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@TheRealDarenHo1 @PatchBae Lmao @ryleywalker In my mid 20s, I baked an ounce of fire into Fruity Pebble treats and went to Cedar Point as part of a…
If you ever thought it possible to press the sum of all knowledge and experience into a vinyl record, I recommend b… @billygomberg same, in a big wayAyler music is for real heads, anti-fedora music fueled by great acid and pure, cosmic spirituality. If you ever me… Birthday to Albert Ayler, the greatest musician from Cleveland, Ohio.
Retweeted by John ElliottDeeply affecting ambient modern classic by @MineralDisk, summer sadness with cosmic angles
Retweeted by John ElliottIt’s going down
@pm_dawg Repress coming any day now 🎚😊
The road to hell is paved with free exposure
Retweeted by John ElliottWe’ll be adding more jams this fall. Feel free to follow at our bandcamp for updates Stay Hungry.
Retweeted by John ElliottPut the fucking phone down
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Kanye seems like one of those ppl that think they’re redpilling but are actually being steered by a youtube algorit… @brandon_nickell lmaoIgnore KanyeCan we please all agree that this experiment of having a dumb TV host and shady real estate developer with no gover…
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Ok bye
Retweeted by John Elliott @telefontelaviv Yes let’s not make it palatableStop calling them Karens and start calling them what they really are, which is white supremacists.Don’t forget that this White House adviser called us human capital stock
It's album revelation time! The sky rips open to reveal: 99 people playing at a steady 99 beats per minute for thre…
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@aerielist For realThis man died with more blood on his hands than any of us could ever imagine, shame it wasn’t sooner. Him and his f…, so if women post that they even remotely know about synthesizers on twitter then guys will set up a gofundme…
Retweeted by John ElliottRIP Ennio Morricone - never gonna be another one like thatProps to @TheRealDarenHo1 on the PULSE tho @cloudnothings Imagine the level of difficulty that would entail @jlbookings @IlhanMN @yungchomsky Lol I don’t got that kinda $$$ @IlhanMN @yungchomsky Spectrum Spools LP whenever you’re readyYall..... as “part shaman...and part musical evangelist”, DJ & sound artist @ainbailey takes listeners on aural jou…
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@Uncle_Music try as I might to be remain open minded, just can’t get into a lot of the kosmische casualties w/midi… @Uncle_Music Ehh let’s not get carried away hereWant to pass a terrible law? Frame it as a protection for the extremely vulnerable, and then accuse anyone who oppo…
Retweeted by John ElliottFella has a hard time writing a book at a shuttered hotel
I remember seeing pictures of Mt. Rushmore as a kid and thinking it was ugly and sloppy that they just left the pie…
Retweeted by John ElliottPay attention to what is happening in Madison, WI. We successfully pressured the school board to remove cops from…
Retweeted by John Elliott @pete_swans @mgeddesgengras lol amazing @mgeddesgengras lmao jfc. Tempe as well, eeeek @mgeddesgengras the kind of horror that shapes who you becomeThis era was a special one. We’d play at the farm Lambsbread lived at in rural Ohio with some amazing bands. One ni…“Dirt Weed Diaries” series was commissioned by Zac Davis, there was meant to be a third installment c90, and I thin…“Vaporizer” appeared on a split tape with Tusco Terror. If you couldn’t already tell, it’s a tribute to weed 85% of soulseek era rips of this cd were John Wiese recordings, so this version sets the record straightThis Emeralds title “Bullshit Boring Drone Band” was named by a dissatisfied gig attendee after our set. I believe… happy I found out about the Imaginary Softwoods subscription. No brainer at $35 for the year
Retweeted by John Elliott @sikklaffter @TheBunkerNY That record is quite good!
Which, might I add, if you do purchase The Suncoast Digest subscription it’s the most economical way to get everyth…💚⚡️ @mgeddesgengras I think over 50% of my jams are hidden! Thanks for checking! @MilesBowe what size shirt u wear?Did you know that one of the most innovative guitar projects in the last 30 years has a new jam out today? GROWING… @ruaridhTVO @clppng @frontandfollow New Growing!if you'd like the catface from the annual flowers in color lp on a t-shirt i suggest subscribing to the suncoast di…
Retweeted by John Elliott all you supporting your favorite artists on @bandcamp today - thank you! Ima sprinkle some Imaginary Softwoods d… @memoryrepeating didn’t the military slaughter nearly every Native American thoThis was released on digital for the first time today. Our first tape! @Alex_Moskos true! The Floyd were banned for ten years for it supposedly. @vanceforv No, that was the first leg of the Darkside Tour - my dad was there and also confirmed it was the heavies… to our bandcamp and leave your testimony comments on the Emeralds releases being unleashed tomorrow need to be more like Pink Floyd gig in Cleveland on… @TerryMetterJr @stevehauschildt Lol I do t think they had one! If they did they certainly didn’t give us access @ddirkfunk We call those guys A24 Bro’s here, it’s def a thing unfort
So you’re telling us #vanessaguillen body was found IN WET CONCRETE and the suspect shot himself? And now her frie…
Retweeted by John ElliottJust like Walmart yodeling kid, this bird carrying a shark is a warning of some sort. @RexChapman Even better with the Chariots of Fire song underneath
Retweeted by John Elliott @fire_toolz @Bandcamp would u rather be using the word “drop” or be one of the ppl criticizing words deemed unfashi… @johnxela @Bandcamp we got some plans for that one, stick around @cedarshims’s going be an Emeralds drop this coming Friday for @bandcamp waiver day. Follow us if you haven’t yet and sta… @chaboirolin @cloudnothings did the Bertoia box once while working on a basement and the customer asked why we used power tools all daythe same stevia hoarders that support that place also support the q*non/flagrantly racist succulent shop a few doors down @BobLoukas as for crypto?in case u were wondering how far that apple fellOne morning my dad and I saw a line wrapped around the corner for the place and he called them Amex Nihilists.for those of you unfortunately wondering, Brewnuts is a gentrifying donut shop which serves post-Fieri cartoon baco… I see the police blowing the red light in front of my spot and recklessly tearing down Detroit Ave I assume…
I quit amazon fuck that driving shit i left the van on 12 mile and Southfield y’all can have that bitch and it’s fu…
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Nothing zaps dopamine like a vid from a grocery store Covid mask meltdownJa Morant for MVP
Retweeted by John Elliott @glorbis @UFOphoenixlight @iam_johnw Fully - and also completely ignorant to the fact that the ppl they’re voting i… @UFOphoenixlight Time to take a break from twitter @UFOphoenixlight @iam_johnw you have the wildest feed I have ever seen @cardrossmaniac2 It’s a garbage can with a door on it want get the hell out of the USAAmerica knew exactly what defunded meant when they talked about Planned Parenthood what’s not clicking all of a sudden
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#mannyflag is the future @rissapoodle Bipolar Hummus! @plaguemother 1000%
it’s like exactly the wrong thing to feel violated about. like when the cornfield boomers stormed the courthouse wi… looks from the anti-mask stans are bizarre. If u feel like an asshole bc everyone is wearing one except u (u… @lordmcess @keithfwhitman It’s entirely possible @AudreyEwell @keithfwhitman Maybe we could have but we did not.