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Robert Martellacci, Award-Winning #EdTech Strategist, Founder MindShareLearnTech/MindshareWorkSpace Chair 10th CDN #EdTech Summit. CEO @C21Can. Dad. Hockey guy

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McMaster Innovation Park: Changing Hamilton, then the world't miss our #free #movie #event tomorrow hosted by our valued member #Wellness #entertainment! RSVP Now…
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Here’s to living in a great province and feeling grateful for all we have on Islander Day #pei.Lets remind ourselve…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTech.@cbcmarketplace Ironically I received a call today on the same @CanRevAgency CRA scam being featured on tonight's… memorable @CreditPointeRA #FamilyDay2020 Family & Friends Skate w Councillor @RonStarr6 #CelebrationSquare
Wow! Just got call from a 'wannabe' @CanRevAgency collector on #FamilyDay Tried to intimidate me....such a loser! #beware of these scammersLooking forward to our .@CreditPointeRA Credit Pointe residents Assn family skate today w Councillor Ron Starr… our #mindsharelearning #community a memorable #familyday2020 @BBTNB Impressive skills and skating at such a young age! This is coming from a 15 yr coach! Keep up the great work and have fun!
I have 14 new followers from Canada, and more last week. See this book last summer. Took it off the shelf tonight, typed up my underlined passages, & shared it with TCRCE’…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechWelcome to this Week in Canadian #Coworker @erinmillstown w/ Sharon Shilmover Mindset & Success Coach…
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A #RealEstate learning day @MindShareWork Space @erinmillstown @LouisAndCarmela #SaturdayMorning Checkout This Week in Canadian #edtech w @Stephen_Hurley & Robert Martellacci @MindShareK12 Minister @JustinTrudeau I'm really excited to see you back in Canada to take care of your own country's press… you're a hockey fan and Jimm Fallon ...this is hilarious! children learn a positive mindset is one of the greatest gifts we can give them ☀️ Great to see this new k…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTech @mirella_rossi @dougpete @TCDSB @ONeducation @EdCanNet @C21Can Congrats exciting!
This Week in Canadian #edtech w @Stephen_Hurley & Robert Martellacci @MindShareK12 #HappyValentinesDay2020 edition the 'other' most inspiring woman in my life a #Happy99thBirthday #HazelMccallionday #Mississauga
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An inspiring day of learning & sharing w/ .@TrafalgarMtl Symposium #Montreal》》 #Wellbeing: The Future of Education… keynote by Dr. @ThuptenJinpaLa @CompassionInst .@TrafalgarMtl Symposium "There's a torch in the villag… for my preso .@TrafalgarMtl Symposium》》 #Wellbeing: The Future of Education , The Future of Humanity… up.....looking forward to speaking at the Trafalgar .@TrafalgarMtl Symposium #Montreal tomorrow #FutureReady @C21Can #21stCSkills
On #WomenInScienceDay, I thank all the #women & #men who supported me & @LetsTalkScience over the past 30yrs. Time…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechLingo Media's ELL Technologies to provide Liberty University with its interactive English language learning solutio…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTech @KatPapulkas @LesterBP_DPCDSB @DellEMCedu See you on the 27th! @KatPapulkas @LesterBP_DPCDSB @DellEMCedu Congrats! Sounds like a great opportunity to enter the… @MapleLeafs 🚨 GOAL!! 🚨 What a beauty! KAPANEN TURNS ON THE JETS AND WINS IT!! #LeafsForever
In case you missed it!February Can-Am #edtech Report by MindShare Learning eMag >> Research, News, @fransaskois're the 1st host municipality to participate in GLOBE Series Climate & Sports Initiative to address the impacts o…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTech @MatthewOldridge @LearningFwdON @PeelSchools @maggiefay_ @Roosloan Looking forward to be partner hosts! @MindShareWork SpaceUNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIO @WesternU New #esports arena offers more than play Can-Am #edtech Report by MindShare Learning eMag >> Research, News, @fransaskois @SunWestSD207 @CreditPointeRA @citymississauga Looking forward to it!
Cool to be on the #gotrain w/ all the #Raptors fans on the way to the game! Sadly, I'm going to a biz dinner and mi… @DougCurrie @PSBPEI @peihsf @InfoPEI @CSLF_IPE @PEITF @hollandcollege Mrs. Fogarty my Gr12 English teacher wrote in… @BBTNB Tha is for your kind words Ben!February Can-Am #edtech Report by MindShare Learning eMag >> Research, News, @fransaskois @SunWestSD207 @BBTNB @tomgreenlive @Twitter Thanks for sharing Ben! I see he's coming to Streetsville!When you're 14 and your teacher tells you, you have unlimited potential....that's pretty cool!.... James Cameron,…
Putting the finishing touches to our February #CanAm Mindshare Learning #edtech report. If you have news, career op… psychology expert: This is the No. 1 skill #parents need to teach their #kids—but most don’t… invigorating pre-game walk #HockeyDay #GoLeafsGo! #creditriver .@CreditPointeRA #mississauga #liveworkplay is turning Canada into a haven for the world’s best and brightest Well-educated professionals from Nigeria a… @pattimarathon @Stephen_Hurley @dougpete @SheilaSpeaking @mrslyonslibrary @JennMacBrown @greeneterry @WithEqualStep
Dear Teachers - We are sorry for how Stephen Lecce and Doug Ford are behaving. For all of the upcoming shows we ha…
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Robert Martellacci, founder @MindShareLearn & #coworkingspace honing his golf skills #OfficialOpening 9-hole mini…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechStanford psychology expert: This is the No. 1 work skill of the 21st century—but most fail to realize it.…
@marymelgreene @TCEA @SETDA No better organization that offers the leadership and insight to EdTech than @SETDA Wha… Week in Canadian #EdTech is back w/ @Stephen_Hurley @voicEdcanada Relecting on #OLASC #fetc2020 and more gr8 C… @mraspinall Love the hockey connection! Just played this morning! I'm sure your new book captures the dancing nut p…
@MindShareLearn @MindShareWork @PodcastPlaceCA @erinmillstown Looking forward to sharing more about this new work.
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechWillie O’Ree documentary “Willie” to air on ESPN2 and ESPN Streaming On Demand.
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechHonoured to be connecting w @edutalkradio voice & legend Larry Jacobs @MindShareWork Space announcing Canada - U.S.… to welcome our newest member @MindShareWork Space .@Stephen_Hurley as he launches his newest venture…
@peterskillen @brendasherry @RamonaMeharg @ecooorg @lisaannefloyd @stevenpfloyd @coding_lynx @MikeFitz157 inspiring #sunset view of our grand entrance feature @MindShareWork Space @erinmillstown centre… Angel Activity Will Unlock $6.9 Billion for Canadian Entrepreneurs>>This education and mentoring platform will…’s a medical doctor, and now .@mcgillu alum, Canadian Laurent Duvernay-Tardif is a Super Bowl Champion.…
@MatthewOldridge @MindShareWork @LearningFwdON Looking forward to hosting!My new approach to learning from books ...including sketching my notes.
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@Stephen_Hurley @noasbobs @VidyaShah6 @clclyne @CecilRoachSO Happy Anniversary!Say hello to our newest Centaur @Centennial43! Meet Pepper, our robot addition to help students learn to code. Stu…
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@sd43bc @finger_food @SB_Robotics Congrats on the your #innovaitve spirit! @c21can @C21CEOBuilding schools with bricks made from wasted plastics and changing the lives of over 25,000 children.…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTech @DougCurrie @CMHASpud @ChtownPE @HockeyPEI @hollandcollege @CICPEI Congrats! Please do share that recipe!An honour hosting the premier showing of .@humbercollege students short film Rich Osborne Outlaw. A fascinating st… @Stephen_Hurley Congrats Stephen! It's been awesome being part of your journey!Let's all work together to #TransformEDU through esports & programs like #GirlsWhoGame. We need to meet our studen…
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Thanks to our valued partner Barry Brennan .@SteelcaseEDU for visiting @MindShareWork Space. Enjoyed our #strategy event ⁦@scottcreek43⁩ today as ⁦@sd43bc⁩ ⁦@finger_food⁩ and ⁦@SoftBank introduce Pepper the robot to STEM…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechMindFuel prepares to launch online #coding coding program with completion of partner training in Ontario… prepares to launch online #coding coding program with completion of partner training in Ontario… the pleasure to join @_shawnyoung_ from @classcraftgame to discuss the Ludic Generation as we launched a year o…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechWill you still need a college education in 2040?
@Stephen_Hurley Looking forward to our live broadcast of this Week in Canadian #edtech tomorrow from #olasc2020 It's ok not to be ok! #YouAreNotAlone #BeKind #stopthestigma #MentalHealthMatters
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechToday is Bell Let’s Talk Day. For every view of this video 👇, Bell will donate 5¢ towards Canadian mental health in…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTech @helpinghands @MobileAppQueen @cannexus @pigironjoe @ccyp_ccpj Amazing leadership! Kudos for being selected top30 u… @MobileAppQueen @Forbes @ForbesUnder30 Congrats Janelle!
Want to become #ISTECertified? Take the first step and register for one of our upcoming #ISTECertification workshop…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTech @Carla_Pereira2 My professor colleagues often lament about the #skillpgap of students entering university. The ass… @MindShareLearn @CanCodeToLearn @otf_pd @brendasherry @coding_lynx @takingitglobal @ruthbeatty11 @MikeFitz157
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechHard work won over talent today! #lunchtime #hockey #streetsville #liveworkplay #balance #Missisauga #smartcity Join us this Thursday to #explore #coworking and #network w/ our #members! #LUNCH IS ON US! LOVE…
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Awesome! So impactful to infuse music and movement in a child's learning day. abt an Indigenous object; & looking at present day innovations. Indigenous Digital Learning Program…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechThis Week in Canadian #edtech in case you missed it! CanAm #fetc2020 @fetc Highlights NB Sc…
It's fantastic to see mentors from @tdsb helping #GirlsWhoGame with their school of the future challenge. Positive…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTech @Educhatter @McGillQueensUP @quillandquire @reviewcanada Congrats Paul! I look forward to picking it up. Perhaps we… @kgrose2 @CEPascal @linwood_barclay I got stuck in one today at a hospital visitation. Now there's a great start of… our friends and colleagues who celebrate the Lunar New Year a memorable and successful 2020!…
@ChristensenInst I was saddened to learn the news of the passing Prof. Christensen, a visionary leader who believed… Hot off the press! Our new postcard! Love Where You Work! Come visit for a tour today!…
Retweeted by MindShareLearnTechThis Week in Canadian #edtech CanAm #fetc2020 @fetc Highlights NB School Wins North America…"A Statistics Canada poll has millennials feeling attacked" our friends and colleagues who celebrate the Lunar New Year a memorable and successful 2020!…
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