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Everyone RT this is so unfortunate :( Read:
Retweeted by mint @khanartist9 I wanna play with more friends on valorant when I stream but i feel like I play with too many negative… know what to vote...
Retweeted by mintWhat games do you guys wanna watch?Going to be pursuing streaming mroe I find it a lot more fun that comp valorant. Still going to be trialing with te… @OxiWun_ same why they wanna make this shit complicated just let me be quietBro im kinda nuts wtf.
Retweeted by mintgrinding apex with @_Whiske @AyeeTrain @sevvn @SoaRGaming @CommunityGaming ur so hott holy shitHey @POTUS can we get some actual progress toward abolishing @NRA @sonymusic @UMG @warnermusic? We're on big tech r…
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@AutisticHelpsU @M1chaelWasTaken I’m learning to drive and always paid attention to how others drive around me and… @HitBox_Hiros @zekkenVAL To be fair, I knew zekken before Wichita😎 @M1chaelWasTaken sad part is that Colorado Springs is apparently one of the most desirable places to live and tons… was close to me in the same city bro :( @HitBox_Hiros @zekkenVAL face reveal in DMs GOGOGOI look at numbers too much and I just notice that people I really liked just stopped interacted with me entirely sh… @AyeeTrain @ProsperAims @_Whiske Damn if a spot opens up HMU please :PI've never felt more distanced from the val comm than recently and it honestly hurts so much :( @AyeeTrain all I've felt the last week. We should play some val some time or even tarkov idk been feeling really di… @frostyZK @AyeeTrain @crunchyyworld @DerekJoon :( sorry to hear ❤️ @Glorinsz here I fixed it @DerekJoon no mean to offend you in any way but are you adopted then? @Glorinsz @Glorinsz please help bro im slumping so hard :( @juliaaiis @Glorinsz @_novaVAL @marynah_1 mf forcing nova to deactivate #ripbozo @Glorinsz me @Unholykid3 @swinpriv vouch on this^ @khanartist9 im waiting for the phantom brooooo i have the points for it @ihyfaded @camzIive @e11nss there you go camz @b0ssyCS :( ❤️ @zekkenVAL Argument to this though is that a brand new set of peripherals that suit you can help you in the long ru… @camzIive @e11nss @ihyfaded @_Whiske :( im scared for when I have mine, I drink actually so much soda and not enough water. @zekkenVAL Placebo, if you are comfortable on what you play and don’t think that your peripherals could be replaced… @MindOfAndrew @TeamSerenity @_Whiske @Glorinsz @_Whiske Here for ya homie ❤️shoutout to my boy @TheCondomFish for dropping 1500 bitties! follow my mans! 🤝🌽
Retweeted by mint @shhCryptX @dreFPS_ lmaoo @dreFPS_ @shhCryptX didnt u get this guy as well? lmaoGo to Waffle House. It’s a right of human passage.
Retweeted by mint @yuungsho she is but teams won't pick you up if you can only jett and unfortunately its the only agent I enjoy and… swear man I started not enjoying this game when I couldn't play jett. This agent makes me so happy to play lmao @toastyunicorntv @BTRVALORANT Actually insane bro so proud. @FrostyValorant @khanartist9 wait this shit cracked @khanartist9 what res u on? @khanartist9 this aint working for me, giving me a weird box crosshair :PGuess who got a car 👀
Retweeted by mint @DISTANTSTALK3R holyyyy congrats bro now come to colorado @nannerszx FIRST INTERNATIONAL LAN REPPING CANADA
Retweeted by mint @mayuhri_x1 @RedBullCanada @ShadeJay88 @DamoIAM @RejanteVAL @toastyunicorntv @truoVAL holy shit im so proud of toasty rn @jainormis we should play some breeze unrated soon @Unholykid3 actually solid tweet unholy LMAO im joking. But yes I entirely agree people who complain not getting of… what anyone thinks but almost every single person that says they should be signed or hypes them self up is dog…
Retweeted by mintswitched to valorant. farming breeze until im ready for ranked since I've barely played @oPOWA @tamashinosoru @Rafikki_ powa i touch grass every day for hours and im still dogshit don't listen to them @Inf4mousEnergy @AyeeTrain pussy @M1chaelWasTaken @CurryFPS lmao this is the bet bro @CurryFPS he does have good genetics @CurryFPS LOL ripp to that dude @CurryFPS ur grinding wtff @CurryFPS also good shit brother @CurryFPS how many wins you at this act? @itsmarouS 👍 @itsmarouS u got mad in pugs and scrims at me for the smallest mistakes. I do not believe you lmao @AyeeTrain phasmophobia @itsmarouS yeah... why would you...LFT (updated) any role strong rifle can igl for the right team prev: @Recon5Org @ElevateGG @MambaModeGaming
Retweeted by mint @FrostyValorant @Recon5Org @ElevateGG @MambaModeGaming @PhantomTroupe2k does a great @frostyZK impression. Both are… @itsmarouS mayb, i need someone to not yell at me thobought the sovereign vandal i just want prime phantom in my shop broo @yhsurc faxxAnyone wanna switch to cs with me for like a few months for that "juicy esea experience" every org wants 😂4-0 in MSI tourney. DQ'd cause the other team are pussys. Thanks @TSM_ZexRow for filling.
Retweeted by mint @Virtyyyy feltplaying apex legends with @DevFrags @CarbynVAL @claudiavalorant fair enough @CarbynVAL @claudiavalorant bro i was just saying hi back wtf @claudiavalorant hii
@hyjinxVAL @morgeestreams yo @Unholykid3 @OxiWun_ When you follow 1100+ people you see it :PIn case anybody ever feels guilty cause their trauma ‘seems small’, here’s a reminder that all trauma is valid
Retweeted by mint @vohlii “that’s ong” wtff @ProsperAims hey I’m planning to come to cali if you wanna meet up :).@OxiWun_ are on the same page. Seriously zero point in making a 10mans every week when it will die in 5 days or ev… the American flag offends you in anyway. No matter what your politics are. Please unfollow me and block me, then…
Retweeted by mint @Axsrom <3 feeling a lot better. My anxiety was so bad that I was chewing on my inner lip and now I have a canker s… @TSM was getting Xbox gold from my parents so I could play some halo reach with friends. Needed a name and my name… @Inf4mousEnergy oh okay :( sorry to hear @Inf4mousEnergy dont tell me this is about who i think it is. @Kipszn thought it was funny since you and yawn are friends and crazy like dis @s8nstan @LordFoxbot @ihyfaded @e11nss its time @s8nstan @belsieboobs @HidroFonk @ihyfaded TIME TO MAKE A BAG @DerekJoon @Kipszn LMAO @902macky @19 @20 hbd fucking boomer @ItzBoltzy @Jonaaa6_VAL yo @Jonaaa6_VAL wanna Q? im plat 4 @snirot @skpzyVAL snirot is extremely cute tbh @kayvalorant @Dykaz_ im sorry dude but coochie should be priority @fortniteduckii @TheCondomFish imo its not good alone or in salad but my mom makes smoothies every morning with onl…
@AyeeTrain @marynah_1 yeah im ready for whatever punishment im about to get