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175 mining a quest away from 60 jesus christ my body hates me @ahad @imBigCow @not_jack1 @AddiceInc dafuq? @ahad @imBigCow @not_jack1 @AddiceInc das what im saying @mavixchairs i meannnnnnnnnnnn @mavixchairs i mean... @extrnal @morgeestreams my guess that its a power supply issue. @morgeestreams @extrnal is there a switch on the back where you plug in the power cable? if so try switching it on… @NotOptickle @Apidaez Whatcha mean that’s just true love ☺️ level 60 live cuz im cool like that or something idk stream link below :) @switchyqq i didn't even notice i passed the 200 hour mark lmaoooLevel 60 on new world today.... Do I stream my self hitting it? @Saulsrevenge PROOF? @HydraaVAL @TeamBasiliskGG WWW @Apidaez Dudes got game I guess idk @morgeestreams What’s the issue with it? @chloe_hime7 Saying yea and moving on @TorseFPS Hi torse @ZenosVAL @SoarJM @nixx11_ Only if you are the 24/7 maid service ;) @ZenosVAL @SoarJM @nixx11_ can i come visit? @HoodieFR @DevFrags if you compare the amount i used to tweet back in april to now i think im like down 300% in twe… @DevFrags @HoodieFR @HoodieFR @DevFrags do i start spamming the TL again? :(24hr stream tomorrow? jk... Unless? @LiquifyFR @HoodieFR @DevFrags FRFRFR @Junafour @cozyjozie yeah i know xD i think thats funny asf tho @HoodieFR @DevFrags hoodie dafuq you responding to this a year late? @DevFrags @playnewworld the boomers been giving me actually good advice bro this shit blessing and a curse @cozyjozie wait u did the voice lines for skye? @bobabonk damn mfs still be doing the initial thing in 2021?
@RiotEvrMoar fair enough @RiotEvrMoar i DO NOT believe this @steeFPS Alcohol
Retweeted by mint @brawku @Complexity congrats! @Glorinsz @AyeeTrain glorinsz let me play it with u @frostyZK you gonna take him up on that offer? @sfX_x1 @frostyZK @FrostyValorant Cmon jasper 😂 @frostyZK @FrostyValorant I don’t even know what to say wtf @frostyZK @FrostyValorant Wait fr? LOL @Glorinsz @AyeeTrain That’s a long ass name glorinsz @ARIANARCHIST happy bday ari!grinding dynasty expedition on new world come hang out is undoubtly one of the nicest people I've met in the VAL scene. Grinding Rust with her was a blast but the n… @xvrVAL @sw1ndal oh okHave a lot of fear for this documentary... No ski? @Inf4mousEnergy @CarbynVAL @AyeeTrain let me be clear, I did not have sexu--- i was not referring to ayeetrain, just the materials @AyeeTrain You just made me horny ngl
@jainormis2 love you bro <3 @angelltaub ❤️❤️❤️i don’t want ask you this, trust me i don’t. my birds just passed away as you all know and i would really love to h…
Retweeted by mint"AC-130 INBOUND" @s0mcs
Retweeted by mint @zekkenVAL @100Thieves Nt zekken @AYEETRAINFAN69 @Saulsrevenge @HoellywoodFPS @AyeeTrain fellas(everyone who is tagged) is it gay to suck your own dick? @AyeeTrain @AYEETRAINFAN69 @Saulsrevenge @HoellywoodFPS my guess that its @Bluyx1 now @Saulsrevenge @HoellywoodFPS @AYEETRAINFAN69 @AyeeTrain deez @AyeeTrain @Saulsrevenge yeah and you're 15? @AyeeTrain @Saulsrevenge mf i am short and fat like you the fuck? we 1v1ing @Inf4mousEnergy wanna paly this minecraft server that has a built in mmo and is actualkly fucking sick with me @Saulsrevenge only if it can be @AyeeTrain on the under cardAll the motivation and joy I had in this game crushed in an instant after being spat in the face by amazon lol. Thi… @TrickAIM what happened?
@valesports_na @creditkarma I know I'm not playing val at the moment but ahaha check out my stream solo with pvp and playing new world come chat @valorant_gf @realmocking @Jonaaa6_VAL W? @camzIive Check out the lunar dial bungee from @AddiceInc/@esp_tiger. I have one my self and i love it @playnewworld @Al_orv Hopefully the delay on the server swap update was to ACTUALLY follow up on your words. @playnewworld fat fucking liar lmao. @Inf4mousEnergy @playnewworld dead lol fuck you amazon @Weser2k @playnewworld @Weser2k @playnewworld Not yet but thats what everything including their social management or wahtever on the forms… @Weser2k @playnewworld Yup. I'm literally fucked. 169 Hours grinded so I could switch to trains server and all of t… why would you say we can transfer to any server but not actually follow that? It's fucking RIDICULOU…
I'm all for growing the coaching industry and building each other up so that we can create a community and environm…
Retweeted by mint @Boltzy__ i see c9 blue making it to upper finals against xset/100t, then C9 losing in upper final with a xset/100t grand finalHomie got 3 2 1d in new world LMAO @LoganAims
Retweeted by mint @AyeeTrain @playnewworld I have more than you somehow… 155 @wraithxzx ❤️ @iiKlemm @shftVAL @Froste ur a cunt @iiKlemm @Froste HOW? @hyjinxVAL happy bday bro @Inf4mousEnergy @TorseFPS @DiendaEsports actually torse did ask.... @TorseFPS @DiendaEsports nah yall are fake @zionxiv 5'9 last time i checked pretty sure 5'10 tho @cozyjozie ur fucking nuts @DerekJoon No. Anyone who says yes is fake asf
damn boy @TenZOfficial @kyedae
Retweeted by mint @realmocking agreed @magst30 yo @_Bewd ur nuts @1EDEN_ me too, its really fucking different when im Qing with someone on west vs east/central. I solo q on west so… @1EDEN_ this isaccurate asf hope this does numbers @Froste PEMDAS says 20 and that is not an option.... @snirott @PhillyEsports GOOD SHIT @parsazx @JackIgoe LMFAOOOOO @TheTulantro windows 11 tweaks?!??! @AyeeTrain @1EDEN_ shii aight @AyeeTrain @1EDEN_ this could be us with my regiments but you playin on a 200 player q serverimagine losing 2v5s while running a healer tank greataxe 3 ice gauntlets LOLLLLLLLL