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Dev/Lin/Moonie/Worm; 23; trans; drummer; dungeon master; just a silly little frog 😳

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Hey all, my cohost and I are both, separately, precariously housed at the moment. I'm being kicked out in May and m…
Retweeted by Lin! @InkAndTeeth A5Yi did end up buying csp 🌞
Retweeted by Lin!oh i got somethin cookin
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Come play Melee with me! Bo3/Bo5/Reverse Mains/Iron Mans Whatever!
Retweeted by Lin!Do you ever feel cretinous, George?actual last thing if u like my tips n tricks maybe, just maybe drop a dolla i love shar…
Retweeted by Lin!This is a lot to ask but I've set up a campaign for my cousin Danielle to help pay her rent. She's studying in Pola…
Retweeted by Lin! @critical_kitcat Hey I struggle with these thoughts a lot and I wanna say that it’s a matter of when, not if; time… @esspurrr 👀did someone say frizzy hair and weirdly haunted?mushroom lanterns
Retweeted by Lin!couldn't fit this one in but. it's also good
Retweeted by Lin!It’s weird that the second one embedded instead of them both existing as just links @paigeccino and🚨 PLEASE RETWEET! for all the turmoil black people went through during this period, and all the suffering yet to co…
Retweeted by Lin!another big day at the office
Retweeted by Lin!Rice. Part two: Jeff Bezos net worth represented visually by rice.
Retweeted by Lin!Please Help! My Transmission Needs Replacing. Click to Donate: via @gofundme
Retweeted by Lin!Another Short Time Trials Stream - More Map Exploring!
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@critical_kitcat OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH PRETTY!!!! @esspurrr Oh I’m in love with thisI really don't want to spam, but Miriam is very close to her initial goal.
Retweeted by Lin! @bottled_chaos Bet 2 life at the monastery #fe3h
Retweeted by Lin!actually here's one with people too 15 - 23 (crop, last year)
Retweeted by Lin!good evening. im going to inflict psychic damage onto my followers, on purpose. 2013 (16) vs 2021 (24).
Retweeted by Lin!Art at 14 - Art at 24
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@mecasloth Gonna go build an onion shrine now @Colleen_Durant1 Brb gotta read hamlet to get this referencePool onion is still there, and doesn’t look like it’s breaking down at all still by Linnea Sterte.
Retweeted by Lin! @marimadeen A part from this! im making some headway and im gonna change that fauld (?) design bc its kinda clunky to me but im kinda shocked…
Retweeted by Lin!when i was making up armor for [undisclosed project from my little undisclosed project pile] i was like damn...this…
Retweeted by Lin!This could literally save a life. Save a family. My god
Retweeted by Lin!I’m live again!! !!!! to end stream to fix an issue with my internet, I’ll let you know when I’m back on ☺️Live now with more Danganronpa!! starts in 15 minutes!
please don’t wait until last minute. pervis payne is set to be executed on april 9. he is innocent.he’s being mis…
Retweeted by Lin!Streaming more Danganronpa tonight at 8pm!Is she gettin ready for her big day or is she just trying on all the dresses to feel like a princess?
Retweeted by Lin!Please read, twitter isn't allowing me to send these but this is very important. Please help me.
Retweeted by Lin!I'm coming back for a second because ppl have made me choose violence My friend's brother is getting doxxed by thi…
Retweeted by Lin!Short Stream working on Cuphead optimizations!
Retweeted by Lin!Fuck. Realised I'm $15 short on rent. Due in 12 hours. Anyone able to help? Cashapp: £LisbethAK
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@BroomballKraken It’s nap time @esspurrr I gotta apply thereKalief Browder was 17 when he sat in solitary confinement for 2 years for a crime he did not commit.. and was denie…
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Retweeted by Lin!What could it mean
Retweeted by Lin! @critical_kitcat Ohhhhh that’s a pretty dressDIAMOND AND PEARL REMAKES LETS FUCKING GOOOOO
Retweeted by Lin!Presenting: ✨ ARCADIA ✨ I'm absolutely thrilled to have worked alongside the fantastic folks at @helloMCDM, includ…
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Here are some updated WIPs on these ladies Gonna show sketches of my bard and archer soon!
Retweeted by Lin!it happened. World's first 27 ;) this means so much to me
Retweeted by Lin!Run 1 is in the books, can only go up from here! One more run!
Retweeted by Lin! @GailardiaGG Run around in a circle until you pass outMy unpopular video game opinion? Cynthia’s battle theme goes harder than her approach themeFirst time Speedrunning Cuphead! !category !firstrun
Retweeted by Lin!Hi, I'm Mari, I'm 13 and for the past five years I have been fighting to get clean water, not just in Flint, but in…
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some creatures
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I'm currently on furlough, being paid less than minimum wage atm, and I think I may loose my job soon due to the co…
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I am an infinite crosspoint, the noumenon of forever. Waiting, submerged, and breathless for the forbearer to say m…
Retweeted by Lin!Live with more Danganronpa!
Hi! I’m streaming more Danganronpa at 8pm!I’ve watched this clip 100 times and I still can’t believe it
Retweeted by Lin! @marimadeen ThotposingHiiiiiii elliott hru today :)
Retweeted by Lin!its the natural course of things that i give a character slightly wavy hair at first and then eventually it just go…
Retweeted by Lin!Next stream is 8pm tomorrow night! @alayakazam Ily2 ty// execution do not forget, Dustin Higgs is STILL being set to be executed on January 15th, 2021. we only have 10…
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I can’t stop watching this
Retweeted by Lin!HEY PHILLY Fill out the COVID19 Vaccine Precommittment form at This is the city's survey…
Retweeted by Lin!this guy again
Retweeted by Lin!gay people!
Retweeted by Lin!im rly out here making ~series logos~ to group my oc stuff into so my design sheets look more professional and it m…
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Retweeted by Lin! @alayakazam I tested positiveI remember when I was going back to work I said that catching covid wasn’t an if, but a when. 6 months isn’t bad bu… learned that incarcerated workers will be forced to make the new furniture that replaces what was destroyed in…
Retweeted by Lin!Streaming more Danganronpa! Come hop in! love Shroomishreposting this comic from september white supremacist fascists and their enablers must face severe legal consequen…
Retweeted by Lin!it's very important to carefully contextualize the argument behind "we pay billions for weapons and defense and the…
Retweeted by Lin!please PLEASE keep boosting if you can!!! Anything helps, one order, one tip, even $1.
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This is a really strong argument not only to defund the police, who at best stood around and at worst conspired, bu…
Retweeted by Lin!I am so close to 700 followers. If you need a reason to check my channel out here are a few: 🏳️‍⚧️ I'm a cute tran…
Retweeted by Lin!You mean to tell me that the white supremacist mob included off-duty police officers? Wow! Who could have guessed
Retweeted by Lin![pls RT!] Ghey all!! pls support my black nb partner @BobbiePrincette in these trying times!! we're both disabled &…
Retweeted by Lin!*white woman from california flew across the country, during a pandemic, in order to participate & die in an act of…
Retweeted by Lin!Well there's the quote that sums the whole thing up I guess.
Retweeted by Lin!Streaming more Danganronpa at 10 tonight! @marimadeen I hope you feel better!!! @marimadeen Then one of us takes it too far and I realize this wasn’t the path I’d wanted to tread and use my evil… @marimadeen Fucking Scrap made me send this before I could finish it 😔 @marimadeen Is your fucked up and evil rival but there’s good in my heart so you can’t bring yourself to z ZB l dickleak is an actor. Let’s make sure he doesn’t work again.
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