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so what -Mippy

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@ratseveryhour where have the days gone.. where is Mompy... Jezzle... Ronita.... Pandroandrew.... Alexandy..... whe…
Retweeted by mippy @ RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF USA @ratseveryhour where have the days gone.. where is Mompy... Jezzle... Ronita.... Pandroandrew.... Alexandy..... whe… @mollythemo BIGGER THAN 10 cm????do I have to START PHOTOSHOPPING A BEARD ON MYSELF TO GET THE GAY COMMUNITY TO LISTEN TO ME? @mollythemo want me to... die? @mollythemo honestly every day is a struggle... but when I look at my garlic garden... I know what Im working towar… day you might wake up, like I have and realize all your friends are married, having kids, and you are left alon… @spideretc being Tom’s wage slave :< @katya_zamo sorry I couldnt make it ive been very busy campaigningI got a wedding announcement in the mail!
@linoleumsquare a dark secret that would destroy her from the inside :< @0KF0X "nope! bend over!" @shamepig Jay reaches for his gun but its not there... "oh are you looking for your gun? when the Peace Worms won t… @Annskelerton ....The Wind Onion... @kathygriffin nooooooooooooo @0KF0X "oh! this again... its just that" Mippy laughs "youre sick! and you lost your memory... you lose your memory… @mdp36298296 O/\ @0KF0X "oh! youre awake! its time for your medicine!" @jiveDurkey AHHHHH @Annskelerton Mippy wakes up suddenly from her dream "hello??" she blearily asks... her eyes unfocus and refocus...… @Annskelerton "oh youre awake!" the bulb of garlic falls on the floor. "Im so clumsy sometimes," Mippy murmursyou wake up from a nap, Im in the room with you holding a large bulb of garlic...what do you do? @TWNTY4KGLDFCE_ make sure you vote peace worms next exlection #VotePeaceWorms @brushykb I tell her "Im a VOCEL but my girlfriend would like to talk to you about my campaign"we will get WET together #WetForMippy #mippy2020
Retweeted by mippy @ RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF USAwe will get WET together #WetForMippy #mippy2020I will bring back hydration! #Mippy2020 #WetDaysBegin @pipithegirl pipī are you coming over tomorrow? can you bring a vision board?? @CartaMonir another reason Im a Vocel :<when Im in office THE PEOPLE will get 10-12 drips of water a day
I have a doopleganger @VernediSnail @OddNMacabre try 7up and garlic milk @Annskelerton tx @Annskelerton it's hard to also not really supposed to talk about it,, because of the lawsuit @Annskelerton it looks like a pile of moss with bangs @Annskelerton taking suggestionsim thinking of doing something different with my hair,, soon...-note from my LawyerANYONE SELLING BOOTLEG DVDS OF THIS NEEDW TO GIVE MIPPY HER CUT*FREDSHAS ANYONE SEEN FREDA? @BradJunswick @antoniathelawyer please refer all inquires to her @BradJunswick sorry im not allowed to discuss this publicly brcause of the ongoing lawsuit @dollfarts things have been tough lately.... @Annskelerton most people can't even see my teeth
Retweeted by mippy @ RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF USAthe tiny ground dwellers association won't let me be. they got what they*pfinka is polling well, no on… @linoleumsquare sometimes i feel like my whole life is a crisis!!!!and yes dr turd is a beetle. so what!!people keep asking me about my health. i've been to see my doctor and he says my vitals are 9/10 which is good. im fine so stop askinf.people keep asking me how old i am and my response to that is: look within -Mippy @Demons_Home that WAS supposed to be my brother Boogár's job...Ive caught wind of a birther conspiracy about me. @Demons_Home I dont actually support her relationship with Bompy.... @Demons_Home pics?!I think about this alot....... :<
@Annskelerton :> @Annskelerton most people can't even see my teeth
@dollfarts HOW DID YOU KNOW!!!!??? @dollfarts he's kind ofan asshole...i just dont want him tk get all this free publicity @dollfarts i think it's offensive bc i know someone name blike moomberg and he has no money any notoriety actuallydelete tweet#doppelgangerchallenge @hdot_mokoriri Antonia does this all the time!People and smalls of the free world, please donate a bueno to @mippyofficial's campaign, she is the only one who ca…
this is awful a bird looked at me!I wanna tell you about my friend the Dwarf Star @pipithegirl hi @tardigradopedia @Annskelerton thank u king @Annskelerton thank u kinganother day another shallot
@RealBigBaby thank u king @fungusdungeon thank u king @shamepig thank u king
being a VOCEL and an EMPATH I am spending my "Valentines Day" by hiding in my sockmany people seem confused but Bernie Sanders is not running on the Peace Worms ticket.........hes a Democrat. @VancityReynolds @ParasiteMovie ok I will Ryanwhen Im president youll get a much coffee as you deserve! @Annskelerton my mantra as a vocel @Annskelerton not when your small...... @Annskelerton some say they do, and have for some time @Annskelerton vday plans ruined :<pillbugs are assholes
when Im President I will end all snow on roofs @CartaMonir “so what”pippy goes hippy
Retweeted by mippy @ RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT OF USA @fungusdungeon Conservative Wiggler* @fungusdungeon Governor Pissman may seem progressive but they ran as a Conservative Whig for 10 years before @fungusdungeon I would encourage you to reconsider... @fungusdungeon Q: who are you voting for in the general election? @futureprocess reminds me of one of RON's tamer snuff films @pipithegirl you're my best friend @pipithegirl i wasnt trying to be funny pipī.... @xoxocoolfriends Mippy M Mipple-Cornichoningsberg @Annskelerton i never thought about it but you're right.....cant believe i bought shoes for him @Annskelerton is that why rodolfo has never paid me back ..??! @doctopmaru mayor blopfinka @futureprocess i wish someone would dream about my fursona (onion maggot) @JucikaDaily if this happened to me i would die @pipithegirl IS IT??! @pipithegirl come on pipī you know thats over..... we're not on good terms