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Head of Player Engagement @AgeOfEmpires. Formerly @RareLtd. Proud ambassador @SpecialEffect and G4E advocate. Loves country music, glitter, games. 🇬🇧 in 🇺🇸

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@kate_innerpage @LPSGalaxyGamer @SeaOfThieves @misplacedyank @Unyshek Oh but I love it! @Unyshek Your pun game continues to be strong 👍🏻 @NitroGlitter 😮😮😮😮Why are there never enough hours in the day? Please tell me someone's got a Time Turner I can borrow?UK Game Dev friends!
@dashboardmusic Excited to see you once you’re better! Be well ♥️ @ShowboxPresents I’ve seen that tonight’s Dashboard Confessional show is postponed. Is that true? Don’t want to tra… Seattle gamers, get ready for swag, skate decks & Hyperdot this Sunday! ID@Xbox is coming to the Microsoft Bell…
Retweeted by Age of EmmaWe finally have an official GIPHY account! And we want to make YOU some of the best ever Age of Empires GIFs! What…
Retweeted by Age of Emma @uhavmyattention @dashboardmusic Thanks for letting me know! <3 Sad but glad it'll happen at some point! @thechocmoojoo Happy birthday! ♥️ @TobaccoSkunk Oh wow! Glad you’re ok! Rest and be well ♥️ @dashboardmusic Any news on the show tonight? Totally understand if sickness means it gets postponed, would just lo… @uhavmyattention @dashboardmusic Would love to know too!WOW! Your chance to own this life-sized @assassinscreed III Connor Kenway. Huge thanks to our friends at…
Retweeted by Age of Emma @xbrixbrix Make lists. Take walks. Do everything in small increments so you can see progress being made! Plan rewards too :) @BabyBOI33819497 @Dalagonash Because I don't know what I'm missing?... @VeeHeathTalent Thank you. Miss you a tonne! ♥️I've been avoiding answering because it's too dang hard. These are my top 4 for today. Tomorrow I'm sure I'll be… @Yung_Taku @Chaheezor @MrLovelyday @GrogSwillinDill Cameron I've been avoiding having to do this. IT'S TOO HARD @thieamy IT LOOKS SO GOOD! @LootinLizalaroo Thank you! I'm hoping it's on the way out now. @arisadne ♥️ @NuttyTwitchy22 It's really hard. My conditions didn't kick in until I was done with university. I can't imagine tr… @Chupacaubrey Hope you're feeling ok and get to enjoy your week off with the boys! @DeliciousCheeze Deal! See you soon 😊 @thechocmoojoo Thank you. Sending love to you too. This stuff is hard!
Here’s a drive thru corgi. There were only 9 chicken nuggies in her 10-piece meal so she pulled around again. Pleas…
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@TheAlbionGirl Destroyer because you’re smashing it! @Dalagonash What if you’ve never played a Zelda game?...
@Vooness OH MY GOSH. MY HEART.Either with your friends, family, or loved ones, we hope you have a great Valentines Day! We at Age of Empires ❤️ y…
Retweeted by Age of Emma @Greenskull @xbrixbrix You guys are so cute ♥️ @thieamy I think I’m at almost 200... ALSO YOU HAVE PURPLE HAIR?!
Stream of consciousness over!One more thing. Neither of my illnesses cause visible symptoms. So I don’t look sick. I’ve been meeting more and mo… of the self-pity I’m going to repeat what I’ve said in the past. I’m so lucky to work with kind, empathetic…’m feeling pretty sorry for myself tonight. I’m only 31 and feel like I’m living in a much older body. I’m treatin… seem to be experiencing both chronic illnesses flaring up at the same time. Which means I have a combination of p… I try and keep health stuff off here mostly. But in the past you guys have liked seeing honesty. So... I’ve been…
Retweeted by Age of Emma @electric_sweets This is INCREDIBLE! @kate_innerpage KATE I LOVE HIM!Yay! A lovely way to spend some of my afternoon ♥️ @CatamyKX @WomenInGaming So cute! At some point I need to come say hi IRL!Coming home to a fresh baked cookie 💯 And yes these are cookies. I once again had the cookies vs biscuits argument…
@AceyBongos SO. CONFUSING. @XboxPope @Rare_Gamer Are they still running the Muppets ad for them? @rare_fanatic I couldn't remember which way I had to give way to so just sat there for a while annoying everyone else. @Rare_Gamer I WISH I had crumpets! I spotted some earlier for $5. FIVE DOLLARS! @MrLovelyday You made me snort at work.Today I - a born and bred Brit - forgot how to use a roundabout. I am ashamed.Forget flowers, chocolates or that saxophone solo you've been practising. Instead, test your loved one's Rare insig…
Retweeted by Age of EmmaWe’ve got new UNSC themed elevators in the studio. 🔥
Retweeted by Age of EmmaJust heard one American greet another in the office with “howdy” 😂 @NuttyTwitchy22 @callmeshawnp That’s very kind of you Kasey! I’m happy to help however I can ♥️ @StevieJoyCole Bendigedig Stevie! 😊
@TheMikeRobles Sending lots of love your way ♥️The Microsoft Campus is so green! This is the view from where I parked my car #nofilter @Ishmae1 @TheMikeRobles @Vooness REALLY?! @Ishmae1 @TheMikeRobles @Vooness WHA?! @AceyBongos @Unyshek is Percy. He helps kids build their confidence by letting them read to him. He also loves the stories so it’s…
Retweeted by Age of Emma @TheMikeRobles @Vooness Yesssssss. @Vooness @TheMikeRobles I feel like I must see this now. @Vooness @TheMikeRobles I’m sorry. What?! @TheMikeRobles There’s a Cluedo film?! @Unyshek This feels like an @AceyBongos joke
Just heard an American downstairs use the most British phrase possible: “Well that was relatively pleasant”.This account is a constant source of joy! ♥️
@TheMikeRobles I’m so sorry. You have a community of community/Xbox friends here. Just let us know if there’s anyth…
@TheMikeRobles Agreed. I have the CD and sheet music somewhere! @MrLovelyday @IanMcKellen @MrLovelyday @IanMcKellen I’ll cross my fingers for you that your car bad luck is over! @craigums @BIGsheep @mcdizziness Oh my gosh this is amazing! You guys are the sweetest.It's Friday! Pick #WololoRed or #WololoBlue team, tag a friend with the hashtag and attach the corresponding GIF (S…
Retweeted by Age of Emma @EvangeIos We went on a wine walk and I almost got blown off the pavement. Also my shoes? Not waterproof... @MrLovelyday @Chupacaubrey @Starsailorband The title track came on in my car the other night driving home. It's gre… @immi_beresford Yesssssssssssss. Have a good trip home!
Always lovely to meet someone you know from Twitter IRL! Hi @immi_beresford those GIFs ready. Starting today, when you Tweet from you can add alt text to any GIF j…
Retweeted by Age of Emma @InsertCoinTees YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. ALWAYS. @Rare_Gamer @MrLovelyday @RareLtd @BIGsheep It didn't stay on his coat. It was in our lungs. @RinTheYordle Sorry I got them muddled and went with animated! I just love these so much ♥️ @QuadThumbs I stopped counting hours lost to Stardew Valley when it hit 150.... Thank you! @FreeJAC @Magic_Romano Thank you guys! It seems everyone loves it. Can't wait to give it a go! @_RetroKrystal It seems I'm going to be losing a lot of time to it! 😂 @dr_marcus_brody This was a wonderful read. I'm sold. @JoshuaSullivan I'm looking forward to giving it a go! @craigums Ooh! I think I'll definitely pick it up. Seems to be so much love for it! @rare_fanatic Honestly it sounds like my ideal game! @TheAaronLeigh I didn't know a guitar playing dog would be the selling point. But it is. @Dalagonash I love the Stardew reference point. It sounds like I'm going to be losing a tonne of time.... @35_willis I've taken on board your health warning and I'll prepare myself 😊 @NuttyTwitchy22 Oooh I love that description! I need more lazy gaming Sundays.Also available in red! Had to share because I LOVE them! fabulously talented @RinTheYordle created this @AgeOfEmpires monk. Now available to drop in our chat on… @libby_sharp @SeaOfThieves Love the combination of jacket and leggings!