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allium fan. smaller than u remember. politician. poly. pan. owner of bebsi. daughter. sister. buenos. inspiration. ex-skateboarder. bimbo. so what -Mippy

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@Annskelerton whoa
@linoleumsquare ò/\ó @linoleumsquare from the bicture it looks really small,,,2-3 inches??ive discovered info the character Nermal was based on[ me so mr. jim davis expect a lawsuit next week @linoleumsquare do yuo still have thisnoutfit? can i..borrow for my inuaguration ??normaizle having emo hair @fungalmatters @CartaMonir @IgnatzHaderach i also had emo hair @CartaMonir @IgnatzHaderach after myp accident i became a succesful daytrader and had a wife named elsi.... we live… @CartaMonir @IgnatzHaderach somethin like thsi happened to me once...normalize presidental candidates who are catbois @ratbabyonline jus hopin my owner gets my literbox installed this weekend @ratbabyonline <(*Φ/\Φ*)> @Beth_facebook same
@brushykb my go--to @brushykb encarta 1999
fashion or as i call it;..."fascinashion`'WHO DID THIS?1??? HEADS WILL ROLL one invited me to a watc h party
i wouldd simply quit rat milk @hella_plush @PeachBoar the atlantic ocean acttualythis is about my rat milk frappé"when no rat milk is there gerbil squirts will do" -Mippy @rotoshake $116* @rotoshake $16
@ratbabyonline its better then mine...... but i find it hard to hjold a pen @bigsuction bye @moby_dickhead time to log offf ::<if i saw zendaya on the street id die :< ......bc she would step on me :> #bbw @Zendaya i love you! @Zendaya @armani @Bulgariofficial congrats uyou deserve it! @mayabyte @shornsilk nice* @amx109_ releasing my plan as pres. 8 soon ... this is a spoilierpic ofa prank i pulled on my neighbors as a chiled @mollythemo Im gonna float out into lake Erie and hope my rat girlfriend fineds metell me sometign good @shornsilk whoa“congrats for winning an Emmy for the mippyshow” something i. eould have heared if people believed in me :<
clam down its just waht believe right nowpi dont believe in himbos @doctopmary whoadrinking magraritas all day at applbees and making 3 cameos has been grueling is this t he life i wanted? @doctopmary wha telse do youp have ?
@bottom_txt disappinting bad but ants= good for a party?except to my sister-in-lawshana tova! @futureprocess some people are starting to worry, not me..i feel like i can fogrive him for not inviting me to his wedding in canada,to his canadian wife none of us have pains me to sa y it but....Im finally proud of my big brother for following his passionesmy brother, Boogér, wrote a listickle you might want to check out... i dont talk a lot about him on here because…
@smallercolumbo @cameo do uoiu cameo too? @RatsEveryHour more like freak crew... i used to rell with these guys... wed pop a few white crosses and get down t… @cmcmcmc exactly!!! they just want the toy its disugsting$119*please order a cameo with mep its only $19 one ordered my cameo :<i am extrmeley surpised
@mollythemo no solicitors!!!!!! @dykeazoid sorru companion "Rose Tyler" @dykeazoid billie piper @bigsuction obviousy this is because the wscript was written for @smallercolumbo but biggestcolumbo got the partding dong!!!!
@deadbirdparty sanduskie is terrible but hopefully this will get me thru the day @0KF0X good mronign keeip up the good fight @brushykb good morny i hop e to see ur stream sometime @Annskelerton better mormping than i expected @deadbirdparty im in sandusky @deadbirdparty fine but send an i o yoo too... @deadbirdparty ty... can u order me 10 buentos on doordushdj playin slow house ... v slow like 43 bpm @witchbabyy goodmornin i had 2 much to dirnk ln @fujichia goodmorning leg folower @HIGHIQRETARED ty now can someon send me sexi fun manga? @merylstreep22_ yescan someoen tell me goodmorning plz?its been nice o to just relax & pee all day
Retweeted by mippy @ BIMPO FOR PRESIDENT OF USAIm never leaving thi s partyyyy
@futureprocess wait sorry i think thats a link to a computer viirus @futureprocess it's on che ck it out. heres the link @futureprocess easy diy project: build your own grotto by using a rock to balance a cup over the wet spot under the sinkyour in bed,and meryl streep wakes you up with a lil kiss.... ......what are u dreamin about today/? @doctopmary @Scott_Lougheed a clamato with garlic sprouts
sleep*its been nice o to just relax & pee all dayTHEAD is pretty bad rn ... reminds me whn my roomate got a dyson and unrealated my sand collections disappeared
@futureprocess whatever yio do....DONT think about anything you said last night....oh my god you wwre so embarrassi… @futureprocess when you wake up have mompy feed yuo leftover leek filets, still warm from the night before. tthink… @futureprocess after youve drinkern the clamato, have a nap. i like to put on some relaxing music, some thind like the shallot sisters trio. @futureprocess slice one onion longwise,, hold it to yuor face until the tears start. cry cry and cry.. put the res…
shacked up with a bread bug @Annskelerton 'ron put on another tutti frutti yankey candle compafany"interesting intereview i did with my sized columbo
update: my Good intern brought me a bread bowl from PAnera Breads and Co. im calling it my "bread and breakfast," @bigsuction @ratbabyonline @smallercolumbo is p here for usreading the `Empaths Survival Guide' and my friend tells me Im mot an empath but a ``highly sensitive person'" wwtf @bottom_txt ok
Retweeted by mippy @ BIMPO FOR PRESIDENT OF USA