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Player and Streamer for @NGeniusGaming1, #FGC commentator focused on Arcsys titles. He/Him. Biz email:

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The FGC is cool because we're all sad and depressed and we come together to beat each other up for 40 dollars
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little bit of demoncrawl before doing something with tie later @prettypinkpansy Pocky day is always funThanks for the games, man! Really appreciated the matches I had against your Young Link. Let's play again sometime…
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMatt @ThereforeGames I just realized that the paragraph I wrote about melting etc was tagging the wrong account. Demon… @MHBFem @MHBFem @True_Tech actually that reminds me do you have a high resolution transparent PNG of the FADC7 logo? @MHBFem not yet. trust me I'll be sending them to you as soon as they are ready for reviewI get an insane amount of backend stream work done on snowy days because you don't have to check very many IDs as a… @MHBFem what a shock that the people making the rules made sure to protect themselves first and then immediately lo… wait I checked my files, I can totally believe itStill can't believe Boomers have spent the last decade feverishly screaming about how Millennials are so fragile an… @KingSAF8 @ChillTerumi @ScrubQuotesX Even giving them that degree of benefit of the doubt. Scroll back up and read… @TheArm05 Holy shit that backwards j.d @TieTuesdayLP I’ll do it don’t tempt me @Bloo4LYFE Gordeu Orie I call it Gordorie @munchyjr_ Munchy Balboa @munchyjr_ You just baked yourself some nice shots @munchyjr_ Define didn’t cook @TieTuesdayLP Black cherry is the best flavor though @TempoJosie This is fucking insane
Sleep tight! A new design featuring Bedman is now available on my Teespring shop. I hope you enjoy it very much!!…
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMattBIG NEWS! DemonCrawl is now available on @GooglePlay! Download for free and start moving through the endless chal…
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMatt @demoncrawl DemonCrawl is my indie game of the year 2019. I love this game a lot. That is what makes the timer mec… @demoncrawl I'm not saying that game is not fun, nor am I saying it isn't a great challenge for godlike players who… @demoncrawl basically putting a timer on the screen turns minesweeper into a totally different game with totally di… @demoncrawl To some people, including any devs that are super good at the game, speedrunning is probably super inte… @demoncrawl this is for sure a challenge, and it makes the game harder, but it doesn't make it harder for the right… @demoncrawl I didn't make too many mistakes, I was simply told "you die instantly in 60 seconds." This made it har… @demoncrawl for example, I just lost a beyond run to chronos in the following fashion: I didn't get any defensive… @demoncrawl I've been thinking a lot re melting, Chronos etc for the last couple of days and I strongly believe tha… glad I don't have to deal with that nonsense anymoreDemoncrawl devs fixed ice tiles not updating the counter properly waaaaaaai! @slawbrah @AngelofSol @TreebarkTeddy that's what we in the industry like to refer to as "mashing" @slawbrah @AngelofSol @TreebarkTeddy the "Twin Tendie" maneuver is frame perfectHahaha gottem
Do you like Setplay? Do you like early 2000s punk rock? Or do you just want people to understand what their life is…
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMatt @TannerStrom borthEarly morning Saturday stream. Starting with Demoncrawl because I am addicted @zekebowl @LoliRoseYea @Vevion Yes @Ryyudo 2-bag from bust a groove is fucking pissed @Vevion 👌🍓 @MiniMatt_
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMatt @PAMaster2 @LoliRoseYea @Vevion which starter though 👀 @LoliRoseYea @Vevion Thank you for the support aaaaaaaaaaaa I hope you like the shirt! @tinyvalor The two genders @PAMaster2 Just give me the stairs @LoliRoseYea @Vevion It should be there as it’s own listing! I hope! @TempoJosie R.L. SteinfeldHere's some of the notes today summarizing how to play Orie
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMattRetweeting this for the evening crowd, please buy my shirt. Also, updated the store to have Women's Classic fit in…, any calibur heads in the Denver area? I'll be there for the weekend and am wondering if anything is happening!
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMatt @ayob00m @EbonicPlagueBB @TheOneEvilBuho already covered most of the bases but im going to tag @MileHighBurst as well for visibility @DrFreezePHD I bit the bullet!
Asked my 17 year old about the OK Boomer discourse. "yeah, my entire generation is going to die on an uninhabitab…
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMatt @Vevion I tried out the lighter blue and it looks really bad imo. I’ve been asked about other colors though and i… I got in touch with teespring and I'm waiting on a response. Hopefully I can get that changed. Thanks for letting me know!! @Havoc_Noah @SQuirrel147 Look it might not be the worst design but I fell in love with sobble and that geck-007 loo… @Willoughbeastin Gotta stay true to the inspiration @RoyalPainv2 Tee spring link is up as my pinned tweet! @SQuirrel147 Oh no. OH GOD. ITS CREEPYstatus update: I made the shirts! @SQuirrel147 no... am I in for a shock? @SQuirrel147 What starter are you into though? This post brought to you by Sobble Gang @BeautifuldudeGG happy 13th @TieTuesdayLP yoooooo thank you for scooping one! And I'm glad the tanktop option was a good call. I saw it and thought "Hell Yeah #fitfgc" @CoffeePrince_CO ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ got a very positive response so I pulled the trigger. Gonna try and make some shirts etc as a way to maybe make e… you like Setplay? Do you like early 2000s punk rock? Or do you just want people to understand what their life is… @GGINOBOYZ thanks! American Idiot is actually one of my favorite album covers and when I had this Idea I had to jump on itBeen working on a t-shirt design, wanted to get opinions. Would you buy one? heard your feedback! We have officially launched our Teespring store, offering shirts, tanks, and socks with a m…
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMattLooks like Ness and Terry Bogard have a lot in common. #SmashBros #SmashBrosUltimate #SuperSmashBros #SmashUltimate
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMattYessssss @sangmillon @Ryyudo
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMattHad a wild dream that I was helping solve some murder case in a college campus. It ended with me stealing the Mast…
Retweeted by NGEN|MiniMatt @demoncrawl I just had a weird bug where I died but the wand of retribution brought me back up to 1. I still got th…
My big take was this: looks like a good prototype and there is 13/100% of the info I would need to make any meaning… switching over to GG analysis attempting DemonCrawl hard mode for the first time then FINALLY going over the GG2020 footage @m_d_c_t @callmewuest hell yeah (feel better) @m_d_c_t Are you staying hydrated? @MHBFem Like I said. It was a bad public apology lmao.
@MHBFem Chris G gave a very bad public apology about reposting stuff without credit that made the situation 100000 times worse for himReally hate to do this but my doctor appointment ran late and I’m not going to have time to stream tonight. tomorrow after work, I swear 🙏Not even trying to be holier than thou because I totally understand that the average first response of almost anyon…“Though it’s not an excuse, I didn’t realize what I was doing was hurting others. I’m sorry and I will stop.” Post…'s been like a week but tonight I'm finally gonna do what I said I would which is stream analysis of the ASWU GG2…'m 7 hours late! @Mightydubz Ky Kiske: "So you promise there are no references to cannabis in our new main theme?" *Sol Badguy ligh… THE FUCK IN SMELL OF THE GAME HE FINISHES SAYING “CAN’T YOU SEE I’M BLAZING” AT EXACTLY 4:20
@BioPokey “Your heart can take it down a notch”“REMEMBER YOU ARE BLAZING, STILL YOUR HEART IS BLAZING!” I would have just called it without getting the clear but I wanted it bad)I’m so glad my last run was broken. I’m meeting my mom for coffee and I didn’t want to ask her to push it back for mines lolthat said I streamed for six hours so GG2020 analysis pushed back again. Tomorrow I PROMISEI think that might have been the first streamed clear of Demoncrawl normal mode as well but again beta access lmao.… finished a 6 hour stream, and I got the "world's first" (beta access lmao) streamed clear of the game while us… to fix my webcam going live for real NOW