLOR_does_IT @StaffPodcast @MrCoppola @_cwconsulting
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@the_masked_T HHMM! I Feel you, hear you, see you. Lived it before and wouldn't wish it upon anyone. Good luck in your new digs. @JWilliamsEDU @the_masked_T Hhmm! @JenLammey What a wonderful start to a career in education, despite all that we are currently experiencing. Good luck.True. RT if you want to give #imagination "MORE ink." #imaginED #quoteoftheday #CIRCE Source: "Imagination First…
Retweeted by Dan Jackson-Be Safe. Be Smart. Be Patient. Be Kind @perfinker @CIRCE_SFU @ChrisQuinn64 @raspberryberet3 @hwoodro @brynmw @margoflower @ShiftParadigm @montessorimice @IleneWinokur @Buncee @BreneBrown @LewisHowes @wakelet @Flipgrid @bbray27 @VictoriaTheTech @kruu_justin @Hedreich @melanie_korach The only test you have to pass, I tell my learners, is the mirror test. We are so fortunate to have…
@ifireup @tracyscottkelly @Maire_from_NJ @StaffPodcast @jules_juju1 @LeanoraBenton3 @daveschmittou @DrCaliGrit me for misidentifying @TheWalkingEds. The similarities are striking to me. Nonetheless, I am grateful for b… @TheWalkingEds, @ifireup, @JillDuBois22, @SJSaragusa @awfrench1, @Thirsty_Bees, @PrincipalSHES,… @MrWeimann @tracyscottkelly @ifireup @mrccheney @LeanoraBenton3 @daveschmittou @DrCaliGrit @DrP_Principal @GiftedTawk A modern Swiss Family Robinson. @KevinRickard4 It just passed us and we were lucky in NC. Good luck. @ifireup I'm going for a walk to raise my chin. Thanks for the inspiration. @SJSaragusa @bbray27 @BiscottiNicole @awfrench1 @MrsFarmer73 @Kbahri5 @PrincipalSHES @GreenesOnGreens @saldanact @SJSaragusa @bbray27 @BiscottiNicole @awfrench1 @MrsFarmer73 @Kbahri5 @PrincipalSHES @GreenesOnGreens @saldanact @ifireup @runandrant @donna_mccance @ChristineBemis2 @TheWalkingEds @jon_wennstrom @Thirsty_Bees @MrWeimann @BiscottiNicole @willowgreen1 @MsHake418 @EvanWhitehead00 @bbray27 @Tara_Desiderio @lportnoy @DrCaliGrit @ChouinardJahant @StantonAlana @Rdene915 @awfrench1 @HansNAppel @GiftedTawk @atheadavis @ApraRalli @TIAscience @lportnoy @ReSTREAMEdu @JuliaFliss @awfrench1 @Kbahri5 @WorldProfessor @ChrisQuinn64 @KarlOLeary4 @LWDLibrary @BiscottiNicole @MsHake418 @EvanWhitehead00 @bbray27 @Tara_Desiderio @lportnoy @DrCaliGrit @MomOfAllCapes educ has taken on a new meaning w/Covid, BLM & more. We are past discovery phase to implementation. Wh…
@Thirsty_Bees @MrWeimann Wonderfully stated, Sherri. @MrWeimann @Thirsty_Bees 1st, this sup's situation stinks. 2nd, win win is about a 3rd alt that is beneficial to al… @teachingradeone Very, very, very cool. Your room looks great. So glad to see y'all can be together like that. Love… @willowgreen1 @BiscottiNicole @MsHake418 @EvanWhitehead00 @bbray27 @Tara_Desiderio @lportnoy @DrCaliGrit
@lportnoy @kadie_wilson @BethDeangelis1 @gse_neu @ASCD @DocCroc13 @SrBonito1 @JuliaFliss @mr_isaacs @laurabeess @lportnoy @gse_neu @ASCD @DocCroc13 @SrBonito1 @JuliaFliss @mr_isaacs @laurabeess @ChrisQuinn64 I need to do a deep… @jesspatti29 @BethHouf @jillrt What a great idea! Love the list; love the PD Points! Love the idea of doing it as a… @ifireup @runandrant @donna_mccance @ChristineBemis2 @TheWalkingEds @jon_wennstrom @Thirsty_Bees @MrWeimann @BethHouf Appreciate the reply. I too am.trying to come to grips with all of this. Do you have a source or two, an… @BethHouf Agree with you on the crack vs cocaine. Can you please explain the same thing today, or give sources so I… @CelenaAGonzalez @twosmartbunnies No soft furniture in o um r schools as we have to make room for storage of unused…
@tracyscottkelly @ifireup @LeanoraBenton3 @Evo_Hannan @AcademicMindset @Maire_from_NJ @Blueday5 @basil_marin for sharing Lisa. Good stuff here. Time for us to start learning! @EDUC8_2_EMPOWER @ArielAdrian @Michelle4EDU @JennCaputo @DustinPearson2 @theedepistolary @Positively_Well @hayes_melisa It wouldn't be the 100 acre wood without Tigger! @DennisDill I have better things to do with my moments and us, down here, dont have a lot to say about it, at least… @ifireup Swam a HITT. 500 warm up, 5, 50 meters at full speed, 1 minute rest in between, 10, 25 meters, 30 second r… @hayes_melisa I shall say, oh so humbly, Pooh goes with everything that is about giving our kids all the best, and nothing less. @hayes_melisa You have left a lump in my throat with your statement. @ChristineBemis2 @JillDuBois22 How sorry I missed this chat. This is good stuff! #edadventures @hayes_melisa Uh, gulp. #edadventures @teachingradeone @JillDuBois22 Jill is one of a kind, for sure. @MarkUreel Amen, Mark. This from a 2018 grad, #edadventures @TigerMolly11 @biologygoddess Ah, Covey, a woman after my heart, habit number 2, begin with the end in mind. Lest w…
@ChouinardJahant @Shapiro_WTHS @Thirsty_Bees @mr_hayes @TannenbaumTech @manuelgarcesjr @PegGrafwallner @JeffPieros timely! @ChouinardJahant @Shapiro_WTHS @Thirsty_Bees @mr_hayes @TannenbaumTech @manuelgarcesjr @PegGrafwallner @JeffPieros
@DHarrisEdS @ChrisQuinn64 @Evo_Hannan @DavidGeurin @TAYLOR_does_IT @ChrisBravery @naomi_toland @ItsTiffanyScott @ChrisQuinn64 @Evo_Hannan @DavidGeurin @TAYLOR_does_IT @ChrisBravery @naomi_toland @ItsTiffanyScott @sphoenix78 @ChrisQuinn64 @ItsTiffanyScott @Evo_Hannan @DavidGeurin @TAYLOR_does_IT @ChrisBravery @naomi_toland @sphoenix78 @saldanact @StaffPodcast @ChrisQuinn64 @Evo_Hannan @DavidGeurin @TAYLOR_does_IT @ChrisBravery @naomi_toland @ihadztotweet First, "what do you mean by "feel unseen"? Is this for always? During the pandemic? In a virtual e… @ChrisQuinn64 @Evo_Hannan @DavidGeurin @TAYLOR_does_IT @ChrisBravery @naomi_toland @ItsTiffanyScott @sphoenix78 @saldanact @StaffPodcast @ChrisQuinn64 @Evo_Hannan @DavidGeurin @TAYLOR_does_IT @ChrisBravery @naomi_toland @saldanact @StaffPodcast @ChrisQuinn64 @Evo_Hannan @DavidGeurin @TAYLOR_does_IT @ChrisBravery @naomi_toland will be handy for many still grappling with putting the human touch on digital education. @iamDrWill @YouTube Thanks will. This will be handy for many still grappling with putting the human touch on digital education. @RelevantLilly Uh, yep. @ihadztotweet Why focus on the negative?
@BiscottiNicole It is amazing what we can learn from younger ones when our hearts and mind are in tune with the dif… a moment to appreciate our ADHD learners, myself included. "They tend to be unconventional in their thinking p… @BiscottiNicole @jeffreykubiak The gift is revealed. I would not have my boys any other way (most of the time, LOL)… @MsJachymiak What an interesting opportunity for your first full year in your own classroom. Or is this your second…
@ChrisQuinn64 @naomi_toland @Evo_Hannan @TeacherPaul1978 @MrHtheteacher @OSaunders92 @mcdonald_kecia @JillDuBois22 @AndyStanley @aussiedave @NorthPoint I know what you mean. Boundaries are huge, esp for those who hav…
@JillDuBois22 @AndyStanley @aussiedave @NorthPoint Why must others earn our trust, or us earn their's? Ought we not… gives a different approach to the perspective of, "The role of the students is to be the detective, to explore… @ChouinardJahant @Shapiro_WTHS @Thirsty_Bees @mr_hayes @TannenbaumTech @manuelgarcesjr @PegGrafwallner @JeffPieros @flyingmonkey13 It is a beauty of a game. Sorry your team didn't fare so well.
@Kbahri5 @PureMichigan Say yes to Michigan! Beautiful! @Edu_Thompson @MsLeeTeacher Thanks for this. I have added it to my list of tips and tech tricks. Man, this #crazypln is helpful!'Nuf said. like a really well thought out journey for all educators! @inspirecitizen1 @LindaAmici @Maire_from_NJ @JuliaFliss @StaffPodcast @SDG2030 @BiscottiNicole @EdChatEU
@awfrench1 @TheWalkingEds @ChristineBemis2 @techlearning @EduChefEarnshaw @donna_mccance @sgteach_sari @Maire_from_NJ Dont claim to know a thing, other than there is so much farther to go for me. I want to become more learned, for sure. @Maire_from_NJ Not to mention contact tracing! @Maire_from_NJ Yes, it does take time, and time ought to be spent making connections. It is possible to deliver con… @JillDuBois22 @SatNightFeverFR @TheDriveVoicEd Love it!
@melanie_korach Mutual Respect
@ChrisQuinn64 @TAYLOR_does_IT @cherylabla @support_a_teach @TIAscience @MomOfAllCapes @GiftedTawk @HansNAppel @ChrisQuinn64 @TAYLOR_does_IT @cherylabla @support_a_teach @TIAscience @MomOfAllCapes @GiftedTawk @HansNAppel @tracyscottkelly @ifireup @Maire_from_NJ @TIAscience @daveschmittou @DrCaliGrit @DrP_Principal @jules_juju1 @bbray27 @Celyendo @mcdonald_kecia @2Jessicaadkins @KathySewake @mschung808 @Shapiro_WTHS @ChrisQuinn64 @DHarrisEdS @SJSaragusa @bbray27 @LeanoraBenton3 @ItsAMrY @IleneWinokur @tikaee @biologygoddess @basil_marin @DustinPearson2 @bbray27 @LeanoraBenton3 @ItsAMrY @IleneWinokur @tikaee @biologygoddess @basil_marin @DustinPearson2 @Mo_physics @classdisrupti0n I appreciate the time I spent with you, it was edifying. We still have so far to go to not only tr…