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Now that I own a shard, I just right clicked this baby! Just grabbed a tiny shard of this masterpiece. Will slowly add to this.Looks like this scam is running again @ricgalbraith @digitalartchick Congrats on the dream apartment!AHHHH! 😱 The Yellow Series is currently featured on the homepage of @opensea in their exclusive drops! I'm speech…
Retweeted by M3 @VonMises14 @artblocks_io slightly above 2eth seems probable agree. Anyone who wants to kick off the bidding. Here is the link!I display this piece at the highline to this day until someone buys it from Blanca I love the way the silhouettes… @DiamondHandNFT @VGFreakXBL @DeezeFi @fractional_art Fractional owners can display the piece in pfp, etc.?
@category5music @worldofwomennft Thank you!Gotta rock the @worldofwomennft PFP for a bit. The art is top notch. Punk #1882 is such a creeper tho (He's alwa… @digitalartchick @beaniemaxi @Click_Trades @ethlings Get your skins from the site. I think there's a time limit. Need aux 1 slot open to wear…'s got the new @ethlings skin? This guy! @MoonStonkys @DaMoshu Wow. She ded? @CyberBun @BoredApeYC HelloWow @AndrewMease @TheShamdoo @BarnOwlzNFT Yes. Owls. Yes
@artblockmints That's a keeper 👀 @BearingtonTrade @options911 So all you gotta do is get insurance that won't cover and you're exempt? yellow series!!! DoIt.gif @Click_Trades @drskogen @JohnWRichKid @DeItaone @DanVerno @DefinitelyOzzzy where to read up on how to do this? @cryptopunk237 @flashrekt @iamDCinvestor @harmvddorpel So sick @flashrekt @iamDCinvestor @harmvddorpel Will these 512 mutate into more pieces or will the supply always be fixed? @flashrekt @foliafoliafolia Thank you my friend!Hmmm Artblocks "I saw it in a dream" floor rose very nicely overnight @Click_Trades 👀 @flashrekt @foliafoliafolia secondary on OS is named? @flashrekt how to adopt???In good company I see @worldofwomennft are so fire! Slept on grabbing a "night goddess" last night and now that floor is getting away from me @tropoFarmer @0xWave @stonercatstv How we don't follow each other Tropo?If you can't see what's happening at this pt. IDKWTFTTY’re at the point where if you don’t have @ShowdeerArt in your wallet you’re NGMI.
Retweeted by M3 @juxton @TheKyleDriver3 UFTs maybe @tropoFarmer @0xWave @stonercatstv @beaniemaxi @DeezeFi ladies
@pirate_cheetah Small hurdle Ironing these things out is good in the long run There are always gonna be cash grabs @ShowdeerArt @webmyzer Wowowow Amazing. Love it!Well hello there @Emanuel_Wynne @mikeharrisNY release small pamphlet with deep thoughts and accompanying art as an NFT See what happens @Versuhtyle Oh You in New Orleans Oh boy @Versuhtyle True that So we keep on doing our damn thing BTW I would like to book a winter sewer tour if you are up and runningThe best part is these celebs coming in, thinking somehow if they put their stamp on NFTs it will "revolutionize c… @codyboston19 @DefinitelyOzzzy I love how they think it will revolutionize something. Like that isn't already taki… @Versuhtyle LMAO. Yeah. I'm gonna try straight from the contract tonight. Eff that. Mint these instead of them cats everyone. Great art here IMO Plus the clubs are dope @Versuhtyle It's true. Up next Vogu heartbreak. @RamonGovea @ShowdeerArt @webmyzer 30 to 85?!!! Congrats friend!It's good to keep things Phunky that @aplusk fella livefeed: RN goat tho Buy more goats minting stoner cats and not having a doggo or an ape cats might be the 10k project version of elon musk snl
Retweeted by M3 @ElectionDayMad1 @NBATopShotEast pretty sure this is the "hoodie" for doggo owners. Gotta be more. Most likely mo… @crypple3 @BoredPicassoApe @ShrewdCharlie Oh the internet 🍻 @crypple3 @BoredPicassoApe @ShrewdCharlie What? I agree. Wtf are you on about? Lmao @Click_Trades @Reboticant You know it's all about VR "You'll own nothing and love it" So yes. Yes it is @Reboticant @Click_Trades Those renderings tho! @Lakoz_ is an inherent part of competition and life. But many of you struggle with fear bc you're desperate for…
Retweeted by M3 @crypple3 @BoredPicassoApe @ShrewdCharlie Exactly. Derivatives are allowed by the owner and with owners permission @ColeThereum Epic service you just provided. Simple enough it seems. Thanks again @ColeThereum Thank you! @Click_Trades @chriswahl73 @leaf_swan @gorillabrigade @battbatsuto @4th_Perspective that top left is beautiful Love the tree as well$ETH daily What a lovely wick to paint @ricgalbraith @Ape6056 @MythDivision Yes it is!!! @chriswahl73 @leaf_swan @gorillabrigade @battbatsuto @4th_Perspective Very lovely choices! @BoredPicassoApe @ShrewdCharlie It's a derivative work. @BoredPicassoApe @ShrewdCharlie The current owner @Ape6056 @MythDivision So freaking amped!!! @Versuhtyle Sounds about right Get ready for Sept thru next winter. They will probably need your services again @Click_Trades I'll never forgive you for fucking up this Vogu drop @RealAllenHena Maybe a demand issue? @pirate_cheetah @Ape6056 Vogu @BoredSpaceApe @painter_crypto
@punkscomic @fractional_art @RandomTrade @brent9two @BoredApeYC Is this an invite? @Ryan_Dale_III @digitalartchick @Ryan_Dale_III @digitalartchick That's a shitton of time @jetsetJ3 @Hunter_NFT What do they even look like? @OGDfarmer @ElectionDayMad1 Now that is interestingThere is so much art in this little vault I found.... ....but these people work like machines!! Still seem like sc…
Retweeted by M3So excited @ransxmware @MythDivision @RamonGovea @amarie420xoxo @Dr_Yield_Curve @amarie420xoxo @Dr_Yield_Curve Outward pressure is easily adapted to Inward pressure buckles the bill like a gator… people say rise and grind. Let's make this bread.
Retweeted by M3 @Deep_Seas_Oil @ReishBit @Dr_Yield_Curve Pelican bills are notoriously weak under pressureThere's a road map and utility