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“I know that bonking the system is bad for it, but I swear it makes it work”
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@TheBurstBurglar No it’s better than innervate because TWO classes can use it @TheBurstBurglar I haven't been playing HS for a long time but the 1 mana draw 5 with no actual real drawback blows my fucking mind @Shallow200 Thank you for comfy vibes on a Sunday afternoon @CynthetikGaming I’ll definitely give them a look! I’ve been slacking on actually filling out my YouTube content fo… @CynthetikGaming The problem I’m running into is feeling miserable on the days I don’t stream because I feel like I…’ve been in a depressing funk lately where I can’t enjoy any days where I don’t stream because I feel guilty, like… @NOSLOandy I love spending millions of dollars on an advertisement that is a picture of my face with the text “I go… @Jebailey The end of an eraPrinting new housing nonstop!Thanks to @avxstudios @JeffAda17798318 @jaredclark596 For all the hard work! We all…
Retweeted by MiniMatt @TheRealThumbPro @avxstudios @JeffAda17798318 @jaredclark596 These look gorgeous!ArcSys had one job with Belial and they fucking did it. #GBVS
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Also I genuinely really fucking like Guilty Gear. Just fantastic stuff. Love that Saul Badmo. Play Guilty GearSo I guess what I'm really getting at is that I think maybe I've been too hard in my thinking towards games that ta… it also kind of made me realize that sometimes you can only have things this wild that are also fun if you risk… realized very recently that there are a lot of things about Gear that I both consider "Bad" but also really, real… @SARVETS Sign me up for Sarvin' and DragonsI just tried out AI dungeon. It's actually pretty amusing? It's kind of like playing a table top RPG with an incredibly stoned DM.The biggest thing cagliostro shares between all of her versions is a huge powerful buff so I’m hoping this will tra… @tlarn Riichi mahjong is a lot of fun! @MiniMatt_ @TieTuesdayLP Local tourney witnesses big brain moves from a bride with a gun and the smartest dumb pers…
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Kind of a short stream today. Gonna do a couple runs of Demoncrawl, then I'm going to watch an uncommentated video…"Hmm I feel unnaturally good at using Sol's divekick... almost like I've been using it for years.... wonder why"
Retweeted by MiniMatt @hotashis It’s strong @hotashis Have you watched the Shaq episode yet?
It's a little out of nowhere, but I'm gonna stream some Demoncrawl (Minesweeper roguelike that I was super into for…
In a little bit I'm going to be streaming some Rocket Arena @TheKeits has been singing its praises for a minute an… @MHBFem That’s also part of it. Ideas run thin quick with how involved and esoteric WTF has gotten. Plus I think ru… not many people are aware of this easter egg If you keeping holding dust from the "slash" screen the guard also…
Retweeted by MiniMatt @Mustain_CO I read your first sentence and thought verbatim “two butts haha” before I read the secondQuick announcement about WTF (tl;dr it's moving to biweekly) @m_d_c_t Touhou fighting game developed by arcsys with guest character Elphelt Valentine.What's that smell? Why it's Guilty Gear XRD -REVELATOR- 2.0, fresh off the stove! eally O nly A nime's D esirable M aybe A dd P otemkin @GriffinsSpike JIM DAVISI learned about the concept of "Itasha" today so I designed my own. I call it "Carfield"
Going live! Use the multi link in Ryyudo's tweet! @TheKeits I've been convinced @TheBurstBurglar @Dacidbro When I was a kid my brother hit me in the face with a large rubber ball while yelling "J… @Dacidbro It's a game that has a lot to offer from a second sweep The core of the game (at least for me) isn't jus… @Dacidbro My genuine hot take FF opinion is that 10 is actually an amazing game with a meaningful narrative and com… @MHBFem @ShaxxMotivation @Ryyudo @Mightydubz Love you too Dave ❤️
@FOG_E Pochi means business @TheKeits Which character/class has the longest combos? I want to recreate the feeling of getting counter hit by 6H in Guilty GearNESS... AM... I... G... O... O... D... ? @Ryyudo >popsterYou're all a bunch of fucking monsters. If I ever beat you in fighting games with 2/3 your reaction time hold that.… @PAMaster2 You’ve summoned the Quadrigo @Ryyudo @TieTuesdayLP she can block setplay now send in the millias
@Its_The_Doug @FOG_E @Ryyudo @Mightydubz @MHBFem @FOG_E @Ryyudo @Mightydubz @MHBFem Wanted to respond with Voomerang but I can’t even find a screenshot of Marvel 3… @Ryyudo @Mightydubz @MHBFem Me right now, letting kindness and positivity go to my head @Mightydubz @MHBFem Hella nice sentiment to wake up to, thank you! It means a lot to me to hear this @authorblues @callmewuest I got exactly two important hints: one was being given a faux tablet for moon mantra, and… @callmewuest @authorblues Streaming a game like this was mostly a blessing because it gave me the motivation and so… @authorblues I dunno if I’ll ever do the insano seeds but I bet at some point I’ll miss LM2 enough to mess around with randomizer stuff @authorblues Glad to hear it, I think at least a third of it was me wandering around confused so I assumed that mos… a huge fucking thank you to @MHBFem for commissioning this surprise art from @Mightydubz to commemorate the en… with that La Mulana 2 is in the history books. 66 hours isn't an impressive clear time, but for a 99% spoiler f…
After 60+ in game hours it's finally time to finish up La Mulana 2. Join me in the final stretch of this incredibl… pushed back an hour need to get a couple things done to prepare + help roommates with something. ETA 1pm
Retweeted by MiniMattNagoriyuki looks sick. SWORD NORMALS.Once again I have been defeated by Leo playersGet dunked states no XRD for us
Hanging out with @CeladonCh on her channel for the reveal, come watch me lose my mind when Elphelt drops Elite Beat Agents remaster looks great!
Retweeted by MiniMatt @crookedtricking @Ryyudo I definitely didn’t consider the angle of working with food. That changes the frame data a lot. @Ryyudo I can maybe see +0 hunger, but if my hunger was minus on cook I would probably just assume what I was making is badTomorrow: Since no WTF is happening I saved the La Mulana 2 finale for Saturday. It's pretty clearly the endgame so… I misread timezones and probably won't be restreaming the reveal. WHOOPS @TheBurstBurglar @Lost_Relic I'd take that deal @Lost_Relic I'm ready, brotherSwitching over to xrd until the character reveal trailer I'm gonna stream rangers at 12 pm MDT and then at 2ish switch to XRD until the Strive, character announcement…
You either die a hero or live long enough to become horny on main @MHBFem @F_Word_FGC I was super dedicated for a while but I think others have been putting more into GBFV than I ha…'s the Blitz shack it's a little old place where We can get rejected
La Mulana 2 Brahma ideas. My notes actually had something in them! @Dashr40 I'll get you someday!
We decided to just run tonight's VV on Ryyudo's channel due to the nature of Jackbox. Get in there!… @CeladonCh good shit!Making the map for eternal prison I had a jimmy neutron brain blast. La mulana 2 in 20 minutes, and Rangers later…
True story: my dad is an engineer and when I told him I was bi he sat there in silence for about five seconds, said…
Retweeted by MiniMatt @VoidBurger When it comes to unnecessary online confrontation, be an avoid-burger Mute local morons, today! @MruSuk Days like this are WHY his meatball was sent into space permanently. So that realon musk would stay unjust… week’s WTF is going to be the darkest, most metal gift of all: NOTHIIIIIING Really though WTF is going to tak… Wear your masks. This is not me chastising or trying to shame anyone. This is a plea of desperation. We're…
Retweeted by MiniMattCall for all adventurers! Open offer: I have a ton of cool machines - laser cutters, 3d printers, Cricut style mul…
Retweeted by MiniMatt @Lost_Relic Happy birthday buddy! May all your 6h’s be counterhit and all your reloads just frame @shorjewken Tomorrow at noon MDT. I’ve noticed that a lot of the people who want to watch LM2 have time to watch mi… happy that so many people showed up for XRD! Makes me want to stream it more, which is great because I am re… @FelisFelice I close my eyes and accept that Baiken is about to end my whole lifeGonna do a bit of a bonus Monday XRD stream. Messing around with learning Ky, hanging out and taking matches if peo… @DaveOOOOOOOOO When you literally dream, you gotta dream big @FOG_E @DaveOOOOOOOOO The most distinctive thing about the dream for me was that DaveO was voiced perfectlyDreamt last night that I hung out with @DaveOOOOOOOOO at a major and cooked me at plus R and then I didn’t see him…
@jen_spider same imo