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@nandighosha @vakibs What if the Hindus are all like the Gujrati or Bombay Massacre Killers or Aklaq Lynchers ? So… @MrsGandhi Care a damn abt what a vestigial party thought and act this inhuman and bigoted act is what's going to b… @vakibs Immigrants, then know ye the fate awaiting legal refugees in crores in W.B ,ASSAM, TRIPURA & NE STATES? Wh… @vakibs Can you state what happened to 57 Bangladeshis caught working in Bangalore? They were pushed right back int… @vakibs Creating aspersion on poor people and comparing Naokhali to today's context is hate ! I follow you for your…
பணமதிப்பழிப்பின் போது மன்மோகன்சிங் கூறியபடி இன்று பொருளாதாரம் அழிவு!CAB யால் `ஜெர்மனியின் நிலைதான் இந்தியாவுக்கு ஏ…எந்த ஒரு மொழியும் இன்னொரு மொழி மீது ஆதிக்கம் செலுத்தினால் அதை ஒரு போதும் திராவிட முன்னேற்றக் கழகம் ஏற்காது, அதை தி…
Retweeted by selvakumarTo change this abysmal situation #India should #surgeincollectiveprotest @SitaramYechury @SuVe4Madurai change this abysmal situation #India should #surgeincollectiveprotest @mkstalin @DuraimuruganDmk @ptrmadurai change this abysmal situation #India should #surgeincollectiveprotest! @MamataOfficial @yadavakhilesh @Mayawati read @sumanthraman @apurva_purohit @sanjaysub @tmkrishna @muruga_TNIE @SangitaSri @sang1983 @nand_bo
Retweeted by selvakumarThis strategic BPCL disinvestment akin to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs? Financially we are worse o… human beings chose to become animals, but I am still a human being, I can't think like an animal. @TheLeaflet_in Supreme Court ordering probe into the #TelanganaEncounter by 3-member committee headed by former SC… Court ordering probe into the #TelanganaEncounter by 3-member committee headed by former SC judge V S Sirpu…
#Replug | @vinodjose charts the dynamics of Pandya’s relationship with Modi—first, as a senior leader who refused t…
Retweeted by selvakumar @vakibs No nation except ruled by RWng zealots discriminate people who seek on religious lines! Here using Hinduis… @vakibs @PritishNandy tweet Three fine speeches in Rajya Sabha today: Derek O’Brien of TMC, Sanjay Raut of Shiv Sen… @vakibs I'm not saying so! But if one set of people could be given why not the equally persecuted ogher not given c… @vakibs See how you've contradicted yourself! @vakibs Read sir! Know the bill sir! @angry_birdu This is nothing but Manusastra 9;16 &9;3This is nothing but Manuvad 9:16 & 9;3! Moron! discovery offers a rare glimpse into environments that could exist on oceanic moons 😮
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@vakibs I'm not going in circle! An asylum offer should be on merits not on halfbaked prejudices! You haven't repli… @indiaonthe_move @TheJaggi I never asked you! Why you bluster for a simple question? What's there different between… @vakibs Why you comment so harsh about yourself? Bleeding heart, genus, dog in circle ..It shows your hollowness an… @indiaonthe_move @TheJaggi What's there different in class of 2 set of people persecuted by the same evil except on… @indiaonthe_move @TheJaggi A law has to apply the same yardstick to the same evil and should be balanced not biased… @csranga @TheJaggi And from when hearsays amd imagined orders have become balance judgement! @vakibs Need not! Don't give asylum to all but only to the deserved and not based upon the prejudices of Jaundiced… @TheJaggi Need not! Don't give asylum to all but only to the deserved and not based upon the prejudices of Jaundic… @vakibs Why are you meandering? A refugee is a refugee! Period! No difference to be shown to those who're offered a… @SuryahSG அது சரி சைவ சமயத்தை எப்போது ஹிந்து மதத்திலே சேத்தாங்க? @vakibs America not only welcomed Jewish refugees it also welcomed persecuted German officers and various other per… @vakibs Don't shift goal posts! German Nazis, our RWngers forerunners. also persecuted Gypsies, Romanians,Pols, Lit… @vakibs ...Persecution! If persecution is the basis of fleeing either we should give asylum to all or to none! Who… @vakibs It's you who's hyper sir! The reason is very basic! Back is what HMS & RSS aimed and on the threshold of ac… @vakibs Your example falls flat! A regular German isn't a Jewish German! One is refugee and another is not! But a… is wrong we all know sir @ImranKhanPTI but you have no moral rights to talk about this! You first mend your infe… @vakibs A native to be given refugee status is itself an anarchy and should be irrespective of one being a Muslim o… @vakibs India was partitioned by RWng Zealots like Savarkar and Jinnah! Stop spreading canards and not the persecut… @vakibs @PMOIndia :The bill gives relief to minorities who have been living a painful life after facing persecution… @AudaciousQuest @AudaciousQuest_ #holocaustbrewing!! Oppose draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!! It… @Tanvir_Ansari @harsh_mander #holocaustbrewing!! Oppose draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!! It dest… @the_hindu #holocaustbrewing!! Oppose draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!! It destroys our Nation's #Unityindiversityजूता मार दिया @scroll_in #Holocaustbrewing!! Withdraw the draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!! @suhasinih #Holocaustbrewing!! Withdrawn the draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!! @raoabhijeet @vakibs #Holocaustbrewing!! Withdraw the draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!! @SaralPatel @kapsology #Holocaustbrewing!! Withdrawn the draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!! @SaralPatel @kapsology #Holocaustbrewing!! Withdraw the draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!! @Actor_Siddharth #Holocaustbrewing!! Withdrawn the draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!! @TimesNow @Actor_Siddharth @CMOTamilNadu #Holocaustbrewing!! Withdrawn the draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!!#Holocaustbrewing!! Withdrawn the draconian & inhuman #CitizenshipAmendmentBill2019!!When we look at Auschwitz we see the end of the process. It's important to remember that the Holocaust actually did…
Retweeted by selvakumar @BJP4India @DrMohanBhagwat @BJPLiveகுடியுரிமை சட்ட மசோதா தமிழர்களுக்கும், முஸ்லீம்களுக்கும் எதிரானது மியான்மர் பற்றியும் ,ஈழத்தமிழர் பற்றியும் ஏன் இ…
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The Central #GST collection fell short of the budget estimate by nearly 40% during the April-November period of 201…
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How to look after your vulva
Retweeted by selvakumar @AgentSaffron Why Tamizhnadu does have Telugu, kannada, Malayalam as well as Sourashtrian language schools! These a… can you conquer ordinary, everyday sadness? Think of it as a person
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@RKRadhakrishn Suspend the policemen for giving a loose opportunity to escape.If they really tried to escape,that t…
Retweeted by selvakumar @SriramMadras @RKRadhakrishn @EPSTamilNadu @AIADMKOfficial Absolutely correct in normal time! But by default there… @SriramMadras True! The relics like @DuraimuruganDmk @ponmudi36147814 be posted to HQ and fresh bloods be infused… can only be one winner 😂
Retweeted by selvakumarNEET க்கும் அமெரிக்காவுக்கும் என்ன சம்பந்தம்? கிராமப்புற மாணவர்களை இனங்கண்டு உருவாக்க இங்கேயுள்ள நல் ஆசிரியரிட… @SundarrajanG @Samaniyantweet Sir she's not the victim you think of! She's another victim from Unnao and not the victim of Mla S… @gips_twitz @Samaniyantweet தாமிரபரணியிலே கலைஞரும் பண்ணியிருக்காரு! இந்தி திணிப்பு படுகொலைகள் பக்தவச்சலம் காலத்தில்!!!!
2019 @trspartyonline @asadowaisi Crude justice to wool over it's shortcomings! @TelanganaCMO has lot to explain to court… @AunindyoC As per my assumption Rapes that aren't reported is around 95%! Your thread brings out the truth behind s…
In the 1980s, anthropologist Peggy Reeves Sanday studied 94 tribal communities & found that 92% of them were either…
Retweeted by selvakumar @scroll_in One thing is very clear to what extent our Journalists and media are out of work and out *lucking ***l!! @iamrohit2104 @rammadhavbjp Interested if any paid trips to Australia be arranged!!!
@vakibs Btw what was India before India to have been ripped off?? Partition happened not bcs of Gandhi/Jinnah but… of India meeting with the King of Kailaasa on a future state visit to the Island Nation.
Retweeted by selvakumar @INBreakthrough Which movie hasn't had stalking,catcalling,mocking masquerading as love?? Almost All 99.1% Indian… @VanathiBJP @Narayanan3 @BJPLive Madam it's happening in Mettupalayam a suburb near you! Aren't these people… @mafoikprajan இந்த மதிப்புமிகு நிறுவனத்தை நிலைநிறுத்தவில்லையெனில் வருங்காலம் நம்மை மமகாகேவலமாக எண்ணும்! ஆகவே தாங்க… @PDChina Here's one civilization which may be one of the earliest in the world! >5500 old silk fabric! Vow! But can… @Narayanan3 @VanathiBJP இந்த அநியாயங்களை எதிர்த்து நிற்க பட்டியலின இந்துக்களுக்காக @sGQTo7OA9B1eDpA முன் வருமா? @Narayanan3 @VanathiBJP இவரும் இந்துதான்!! ஜாதிய அடக்குமுறையை பாஜக எதிர்க்கிறதென்பதை நிரூபிக்கவாவது இந்த நபருக்கா…
@nomadicmatt @masalaboxtravel @ShekharGupta @TheJaggi 1984 Sikh pogram, 1989,1993, 2002 Muslim pograms and whoever connived ,done, perpetrated ar… @ShekharGupta @TheJaggi "She called him a patriot, and this is not a tag one can reasonably deny Godse, "... Pls as… @ShekharGupta @TheJaggi "Asking Jews to let themselves be killed by Hitler or Hindus to fight for Khilafat"..Or ask…
#Ilayaraaja anthem for HCCB! @Ahmedshabbir20 Is it a casteist wall as alleged by @beemji @Ahmedshabbir20 What happened? @TwitterIndia I'm not receiving notifications about likes ,retweets and replies! Please check and i request you to rectify!இவர்களை இன்றய தலைமுறையினர் மகாகேவலமாக பேசுவதும் விமர்சிப்பதும் எவ்வளவு வேதனையானது!! @shrua_sharma @shantanub @ikaveri And not even in our Country!! @kkganguly3 @shantanub @diptakirti Nanga is nakedness but did you mention Algul? Algul means Vagina in Tamizh!!!
@rajkavikanna @Samaniyantweet கருவறை.. @_ambedkarite @RKRadhakrishn The bloody Moron #dalitpoliticians are busy building Quixotic Statues to further thems… the 4th anniversary of #chennairains here's a look behind the veil. I accessed this using RTI for my book. Lette…
Retweeted by selvakumar @ptrmadurai @ThamizhachiTh See how the GOTN in 2015 played with people's life to safeguard a illegal land in Fores…