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Character Artist at Powerhouse Animation III she/her II 24 II views are my own II 18+: @mky_nsfw

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@olivesonrye Thank god for school looll 🙏 @japesvaustria Thank youu! @IKEXPASTEL @japesvaustria Tyy! 💗
drawing at age 18 vs 23 @akimillustrates I’m already tireddddWe celebrate Trump’s removal, while recognizing the many Trump policies that Biden & Harris appear unwilling to cha…
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon @akimillustrates Oh lorddd... @devinScribbles Blesssss!! 🥰😘💞✨ @indiedynamo 🥰eee thank uneed to learn new eyeliner shapes! Mine always go at the same angle
@haddockkkk You’re so goodddd 💗Love @QueenUtica 💗💗 @mrvn8r Amazingggg 👏👏👏
Who is eligible? Households who make 80% or less of the median income in their area and include at least one perso…
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@sojyoo Oh my god u beauty 😳😳😳 @Rgdraw So gooodddd 😍 @devinScribbles Love your eyeshadowww ✨Happy 33rd Birthday to FKA Twigs 🖤
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon @tokimonster Cute AF 💗💗💗Your daily reminder that cancelling ALL student debt would shrink the racial wealth gap by more than half. 🙃
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Kalief Browder was 17 when he sat in solitary confinement for 2 years for a crime he did not commit.. and was denie…
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon @t_clarevoyant Dress up with meeee 💗💗
Having a rough week so I got myself color eyeliners, a rainbow eyeshadow palette, rhinestones, and metal nailsss 🌈… @tokimonster Damnn looks delicious tho @mmmjoos AhhhhHH so cutee 😍
My parents once got evicted from their home simply because their landlords got a divorce and the wife wanted to liv…
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon#PortfolioDay My name is Weston, and I'm a concept artist and background designer who works in animation! In my fr…
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonWhat’s good #PortfolioDay ? Phillip here! I’m an LA-Based Background Designer currently working in TV animation. Ha…
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ok now reduce your fraction
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon @lizcheeart @CraigoftheCreek Soo lovelyyy!!! ✨✨It's #PortfolioDay ! I love anime stuff and sci fi stuff. 🥰
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon#portfolioday I’m an artist from Colombia, happily in feature animation @ Paramount! I’ve also contributed to proj…
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon @devinScribbles Best boy kakashi🔥hot-akeHi #PortfolioDay! I'm Claire and I'm a character designer/visdev artist looking for full time or freelance work.…
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonHi ! #PortfolioDay I'm a Character Designer and Illustrator with an animation background. I'm currently available…
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonHey everyone, I'm Min Ho. I'm an illustrator and as my bio says, a Penciller/Colorist over at @Sonic_Online! Some o…
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonHello #PortfolioDay I'm Gillian!! I'm a freelance visdev environment artist currently looking for work!! Instagram…
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonHi #PortfolioDay I'm Giulia, a Brazilian 2d artist who loves designing and painting backgrounds. I'm looking for f…
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonHappy #PortfolioDay ! Im a character designer in animation and I like mainstream anime, loud music, and drag
Since Newsom didn’t include any pertinent info, here’s a link to the county’s website on what the tiers are. People…
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonA cute @jinzillaa Looks so lovelyyy 😍
Uwaaa...!!! I'm Pa (nb/trans) and I draw comics, ocs and I really love Hunter x Hunter🌻✨#IAmNonbinary
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonYo #IAmNonbinary ! I'm Chris [they/him] and I draw my own characters too much.
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon#IAmNonbinary and also just kind of glamorously fumbling around, illegibly
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoonhello i'm Safiya and #IAmNonbinary
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon @shiioneru OH MY GODDDD UR MIND 😳 @JiHyeLeeArt hottt 😳😳Theseus and Asterius, I just think they’re NEAT 😤💕 #HadesFanArt
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@fmacmanus Gorgeousssz 🔥🔥 @devil5honey Omggg tysm bb 💞💞💗 @manny_oe 💀💀💀lmaoo @tokimonster YESSS I LOVE IT @devil5honey WAH ROBINNN 💗💗💗 @CMYLK OoooooOO youd look sick in all of them @tendermiasma IM BLUSHINGG 🙈🙈 @TOKIBEAST AHHH I LOV U 💗💗 @RafRaaff Thanks raf 💗💗💗💗 @CMYLK AHH!! 🤭🤭Ring lights are magic ✨ @jhsuart 🦵🦵🦵 @fishy_721 Ahh thank you sm 💗💗 you too! Stay safe and healthyy @AndreGuindi Thank youu, I appreciate it! Be careful out there @JiHyeLeeArt Ahh thank you jihyee, you too, stay safe!! 💗💗HIS DAD OWNED AN EMERALD MINE YOU BIZARRE SYCOPHANTS
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon @omenids Thanks Oriana 💗💗💗 @sstarkm Thanks steeeve, fr I hope there’s no lasting effects 🤞 @itskoob Ahh thank you sm!! They got their smell back today, hopefully they’re all good soon! @katlyyons Thank youu kat 💗 yeah such a relief that it wasn’t too bad @lizcheeart Ahh thank you 💗yeah we got super luckyBetween the fascist bs and my immediate fam testing + for covid(they’re all recovering fine), this was a stressfull…
The Pentagon and CIA are perfectly happy funding, arming, and training rightwing reactionary death squads (the even…
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look "rioting" and "storming the capitol" and etc. is not the bad thing. fascism is the bad thing. white supremacy…
Retweeted by MinJi K Yooni’m a black trans woman living in rural georgia. there are pockets of violence starting. pls retweet this so i can…
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Retweeted by MinJi K Yoonthe problem here is not lack of police power. it is that the police are inherently on the side of the white suprema…
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoonif any BIPOC in DC or surrounding areas needs assistance, feel free to drop links below? ill do my best to boost an…
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonYall post ur cashapps/paypals/if u need uber/lyft support or supplies etc under here!!! white allies support moneta…
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@jazzvalkyrie LOVE ITTTT you look so good 😍😍
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon @artofjosevega Oh my godddd that’s amazing!!! Congrattttzzz 🎉🎉
@raspbearyart Holy shit this is incredibleee 😍😍😍I did it 😔🤲 #Hades
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonIt wasn't 2020, it was the ruling class trying to kill you.
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonOH MY GOD NARUTO IS SASUKES BEST FRIEND THATS Y HES TRYNA KILL HIM??BABY SASUKE AND ITACHI IS SO CUTEEKimimaro is so damaged 😢 I... @SadgeMan Trueee it’s a good lookheck it, fav artworks of 2020! That Zidane drawing really dragged me out of a slump. I’m super jazzed to keep worki…
Retweeted by MinJi K Yoon @AndreGuindi AMAZING THEYRE SO GOOD 😍😍
@phillworks YESSSSS MY BABYYY 💗 I’m so glad he’s ok 😭😭 @jhsuart It here 👉 @mky_nsfw 👈 👀 @jhsuart 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆 @FMandouh Yooo I see it 👀It might just be the turtleneck tbhGaaras back and I GET IT NOW 💗 @zephuko So sick!! 🔥🔥Yeah you fine and all but are you down to dismantle capitalism?
Retweeted by MinJi K YoonWarm light ☺️ @indiedynamo It’s trueee! no better time than now hahah