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Production Designer @ Sony Animation! Tweets do not reflect the views of my employer. I’m a hack. She/her.

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Kipo made it to the top 25 shows of 2020. Amazing to see Kipo next to these shows
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenEven though Ryan and I have been in this house for 4 years now, we’ve yet to actually spend a Christmas here! Just…
Guys this is it. 2020 is almost over.
Retweeted by mingjue helen chen @maggiemkang Omg your new icon!!!!An actual log @YingjueChen You have to tag for nsfwJust a regular Wednesday Zooming with my friends cat.
@victoriaying @maggiemkang @Andy_B_Cung Mignon* @victoriaying @maggiemkang @Andy_B_Cung My fancy pants mister requested BEEF WELLINGTON so I got a thing of filet mug on 😂 @maggiemkang @Andy_B_Cung I ended up buying beef. Do not regret. @superbonart Not even onceThe good thing about thanksgiving this year is I am not being emotionally manipulated into dealing with a whole ass turkey.
photo study from today's stream
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenHello! Looking for an Indian heritage illustrator to work with a writing team on a pitch for an Agatha Christie mys…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chen👏👏👏 wizards x kipo support
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenNew Limited edition Prints! ALL proceeds will be donated to the democratic campaigns of the Georgia Senate races.…
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@tokimonster like, leading up to it I KNEW thanksgiving is coming up, but to actually be at its doorstep somehow I was surprised afdidn't even realize it was thanksgiving week until Ryan asked me what days I have off this morningHow could I have spent 2/3 of my like learning how to draw and paint and be so bad at painting my own nails
Having been attacked by a swan mom once growing up in Minnesota, I can relate to how terrifying this actually was 😂 @indiedynamo So huge!!!!!!! 😱🎉🎉🎉🎉
@Beavs The way I’m just sweating for you rn
My friend is fighting for her life. We are putting together an art auction to help with her medical expenses. This…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chen @UnalikNanuq My store is run by the wonderful folks @whitesquirrelco and in the faq they say yes! Any additional qu… Limited edition Prints! ALL proceeds will be donated to the democratic campaigns of the Georgia Senate races.… worried about my technical abilities bidding me goodbye as my paintings get simpler and simpler and I get lazier and lazier.I storyboarded this section!!! 😱😱😱
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@radsechrist the next step is a YouTube channel1/ It turns out that Donald Trump was right: the election was rigged. He would know, of course, because he and Lewi…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chen @AmiThompson_h 🤞🤞🤞
I'm dying there's a buff bodyguard on this c drama and they literally named him "rock" not like THE rock or a title…✨nostalgia✨ self-indulgence in between work ... sometimes you just want to draw your friend's OC dressed up as a mean lady…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenLooks like Sen. David Perdue is too much of a coward to debate me again. Perdue can’t defend his lies about COVID…
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Please sir, your ad is at peak efficacy. Gaining interest is not your problem.I keep getting targeted ads for the PS5 but it’s like, buddy, I’VE TRIED pls show me the ad if there are actual units for sale for humans. @whyyougotmybike Oh! I can see the confusion in my wording, I meant finding random ppl I don’t remember following/unfollowingNoticing random follows and unfollows on my account??? Is it my butt? Is it a twitter conspiracy? Is it the moon witches? We’ll never know.Hi #under1kgang ! 🌟 This hashtag was literally made for me so I can finally reach 1k lol. ✨Please drop your work b…
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This is so exciting!!!! Hand painting my own textures for paintings is about 90% of my workflow @jamesarrrr Lol I miss you James!!! Hope all is well :)Learning stuff in blender.
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenListen, I am a professional
Hoping the situation at Ubisoft Montreal gets resolved quickly and safely!! This is terrifying.A glimpse into my layer style, aka *chaotic* the official concept video for K/DA - "VILLAIN." Watch on YouTube: Stream ALL OUT:…
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@YingjueChen This anime was the first thing to ever make me laugh so hard I started crying
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenAre there rules??? Seriously, is there any amount of oversight over artworks that somehow survived 400 years, and e… @colorfulclauds This recipe is not for the weak. The sauce (vinaigrette?) is Chinese black vinegar, Chinese chili o…!!!! Congrats @Andy_B_Cung !!!!!!! closest friends/family, @_badstudent is having a hard time right now. Their equipments and riso machine got all…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenCALL FOR DONATIONS We are now open for donations to provide food packs to the areas affected by the typhoon in the…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chen @radsechrist The gag is... I’d watch that show. 😂😂😂I feel so powerful I just ate a salad made up of 95% cilantro @radsechrist Are you going to start vlogging?? Become an influencer?
🤔🤔🤔 @oliviapecini I guess I’m actively leaving out the celebratory part which was ordering in din tai fung for dinner 😂It’s ryans birthday and we are spending it with him learning blender and me watching my chinese period they sure make deleting fb hard
It’s Monday. And I’m tackling a much dreaded crowd scene. This is me today.“blueblood” 🌵
Retweeted by mingjue helen chen @indiedynamo 😭😭😭Omg!!!!
Never have I felt this catered to from my twitter timeline 😂
@Beavs I would like to think I would take this chance to experience the other choices I didn’t choose the first tim… @kortizart @SHelmigh Ryan just asked “for trump is an orange jumpsuit considered nude?” @cliobablio Are we the same hood yet!?? @MagaPeach I hope they do soon it’s the first thing I see when I leave my house! Although it used to make me mad...… every hour if my neighbor took down their tiniest trump 2020 sign as the rest of our street celebrate on their lawnsEvery single swing-seat House Democrat who endorsed #MedicareForAll won re-election or is on track to win re-electi…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenAlright, let’s do this guys! I’ll be doing limited runs of Asuka, Sailor friends, AND Howl! I’ll update when we are… like losing in front of the entire nation and then throwing a fit. What do you think this is? A game of mon… about doing a limited run of brand new prints- proceeds to be donated to Georgia senate runoff campaigns.… @Beavs Honestly my first thought when I saw this tweet was “oh shit what new cult is this” @Beavs Did you also plan this perfect crop? @YingjueChen @Mega_Sunkern It’s better if you don’t download it. Linda will send you the good ones. It’s like you g… @NoguezJorge @YingjueChen Colors definitely have different meanings for different cultures! For example, red is lar…
Um so I may or may not love Land of the Lustrous
Retweeted by mingjue helen chen @SamFilstrup Its actually insane! @YingjueChen once suggested doing a animation roundtable, but its one artist from… @kristaferanka There is so much WORK that goes into these films. I wish ppl could just peruse one films model repos… @indiedynamo you're* omgThe color theory in animation video going around reminds me of easter egg hunting in modern animated films lol! Hal… are folks running around on TV blaming progressivism for Dem underperformance. I was curious, so I decided t…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chen @indiedynamo Ugh it’s terrible what you went through but I’m so glad your home and on the mend!Thank you @staceyabrams
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenDoing the damn work in Nevada, Republicans held a news conference and had a woman speak who alleged voter fraud, saying her ballo…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenThis is not the middle of the road tweet you think it is
How media outlets are treating him tonight should have happened 4 years ago. @Dekren what about those sexy tigers!! @Dekren kinda thought you already did??? @JohnSlaughter @RaginMode Not really worried about it making to courts, but just the gall to blatantly admit yeah,… are they ok with conceding that they stacked the Supreme Court specifically to be Trumps cronies!? UP VOTERS IN GEORGIA, ARIZONA AND NEVADA! Check your ballot status for any errors/issues with your signatur…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenIn 2016, when Trump won PA, MI, and WI by a handful of votes, the election system worked just great. Now that he's…
Retweeted by mingjue helen chenI believe that’s what we’re trying to do 🤔 @joabaldwin What did I just watchPeople will wonder how we can better reach the different minority voters. I’m wondering why white people can’t rea…
Retweeted by mingjue helen cheni spent three months calling registered Dems in WI and PA to educate about vote-by-mail. Every caller was eager for…
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