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In pursuit of true mastery ***Setups are nice but execution pays*** Consistency is KEY

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@RanchoDinero There is a sweet spot for sure @RanchoDinero It will suck less tho @RanchoDinero @itsLeeee I really don't see the other option What language should I be learning? @BearingtonTrade
Pseudocammellia #NoFilter @FedPorn @stewieb71 @UncleRico77 How to search gif sir @Mr_MoonStocks Fuck that fuck face @alex_bakun @TroEarth @Cernovich @LongTplexTrader I say what it takes, Whatever it takes I'm saying it @natetrades @FedPorn @boxbuddha @silkdynastystx No. I want her to come clean ASAP. I just made a huge mess @joonl0vebug @FedPorn Respectfully @joonl0vebug @FedPorn Tiddies maam Tiddies @the_pnw_yeti @BlackfishFinanc @CrmTrades There's going to have to be a whole nother 12 Ladies. They can then move… @BlackfishFinanc @CrmTrades @BlackfishFinanc @CrmTrades @AltitudeChaz Alba has to go 2 for two. She may not even cross the Margot line Let ALO… @AltitudeChaz @BlackfishFinanc Oh I thought he meant the autonomous zone! @BlackfishFinanc @CrmTrades @BlackfishFinanc B ain't ready. Asleep at the wheel over the holiday weekend @AltitudeChaz Very hard to see her not winning TBH Alba has a solid fanbase tho @BlackfishFinanc @GlobalAlphaPL Fair @Chazzl3dazzl3 Way way way underrated @walktothecabin Here is your chance!Here we go! The big runner up round It's time to decide who goes to the finals wins
BTW can old money pay the opportunity costs? Of course they fucking can Being constantly exposed is new money shit @alex_bakun @TroEarth There were certainly warning signs before most crashes There were also warning signs before… @PsychoOnWallst What an Asshat @alex_bakun @TroEarth That is preposterous. I am also not just talking about stocks. @alex_bakun @TroEarth At any point? @AltitudeChaz @gr33nbot @EsotericExposal And indemnity if a vaccine manufacturerAmazing how the pandemic is checking all the environmentalists boxes @CapitalBtd She certainly goes full frontal attack No real way to solve this with gifs. Open the damn market! cannot get educated by this self-propagating system in which people study to pass exams, and teach others to pa…
Retweeted by @Mr_MoonStocks @FedPorn @nolordofthine @BearingtonTrade 4 rubs on outside of those pants @CapitalBtd @CapitalBtd Yeah that's outrageous @jack! @FedPorn @nolordofthine @BearingtonTrade @FedPorn @nolordofthine @BearingtonTrade If you recall @FedPorn @nolordofthine @BearingtonTrade Yeah we can't go down that rabbit hole Thankfully there are SO many out there. Life is good @CapitalBtd Similar thing happened with Salma and Alba. It's why we need the 3rd runner up round @CapitalBtd @CapitalBtd Margot still has a chance in the next round. It's shaping up to be Margot Alba Applegate @FedPorn @BearingtonTrade And it's why Shakira will beat Applegate When it's Salma, Shakira, Scarlett and ??? The… @CapitalBtd 31 to 30? @FedPorn We have to pump this third round. Then it will heat up in the runner up round before the finale @FedPorn Important to have your seal on the results sir @AltitudeChaz @JustinAltitude @BenAltitude @JimScalpert @bobbyb814 Pretty well done Following @patrickrooney @PsychoOnWallst @WallStUnicorn Insane!!! @BenAltitude 8:30 Mark to the end @RickyRoma0 @loomis66 @FedPorn @BlackfishFinanc @Mr_MoonStocks Is time @FedPorn @loomis66 Fack Vinegar in spray bottle with borax @ZakariaJonathan @FedPorn @loomis66 What js that? Maybe have tricks @FedPorn @loomis66 @ZakariaJonathan No. She we have to be in the next battle. Wow what a miss @ZakariaJonathan @optionhokage for Christina emphasis on the CURVE! only way to take out Selma DBH 3rd bracket Cruveball bracket Remember IN THEIR PRIME!Scarlett goes to finals Margot goes to round 4 Exciting stuff!
2020 Fucking sick!Wow. Normally don't participate in this kinda stuff. But damn so just to recap Selma won round one (goes to finals) Alba advances to round four (Runner up round) @SpoofyBTC She was in the 1st one34 mins left to tilt this thing Scarlett wrecking the compitish... new round of goldbugs being born Maybe PTJ is right to get on the Boing Coin? Long weekend project @SJD10304 @Mike_Trades @VixCentral @TR401 @mrcsrutgers My understanding is he ran a few of the trucks and charged rent to the rest @SJD10304 @RickyRoma0 Fair enough. They already did the blocking who can see replies or whatever. Kinda nuts @SJD10304 @Mike_Trades @VixCentral @TR401 @mrcsrutgers Did you know that whole lot was owned by one dude? @SJD10304 @RickyRoma0 Nah. I think it ruins the spirit of the platform They should just leave it. We already got t… @SJD10304 @RickyRoma0 If you send a text. There is no after the fact edit @SJD10304 @RickyRoma0 Cause all the extra work that edit button requires. Why do it? I used to be on board until I thought about it @foodolla @BearingtonTrade @Mr_MoonStocks @BenAltitude Looks like it @SJD10304 @RickyRoma0 Why make it cray. Delete and retweet. Or reply and fix. @RickyRoma0 @rixstox @rixstox There shouldn't be an edit button @psk2329 @Mr_MoonStocks @BearingtonTrade @BenAltitude Need three more. This one is the hardest to fill @VixCentral Wow we are closed to each other @trade_set @AltitudeChaz What? @AltitudeChaz @trade_set Indued @trade_set @AltitudeChaz Why do you care? @AltitudeChaz @trade_set Who should be in the third round? So far Christina Applegate @Richard_Harambe @SallyMayweather 😂 @AltitudeChaz @trade_set @psk2329 @Mr_MoonStocks @BearingtonTrade @BenAltitude Almost put her in round 2. She should be in the third @BearingtonTrade @Mr_MoonStocks @BenAltitude Who is she even? @AltitudeChaz @Mr_MoonStocks @BearingtonTrade @BenAltitude We need 4 more for the third roundFull blown 4th of July rampfest into the close for Merica?